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Its a Nice Day for a Green Wedding

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010


Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers

Though weddings are important events, they can lead to a lot of waste, which is less than ideal for the current environmental issues our planet is facing. But there are a lot of little things you can do make your wedding a bit greener.

It is important to go local, on as many aspects of the wedding as possible. Buying from vendors in the area means both you and they will waste fewer gallons of fuel and money will go back to local businesses.

Picking out flowers that are in season, will ensure freshness and costs. Todich Floral Design has a list of seasonal wedding flowers, and their availability. So you can plan your wedding accordingly.

Use planted centerpieces, either flowering or green. One little known secret is that, along with being beautiful and lasting, they will act as great air fresheners!

Going green in terms of wedding gear is also an option. Usually, the clothing worn by guests is specifically acquired for the occasion and is only worn once. Instead of asking for formal wear, ask for your guests to wear a specific colour. This way there is a chance that they already have that in their wardrobe.

Try to have more than one ‘something old,’ wedding dresses use up a lot of fabric that is treated with petroleum products and bleached, which can be really taxing on the environment. There are a lot of vintage and thrift stores that have beautiful and original gems to offer. Even if you only manage to find some gently used gloves or shoes, you have already taken some steps forward.

It is true that diamonds are a part of the wedding tradition, but this stone is has negative impacts both socially and environmentally. There are a lot of other precious stones that are just as beautiful, moonstone, pearl or sea glass can be just as beautiful in a ring.


Introducing Our All New Video Gallery

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010



Not sure about the types of work we do? Want to see us in action but haven’t been able to? Well now you can.

After several months of development, we are pleased to announce the launch of our online video gallery!

The video facility aims to give you a chance to see live footage of the events we have done and get to know us and our style a little better. You will also be able to view videos of our flower arranging sessions, filmed in a way you can easily follow, for free, at home.

We will be updating our gallery weekly, with new videos, tips, hints and event work we have done. Make sure you stay updated for some of the hottest floristry videos in London!

Salvaged flowers save the day!

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010


Flowers can be a very important element for just about any event. They can brighten up and add the finishing touches to just about any space you can imagine, even fields and pastures!

The World Equestrian Games, soon to take place at the Kentucky Horse Park. But the road to preparing the event was not all smooth sailing. Around mid-summer organizers of the event found that their floral budget had been cut.

Luckily with a helping hand and generous donation from the UK College of Agriculture, the games will not be short of flowers.

Volunteers involved in solving the problem also found themselves short on time to grow the flowers. So they had to approach the problem from a different angle. Flowers that hadn’t been sold, or were on their way to dying were tended and brought back to life.

The volunteers made their way through several greenhouses, salvaging whatever they could find. With a bit of fertilizer and some re-potting the flowers were ready for their trip across the ocean.

The flowers will be used to decorate the park and jumps for the games.

All it takes is a little innovation and creativity to really make an event memorable and enjoyable. This is why at Todich Floral Design we enjoy helping you decorate and organize your events. Our custom tailored floral decorations will bring the best out of your private, corporate, cultural or Christmas event.

Our floral designs will be suited to your needs through free design consultations, and will be carefully installed to ensure that your ideas are brought to life in perfection.


Todich Floral Design’s New Eco-Initiative!

Monday, June 22nd, 2009



As today is the start of Recycling Week we thought today would be the perfect day for our exciting official new launch day for our new Eco-initiative with our recycling partner Aardvark Recycling!

After learning about the incredible projects Aardvark is engaging in, Todich Floral Design LTD has decided to move towards the same direction and extend our steps in striving for a greener business. We are now buying all of the compost created from our organic waste back from Aardvark and replacing our old brand of compost with our own! This means we’ve got a chain of recycling directly in our organisation, from start to finish!

For the last year, we have been recycling all of our flowers with Aardvark Recycling which they turn into compost alongside other organic waste they receive. This high in demand compost is used for various projects around London, including inner city roof gardens, compost for community groups and compost for the Garden Museum.

This organic waste is created mainly through our contractual flowers for hotels, restaurants and offices.  Each week, we replace our old vases with fresh, new flowers. These flowers are then taken back to our warehouse and sent over to Aardvark.

So we are absolutely pleased to announce our new initiative with our recycling partner and hope this is another step forward of many to come! Our existing recycling policy can be found on our partner website here.