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May Wedding – Quirky Table Designs

Monday, May 20th, 2013

The design team have just completed quirky wedding table designs for a wedding reception which was held in a Private Members Club in Soho.   At the initial consultation the bride talked about how she wanted to introduce lots of colour into the designs and wanted a ‘quirky’ feel to the designs.  The bride was very into vintage and loved collecting different items and therefore we decided it would be fantastic to use some of her prized possessions to display the flowers in.

We talked about her venue and she showed the team pictures of the beautiful Union Club, which had a very old fashioned but artistic feel to the decoration.  It was also quite dark and therefore we felt introducing bright colours would work very well

The Head Designer, Laura Fisher looked at the different flowers in season and decided on using a range of flowers which included Ranunculus, Ammi, Freesia, Scabiosa, Nigella & Sweet Peas.  The flowers were chosen in different colours and the reds, blues, purples and whites worked so well together.  It was a very eclectic design but worked so well with the vases the bride had collected, her unique quirky style and the beautiful back drop of the Union Club in Soho

If you are getting married and want to bring a personalised feel to your flowers, think about collecting individual pieces, that could be a beautiful old vase or a broach which we can attach to your bridal bouquet.

A Peony and English Rose – April Wedding

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

The team have just completed a spring wedding for a beautiful bride, who we met at the Earls Court Wedding Show.  The design team worked with the bride many weeks before the special day; the bride wanted very natural and loved vintage so we talked through the different options.

The flowers she loved were peonies and garden roses; the colours she liked were soft pinks, whites and soft peaches.  We came up with a design which used a mixture of garden roses and peonies and the result was fantastic and it smelt divine.
Peonies and Garden roses are wonderful to work with and if you are getting in married in May & June, think about peonies they are very special and so romantic.  The bridesmaids were wearing navy blue dresses, so we decided to carry the theme through and we used white peonies and white garden roses, the designs were finished off with blue tinged foliage and navy blue ribbon.

The reception flowers were very natural and we used country styled flowers; these included pink & white stocks, garden roses, ranunculus and peonies.  The bride really wanted to bring the vintage theme through so we suggested she collected a range of jam jars and little glass vases.   To create impact on the table we decided to have three different sized glass vases, with different flower combinations in each vase.  The top table had a range of vases which were placed along the table and created a relaxed and romantic feel.  The room was filled with beautiful fragrant flowers and the designs worked perfectly with the natural feel of the day.

The Head Designer delivered the vases to the brides home on the morning of the wedding, she was greeted by eight bridesmaids and an excited bride.  We always like to deliver the flowers on the morning, we form a close relationship with our brides and it makes our day to see them so happy with the flowers.

If you are getting married this year, please get in touch with the team and let us know the style and flowers you love.  We will then put together a personalised mood board for you, so you can getsome ideas and then we can arrange a consultation to discuss your flowers in more detail.


From the design team at
Todich Floral Design

0207 7371166

Hungarian Wedding Traditions – Flowers & Ceremony

Friday, April 12th, 2013

Hello, my name is Judit and I started working as a florist at Todich Floral Design almost 1 year ago, I am a trained florist from Hungary and I would like to introduce to you the Hungarian wedding traditions.

The wedding traditions have faded over the recent years, but some of the traditions still strongly remain within Hungary’s rural village. A Hungarian wedding is usually quite large and consists of more than 300 to 400 guests.

The preparation starts 2-3 days before the wedding day. The women relatives and friends start to make a variety of different biscuits, whilst the men cool their own wines and prepare “házipálinka” (Moonshine) a fruity Hungarian alcoholic drink. Both men and women work together to prepare the wedding dinner.

Hungary is predominantly of roman catholic religion, Many couples marry in churches whilst the non-religious marry in registry offices, A Hungarian bride normally wears a traditional white wedding dress with long white gloves and white shoes. The groom and best man wear a classic suit with a floral buttonhole. The tradition of ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue’ is still used today for many couples wedding days.

Before the church ceremony, family and friends gather together to drink and eat hand-made biscuits, the church is filled with beautiful flower arrangement with floral decorations covering the pew ends and the alter, the church flowers would be in keeping with the bridal bouquet.

