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Labour Day in France

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

At the beginning of May the team installed the third design in the window at a French Brasserie restaurant in west London.  The restaurant was going from strength to strength, with fantastic reviews and the team were excited about the new design.

The floral design team have continued to source beautiful old rustic furnishings from various secret locations, all the staff been amazed with what has been found over the last couple of weeks.

This month the team at Todich Floral Design wanted to use vintage crates to use for the restaurants window display, we felt the rustic crates would really work in the space and would create the country feel that works so well in restaurant space.  The idea was to plant within the crates which were placed at different heights to creative interest, both inside and out.


The installation was scheduled for the 1st May which is ‘Labour Day’ in France and it is tradition to give your workers, Lily of the Valley.  We felt it was important to incorporate this into the design and filled shallow old apple crates with Lily of Valley plants and covered them with moss.  It was really effective and this featured looked stunning for customers who entered the restaurant.

We also incorporated spring blossom which looked beautiful in an old tall galvanised container and the containers worked well with the citrus greens plants.   Large pots filled with herbs were placed on upturned crates which complimented the herbs in the outside containers. The installation mixed old with new and gave a fresh new look for the French window display.


Photographing Flowers – London

Friday, May 10th, 2013

I work as the in-house photographer at the wedding and events company Todich Floral Design; based in Camberwell South London; the florist has built up a successful reputation in providing unique and beautiful floral designs for local wedding and events for the last fifteen years.

My job is filled with a variety of different tasks which means no two days are ever the same. One moment I could be in the studio photographing intricate buttonholes with a macro lens or the next I could be at an event photographing the grand floral displays for the companies’ online portfolio.

We have recently been in the process of updating and modernising the Todich Floral Design websites gallery. It has been my job to provide stunning photographs which are to be displayed showcasing the florist’s achievements.

Over the years Todich Floral design has successfully built up a number of clients which they provide flowers for on a weekly basis. My recent project meant that I got to travel around London with my camera and photograph each design in their place setting.

On a daily basis I photograph each vase arrangement in the studio with a three light setup, but as a photographer it is always preferential to photograph the displays in a natural environment with natural lighting.

This month I was assigned to photograph the spring flower designs, my first office contract was based in West London, A modern company with white walls and white furnishings, The single vase arrangement stood proudly behind the reception, The tall vase was simple and elegant and was filled with white tulips and decorative twigs,  The office only had a skylight window but the room was fairy bright, I used a Canon EOS 7D with a 24-105mm lens, the photograph was shot with an ISO of 800 and a shutter speed of 1/50 of a second, I set the aperture at f4 so to keep a good focus of the depth of field.

I then moved onto a beauty salon which was also in west London, The vase arrangement was a design with yellow Vanda orchids and bamboo. The design was sat on a bright airy reception desk and
was eye-catching up against the salon window. The room was very well lit so I kept the same depth of field setting but changed the shutter speed to 1/80 of a second as the lighting was much brighter than the previous office.

My next contract to photograph was based in central London at a French brassiere restaurant. Our designers have been working with the management to create
modern stylish window displays which are very different to anything we have done before.  Professional styling is key and our head design consultant Laura Fisher has been working one on one with them to create displays suitable to the company’s needs. Vintage French garden has been the overall theme for this client, White wash troughs, ceramic pots, and rustic mirrors. Vintage white tables and even an old fashioned step ladder has been filled with a
variety of herbs and plants which make this window display stand out and unique to any other company.  I photographed the window display from the inside and the outside, I focused on detail and changed my lens a couple of times, I started off with photographing the whole display with a prime 50mm f1.4 lens, I then moved onto the 24-105mm to capture each planter, I then moved onto a macro 50mm lens to capture the close ups of the flowers and

The day of my London photography trip was our first sunny warm day of 2013, I decided to photograph London, I wanted to capture beautiful flower and plant arrangements which were based in gardens and hotel entrances, As a florist and a photographer it was vital to see for myself what the current trends are and how other florists were styling hotel entrances. I would then
use these photographs for a discussion with our design and florist team and look at how we can work these ideas into our next displays.

From window boxes to large park public displays, I photographed arrangements that caught my eye; whilst concentrating on colour, style and shape.

