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Silver and Gold Well-Deserved at the Chelsea Flower Show

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010


So the Chelsea Flower show has passed, and who went home a winner? Well, the results are quite surprising, there was quite a contrast between silver and gold. The difference was in size; first place was taken by a tiny garden that had more greenery than flowers, while second place went to a large and colourful garden. Both gardens had one thing in common, their message.

The first garden was designed with the help of indigenous women from Cameroon. Marking the first occasion that indigenous women have come to the show to help design a display. The display was called the Green & Blacks Rainforest Garden, and it is a bit small and very overgrown. The centrepiece of this garden was a mongolulu (leaf house). But this little garden carried a large and important message; it was an attempt to make people aware of the destruction of rainforests.

The Indigenous people of Cameroon live and feed off of the rainforest, which has been deteriorating due to logging and mining. Along with the beautiful tropical plants, a mining helmet, gun and chainsaw were displayed, as reminder that their way of life is being destroyed.

An entire community designed the second display, which is the largest to date at Chelsea. The Eden Project Places of Change took up the area of three regular gardens. Prisoners and the homeless worked together to create this display (they were featured in a previous blog). And it is wonderful to see that they have done so well! The rough aspects of the display are meant to symbolize the difficult journey of life, while the doors scattered across the garden represent hope and the future.

Decoration and design can seem like a daunting task. But sometimes inspiration can be right in front of your nose! For these award-winning gardeners, all it took was an issue close to their hearts. If you are preparing for an important event in the near future, try to make the theme of the event something that you truly care about. Todich Floral Design can help you realize your ideas, with a team of experts to help.

Diamonds and Flowers at the Chelsea Flower Show

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010


 The Chelsea Flower Show is just around the corner and anticipation is high for the beautiful flower displays that are being designed at this moment.
When it comes to the most expensive David Domoney  is going to be showing a display that is worth a mere £10m. The display is to be called The Ace of Diamonds, and the display is to be littered with precious stones from some of the top jewellers on Bond Street.
“I always endeavour to introduce something a little bit more entertaining and this is something really special. It’s high-end and extreme but with a strong horticultural message. This garden will be worth more than the rest of the show put together – worth more than this year and last year combined even,” stated Domoney.
Of course security will be high, something like what we would see for a royal visit! The diamonds will be delivered to the show by helicopter. What a spectacle!
The biggest garden ever to be shown was the Eden Project, but the value of the garden is at the highest ever seen by the show.
When it comes to smaller events like weddings, corporate or cultural, Todich Floral Design can help you out with your design ideas. We are prepared for just about any innovative floral design and we can make just about any idea to life. Of course, a scattering of diamonds might be a little over the top! But that is definitely something worth checking out at this years show!

Introducing Our All New Video Gallery

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010



Not sure about the types of work we do? Want to see us in action but haven’t been able to? Well now you can.

After several months of development, we are pleased to announce the launch of our online video gallery!

The video facility aims to give you a chance to see live footage of the events we have done and get to know us and our style a little better. You will also be able to view videos of our flower arranging sessions, filmed in a way you can easily follow, for free, at home.

We will be updating our gallery weekly, with new videos, tips, hints and event work we have done. Make sure you stay updated for some of the hottest floristry videos in London!

Chrysanthemum Tigers

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010


Recently, the streets of Ho Chi Minh City, were given a bit more colour as they were decked with flowers. Millions of visitors showed up to admire the floral show.

This is the biggest floral show hosted in the city, and Nguyen Hue Boulevard is transformed into Flower Street for a week, gaining the admiration of many.

The inspiration for this year’s show was to capture the glow of sunset in the spring. This was meant to be a symbol of good wishes and luck in the new year. It was also a positive step into the Year of the Tiger, and precursor for the city developments to come.

Tigers made from various flower types decorated the city streets. Another important event is to take place this year, the nation’s capital, Thang Long  Ha Noi, is to celebrate its 1000th anniversary.

The Lunar New Year, falls on the same day as Valentine’s Day, so there were enormous hearts made of flowers, to celebrate this occasion.

As the weather in this city is quite a few degrees warmer than what we are experiencing in the Western hemisphere, flowers had to be replaced frequently. Nearly 100 florists were taking care of the flowers at any given time.

Flower Street is a great delight for both foreigners and locals, as is any event filled with blooms, flowers always manage to leave a great impression on their beholders, as well as provide an upbeat atmosphere.

Though you may not have plans for giant chrysanthemum tigers to decorate your upcoming event, Todich Floral Design, can help you make your event leave a similar impression on your guests.

The Snapdragon Tougher Than Ever

Monday, November 30th, 2009

The Snap Dragon is a flower that often escapes our thoughts, but with the development of breeding, this little beauty is becoming hardier by the year. Hybrids of this flower are less susceptible to heat, tough against the cold, sturdy and available in a new palette of colors.