There are no set traditions on the flowers for a Hungarian bridal bouquet. The bride can have any colours of flowers that they choose, however pale colours such as peach and cream flowers seem to be the most fashionable choices in recent years, the most popular styles are round posy or of a long cascading design which is normally arranged with fresh flowing ivy and bear grass. The bridesmaids are often young children and carry a smaller but similar bouquet of the bride.

The bride often wears a small hair piece which contains pretty delicate flowers. Traditionally Hungarian weddings did not include wrist corsages but this is proven to be more popular in recent times.

After the ceremony the bride and groom walks down the main village road and receives congratulations from guests who throw confetti and rice to wish the couple a life time of happiness, afterwards the couple formalize their marriage by signing the paper at the village’s registry office.

Once the formalities are complete, the bride throws a flower bouquet over her shoulder towards her guests, the tradition is that the first person to catch the bouquet will be the next person to wed; the bouquet is very similar to the bridal bouquet but has been specially made to be thrown by the bride.

The bride and groom are helped into a decorated car which is lined with beautiful flowers, the bonnet and the car seats have been arranged with a variety of flowers from the village’s local florist.
The happy couple then arrive to visit the reception where there is a garden set up with a marquee which is filled with traditional Hungarian foods and a Hungarian live band

A sit down dinner with a minimum of 4-5 courses is not uncommon in Hungarian weddings, from clear soups, to meats and vegetables, the dinner can last up to 3 hours. Once the dinner is finished the dancing begins, the music tends to be of local songs and popular pop music.

Before midnight there is bride’s last dance in her white wedding dress. All the lights are switched off and all the candles are lit and glow in the room. The band then plays a very slow song for the newlyweds to dance too.

Exactly after midnight the bride changes her wedding dress for a colourful dress and red boots. If somebody wishes to dance with the new bride, then a small fee is required and donation is used towards the couples newly married life. When the dancing is complete, the bride and groom cut the wedding cake. The wedding cake is traditionally made with 3 tiers and is filled with beautiful flower arrangements that are in keeping with the theme and colour scheme of the wedding. The wedding celebrations carry on until the early hours and finishes between 4:00am- 6:00am the next day.

The Painted Hall – June Wedding 2012

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012






The floristry wedding season runs from as early as March all the way to September, the busiest months being, May, June and July, We have had many brides come forward to us over the years to design their flowers and this year was no exception.
This season we were contacted by a bride who asked us to design the flowers for her wedding day, her wedding was held at ‘The Painted Hall’ in ‘The Royal Navy College’ Greenwich. A popular venue which we have recently decorated for a wedding in May 2012, we were looking forward to creating completely different designs that were unique and fitting to this bride’s style.

The painted hall is often described as the ‘Finest Dining Hall in Europe’ it is a grand room with beautiful architecture and interior, The venues purpose was originally built for prestigious
dining, and formal occasions such as weddings and events, and this is exactly how the venue is used today.

Our head consultants and florists were aware of the colours and lighting of this spectacular venue and were able to easily consult the bride as to what flowers arrangements would be perfect to suit her wedding in the venue.

This brides wedding was to a much smaller scale to the previous wedding this year, instead of the grand scale wedding that filled the whole venue, This particular wedding hired a dining area set up at the front of the hall which looked upon the surroundings and looked quaint and was a perfect size for a small wedding.

The bride’s favourite flowers were roses and she requested that these were to be incorporated into the floral designs. Her bridal bouquet was in the design of a posy and was a mix of pure white roses, calla lilies and freesias, this simple all white bouquet was then finished with white satin ribbon and decorative pins. The bridesmaid’s bouquets were created with the same flowers but of a smaller version of the bridal bouquet.

Simple, stylish and chic were the main key words to this wedding, the grooms and guests buttonholes were in keeping with the style and the theme of the wedding, they each had a white that was mixed with a small amount of decorative foliage.

