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Decorating large spaces

We`ve been very busy in the past weeks working on projects for clients, but having finally taken 5 minutes for a cup of coffee with a friend the other day at a shopping mall, I couldn`t help but notice the way the whole building was decorated with plants and trees inside.

If you operate a shopping mall you know the importance of having plants to liven up that space. Usually, the parts of the shopping mall that are reserved for restaurants and coffee shops need to be somehow separated from the rest of the surrounding space to give visitors a way to enjoy a relaxation break.

While the usual approach with smaller to medium size plants will do the trick for smaller spaces, sometimes the space requires a somewhat different approach. Open spaces require bigger plants to adequately respond to the size of the space around it. Depending on the theme desired you could place, for example, palm trees in a particular area and bring a little tropical heat to the atmosphere.


Naturally, other trees are a good choice as well, such as the example below:

Image credit: rubey_kay

Whatever the choice and needs, we are always happy to take on a challenge, and create a unique solution for your visitors. in fact we are in the middle of a project for a client who operates a hotel. Stay tuned, we`ll be posting photos and stuff soon.

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