No matter what the climate is like in your area, the spadragon can make itself at home at some time in the year. Usually, it is a gardener’s favourite complement for the pansy during autumn. Where winter is a bit colder they are planted at the end of winter or the beginning of spring, filling gardens with color through summer.

The botanical term for this bloom is Antirrhinum majus. Breeding of this plant has taken enormous steps forward, making it a tough little addition to the garden.

The Sonnet and Liberty variety are especially favoured, in the garden they grow to a nice height from 24 to 30 inches. This means that they do not need structural support, both in the garden or in a flower arrangment, making them nearly hassle-free.

The snapdragon is also available in dwarf varieties, with the Tahiti and the Montego being especially praiseworthy types. The Montego is a bit more sturdy in nature, and unlike the Tahiti it does not have a tendency to fall over. These flowers are bit smaller reaching a height of only 12 inches.

If you are looking for something a bit off the beaten path, the rare coloring of the “Twinny” offers something more unique. This is a double flowered version of the snapdragon, its peachy color gives off an air of nostalgia to any garden or arrangement.

The hybridization of a the Spanish Antirrhinum hispanicum and A. molle lead to the introduction of trailing snapdragons, opening new doors and looking for new solutions from designers. This development also lead to creating a more heat-tolerant version of the flower.

Those who are planting this flower at this time of year are taking a bit of a gamble, but it is still possible that this flower is in bloom in many places, meaning that it is still a possible option for flower arrangements.

There is something whimsical and lighthearted about the snapdragon, it can soften the harder edges of any arrangement. With specialized breeding there is quite a palette of colors to choose from. Using this flower as a part of your next design idea can add an element of originality, as well as take you back to childhood years to the time when many of us would gently press together the head of the flower, to see the ‘dragon’ open its jaws.

Learn how to make a stunning floral arrangement!

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009



We are about to launch our new floristry school in London, Todich Floral Design School!

Starting at an absolutely unbeatable introductory rate of 25 per 3 hour session, you will learn how to make a variety of different arrangements. We promise to teach you how to get that vase on your kitchen counter livened up again!

Learn the secrets from the professionals! You will discover what type of flowers suit and compliment each other, which flowers are best value for money, what colours can be used for different occasions, how height and juxtaposition effect the overall design and much, much more! Our head florist, Maryline, is incredibly easy going and a fantastic teacher (NB: I should know, she very patiently taught me how to make a buttonhole!)

You can even bring your kids along (if you let us know in advance!) and they can be taken care of by a certified child minder whilst you laugh and learn your way to professional floristry!

We will be hosting two types of sessions. The first is a 3 hour session, where people can develop their skills over time. The second is an intensive 1 day course, where you learn the whole floristry process: from visiting our suppliers to creating button holes for weddings!

3 Hour Sessions

In these 3 hour sessions you will learn how to create a basket arrangement, a hand tied arrangement and a vase arrangement! These will be held at our studio  on:

August 9th 1:00-4:00
September 13th 1:00-4:00
October 11th 1:00-4:00

1 Day Courses

These intensive one day courses start with a early morning trip to our suppliers. You will see the large variety of flowers you can get right here in London and be able to select the flowers you will be working with for the day! Once you get back, you’ll be taught how to make a variety of arrangements and something specific you would like to learn! You will also be able to have a chat and listen to our guest speaker discuss the importance of floristry!

July 31st
August 14th
September 4th

(Times to be announced)

For any more information, email us at or give us a call on +44 (0)20 7737 1166

Book soon as places

are limited!


Faith No More’s Faith Revived with Todich Floral Design!

Monday, June 15th, 2009

Watch the gig and their buttonholes from here!

Faith No More, the influential American band that broke up in 1998 are in Britain for their come back tour! The band that once featured the infamous Courtney Love as their star singer (until she was fired) have recruited Todich Floral Design’s services to accompany their gig tonight in the o2 Brixton Academy!

The platinum status band has asked us to create for them 5 special button holes to accompany their suits in tonight’s gig, which are being created by our head florist as we speak!

Their musical success in Faith No More stemmed their careers further into the musical business after their split in 1998- Mike Patton, lead singer, has been involved with the incredible vocals in one of my personal favourite bands, Lovage, as well as stepped in as lead vocalist for the Dillenger Escape Plan for recording of  ‘Irony is a Dead Scene’. His versatile singing voice has lead to critics calling him “one of the most talented singers in rock music.”

Billy Gould, bass player, has also been involved with many projects, including Fear and the Nervous System, which features Korn guitarist as well as the drummer from punk rock group Bad Religion.

Michael Bordin, the left handed drummer (who amazingly plays his ride cymbal on the left hand side with a right handed drum kit) has also been Ozzy Osbourne’s drummer, helping him re-record several albums. He also stepped in to substitute Korn’s beautiful David Silveria when he was injured.