The top table arrangement was the key floral feature of the painted hall, the calla lilies and roses were designed to be in the style of a breath taking flower waterfall.  The flower stems beautifully flowed down the front of the table and was very eye catching, the arrangement was mixed with palm leaves and other glossy foliage. The idea for this arrangement came from a picture from a magazine cut out that the bride bought to us during her consultations.
The venue contained 1 large top table and 4 smaller long tables, The bride and groom requested that we create 8 arrangements to complete the look of the venue, Our florists made 2 vase arrangements filled with white hydrangeas, gerberas, lilies and peonies, and 6 small arrangement filled with the same flowers, the arrangements looked classy and chic for the wedding.

Finally the couple requested 4 very large pedestals to help complete the look of the room and to also have the wow factor when entering the wedding venue. We created 2 large and 2 very large designs which matched the colours and
flowers of the other arrangements and look stunning when stood at the entrance and at the top table.

The flower arrangements created for this wedding were simple and stylish, all white flowers gave a traditional and pure look which tied in with the colours and themes of the wedding. The bride and groom were very pleased with the final look and we were thrilled to design the flowers for a beautiful wedding.

If you would like us to provide flowers for yourself or an upcoming wedding then please do not hesitate to get in touch, we would be happy to book a consultation with you and talk you through any ideas that you have in mind.

Simply give us a call on 02077371166 and we would be happy to help.

Todich Floral Design


The Brides Comments

‘Hi Todich and Iwona.

Just a quick post to say thanks for the lovely wedding flowers arrangements. All the flowers were gorgeous and complimented the day spectacularly and add to my fond memories of the day. Best of luck for the future :)’



The Painted Hall Wedding – May 2012

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

Todich Floral Design always enjoys getting involved in local wedding shows; the Autumn Wedding show at London Earls Court is a prestigious event which brings all the companies in the industry together to offer the best services for the happy couple’s special wedding day.

Every year we prepare our stand to show the most beautiful, creative and unique designs that our florists can offer. One of our designs was so inspiring that it caught the eye of a bride who immediately contacted us to arrange and design her flowers for her own wedding in May 2012.

The bride was getting married at St Helens church, London, the church was where she grew up and is full of fond childhood memories; the bride believed that this would be the perfect venue for her wedding day.

The wedding reception was going to be held at The Old Royal Navy College’s the ‘Painted Hall’.  The painted hall is often described as the ‘Finest Dining Hall in Europe’ it is a grand room with beautiful architecture and interiors; the remarkable décor and paintings in the room are to pay tribute to British Maritime Power. The venues purpose was originally built for prestigious
dining, and formal occasions such as weddings and events, and this is exactly how the venue is used today.
We sent our head consultant over to ‘The Painted Hall’ to view the lighting, décor and colours to ensure that our flower designs will match the interiors and theme of the wedding perfectly.

With a wedding held in the middle of spring; there are plenty of beautiful seasonal flowers for the bride and groom to choose from. The brides favourite flowers were roses and the groom loved tulips, both wished that these flowers were to be incorporated into the floral arrangements.

We believe that the bridal bouquet is one of the beautiful accessories to a brides wedding day, her stunning bouquet tied in all the colours, shades and themes of the wedding into one beautiful arrangement. Her bouquet a trailing design of fresh cream calla lilies, champagne coloured roses and cream dendrobium orchids; the design was then finished with complementary foliage and a silk ribbon.

The bridesmaid’s bouquets matched the champagne coloured dresses and the flowers were kept to a simple chic design, white roses, scented cream freesias and seasonal foliage were styled into posy shaped designs

The Church pedestal was an eye-catching and beautiful design that stood at the alter during the ceremony. The design included a selection of cream and champagne flowers that were mixed together with spring foliage. The lilies fragranced the room with a beautiful scent and the cheery gerberas looked striking in the arrangement.

Our florists created a stunning floral arch for the bride and rooms wedding day. Created with fresh ivy garlands, the foliage was scattered with white lilies and cream roses, the garland was
then stylistically tied against the arch and looked exquisite in the chapel.

‘The Painted Room’ colours consist of neutral tones with a hint of gold and bronze. The Table arrangements were created in classic fishbowl vases and included gold sprayed aspidistra leaves which lined the inside of the vases. White tulips, Roses and lilies were included in the designs and were arranged together amongst spring foliage. All 60 table centres were then evenly placed onto the tables to match the cream and gold coloured table cloths.