My next contract was a 5* hotel based in West London, the hotel has a modern interior and only stylish sophisticated designs are suited. The flower displays were made up with tall alliums which stood in a base of fluffy hydrangeas, the designs were modern and in keeping with the style of the hotel.  The lobby was an incredibly dark room with very small windows. There was little natural light which meant I had to change my settings on the camera and lens.  Personally I generally refuse to use flash at all times, I
detest how flash looks in photographs, I will push the ISO up as much as possible (unless there is too much grain) and use a tripod instead of using a flash gun if I can help it.

The hotel lighting meant that I had to push the ISO up to 1600, this is not always possible with all DSLR camera, but my canon E0S 7D can handle dark lighting much better than other cameras, even better than the full frame Canon 5dmk2 which I previously owned before this.  I then switched my lens to a 50mm F1.4 prime and managed to shoot at 1/60 of a second, I did not have a tripod on me so I felt it best to not go for a lower shutter speed. I am however very pleased with the result and glad I stuck to using natural lighting.

The last contract was based in south west London and is a relaxed new York/Italian style restaurant. They have wood
burning stoves, wooden floors and stones walls, The design we created was very natural and in keeping with the décor, The arrangement included dill, blossom and decorative twigs, I decided to keep with the 50mm f1.4 lens, I lowered the ISO to 250 and changed the shutter speed to 1/125 of a second. Overall I am very happy with the results and the colours are captured beautifully in the photograph.

As we enter into the busy wedding period, I will be writing more about my photography experiences within this season.  Take a look at our gallery on our Todich Floral Design website for up to date images on our portfolio.

Thank you for reading.

Annalie Kaufman

A Rustic French Garden Display – London

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

The design team at Todich Floral Design have been very busy and there are lots of exciting things happening.  We continue to work with the new French restaurant; we have just delivered the latest installation.  We decided to use very white props this time to create a ‘rustic French garden’.    The design included rustic old wooden planters filled with beautiful herbs and hellebores & small terracotta pots with herbs with worked really well with the white.  The design was based around a very old rustic white table which was a real focal point of the design and could be seen from street level.  The chef loved the design and whilst installing the design, we received a lot of attention from passers-by!

We have just won a new client, an Italian brasserie styled restaurant and cocktail bar in Chelsea.  We are very excited about working with another new restaurant opening and look forward to creating interesting and quirky designs for them.  The style of the downstairs brasserie is very natural and has piles of logs dotted around the restaurant which gives a warm and inviting feeling.  Our designer, discussed with the client the different design ideas;  we decided to have a very natural and hedgerow effect for the downstairs vase design, which would include seasonal flowers and twisted willow, the design would be very loose and have a natural effect.  The upstairs cocktail bar has a more elegant and sophisticated feel, so we decided to have an elegant simple design which for example could just be elegant white calla lilies in a beautiful vase.

The team are now busy with lots of weddings and we are receiving fantastic feedback from our brides, which always makes us so happy!  See our latest wedding blog for more details x

From the design team @ Todich Floral Design

A Lilac Summer Wedding

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

Todich Floral Design loves a summer wedding; there is a vast variety of flowers available during the summer season that is perfect for weddings and events. With flowers such as hydrangeas, cornflower and delphiniums available it’s no wonder our florists love to create unique summery designs.

For a hot and hazy summertime wedding, it is always best to opt for elegant blooms in shades of pinks, purples and blues; these colours really stand out in the sunshine and create a beautiful backdrop of colour at many English Venues.

Todich Floral Design had the pleasure of designing the flowers for a wedding being held on August 20th 2012 in Battersea, London, The bride’s favourite colours were lilacs and purples and her favourite flowers were roses and orchids, it was a requirement to include these into her bridal designs.

The overall colour scheme was a fusion of purples and lilacs, the bridesmaid’s dresses were deep mauve and the bridal dress was a blend of ivory and white.
The bride has a petit frame and we found that a posy style bouquet suited her style best, we created a bouquet containing ocean song roses, ocean mikado spray roses and scented white freesias, and we then finished the design with small diamante pearls and white satin ribbon.
The bridesmaid’s bouquets were of a smaller hand-tied design and included cream roses and purple freesias and were finished off with white pearls and satin ribbon. The bridal bouquet and the bridesmaid’s bouquets looked beautiful when held next to each other.

The groom’s boutonniere was a simple elegant design that matched the bridal flowers; the floral piece was made with a lilac ocean song rose, small lilac spray roses and finished with seasonal foliage.

The reception was held at London’s Hotel Verta, a popular wedding venue which looks out onto the river Thames and is an all-around luxurious and elegant setting. The couple wished for us to decorate the room with contemporary fishbowl designs that linked to the groom’s Irish background.

