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Dashing to Dazzling Office Decorations For Christmas and the Holidays

Is that a chill in the air? The twinkle of Christmas lights and Santa merrily chuckling? It’s not long now until the jolliest time of year will be upon us. Keep your holiday spirits up and energy high at work with some good cheer and stylish, office christmas decorating ideas!


1. Miniature Office Christmas Decorations: Christmas Wreath

Just like the wreath you hang at home, this one is just cuter and easier to manage. Let it hang from your door or in the window. Christmas wreathes made from fresh flowers, pine branches, holly, fruits and berries are a marvelous way to bring a little Christmas joy and brevity into the workplace.

2. Potted Poinsettia Plant

Lovely to gaze upon, the poinsettia’s bright red and glossy green leaves make it a Christmas classic. This Christmas plant is so versatile in its pot that you can place it anywhere.

3. Christmas Cactus

The magical Christmas cactus is fairly innocuous for most of the year…but during Christmas it can bloom into a beautiful plant with blossoms that range from red and pink, purple, orange and white. If you plan to purchase your Christmas cactus ahead of time, make sure you follow instructions to make it bloom on time.

Horticulturists recommend “dark treatments” of about 12 hours begin sometime in mid-October. If you put your plant in a darkened closet each night, you should notice buds opening up in about six weeks to two months.

4. Baubles for Your Bookshelf

There’s no better way to accentuate and enliven the atmosphere at work than with a shiny, shimmering bauble. Go for variations of bright gold, bronze and pale blue.

5. Desktop Christmas Stockings

Any ledged surface in your office or front lobby can function just like your mantel at home. Hang Christmas stockings and fill them with tiny gifts, work supplies—extra staples? Fancy pens?—although, sweets and keepsakes are probably what visitors and employees will appreciate the most.

6. Christmas Flower Arrangements

Keep it simple: red or white roses, Asiatic lilies, or carnations. In a glass vase or wicker basket with a red bow, this is a warm, feel-good Christmas flower arrangement. It’s also a festive treat that functions well as a gift to send to friends and family.

7. Decorative Pinecones, Pine Needles and Berries

Nothing overly lavish here, just a sprinkling of nature and greenery that can fill your space with some seasonal good tidings. Leave these little goodies out on your desk or a small table and arrange them however you like.

8. DIY Cutout Snowflakes

Why not get the kids involved if you can? They’ll love to help out and know that they’re assisting mum or dad with decorating for the holidays at work. Look up some simple snowflake stencils or variations online.

9. Give the Gift of Sweetness

Guests in the office? Coworkers, clients and bosses alike will appreciate a little treat (and permission to indulge!) during the Christmas and holiday season. Candy canes and peppermint patties are the classic choice, of course. Also try filling up a glass bowl or jar with wrapped toffees and chocolates, then add Christmas ornaments of various sizes and colours to create a bright, decorative and delicious display.

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