The designs were classic and simple yet chic, the gold décor made the arrangements stand out in the venues. The mix of champagne and cream flowers worked beautifully together and the flowers not only filled the room with beauty but fragranced it with a wonderful spring scent.

If you would like us to provide flowers for yourself or an upcoming wedding then please do not hesitate to get in touch, we would be happy to book a consultation with you and talk you through any ideas that you have in mind.

Simply give us a call on 02077371166 and we would be happy to help.

Todich Floral Design


Syon House Wedding – May 2012

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

Wedding Season is one of the busiest times for a florist, with the season lasting from March to September; we are already in full swing with our 2012 weddings.

May is one of the most popular months to get married, with the best seasonal flowers in full bloom and the mild spring temperatures it is the perfect time of year for a British wedding.

Our consultants were approached by a bride and groom who were looking to get married on May 5th 2012 and we were happy to assist.

The wedding was held at the popular venue Syon House in Brentford, Middlesex, The ceremony at Syon house is held in a magnificent hall and the reception is held at ‘The Great Conservatory’, An impressive windowed building that looks onto beautiful gardens, The Conservatory is perfect for spring wedding because of the well maintained floral grounds, the windows let in lots of natural light and is perfect for photo opportunities. Syon House is a truly stunning venue and we were thrilled to be asked to design the flowers for such a wonderful place.

The brides colour schemes were of pretty pastel pinks , mint green and creams, She asked for these colours to be interpreted into her floral arrangements, ‘Natural’, and ‘Spring Garden’ were the key words for this wedding and thankfully she has chosen the perfect time of year for her favourite flowers.

During a consultation they discussed that over 100 guests were being invited and that they were having over 10 tables, after showing the happy couple our tall and low table arrangements they couldn’t resist but choosing both styles for their wedding, With the mix of displays we decided to keep the designs alike with matching the same colours and flowers, The tall arrangements stood tall at the centre of the tables, lined with cascading ivy, the breath taking vibrant waterfall of pastel coloured flowers looked elegant with the glossy ivy and falling foliage.

The small table arrangements were mixed with subtle spring flowers and finished with large cream candles inserted into the centres, the floral arrangement were then surrounded by delicate crystal tea lights.

We made sure all aspects of the flower designs matched with the wedding, even down to the corsages and buttonholes, delicate pale pink roses were tied together with small sprigs of ivy and finished with luxury satin ribbon.

The bride didn’t have bridesmaids due to her traditional heritage, so instead we made the bridal bouquet extra spectacular, a lovely arrangement of pastel coloured roses, liianthus, astilbe and gypsophilia were mixed together into the arrangement, we then finished the bouquet with a luxurious cream satin ribbon and a frame of ivy.

We at Todich floral design will always go that little bit further to make a brides wedding day perfect. We do not only design flower arrangements, we also can cater to help the brides with any other stationary & gift requests, This particular bride asked us to provide fabric napkins and individually wrap them in mint green silk ribbons, Each one we individually tied and finished with a bow and they matched perfectly with the flowers and looked stunning on the tables.

The couple were of Hong Kong/ Chinese descent and they had their cake designed in a shade of baby blue with an added Chinese symbol placed onto the front, For the cake we wanted to keep the flower designs as simple as possible, we placed single avalanche rose heads onto the top of the cake and surrounded the table with cream rose petals for added elegance and beauty.

Overall the venue looked stunning, the flowers filled the room with a heavenly scent and looked truly beautiful, the flowers tones blended with the scenery and we are pleased that the couple were very happy with the designs.

If you would like us to provide flowers for yourself or an upcoming wedding then please do not hesitate to get in touch, we would be happy to book a consultation with you and talk you through any ideas that you have in mind.

Simply give us a call on 02077371166 and we would be happy to help.


6th May- Brides Feedback

‘’Todich Floral Design – I just want to say thank you thank you thank you so much!!! For making everything so beautiful’’




Secret tips to create the perfect wedding flowers.

Friday, November 18th, 2011

It’s the magic and romance of weddings that we at Todich floral design love most, we tell every bride that her bouquet is one of the most important elements of the wedding day, We want out brides to feel special when they see their bouquet for the first time, Lots of girls get tears of joy and an excitement that the special day is almost here.

