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Perfect Winter Filler Flowers For Weddings, At Home, And Everywhere Else

Thursday, December 15th, 2016

Want to jazz up your bouquet? A little contrast or complementary blossoms, some extra body or rounding out the bouquet’s shape—these are often the finishing touches a professional florist puts on a masterful piece of floral art. Check out some of Todich Floral Design’s favorite filler flowers for the winter and holiday season:

Seasonal Winter Plants

Gypsophila, Hypericum, Limonium, Queen Anne’s Lace and Solidago

Plants that act as filler for winter bouquets can be found growing in the wild. But just in case you live in a big city, or maybe find yourself a little too busy for a trip to the countryside, you are probably okay to pay a visit to your local florist. They are great for special events, parties and as wedding flowers, and grow both year round and in-season.

Queen Anne’s Lace and gypsophila are plants with many tiny white flowers, playing with lighter hues and angelic, clean composition in their fragrance to grace and round out your bouquet.

Long stem limoniums and asters add their purple and lavender spark to any flower arrangement, while solidago and hypericum brandish yellow, orange and gold hues, hinting (and hoping for) the springtime season to come.   

Frosty And Fun Winter Filler

Seeded Eucalyptus, Lamb’s Ear, Dusty Miller Plant

How do some florists give their bouquets that perfect wintry touch? It’s a sort of frosty, icebound effect which absolutely evokes the season. By creating contrast, you can enhance the bright whites in your bouquet and bring out the colours in other blossoms.

Seeded eucalyptus, Lamb’s ear and dusty miller plant are fabulous filler flowers that have a natural silvery grey and pale green cast to them to help you pull off this effect.

Give A Christmas Feel To Your Flower Arrangements

Holly, Pinecones, Evergreens, Poinsettias with Roses, Tulips and Lilies

Don’t forget about time-old favorites! Shiny green holly leaves (with their red berries), pinecones and evergreens are classic and easy ways to decorate for the holiday season, as are potted poinsettia plants. These plants aren’t just for Christmas wreathes, but also go well in arrangements with flowers like roses, tulips and lilies in traditional colours of red and white.

Aromatic Herbs, Spices And Plants For Your Arrangement

Flat Cedar, Cedar Boughs, Rosemary, Cinnamon and Clove

Since flowers offer such a grandiose visual feast, sometimes it is easy to forget that they can also offer us a full array of stimulation. Smell, of course, is the second sense (or even the first sometimes) that comes to mind when we think of flowers.

Flat cedar, cedar boughs, pine branches and clippings from other types of evergreens can bring out a deliciously woody aroma and piney scent to complement your Christmas bouquet or holiday flower arrangement.
Rosemary, a symbol of the Christmas tree itself, is another way to deepen the experience of your flower bouquets. This slightly sweet herb may also be enjoyed as a holiday decoration, arranged with pinecones over your mantelpiece or simply by laying it out along the windowsill.

You’ll Want To Spread The Word About These Amazing Christmas Wreaths

Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

Top London Florist Todich Floral Design provides a fresh look at this year’s flower and Christmas wreath trends for the holidays, with fashionable and festive Christmas flowers spotted in London’s hotels and lobbies, boutiques, storefronts and holiday parties—and perhaps your home, too! If you want the latest flower trends and an inside peek at some of our prettiest petals, wreaths and season’s arrangements, keep on reading:


Classic Christmas Flowers Arrangements

Poinsettia plants, pine wreaths, holly, red roses and amaryllis

Do you love beautiful flowers for the holidays, as Christmas gifts or even the stunning décor you can use to fill your home or display at parties? There is no better way to deck the halls of your home or office than with gorgeous Christmas flowers and wreaths.

As a top London florist, Todich Floral Design brings a special flair, floral design savvy and merry touch to your Christmas flower arrangements, with classic details and holiday features like holly berries, poinsettia plants, pine wreaths, red Christmas roses and amaryllis bouquets.

Though that’s not all there is to be excited about this holiday season…

Christmas 2016 Featured Wreaths, Flowers and Plants

Ivy, dried berries, moss, holly and gold ribbon

Want a special look at the Christmas holiday season’s most trendy, beautiful wreaths? For the 2016 season, plenty of online holiday shoppers are selecting hand-tied and specially arranged modern spins or chic twists on classic Christmas wreaths as gifts or decorations around the home. Big this year, there are all natural wreaths, with bright, crisp and wintry arrays of dried berries, in colours beige, blush, gold and ochre palettes, as well as cream, mint green and off-white tones. Gold baubles and luxurious bows are the ideal flourish: a contemporary accent—though not too flashy—as a finish to your wreathe.

