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Lilies; from Dresses to Bouquets


The lily truly holds a beauty of its own, so much so, that it has inspired wedding decorations and dress design alike. The best example is the famous dress worn by Sarah Jessica Parker in the Sex and the City film.

Designed by Vivienne Westwood, the Lily dress is one that is not only beautiful to behold, but is flattering to the wearer as well. The corset of the dress is structured and and the sweetheart bust has been exaggerated, creating an overall slimming effect for the wearer.

The original dress is quite expensive, but less costly versions have been made, in wedding dress form and others. Even if your wedding dress is not going to be exactly like this creation, the elegant beauty of the lily can serve as inspiration for your bouquet or other aspects of a wedding or a special gift you are planning to surprise a special someone with. has a wide variety of calla lilies to choose from and they can fit just about any occasion.

You can go with something simple and modern like the Sphere arrangement, with calla lilies creatively arranged in a beautiful vase.

A more extravagant choice might be White Calla Lilies, this is an especially stunning arrangement. It is sure to show your feelings of affection toward that special someone. It is luxuriously wrapped, with a bow added as a finishing touch.

Another great choice is the Phoenix, which is an arrangement with charm. A beautiful mixture of colours has been put together to bring a smile to the recipient’s face.

Bring some sunshine into your loved one’s life with the joyful Sunlight arrangement, this simple yet beautiful arrangement is sure to brighten up their day.


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