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Flowers, Linking People and Places


In Glasgow, a new type of flower is finally in bloom! But it is not the kind that you will find blooming in your garden and certainly cannot be wrapped up in a bouquet!

An underpass in the Cowcaddens area of Glasgow, really needed a bit of work. This problem was solved with the installation of aluminium flowers. They are anywhere from five to eight meters tall with petals that are about two metres wide. There are about fifty pink, orange and yellow flowers in total to brighten up this, once, rundown area.

These blooms also serve as a link between the city centre and a newly developing area. This project has been a great success, recently winning the Scottish Design Award in the ‘Future Buildings & Spaces’ category.

Flowers , whether made of aluminium or straight from the garden can really serve as a means to bring people and places together.

This is why they can really serve addition to an office space or for any other any other events; blooms can really be a way of drawing the eye and getting people talking.

Todich Floral Design can help you realize any floral decorating ideas you might have for your next event. From consultation (helping you pick out exactly the design, style and flowers you need) to installation (bringing out the best in each floral creation). With our team of experts we will make you next event more memorable with ease!


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