Overflowing Greenery, Red Ribbon, Burgundy and Berry Accents

Red berries, ivy, pine needles and red bows

If you are more of a traditionalist in your gift selection and Christmas tastes, yet at the same time want something that is a little exciting, perhaps not as ho-hum as the typical selection and what you see in holiday display windows, then this wreath is absolutely for you. Bright green pointed ivy leaves are arranged in layers and draped around a frame of pine needles and evergreen boughs to create a textured and rounded wreathe. A bright red profusion of tiny berries marks the center frame, accented with deep red tied bows and long hanging ribbon. Traditional red and green colour schemes are obviously a classic approach. Though with contrasting flows of ribbon and chic asymmetry of berries with the pine boughs, this wreathe becomes one the season’s most captivating!

Fragrant, Satiny Smooth Wreath For Christmas

Pinecones, dried fruits, cinnamon and cedar foliage

Fresh, invigorating and stimulating for all the senses, this bright and festive wreath is truly a seasonal treat. White baubles, satin ribbon, silver- and white-painted pinecones and frosty branches are keeping with winter wonderland vibes we are seeing so much of. Prickly pastel green foliage and contrasting dried orange slices lend an aromatic and textural feast for anyone lucky enough to get close to this Christmas wreathe—or better yet, receive it as a gift!


A Mayfair Wedding of Art Deco Opulence

Wednesday, July 27th, 2016

For a glamorous wedding at the five star Westbury Hotel in Mayfair, cascades of roses in red, pinks and whites played a starring role. Shezre and David were married this March at the prestigious hotel with a wedding theme that celebrated the style and elegance of their art deco surroundings. Todich Floral Design created bouquets and displays that exuded rich opulence with romantic roses, carnations and hydrangeas. With rose petals scattered in the aisle and domes of roses on tables, the special day was a truly memorable one played in rich shades of red, pink and pastel orange.

Here we explore how Todich Floral Design created the designs for a memorable Mayfair wedding.


A Ceremony of Splendour

Shezre and David took their vows in the Mount Vernon room: a stylish, art deco space in the hotel. White chairs, soft lighting and red and white rose petals scattered along the aisle created an air of richness and romance. The candles glimmered in hurricane vases with red rose petals at their base: a delightful greeting for guests and magical display as the bride walked down the aisle. At the entrance guests were greeted by stunning designs of red roses and carnations displayed in tall vases and adorned with willow.

For the bridal bouquet: a round posy of red Naomi roses – prized for their velvety crimson shade, and white avalanche roses. Aromatic red skimmia and green eucalyptus leaves framed the beautiful arrangement. This elegant design is perfect for brides looking for a classic look featuring traditional shades for love, romance and purity.

The piece de resistance of the ceremonial decorations were tall vases overflowing with gorgeous pink and white blooms: roses, hydrangeas, gysophilia (also known as baby’s breath) and spray roses. Todich Floral Design created these breath-taking displays by building on different shapes and textures with pastel, complementary colours.




Rose Gallery

The reception for the magical wedding took place in the Westbury Gallery, a classic space befitting the tradition and style of the day. The oak panelled flooring and cream walls made the perfect backdrop for domes of red roses and willow on the poseur tables. These vibrant blooms were displayed in square glass vases for a modern twist that perfectly complemented the setting.

Warm hues featured in table settings for the wedding breakfast, lit by the soft glow of candle light. Orange and red roses nestled in green viburnum berries in cube vases to create subtle and elegant displays. They made a perfect final flourish to a day of classic glamour and style.




Shezre and David’s special day saw roses play a starring role in the celebration of their love. A flower prized for centuries for its beauty and romantic symbolism, it remains a favourite to feature in bouquets and displays at weddings. Speak to Todich Floral Design today about creating beautiful flower arrangements for weddings. Whatever the venue or theme, these experts will tailor designs to suit the preference of the couple for this very special day.


Hotel Chic – Pastels vs. Bolds

Sunday, February 21st, 2016

Hotel décor, pastel havens and bold blooms, we take a peek at hotel floral arrangements likely to course a stir this summer.

