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Hotel Chic – Pastels vs. Bolds

Hotel décor, pastel havens and bold blooms, we take a peek at hotel floral arrangements likely to course a stir this summer.

Go for big statements; welcome your hotel guests with cheery summertime favourites with our latest hotel décor trends for 2016. With summer making its presence known, it showers us with an array of bold blooms. Inspired by bringing sunny summer shades and delicate flowers, our latest summer line-up show, vibrant bountiful blooms continue to reign supreme at Todich Floral Design.

Flowers go a long way in setting the mood, tone of your hotel, whether you’re after a pastel haven or bold statements, bring the outdoors in and add a touch of the summer to your hotel, with these beautiful blooms, our latest hotel décor trends. The new collection consists of a collection of pastel and bold seasonal designs and styles perfectly blended to create striking centrepieces, delightful corporate flowers perfectly suited for transforming indoor spaces.

Table Arrangements


Sweet peas. If you’re looking to bring the outdoors, gracelly that is, look no further than these stu- nning scented floral arrangements of sweet pea. For show stopping hotel centre pieces, reach for vibrant shades of violet, purple and pink.

Peony. The delicate red hues of the Peony flower represent joy and optimism, are great for up-lighting corporate spaces and perfect for making lasting statements. Place these spectacular centre pieces at hotel receptions, lounges and entrances. Available in an array of bright colours, its vibrant shades increase positive energy and instantly add new dimensions to bland spaces.

Sunflowers. Bountiful, radiant and perfect cherry, sunflowers are the ultimate summer time flower, instantly brighten up new surroundings and inject much needed colour. Or why not mix and match? These bright sunny flowers look beautiful nestled alongside orange roses, hot pink, vivid purple and classic white roses are summer arrangement, sure to create a wow factor in any hotel spaces.

Parrot Tulips. If you’re after something different, that’s got a whole lot of edge, reach for arrangements of parrot tulips. Its textured, vibrant petals add a splash of colour whilst its contrasting green shoots form striking centre pieces perfect for uplifting hotel spaces.

Asters. Asters are magnificent plants full of colour and texture. These seasonal flowers come in various bold colours, adding an edge to summer arrangements. Single shades of Asters look great within hotel spaces, and just as spectacular when paired with other vibrant shades and create, show-stopping centre pieces within hotel receptions, lounges and entrances.

Ranunculus. These delightful summertime treats burst in an array of vibrant colours, showcasing bright sunny yellows to deep violets, energetic oranges to hot pinks. Not short on edge or colour, Ranunculus full bloom and multi-layered petal character and inject fun into lower arrangements and breathe new life into hotel spaces.

Hydrangeas. The hydrangeas’ lush, layered structure is reminiscent of all things lavish and plush. Its sumptuous rich, multilayered structure is perfectly plush and screams pure luxury. Hydrangeas make spectacular centre pieces, available in pale pinks, soft blues s. Hydrangeas add a sense of grandeur and enchantment to indoor spaces and is an inexpensive way to add extravagance to hotel décor. For more daring shades, reach for and vibrant orange, yellows and deep violets add a touch of sophistication and joy to hotel décor.

Carnations. Carnations have earned its place as one of summer’s most delightful flowers, due to its spectrum of colours and endearing meanings.  Carnations symbolise admiration and pure love amongst and come in a range of irresistible colours;  from lush greens to deep grey-blues, violets and vibrant purples.  Reach for large flowered carnations for bountiful blooms to add a wow factor to hotel interiors.

Dahlias. Dahlias have long been considered one of the most spectacular garden flowers, the queen of garden flowers, if you will. So bring the outdoors in and turn heads with these show stopping blooms. Available in a variety of tempting flowering patterns, sizes, and with some bearing resemblance to other flowers; its magnificent larger than life blooms, is sure to have your guests in awe. The summer beauty’s are available in a range of tempting colours, from scrumptious rich pastel shades to vivid bold brights. For decorative show stopping dahlias for your hotel, reach for single or double orchid dahlias, pompon dahlias, cactus or ball dahlias. All of which make ideal centrepieces that will instantly transform hotel spaces.

Tulips. Tulips, the ultimate summer time favourites are both regal and alluring. These elegant seasonal flowers usher in the joys of summer and available in an array of varying shades. Other than being breathtakingly beautiful, tulips represent underlying love and passion. Red Tulips signify a declaration of love, variegated tulips symbolise beautiful eyes, or to compliment a friend or loved one. Other than their endearing meanings, Tulips add elegance and simplistic beauty to hotel bouquets, and look just as great alone. What’s more, tulips come in a range of bold and pastel shades, vibrant reds, sunny yellows, oranges and bold pinks, but also scrumptious soft shades of blue, pale pinks and coral. So whether you’re looking to wow guests with bold designs or create mystic and enchantment with pastel arrangements, tulips are sure to turn heads and create a sophisticated and welcome feel in any hotel space.

Our delightful range of summertime flowers, come in various designs and styles; tailored to your floral needs. Our bouquets of roses, tulips, carnations, hydrangeas and beyond all add joy and well being. These magnificent summer flowers bring a positive feel and breathe life, into drab looking hotel environments. Our London based flower boutique brings the outdoors in, with spectacular flower displays perfectly suited to hotels; beautiful blends of traditional pastel tones and contrasting shades, to add beauty and new dimension to hotel spaces.

If you’re after any of these bountiful blooms, we’ll be happy to assist you recreate these summertime bouquets. With same day London deliveries and next day deliveries in the UK, you can enjoy summers floral delights, in next to no time.

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