Faith No More’s songs have lived on, despite their 11 year hiatus. Track “Midlife Crisis” is featured in both ‘Tony Hawk’s Underground’ and ‘Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’. “From Out of Nowhere” was featured in sporting games ‘Madden NFL 2005’ and ‘NFL 2005’ and ‘Epic’ is featured in the trailer for ‘Street Fighter IV’ as well as being the background song.

5 Easy Steps to Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Flowers

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

It’s your perfect day and you want it to go well. How can you ensure your whole wedding is going to run smoothly from start to finish? OK – unfortunately, we can’t tell you that, but what we can tell you are some safe steps in ensuring the floristry side goes well.

Here is a handy list of how you can prepare for your wedding flowers to be perfect on the day.

1) Congratulations! As soon as you have secured a date for the wedding, call or email your selected florists and ensure the date is available. Tips on selecting a florist – firstly, make sure you have seen pictures of their previous weddings and other event work. It is good to gain confidence in a florist, which can also be done by asking what they have done previously – ask about what contracts they fulfill with hotels, offices and restaurants. Generally, if they can supply to a 5 star hotel on a contractual basis, you are safe to assume they can carry out your wedding to meet your precise requirements! Secondly, make sure your florist has experience dealing with your culture of wedding. In Britain, it is generally safe to assume your florist has handled Christian weddings before. But have they handled Persian or Chinese weddings? Best to ask (We have! Amongst several other cultures – Have a look here for our others). You don’t want to spend 3 hours explaining what the Sofreh Aghd is, only to find it’s done wrong!

2) Make sure what your florist charges is good value for money! Especially important in an economic downturn is knowing that your money is going the full mile. Not to blow our own horn here, but for example, we operate from a warehouse instead of a high-street shop. This means we’re not blasting thousands of pounds a year on rental fees – if we were, those fees would inevitably be passed onto you as the customer.

3) You’ll probably have your initial colour schemes in mind – discuss with your florist your chosen colour scheme and particular choice in flowers if you have a specific variety in mind – while most flowers are generally available all year round, it is important to consider the seasonality as this can raise the budget dearly if your selected flowers are out of season. If you’re not sure at all, contact your florist for some advice on the phone or arrange a face to face consultation.

4) Think carefully where you want flowers placed – besides the standard bridal bouquet and buttonholes, there are many aspects to consider – almost every surface can be decorated with flowers and it is up to you (with advice from your florist of course) where you want these to go. The possibilities are limitless – from table centre arrangements, candelabra’s and chair back bouquets, to buffet table displays’ and reception entrance decorations. You can even get everything from your dress and your shoes made in flowers! This is where your budget will start skyrocketing – stay safe and realistic with our guideline downloadable pricelist. It is also important to consider the size of each arrangement as it can vary massively in the minds of different people (for example, our picture at the top has two sizes of table arrangements and also two very different budgets!). Also consider the number of people attending – how many buttonholes and bridesmaids bouquets will you require and how many table arrangements and thank you bouquets will be required?

5) Contact your florist to let them know precisely what types of locations you want to fill (and make sure they can do it in the case of the dress and shoes made with flowers!). This is probably the best time to arrange a face to face meeting with your florist. Here, you can discuss your colour scheme, flower choice and types of floral decorations you require in further depth. The florist should then provide you with a comprehensive quotation. Once you’ve agreed to this you can relax! The florist will take it all from here and contact you if and when necessary.


The love for flowers

Thursday, January 31st, 2008

Flowers mean so much in every day life of everyone from the busy people at a corporate office, to young students studying at the college library. Their presence inspires, refreshes, cheers up, brings back memories, helps you rest when you’re tired and removes stress. It’s no wonder flowers have been an inspiration to artists and poets for centuries, like for example…

the Sunflowers (Vincent Van Gogh)

or these…

LEGO flowers (

We at Todich Floral Design look upon flower arranging as an art. We strive to make our creations worthy of the natural beauty of each flower we use. Let us show you how beautiful flowers can be. Contact us and we’ll help you introduce floral art, in all its glory, to your office, venue or home.

Theatre Flowers

Thursday, October 18th, 2007

There are many traditions in Theatreland and giving flowers to wish good luck is only one of them, but it is our contact with the glittering celebrity scene. We get quite a thrill sometimes from seeing the orders go out into the glamorous world of London’s West End. We have twice in recent months taken flowers to Orlando Bloom appearing in In Celebration at the Duke of York’s Theatre.. We also delivered 30 red roses to Turkish pop singer Sezen Aksu at the Albert Hall. Only this week we had to prepare Diva , a bouquet of white roses, for Denise Van Outen on her first night in Rent also at the Duke of York’s Theatre. Once the driver was on his way there a new order arrived with us for a delivery to Ashley Wallen the dancer and choreographer who is also with the same show.

Our driver Mariusz was pleased to go back to the Duke of York’s again as he had not managed to see Denise on his first trip and hoped to catch a glimpse of her dressed in black leather and fishnet stockings for her role as the bisexual Maureen. Alas he was disappointed again. Please send more flowers to glamorous celebrities and satisfy his longing to meet his idols!