Go for big statements; welcome your hotel guests with cheery summertime favourites with our latest hotel décor trends for 2016. With summer making its presence known, it showers us with an array of bold blooms. Inspired by bringing sunny summer shades and delicate flowers, our latest summer line-up show, vibrant bountiful blooms continue to reign supreme at Todich Floral Design.

Flowers go a long way in setting the mood, tone of your hotel, whether you’re after a pastel haven or bold statements, bring the outdoors in and add a touch of the summer to your hotel, with these beautiful blooms, our latest hotel décor trends. The new collection consists of a collection of pastel and bold seasonal designs and styles perfectly blended to create striking centrepieces, delightful corporate flowers perfectly suited for transforming indoor spaces.

Table Arrangements


Sweet peas. If you’re looking to bring the outdoors, gracelly that is, look no further than these stu- nning scented floral arrangements of sweet pea. For show stopping hotel centre pieces, reach for vibrant shades of violet, purple and pink.

Peony. The delicate red hues of the Peony flower represent joy and optimism, are great for up-lighting corporate spaces and perfect for making lasting statements. Place these spectacular centre pieces at hotel receptions, lounges and entrances. Available in an array of bright colours, its vibrant shades increase positive energy and instantly add new dimensions to bland spaces.

Sunflowers. Bountiful, radiant and perfect cherry, sunflowers are the ultimate summer time flower, instantly brighten up new surroundings and inject much needed colour. Or why not mix and match? These bright sunny flowers look beautiful nestled alongside orange roses, hot pink, vivid purple and classic white roses are summer arrangement, sure to create a wow factor in any hotel spaces.

Parrot Tulips. If you’re after something different, that’s got a whole lot of edge, reach for arrangements of parrot tulips. Its textured, vibrant petals add a splash of colour whilst its contrasting green shoots form striking centre pieces perfect for uplifting hotel spaces.

Asters. Asters are magnificent plants full of colour and texture. These seasonal flowers come in various bold colours, adding an edge to summer arrangements. Single shades of Asters look great within hotel spaces, and just as spectacular when paired with other vibrant shades and create, show-stopping centre pieces within hotel receptions, lounges and entrances.

Ranunculus. These delightful summertime treats burst in an array of vibrant colours, showcasing bright sunny yellows to deep violets, energetic oranges to hot pinks. Not short on edge or colour, Ranunculus full bloom and multi-layered petal character and inject fun into lower arrangements and breathe new life into hotel spaces.

Hydrangeas. The hydrangeas’ lush, layered structure is reminiscent of all things lavish and plush. Its sumptuous rich, multilayered structure is perfectly plush and screams pure luxury. Hydrangeas make spectacular centre pieces, available in pale pinks, soft blues s. Hydrangeas add a sense of grandeur and enchantment to indoor spaces and is an inexpensive way to add extravagance to hotel décor. For more daring shades, reach for and vibrant orange, yellows and deep violets add a touch of sophistication and joy to hotel décor.

Carnations. Carnations have earned its place as one of summer’s most delightful flowers, due to its spectrum of colours and endearing meanings.  Carnations symbolise admiration and pure love amongst and come in a range of irresistible colours;  from lush greens to deep grey-blues, violets and vibrant purples.  Reach for large flowered carnations for bountiful blooms to add a wow factor to hotel interiors.

Dahlias. Dahlias have long been considered one of the most spectacular garden flowers, the queen of garden flowers, if you will. So bring the outdoors in and turn heads with these show stopping blooms. Available in a variety of tempting flowering patterns, sizes, and with some bearing resemblance to other flowers; its magnificent larger than life blooms, is sure to have your guests in awe. The summer beauty’s are available in a range of tempting colours, from scrumptious rich pastel shades to vivid bold brights. For decorative show stopping dahlias for your hotel, reach for single or double orchid dahlias, pompon dahlias, cactus or ball dahlias. All of which make ideal centrepieces that will instantly transform hotel spaces.