Our florists created contemporary fishbowl designs that were placed on mirror plates at the centre of the tables. Shamrocks blooms sat at the bottom of the fishbowl vases whilst the dendrobium orchids swirled around the inside and over the tops of the vases, the florists finished the designs by scattering pink and cream rose petals all over the tables.

The church was in Highbury, London and our requirement was to decorate the venue with 2 grand floral plinth designs and 8 small pew end arrangements. The plinth designs stood at the front of the alter and we wanted to make the displays as eye-catching and as beautiful as possible, the plinth arrangements included white lilies, cream freesias, lilac roses, lilac carnations, cream alstroemeria and seasonal scented foliage.

The pew ends were small posy arrangements which included striking green chrysanthemums, lilac carnations, white astilbe and stems of fresh mint. The bride and groom wished to smell the mint as they walked up the aisle on their wedding day.

Overall the blend of purples, lilacs and creams really worked beautifully together, the added punch of lime green created striking eye-catching table arrangements that looked elegant and contemporary, and the use of roses kept the wedding theme traditional and stylish.

If you would like us to provide flowers for yourself for an upcoming wedding then please do not hesitate to get in touch, we would be happy to book a free consultation with you and talk you through any ideas that you have in mind.

Simply give us a call on 02077371166 and we would be happy to help.

Todich Floral Design




Todich Floral Design gets ready to stun at the National Wedding Show

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

We are a London and wedding and events florist and we are preparing to stand out from the crowd this year at Earl’s Court National Wedding Show, We intend on creating a beautiful fashionable exhibit unlike anything that has ever been seen before.

This year we aspire to be different, we are fortunate enough to have secured a stand right at the front of the show, we would love new brides to come through the doors and instantly see our beautiful floral designs whilst we welcome everyone with our friendly floral team.

Our exhibit will surround a tall natural wisteria tree which will be in full blossom during the days of the show. Attracting with scent and visual beauty, the display will be impressive and notable; the exhibit will contain a number of bridal bouquets in a variety of different styles and colours which will then be scattered all around the stand in an assortment of glass vases.

From traditional classic white, to modern splashes of colour, the bridal bouquets will be a mix of posy and tear-drop shapes and we will present the bouquets in a way that brides can touch, hold and smell the arrangements during the show.

Our florists always create innovative unique floral designs such as hand-made flower hand-bags, stylish floral hair-pieces and natural vintage accessories: the display will also contain the company logo within a framed ivy and rose surround. We will welcome photography and all bridal enquiries and hope that this year will be the best yet.

We look forward to seeing you at the show on September 28th, 29th and 30th 2012 at London Earls Court.

From all the team

Todich Floral Design


The Painted Hall Wedding – May 2012

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

Todich Floral Design always enjoys getting involved in local wedding shows; the Autumn Wedding show at London Earls Court is a prestigious event which brings all the companies in the industry together to offer the best services for the happy couple’s special wedding day.

Every year we prepare our stand to show the most beautiful, creative and unique designs that our florists can offer. One of our designs was so inspiring that it caught the eye of a bride who immediately contacted us to arrange and design her flowers for her own wedding in May 2012.

The bride was getting married at St Helens church, London, the church was where she grew up and is full of fond childhood memories; the bride believed that this would be the perfect venue for her wedding day.

The wedding reception was going to be held at The Old Royal Navy College’s the ‘Painted Hall’.  The painted hall is often described as the ‘Finest Dining Hall in Europe’ it is a grand room with beautiful architecture and interiors; the remarkable décor and paintings in the room are to pay tribute to British Maritime Power. The venues purpose was originally built for prestigious
dining, and formal occasions such as weddings and events, and this is exactly how the venue is used today.
We sent our head consultant over to ‘The Painted Hall’ to view the lighting, décor and colours to ensure that our flower designs will match the interiors and theme of the wedding perfectly.

With a wedding held in the middle of spring; there are plenty of beautiful seasonal flowers for the bride and groom to choose from. The brides favourite flowers were roses and the groom loved tulips, both wished that these flowers were to be incorporated into the floral arrangements.

We believe that the bridal bouquet is one of the beautiful accessories to a brides wedding day, her stunning bouquet tied in all the colours, shades and themes of the wedding into one beautiful arrangement. Her bouquet a trailing design of fresh cream calla lilies, champagne coloured roses and cream dendrobium orchids; the design was then finished with complementary foliage and a silk ribbon.

