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Don’t Miss These Hot Summer Wedding Colour Themes for 2017

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017

It’s getting hot out there, and so are these gorgeous wedding colour themes and combinations for 2017. Just in time for the summer season, here’s a list of this year’s trendy wedding colours for flower arrangements, dazzling wedding decorations, bridesmaid and bridal flowers and more. Read on to see what styles are in—you won’t want to miss them!




Pomegranate, Apricot and Eucalyptus 

Deep into the summer, deep into the countryside, these colours are about embracing a little grit and keeping it classy at the same time. Let your hair down, get dancing, and let's toast the bride and groom.

Loose wedding bouquets and wild, cascading arrangements and centrepieces placed on top of outdoor banquet hall style tables are popular floral decorations. 

Apricot, Mint Green and Gold

Feel beautiful and full of summer's wondrous warmth with these pretty and light pastels and metallic accents to make your wedding absolutely perfect. Outdoor venues are ideal. Spacious, fresh air, natural gardens, and perhaps a pond or running water tucked away somewhere—there's nothing better.

Purple, Blood Orange and Maroon

This is an outdoorsy, evening wedding reception palette that will match perfectly with the shades and hues of a summer sunset. As the dusk settles around your wedding celebration, you’ll notice the warmth and vibrant atmosphere filling the patio, garden and mixing with the candlelight.

Orchids, lilacs, anemones, roses and lilies are just the right flowers you’ll want for your floral arrangements and wedding decorations. They’ll promote a sense of lush intimacy and allure for an extravagant, sexy finish on any arrangement.

Shades of Blue, Lavender and Light Green

To pull this off elegance is a must. This early summer and late spring colour combination works beautifully within urban garden settings and with shabby chic wedding decor (a cocktail bar and rooftop views of London wouldn’t hurt, either!).

For wedding centrepieces, you are going for candelabra, cascading flower arrangements and greenery, long tables and ornately patterned table clothes; natural wooden furniture—tables, flooring and chairs—in cherry wood, walnut and beige or tawny yellow upholstery.

Grey-Green, Gold & Off-White

Equally elegant and refined, this light green, gold and variation-on-white combo is probably one of the more flexible wedding colour themes. Yellow hues in the white flirt with the gold, while bringing out the lighter striations in the grey. You can really plan to use these colours during any season.

Red, Minty Green and Bright White

Most people might think this is a Christmas colour palette—but not so. If you work with a wedding florist and get your shades just right, then you’ll have a combination of wedding colours and flowers that are super fun, less formal and more relaxed.

The red should be bright, leaning toward orange, and the green several shades lighter than evergreen, like a mint leaf. The white has a balancing effect. These colours are ideal for seaside and destination weddings, taking place right on the beach or set back from the harbour, with a grand view of the sea.

Latest Floral Design And 2017 Spring Flowers Trends

Tuesday, March 21st, 2017

Planning an event? Maybe you’re getting married? Then again perhaps you just want to spruce up your home décor in time for spring…whatever your reason is, you totally want to be up on floral design trends for the 2017. Todich Floral Design takes a deep dive and provides a sneak peak at upcoming spring flowers, 2017 floral designs, and flower fashions for the year ahead.


Unpacking Floral Trends and Wedding Flower Design

Trends and styles in floral design are everchanging, shifting like the seasons of the year. Floral design trends can also be a little tricky to predict as they’re tied to and influenced by world events. Needless to say, it’s difficult—practically a full-time endeavor!—to keep current with the latest and freshest, the flashiest bunches of blossoms or the more alluring bouquets, the sweet and seductive floral designs for the year, no matter what your plans or purpose.

A Shift in Floral Fashions and Most Popular Flower Colours

A momentous, unexpected year in global politics and advent of spring is rapidly shaping and shifting the floral landscape, especially when it comes to the hues, shades, and colour palettes of blossoms for the 2017 spring flower season. What’s trending, exactly? A lot of fervent and fiery petals that vie for the eye and grab your gaze have been supplanted by relatively subdued hues—apricots, creams, beige, bicolored roses, verdant whites, peach, pale pinks—and underlying shades of white or grey.

Why is this the case? The lighter colours provide an emotional balance and equilibrium in bouquets and event flower arrangements that balance out our psyches and mental states, as it’s easy to get caught up in the news and the year’s more tumultuous events.

Spring Flowers and 2017 Wedding Flower Trends

Falling in line with the general colour shift, wedding flower styles are shifting to assuage generalized concern and unease, and instead focus on tender, more feminine bouquet compositions and nuanced colourations. No bold, brash and I-speak-louder-than-thou palatial floral displays here—or, if there are, then floral design aesthetics at least balance the piece as a whole.

For example, we are seeing lots of rustic style wedding bouquets coming back in fashion, bucolic and evocative of countryside innocence, splendor and times that were more carefree. Even at a joyous occasion such as a wedding, where we look forward to a bright future full of love, a sense of nostalgia and looking to the past can find its way into flower designs. Sprawling, winding bouquets that drape across tables or hang luxuriantly within the brides grasp are made from vines, greenery, tiny buds and white hued to cream-coloured blooms with slender, feathery blossoms.

A natural sense of romance is key in this spring’s wedding designs and styles, a sense of wildness and the raw potential and allure of nature, without the chaotic or unnerving connotations of urban living and modernity. This spring you can expect lots of fresh flower varieties with profuse petals, including English roses, hydrangeas, marigolds, ranunculus and gerberas daisies, balanced by wildflower frills and ruffles of garden greenery.