Tulips. Tulips, the ultimate summer time favourites are both regal and alluring. These elegant seasonal flowers usher in the joys of summer and available in an array of varying shades. Other than being breathtakingly beautiful, tulips represent underlying love and passion. Red Tulips signify a declaration of love, variegated tulips symbolise beautiful eyes, or to compliment a friend or loved one. Other than their endearing meanings, Tulips add elegance and simplistic beauty to hotel bouquets, and look just as great alone. What’s more, tulips come in a range of bold and pastel shades, vibrant reds, sunny yellows, oranges and bold pinks, but also scrumptious soft shades of blue, pale pinks and coral. So whether you’re looking to wow guests with bold designs or create mystic and enchantment with pastel arrangements, tulips are sure to turn heads and create a sophisticated and welcome feel in any hotel space.

Our delightful range of summertime flowers, come in various designs and styles; tailored to your floral needs. Our bouquets of roses, tulips, carnations, hydrangeas and beyond all add joy and well being. These magnificent summer flowers bring a positive feel and breathe life, into drab looking hotel environments. Our London based flower boutique brings the outdoors in, with spectacular flower displays perfectly suited to hotels; beautiful blends of traditional pastel tones and contrasting shades, to add beauty and new dimension to hotel spaces.

If you’re after any of these bountiful blooms, we’ll be happy to assist you recreate these summertime bouquets. With same day London deliveries and next day deliveries in the UK, you can enjoy summers floral delights, in next to no time.

Flowers to Bring the Magic to Christmas Events

Thursday, November 12th, 2015

The days may be getting colder but what brings a warm glow to our hearts is knowing that the Christmas season isn’t too far away. The months of November, December and January are filled with social events like work parties, family gatherings and festive events with friends – and the likelihood is you’ll be  organising one yourself. Decorations are key – and Christmas flowers are the perfect way to bring colour and vibrancy to a Christmas event. You can always turn to a trusted, creative florist for help creating beautiful Christmas flower arrangements for your event this winter. But it’s also helpful to have ideas in mind for how you want the event to look and the kind of floral displays you’re looking for.


Red and White Christmas Roses

Roses are a classic flower that nonetheless has a versatility that makes it suitable for floral arrangements for all seasons. They create a sense of opulence and richness – perfect for special events this Christmas season. Red roses are beautiful juxtaposed with winter greenery like pine, ivy and fragrant herbs. A full bouquet of red roses will make stunning centrepieces on tables for corporate or casual events, while a single rose dotted on tables makes for beautiful additions to the occasion. Red, white and green being traditional Christmas colours, white roses also present a great option for event flowers. Create winter wonderland displays with white roses and silver or gold adornments like painted branches, baubles and fairy lights.

Green, Red and White for a Christmas Theme

The Christmas tricolore is inspired by the colours of the season: red berries, Santa’s suit and Rudolph’s nose; white snow and doves; evergreen trees and holly. Incorporating these colours into Christmas flower displays will create beautiful, classic displays for guests at any event. Greet guests with a red and white amaryllis arrangement featuring silvery branches, or choose elegant lilies and berries with red baubles – a lovely table centrepiece or addition to restaurant and hotel receptions. A Christmas wreath of pine is a perfect addition to Christmas parties – decorated with gold and silver decorations, red berries and white flowers.

Try Tropical Flowers for a Festive Flair

During this sparse time of year, English flowers are far and few between so we take inspiration for warmer climes for flowers to bring colour and joy to Christmas events. Colourful anthuriums teamed with silvery branches make for perfect Christmas event flowers – whether as centrepieces or at the reception area. Tropical flowers like ginger flowers, birds of paradise and anthuriums are all available in the rich colours of the season – red, orange and gold – and make perfect, striking event flowers for your winter parties.

And never underestimate the addition of a Christmas tree to make an occasion really special. Displayed in the entrance hall or main room of your event – even if it’s an outdoor do – a sumptuously decorated Christmas tree brings instant feelings of warmth and joy. Your London florist can help create the perfect stylish tree to suit the occasion and make your Christmas event truly special.

Halloween Flowers for London Events

Wednesday, October 28th, 2015

Halloween flowers and gifts bring so much fun to the Autumn season, and so much excitement – changes of the leaves, red and yellow flowers can make any gift the best decoration of the season. The same day gift florist delivery is an easy way to arrange all online flowers and gifts to family and friends. Having this service will help you create the most amazing and wonderful arrangement that is rich with warm Autumn colors. There is no wait to make a special Halloween bouquet gift for someone – with same day delivery you are able to make this wonderful gift and have it ready just before the month ends.