The bridesmaid’s bouquets matched the champagne coloured dresses and the flowers were kept to a simple chic design, white roses, scented cream freesias and seasonal foliage were styled into posy shaped designs

The Church pedestal was an eye-catching and beautiful design that stood at the alter during the ceremony. The design included a selection of cream and champagne flowers that were mixed together with spring foliage. The lilies fragranced the room with a beautiful scent and the cheery gerberas looked striking in the arrangement.

Our florists created a stunning floral arch for the bride and rooms wedding day. Created with fresh ivy garlands, the foliage was scattered with white lilies and cream roses, the garland was
then stylistically tied against the arch and looked exquisite in the chapel.

‘The Painted Room’ colours consist of neutral tones with a hint of gold and bronze. The Table arrangements were created in classic fishbowl vases and included gold sprayed aspidistra leaves which lined the inside of the vases. White tulips, Roses and lilies were included in the designs and were arranged together amongst spring foliage. All 60 table centres were then evenly placed onto the tables to match the cream and gold coloured table cloths.

The designs were classic and simple yet chic, the gold décor made the arrangements stand out in the venues. The mix of champagne and cream flowers worked beautifully together and the flowers not only filled the room with beauty but fragranced it with a wonderful spring scent.

If you would like us to provide flowers for yourself or an upcoming wedding then please do not hesitate to get in touch, we would be happy to book a consultation with you and talk you through any ideas that you have in mind.

Simply give us a call on 02077371166 and we would be happy to help.

Todich Floral Design


Gypsophila – This year’s latest flower trend.

Friday, April 27th, 2012

Gypsophila is back in fashion; The flower that was previously recognised as the staple filler flower from the 1980-‘s has now remerged into being one of the most popular choices of flowers in wedding venues and bridal bouquets today.

Gypsophila means pure of heart and innocence and is back with an impact, this dainty flowers has been used by modern florists and has created a real style statement, popular at wedding shows; this bloom is perfect for brides on a budget as they are a good value for money and brides can afford masses of it.

Gypsophila has a rough texture and tiny white flower heads which creates a natural, delicate look. The appearance of gypsophila means that brides have the versatility to use the flowers to stand alone or to incorporate them into a mixed bridal bouquet.

The cloud like flower is perfect for woodland styled weddings; gypsophila mixed with wild English garden flowers looks traditional and graceful in classic styled venues. These versatile blooms can look wonderful in pretty pastels colours when arranged into antique containers for a vintage fashioned feel.

The head florist at Todich floral design recommends combining gypsophila with a spring themed colour scheme, a dusky palette of faded pinks, purples and whites can look stunning and traditional.  We also recommend a mix and match of ceramic pots, porcelain containers and clear vases for effortless looking table displays; recycled jam-jars & vintage teacups can also look magnificent too.

The florists at Todich floral design always consider every aspect of a brides wedding, we make sure that the flowers match the whole style and theme of the event;  we even consider the shape of the bridal bouquet and aim to make sure that it matches the shape of the dress.

Gypsophila looks chic when made into a tight round posy.  Ivory illusions tulle strapless gowns look particularly stunning with this type of bouquets. Our head bridal consultant finds that we have a lot of brides wanting to achieve ‘The fairy tale’ wedding’, and are commonly inspired with arrangements including green leaves and tiny white buds; reminiscent of midsummer night’s dream, gypsophila is now always the blossom that is chosen.

The British Royal Wedding on April 29th 2011 saw Prince William and Kate Middleton marry as husband and wife in front of a huge worldwide audience. Kate Middleton was the soul interest for her choice of wedding dress and flowers. She however unknowingly set off a new style craze of delicate lace dresses and traditional white flower bouquets, Her classic green and white bouquet included delicate lily of the valley (meaning return of happiness), stems from a myrtle (emblem for love and marriage) and sweet William, ivy and hyacinths.

So if you want to go for an English country garden styled wedding on a budget, then choose a flower with a beautiful large head as the main flower, handpick daisies and ivy and fill with beautiful gypsophila, then you have inexpensive rural design which would look English, feminine and most of all elegant.

If you would like us to provide flowers for yourself or an upcoming wedding then please do not hesitate to get in touch, we would be happy to book a consultation with you and talk you through any ideas that you have in mind.

Simply give us a call on 02077371166 and we would be happy to help.