Start researching early

It is best to book your florist as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. We at Todich floral design only every take one wedding a week, as it’s important for us to be able to give time and energy to each bride’s wedding flowers. So as soon as you’ve decided on the venue, the date and the dress, it’s time to turn your attention to the flowers.

Ask for an Initial Consultation

It is always helpful if you tell the florist as much information as possible, we would love to hear about your dreams for your big day and what you would like to achieve. Bringing in photographs or magazine clippings is great for the florists, we even suggest creating a mood board of pictures of your dress, the bridal party’s outfits and samples of fabric so we can try to grasp a definite theme or colour scheme coming through, making the consultation much easier.

If you have not found anything suited then we have a portfolio full of past designs which we would be happy to talk through with you. We always arrange more than one consultation with future brides so that we can develop a relationship and an understanding to exactly what you wish, The florists at Todich floral design truly believe that the most important thing about the initial consultation is the rapport.

Be clear on your budget

We always ask about your budget at the very first meeting, as it’s extremely important to agree on how much we are working with before starting on the design concept. We will then try to accommodate the design agreed upon within that budget, and when the proposal is accepted, we stick firmly to the budget unless any further additions are requested by you.

The Season

Try to take seasonality into account when deciding on your wedding flowers, and pick varieties that will be at the height of their season around the date of your wedding. This way, you will find that the flowers will be particularly stunning and fresh, and your budget will stretch that little bit further. The time of year can also help set your theme. For example, spring brides could go for foliage, bulbs and sprouting twigs for a fresh country feel. Those having a summer wedding might decide to go for a generous herbaceous border flowers mixed with lush green grasses. In autumn, we would suggest seed heads, fruits, twigs and hot, spicy vibrant colours. And in winter, look for sumptuous flowers in deeps colours such as crimson and violet.

The Theme

Take time to identify the central, personal theme of your wedding, as this can shape the decorative style of the whole day. For some brides, their theme may be a colour, a piece of music or a season, while for others it may be a love of fairy lights or perhaps jewellery. Once the bride has found her theme, it is very inspiring for the florist, who can then biggest design concepts to reflect the ideas and create truly wonderful displays that will remain in the memory of the couple and their wedding guests for ever.


Finally, it’s important that the flowers and shaded you choose work with your hair, colour, skin tone and bridal make-up. Think of your bouquet as an accessory, and choose it as you would a handbag or a pair of shoes. If you’re unsure, consider paying for two or three different sample designs and practise holding them to see which weight, style and colour you prefer.

If you would like any further information or would like to book a consultation then please do not hesitate to give us an email at or call us on 020 7737 1166 (44 20 7737 1166)

(If you like the look of the bouquet in the photo above, then you can order from our sister website flowers24hours, just follow the link



Spring Colours for Spring Weddings

Monday, March 28th, 2011



Spring is a blast of colour the sun and warmth brings out the brightest in just about everything even the grass is a brighter shade of green. If you are holding a spring wedding take some of your inspiration from the outdoors, at this time of year you do not need to hold back on colour.

This year’s most popular colours for spring weddings may seem a little held-back but they are actually just the back-drop to some brighter tones.
Just about every shade of pink is popular. If you are using a brighter shade of pink then it can take on the main role in the decoration scheme. But if a light or dusty pink is being used then bright colours, or deep green foliage can be used to set a contrast.

In just about every aspect of fashion greys have been popular since last fall. It is almost safe to say that grey is the new black! And this is no different for spring trends. It is probably best to stick to lighter shades of grey if you really want to stay current. This is another shade that goes well with just about any bright colour. Try combining it with shades of red, yellow or orange, for a truly fashion conscious look. For something a little more refined, purple and grey, have a cool beauty.

Finally, my favourite, purple! The lighter shades of purple are the most popular this season, and this tone of purple is a great backdrop for other light colours. Light pink, blue or yellow combined with purple will really set the spring mood of the wedding.

Trends do not necessarily have to dictate your wedding decoration scheme, they can simply serve as a source of inspiration. Whatever your ideas and dreams might Todich Floral Design has a team of experts available, who will help you bring your wedding ideas to life!