Halloween-flowers-london-delivery-ukSpooky Shades with Delicate Flowers

Halloween flowers are both joyful and warm. Halloween colors are not full of yellows and blacks, but full of blood reds, dark greens, oranges, whites and bright fuchsia. They represent both passion and spook. Having these color themes based around a white vase can create depth. You can have this very color scheme placed for florist delivery in the UK. Orange tulips and red lilies are top most chosen flowers  that are essential when ordering from same day florist deliveries in London. These flowers are beautiful to brighten up any desk, table setting or office space. The choice of picking reds and oranges, paired with white lilies can make those flower gifts perfect for the season. Brown roses, white lilies, and bright orange roses will make any Halloween bouquet stunning with a theme vase for character and occasion.

Flower Decorating can be Creative and Outrageous

The Halloween flower season is the beginning time to become creative with Autumn decorative arrangements. Not only can you consider flowers, but also consider involving other decorative items into the flower arrangement. And since it is Halloween this can be anything from spiders, sparkle ferns, leaves – and if you want to be extra creative for children Halloween gifts,  you can add candy as well. A orange and brown rose bouquet can be embellished with purple or red spiders- dashing it with pieces of edible green chocolate cover roses and leaves that resemble the actual.

The Halloween season is right time to start creating beautiful and stunning Halloween flowers delivery. With the use of different colored roses and lilies with decorative ornaments, you are able to create glorious displays. Giving the bouquet arrangement essential elements with candies, you keep the gift both fun and delicate. The whole purpose of Halloween gifts and bouquets is to provide a feeling that Harvest is here. And there is no perfect time in having a Halloween gift basket of flowers and sweet candies.

Todich Floral Design turn Mayfair bar in to spooky old mansion house: Our floral stylists decorated a Mayfair club with shocking Halloween flower decor for a London private event. Read more

Halloween Wedding Flowers: Red and Purple Makes The Bouquet

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015

Halloween wedding bouquets are unique and beautiful. Halloween wedding flowers take on a new flare and dimension. Halloween wedding flowers are filled with dark colored roses such as purples, browns and reds. Halloween wedding bouquet can often be traditional with an Goth undertone. Using Halloween bouquets are based around the color of the dress. When wearing a white dress, your Halloween wedding flowers can be a mixture of brown roses with a touch of dark red roses-adding a simple item brooch as the center piece.


Halloween wedding flowers that blend both red and purple color schemes together are transfixing. Making sure Halloween wedding flowers are both the same dark hue, you can incorporate a deep plum glossing leaf flower to add more texture. This will keep with both the traditional trend plus having your own vision manifest. Halloween wedding decorations are essential to overall style and feel of the Halloween wedding bouquet. Embellishing the bouquet with feathers, spiders, brooches and other decorative ornaments can make the arrangement magical.

From the Halloween bouquet, you can take the central theme and make centerpieces from it. Halloween wedding centerpieces can be designed around the Halloween wedding dresses or costume ideas. If the Halloween wedding bouquet is dark red and purple, your centerpiece can have those elements with dash of white lilies on a black cloth linen table. Thus creating centerpieces that are eye catching and euphoric.

Halloween wedding flowers and bouquets are traditional. Halloween wedding decorations can be both delicate and gothic-while making the bouquet uniquely yours. Halloween wedding bouquets do not necessarily have to be for the Halloween season, but any wedding season. They can look amazingly delicate with either a dark feel or more glamorous one. Halloween wedding flowers can be outstanding but all the very elegant.

Office Garden, Autumn Shades

Monday, October 26th, 2015

As summer draws to an end and autumns cool, windy weather takes its place, its the perfect time o capture the very essence of autumn, and turn your office space into one that’s warm and cosy with our spectacular collection of autumn inspired flower arrangements. There is a vast array of striking flowers that distinctively capture the beauty of the autumn season. Autumns flowers come in rich, vibrant shades of golden yellows, browns oranges and reds, vivid shades which add warmth and a cosy feel to indoor space. As the weather becomes colder and less forgiven, it’s the perfect time to invite the feelings of warmth and homeliness to your office space with vibrant corporate flowers and office plants.

Autumn arrangements

Autumn flowers hotel

A quintessential element, berries incorporates autumn, beautifully when arranged with autumn flowers, adding texture, colour and a unique element to floral corporate displays, and double up as great focal points. These beautiful berries add an earthy feel to corporate flower arrangements.

