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Its a Nice Day for a Green Wedding


Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers

Though weddings are important events, they can lead to a lot of waste, which is less than ideal for the current environmental issues our planet is facing. But there are a lot of little things you can do make your wedding a bit greener.

It is important to go local, on as many aspects of the wedding as possible. Buying from vendors in the area means both you and they will waste fewer gallons of fuel and money will go back to local businesses.

Picking out flowers that are in season, will ensure freshness and costs. Todich Floral Design has a list of seasonal wedding flowers, and their availability. So you can plan your wedding accordingly.

Use planted centerpieces, either flowering or green. One little known secret is that, along with being beautiful and lasting, they will act as great air fresheners!

Going green in terms of wedding gear is also an option. Usually, the clothing worn by guests is specifically acquired for the occasion and is only worn once. Instead of asking for formal wear, ask for your guests to wear a specific colour. This way there is a chance that they already have that in their wardrobe.

Try to have more than one ‘something old,’ wedding dresses use up a lot of fabric that is treated with petroleum products and bleached, which can be really taxing on the environment. There are a lot of vintage and thrift stores that have beautiful and original gems to offer. Even if you only manage to find some gently used gloves or shoes, you have already taken some steps forward.

It is true that diamonds are a part of the wedding tradition, but this stone is has negative impacts both socially and environmentally. There are a lot of other precious stones that are just as beautiful, moonstone, pearl or sea glass can be just as beautiful in a ring.


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