Todich Floral Design


The Venetian Masquerade Event

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

We all love a party, and our team are so passionate about what we do that we love to get involved in providing flowers for all kinds of occasions, from a beautiful weddings to spectacular events, we love the variety in them all, so when we were

asked to create unique floral displays for a Venetian Masquerade themed event we jumped at the chance.

Our florists at Todich floral design love a challenge; we excel at designing new arrangements and thinking up unique and often exquisite designs. Our requirement for this event was to match the colour tones of the two rooms at the venue. One room was decorated with deep rich colours of reds and purples, whilst the other was decorated with deep reds and whites. Our aim was to create flower displays that coordinated with the room’s décor and yet created a romantic sultry atmosphere.

Our consultants visited the hotel and researched into the Venetian masquerade theme, they created a mood board of colours which allowed us to establish ideas for the perfect style of flowers to complement a Venetian Masquerade Event.

We were asked to create designs for a total of 12 grand arrangements, this of which had to be divided into two colour themes to match with the two rooms of the venue.

The first room we designed magnificent displays of deep red Naomi roses, contrasting purple calla lilies and scented purple freesias, with these mixed tones of colours we fashioned the floral displays to scream vibrance and elegance and create a maximum impact throughout the whole venue.

In the second room we created impressive displays of vivid purple calla lilies, snow white roses and a hint of white carnations to balance the colour of the arrangements. All the flowers were arranged with burgundy cordyline leaves, green salal and scented eucalyptus leaves.

The mix of deep reds, purples and the balancing of snow white flowers looked stunning up against the backdrop the venue. The flower heads are all small but striking and packed a punch of colour at the event. The event was a success and we were very happy with the results.

If you would like us to provide flowers for yourself or an upcoming wedding then please do not hesitate to get in touch, we would be happy to book a consultation with you and talk you through any ideas that you have in mind.

Simply give us a call on 02077371166 and we would be happy to help.

Todich Floral Design

A Step by Step guide to the countdown of your wedding

Monday, November 21st, 2011

Wedding DayFollow our countdown to ensure nothing is overlooked on your special day.

One year left

  • Firstly we at Todich Floral Design recommend that every bride should put together a scrapbook of ideas.  Gathering favourite images of flower varieties from magazines and the internet is a great way to find out what you like or do not like. We also advise adding photographs of your chosen theme and wedding venue in the scrapbook as this will also help us and you determine the look you are after.

We exhibit at the Earls court wedding show every year and find that brides visiting the shows often find a new style which they hadn’t considered before.  We honestly believe that it makes a big impression if the brides are able to handle the bouquets,  With brides feeling the weight, and looking up close, feeling the different textures of the flowers, helps them see more clearly, which floral style is best suited.

Ten months left

  • When you have chosen your wedding and bridesmaid dresses, add fabric samples to the scrapbook, so that you can refer to the book when you start to choose the colours of your flowers,
  • We at Todich Floral Design treat every bride’s special day as if it was our own. We understand the importance of a wedding, and we have no time limit for our consultations and we are happy to discuss the wedding flowers with you, We recommend booking with us earlier rather than later so that we can devote out time solely to you, With a scrapbook at hand we would be able to gather an understanding and guide you for the best colours and flowers, If you do not have the scrapbook prepared then we would be happy to show your our portfolio of past weddings and guide you through all the recent designs.
  • When you confirm your booking with us, we will confirm all the details discussed in writing. Including an estimated breakdown of costs.

Six months left

  • We at Todich Floral Design would very much recommend you show the florist your wedding venue, either by inviting us with you or showing us photographs of the grounds and interior. We want to make your day perfect, and with one of the florists seeing the layout we would be able to guide you to the best way to decorate.
  • It is around now that we suggest is the best time to finalise your flower order, together with the number of arrangements needed.

Three months left

  • If you have decided that you would like to wear flowers in your hair, then we recommend that you order a trail set with us and have a run-through with your hairdresser one of two times, to make sure everything is perfect for the special day.

One month left

  • The big day is looming and this is the time for final confirmations, the florists at Todich Floral Design recommend brides hold a final meeting with us so that the number, style and colour of arrangement are finalised.
  • Provide all necessary details of all delivery addresses, we are happy to deliver to your chosen address in the morning of the wedding, or if you would rather, we can deliver the evening before, leaving you with less stress for the wedding day, but we recommend you double check the venue for delivery times first.
  • Like most florists we recommend you find out when the florists expects the bill to be settled, as a general rule of thumb, it is normally 10 days in advance.