Leave nothing to waste, autumn leaves gradual change from green to golden browns, reds, orange and yellow are distinct reminders of the new season and symbolise autumn perfectly. Integrate these rich shades into your office flowers, to bring the warmth and joys of autumn indoors. Its variant shades add plenty of depth and surprise as no two leaves are the same colour.

If you’re not ready to let go of summer just yet, why not hang on to the joys of summer and ease yourself into the new season by incorporating late blooming summer flowers into your office flower displays, for a brighter arrangement that pops with office florists London.

There are a number of flowers and plants unique to autumn,  many which form bespoke floral displays that inject brightness and warmth into office spaces, take a look at some autumn flowers that make exquisite corporate flower displays .

Calla Lilies. Orange Calla lilies warm colours accent floral displays perfectly,  beautifully conjuring the spirit of autumn. Display alone or pair with other autumn flowers for a beautiful office arrangement.

Dahlias. Dahlias are striking flowers that have made a comeback and are set to increase in popularity this season. Whether you teach for deep reds, muted purples or plums, dahlias rich autumn shades and full figure make them fitting flowers in flower bouquets.

Double Perennial. Double perennial flowers are gorgeous looking plants that come in vibrant pink as well as other autumn shades and flower in the summer and autumn months. It’s rich shades work beautifully to add a splash of colour of office flower arrangements.

Roses. For the autumn season, garden roses in burnt orange and forest green foliage make stunning buttonholes for groomsmen to wear. However, if you’re looking to move away from autumns earthy tones and keep it bright, roses in bright orange, red or dark yellow work just as well. Match with berries for added texture.

Salvias. Are beautiful clustered flowers that come in purple. Saves vibrant shades looks striking on its own and work just as well to add texture, height and volume to autumn flower arrangements.

Aster. Country gardens are full of asters at this time of year, a striking autumn flower, asters comes in shades of pink, blue, purple and white and works well to add vibrancy to autumns earthy floral tones.

Sage. If you’re looking to add texture and contrast to autumn’s vibrant shades, Sage will help you do just that. A mass of airy blue flowers and silvery like foliage, sage is the perfect addition to add character and a sweet scent to office flower arrangements.

Tibouchina. Tibouchina are beautiful, delicate flowers available in radiant purple and grow in the summer and autumn months. These beautiful flowers add vibrancy to floral arrangements will work perfectly to brighten up office spaces.

Camellia. These striking purple flowers often announce the start of autumn, its full figure and vibrant shades make a gorgeous addition to autumn earthy coloured floral arrangements.

Chrysanthemum. These delightful plants are wonderful full figured autumn blooms that comes in an array of shades. Its unique form and vibrant shades adds bold splashes of colour to flower bouquets and decorate indoor spaces beautifully.

Sunflowers. For sunnier, more cheery shades, how about an arrangement of vibrant sunflowers, paired with wine, roses, red Gerberas and green chrysanthemums? Sunflowers allow you to hold onto summers bright shades and play around with autumns warm tones.

Hibiscus. Are wonderful delicate autumn looking flowers, with large petals that come in rich shades. These beautiful flowers make great office bouquets and inject plenty of colour to complimenting autumn flower arrangements beautifully

Hyssop. This striking flower bloom beautifully through the summer and autumn, have a gorgeous scent and come in a lavender hue amongst others. Add Hyssop to corporate flower arrangements for added height, texture and vibrancy.

Autumn flowers, warm shades, dispel the notion of gloomy autumn weather instantly and brighten dreary indoor spaces, cheering up all those around. Place displays in focal points like reception spaces, staff rooms and other shared open spaces. Alternatively reach for exotic flower arrangements to remind you of summers warmer climates.

Office flowers are great for adding cheer and new dimensions to corporate environments. What’s more office flowers add beauty to trap looking corporate environments and creates a welcoming atmosphere. London corporate florist, Todich Floral Designs are carefully created to fit your individual requirements and the flowers, autumn shades are sure to add warmth to your office space.

With a weekly supply of office flowers, seasonal vases to enhance flower arrangements and office spaces and a maintenance service amongst others, office florist Todich Floral Design takes care of all your autumn flower needs.

