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Ask your plants what they are doing?

bcalls_twitter_setup_cellph.jpgEver heard of Botanicalls? These guys were the ones who introduced a way to make phone calls to plants in order to find out how they are doing, whether they need more or less water. No, seriously, they did it. There are even samples of various responses from different types of plants for requests like “need water”, or “notification of unnecessary watering”.

Well, they’ve gone a bit further this time, and introduced a way to use the popular micro-blogging service Twitter. Yes, plants can now actually twitter their “feelings” in real time. Again, the idea is the same – know when your plant needs water, or has too much of it and take action accordingly.

We at Todich Floral Design have been doing covert SMS mesaging with our plants at various offices around London. Our plants notify us via SMS when our clients talk about us. It took years to train them, from generation to generation, until they got it right. For some reason, they always started SMS-ing each other and everything went crazy…

Okay, joking aside, electronic communication with living plants is not that new. In fact, it’s something that has been researched over decades, and there are indications that plants indeed are able to communicate, as the example above shows. Taking proper care of plants we can all enjoy their presence every day is what we do as professionals, but technological advancements that would make this easier are always welcome.

How about you? Would you twitt with your plants?

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