One day left

  • We at Todich Floral Design have your flowers ordered 1 or 2 days before the big day, we make sure we buy the flowers at their freshest, and make all the designs up the day before the wedding, allowing time for flowers to open and flourish, ready for the big day. If you by chance change your mind or if we have a problem with buying the flowers requested then we order the alternatives as previously discussed and agreed to in the consultations.
  • Always remember to discuss any last minute arrangements
  • We would always make sure that all last minute arrangements and possible alternatives have already been discussed, if unforeseeable circumstances occur. Being in the industry for over 15 years, we are very much in the know of emergency numbers and the best people to contact should any problems occur.

The wedding day

Everything is now over to you, your big day is here and the excitement and new life beings. The very last steps are very easy final checks for your big day.

  • Don’t forget to store any other buttonholes and corsages in a cool dry place.
  • Always remember to give buttonholes for the groom’s side of wedding party to the best man.
  • We deliver the hand-tied bouquets in water, and just before they leave us we spritz the arrangements in water so that they remains as fresh as possible
  • Last but not least, remember to dry off their stems at least half an hour before you leave for the ceremony, so there is no danger of them staining your dress.

If you would like any further information or would like to book a consultation then please do not hesitate to give us an email at or call us on   020 7737 1166               (+44 20 7737 1166)

Secret tips to create the perfect wedding flowers.

Friday, November 18th, 2011

It’s the magic and romance of weddings that we at Todich floral design love most, we tell every bride that her bouquet is one of the most important elements of the wedding day, We want out brides to feel special when they see their bouquet for the first time, Lots of girls get tears of joy and an excitement that the special day is almost here.

Start researching early

It is best to book your florist as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. We at Todich floral design only every take one wedding a week, as it’s important for us to be able to give time and energy to each bride’s wedding flowers. So as soon as you’ve decided on the venue, the date and the dress, it’s time to turn your attention to the flowers.

Ask for an Initial Consultation

It is always helpful if you tell the florist as much information as possible, we would love to hear about your dreams for your big day and what you would like to achieve. Bringing in photographs or magazine clippings is great for the florists, we even suggest creating a mood board of pictures of your dress, the bridal party’s outfits and samples of fabric so we can try to grasp a definite theme or colour scheme coming through, making the consultation much easier.

If you have not found anything suited then we have a portfolio full of past designs which we would be happy to talk through with you. We always arrange more than one consultation with future brides so that we can develop a relationship and an understanding to exactly what you wish, The florists at Todich floral design truly believe that the most important thing about the initial consultation is the rapport.

Be clear on your budget

We always ask about your budget at the very first meeting, as it’s extremely important to agree on how much we are working with before starting on the design concept. We will then try to accommodate the design agreed upon within that budget, and when the proposal is accepted, we stick firmly to the budget unless any further additions are requested by you.

The Season

Try to take seasonality into account when deciding on your wedding flowers, and pick varieties that will be at the height of their season around the date of your wedding. This way, you will find that the flowers will be particularly stunning and fresh, and your budget will stretch that little bit further. The time of year can also help set your theme. For example, spring brides could go for foliage, bulbs and sprouting twigs for a fresh country feel. Those having a summer wedding might decide to go for a generous herbaceous border flowers mixed with lush green grasses. In autumn, we would suggest seed heads, fruits, twigs and hot, spicy vibrant colours. And in winter, look for sumptuous flowers in deeps colours such as crimson and violet.

The Theme

Take time to identify the central, personal theme of your wedding, as this can shape the decorative style of the whole day. For some brides, their theme may be a colour, a piece of music or a season, while for others it may be a love of fairy lights or perhaps jewellery. Once the bride has found her theme, it is very inspiring for the florist, who can then biggest design concepts to reflect the ideas and create truly wonderful displays that will remain in the memory of the couple and their wedding guests for ever.


Finally, it’s important that the flowers and shaded you choose work with your hair, colour, skin tone and bridal make-up. Think of your bouquet as an accessory, and choose it as you would a handbag or a pair of shoes. If you’re unsure, consider paying for two or three different sample designs and practise holding them to see which weight, style and colour you prefer.

If you would like any further information or would like to book a consultation then please do not hesitate to give us an email at or call us on 020 7737 1166 (44 20 7737 1166)

(If you like the look of the bouquet in the photo above, then you can order from our sister website flowers24hours, just follow the link