Autumn flowers hotel

Autumn Flowers


Garden Office. Floral Displays for Corporate Offices

Friday, August 7th, 2015

Nothing works better to breath new life and brightening up office spaces than fresh seasonal flowers. Office flowers can not be filled with just any blooms, if you’re after a truly spectacular corporate flower displays, it’s important to choose blooms that create a unique feel and convey a professional ambiance. From decorating cosy reception rooms, to designing floral displays for corporate offices, events and conferences, Todich Floral Designs latest decor trends; a dynamic range of bold blooms, will create a fresh and welcoming feel for your clients. Create office chic with these exquisite corporate flower arrangements.

Flower arrangement for office - London and the UK flower delivery and gift delivery



Orchids. Orchids delicate structure, elegant form and beautiful colours make orchids spectacular business flowers, which make striking statements alone and work beautifully to enhance any office arrangement. For a minimalist look, for corporate offices with white, grey and cream interiors, reach for classic white orchid arrangements, line tall oval glass vessels with orchids and branches lined with orchids that overflow, and create a cascade of orchids. These delightful office flowers add sophistication, joy and charm to any space.

Birds of Paradise. Birds of paradise, exotic look, geometric lines and vibrant contrasting rich, exotic colours made up of orange petals and green stems make magnificent office flowers, which ooze a professional ambience. Reminiscent of the strikingly beautiful, brightly coloured bird, which is where it takes its name, Bird of Paradise. With a banana shaped leaves and brightly coloured orange or yellow petals and a vivid blue tongue that resemble a birds beak. For striking arrangements, place several birds of paradise in oval glass vessels for a grand and vibrant finish.

Calla Lily. One of the most beautiful flowers, calla lilies unique flower form come in a spectrum of colours, shades of green, pink, purple, green, yellow and orange. Also known as the trumpet Lily, due to its trumpet shaped bracket, it’s no surprise they a symbol of magnificence and beauty. To compliment beautiful Calla Lily arrangements, reach for cylinder glass vases. Whether its a preference for vibrant shades or sumptuous pastries, cylinder glass vases display these elegant flowers beautifully and add a sense of grandeur to office spaces.

Autumn floral arrangements - Restaurant flowers and hotel flowers london UK by top event florist and corporate florist in London Todich Floral Design LTD

Anthurium. Anthurium, also known as painted tongues, or heart shaped flowers in shades or white, red and pale pink. Anthurium unique form and rich shades add texture, elegance and interest to corporate flower arrangements. Arrangements of Anthurium placed in variant glass and metal vases look spectacular and bring a unique yet elegant feel to corporate interiors.

anthurium flowers and anthurium flower arrangement london

hotel flowers


Irises. Iris is a wonderful garden plants which make spectacular office arrangements. A symbol of eloquence Iris comes in an array of vibrant shades, vivid blues, purple, yellow, pink, orange, red, white and black. These beautiful flowers make fitting office flowers due to its delicate and elegance form. For an extravagant finish, in neutral office interiors with white, grey or creams, place one or two iris branches in tall contemporary glass vessels. Its vibrant purple shades against its contorting green stems, completes a magnificent yet minimalist look.

To add a touch of minimalism to corporate spaces, opt for arrangements of all white flowers, classic white roses, tulips, orchids, anthuriums and calla lilies.

Vases. If it’s a sense of grandeur your after, choosing the right vase is important. The right vase will compliment and enhance great flower arrangements to create bold statements. For a sense of grandeur, reach for on-trend contemporary white or glass vessels in oval, cylinder, circular and square vases for a touch of grandeur and minimalism. For a vintage finish, wild garden flowers and foliage placed in large ceramic pots, tired metal plant pots, large glass jars and oriental ceramics for a truly vintage affair.

Dazzling Ways to Wear Flowers this Summer

Wednesday, July 15th, 2015

It’s that time of year when calendars are booked with hen dos and weddings and the glorious weather brings on impromptu garden parties, barbeques and picnics in the park. Wedding flowers of choice this season are often full of colour – such as sumptuous roses, vibrant sunflowers or wildflowers grown especially for the occasion. But flowers aren’t just for display: this summer they’re on clothes, in hair, even painted onto skin! There are many ways to wear flowers for an occasions, whether it’s a relaxed music festival or a classy look for a wedding. A flower crown can really soften a punky outfit, while a floral temporary tattoo creates a truly unique look. Here’s some wearable flower design inspiration to suit any occasion.


Hippy hairstyles. One of the most romantic and bohemian ways to wear flowers this summer is in your hair. Flower crowns are ever popular at festivals, and make beautiful wedding flower looks for brides, bridesmaids or guests. This bold look hearkens back to 70s flower power and is loved by celebrities like Lana del Ray. Crowns can be made of fabric flower and bought ready made, or London florists can create the perfect look. Bridal headdresses can be made to any specifications – whether a ring of blooms or flowers attached to combs for a more subtle style. The wedding flowers for hair can also match corsages and buttonholes, and the bridal bouquet.

Favourite choices are roses and peonies, especially for weddings, but many flowers can be woven together using floral wire to create flower crowns and headdresses. The look can be bold or subtle with a more delicate flower like baby’s breath. Smaller blooms like daises and miniature roses can be woven into the hair, or of course a classic daisy chain makes an instant nostalgic, pretty look for summer. Add a single bloom like an orchid or rose to an up-do, like a bun or chignon, for a subtle and stylish event flower look. They can also be woven into braids or added to a scarf or head wrap.

Bracelets and corsages. Looking for a less bold look? A floral bracelet could be just the ticket. To DIY one, all that’s needed is floral tape and floral wire, ribbon and scissors – and of course, the flowers of choice. Ranuculus are great choices as they’re colourful, small and sturdy – but more delicate blooms could be used instead. A floral bracelet could be lovely for the brides flowers at a wedding – either matching the bouquet or instead of one. Bridesmaids could also wear matching flower bracelets. But the look can equally be very casual depending on the flowers used, and is sure to be a talking point that brightens up any outfit.

Wedding corsages, traditionally worn by the bridal party and matching the brides bouquet, can be worn on the wrist. Romantic looks made of roses and orchids (perhaps with a sprig of greenery) are popular, but tropical flowers or solely greenery are unique alternatives. A bright pink orchid corsage is perfect for a summer wedding, and can be incorporated into white blooms in the bouquets. And a corsage doesn’t have to be subtle: while some will opt for a single bloom and sprig of greenery, a wedding florist can create much more extravagant looks if desired such as long cascades. These could be worn to a wedding – or a very fancy prom!

Make a pressed flower pendant necklace, or a fresh flower chain in a similar way to the flower bracelet. Sturdy stemmed flowers like roses can be sewn together, or a piece of cardboard can be used as the base and flowers, foliage (even moss, succulents and feathers) glued to it to make an amazing statement necklace – that could also be used as a corsage or head piece.

Tattoos. Tattoos are very popular at the moment, and any quick perusal of Pinterest will bring up hundreds of beautiful natural and floral designs. Intricate black and white designs and colourful choices are all popular, and for permanent designs the meaning, as well as the look, may be very important. But if the idea of permanence (and the pain!) is too much, then temporary tattoos could be a great option. No longer just for kids, there are many talent designers creating exquisite temporary tattoo designs inspired by flowers such as daisy chains and Victorian-style floral paintings. Beyonce is a big fan of temporary tattoos – especially metallic styles that are perfect when matched with bikinis or floaty floral dresses. Choose the perfect summer flower design from quirky shops and online marketplaces like Etsy.

Floral fashion. Floral prints are big this summer – from wildflower designs to tropical looks, this summer fashion staple is so versatile. Couture looks were particularly inspired by flower design and nature this season. Chanel’s catwalk displayed a garden party inspiration, Armani showcased bamboo prints and at Dior the look was used on extravagant ball gowns for glamorous, red-carpet styles. Flower patterns can make for a stylish outfit to wear to a wedding, a relaxed dress for the daytime or a poolside statement look. This look appears on everything from the high street to high end this summer including shorts, skirts, dresses and trousers. Even wedding dresses can feature flower patterns!

Jewellery designers have long been inspired by the fragile beauty of flowers –Vogues jewellery editor even released a book about it last year – and this summer is no exception. Floral inspiration can be found in rings, earrings and necklaces in both coloured and simple silver and gold designs. What better way to get into the spirit of summer?

There’s no limit to creativity when it comes to creating wearable flower designs, and London flower shops can help with choosing the best blooms and even creating special looks. Although they won’t last long, there’s something romantic about their fleeting nature and there’s no doubt that the colour, delicacy and vibrancy of real wearable flowers can’t be matched.