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Perfect Winter Filler Flowers For Weddings, At Home, And Everywhere Else

December 15th, 2016

Want to jazz up your bouquet? A little contrast or complementary blossoms, some extra body or rounding out the bouquet’s shape—these are often the finishing touches a professional florist puts on a masterful piece of floral art. Check out some of Todich Floral Design’s favorite filler flowers for the winter and holiday season:

Seasonal Winter Plants

Gypsophila, Hypericum, Limonium, Queen Anne’s Lace and Solidago

Plants that act as filler for winter bouquets can be found growing in the wild. But just in case you live in a big city, or maybe find yourself a little too busy for a trip to the countryside, you are probably okay to pay a visit to your local florist. They are great for special events, parties and as wedding flowers, and grow both year round and in-season.

Queen Anne’s Lace and gypsophila are plants with many tiny white flowers, playing with lighter hues and angelic, clean composition in their fragrance to grace and round out your bouquet.

Long stem limoniums and asters add their purple and lavender spark to any flower arrangement, while solidago and hypericum brandish yellow, orange and gold hues, hinting (and hoping for) the springtime season to come.   

Frosty And Fun Winter Filler

Seeded Eucalyptus, Lamb’s Ear, Dusty Miller Plant

How do some florists give their bouquets that perfect wintry touch? It’s a sort of frosty, icebound effect which absolutely evokes the season. By creating contrast, you can enhance the bright whites in your bouquet and bring out the colours in other blossoms.

Seeded eucalyptus, Lamb’s ear and dusty miller plant are fabulous filler flowers that have a natural silvery grey and pale green cast to them to help you pull off this effect.

Give A Christmas Feel To Your Flower Arrangements

Holly, Pinecones, Evergreens, Poinsettias with Roses, Tulips and Lilies

Don’t forget about time-old favorites! Shiny green holly leaves (with their red berries), pinecones and evergreens are classic and easy ways to decorate for the holiday season, as are potted poinsettia plants. These plants aren’t just for Christmas wreathes, but also go well in arrangements with flowers like roses, tulips and lilies in traditional colours of red and white.

Aromatic Herbs, Spices And Plants For Your Arrangement

Flat Cedar, Cedar Boughs, Rosemary, Cinnamon and Clove

Since flowers offer such a grandiose visual feast, sometimes it is easy to forget that they can also offer us a full array of stimulation. Smell, of course, is the second sense (or even the first sometimes) that comes to mind when we think of flowers.

Flat cedar, cedar boughs, pine branches and clippings from other types of evergreens can bring out a deliciously woody aroma and piney scent to complement your Christmas bouquet or holiday flower arrangement.
Rosemary, a symbol of the Christmas tree itself, is another way to deepen the experience of your flower bouquets. This slightly sweet herb may also be enjoyed as a holiday decoration, arranged with pinecones over your mantelpiece or simply by laying it out along the windowsill.

You’ll Want To Spread The Word About These Amazing Christmas Wreaths

November 30th, 2016

Top London Florist Todich Floral Design provides a fresh look at this year’s flower and Christmas wreath trends for the holidays, with fashionable and festive Christmas flowers spotted in London’s hotels and lobbies, boutiques, storefronts and holiday parties—and perhaps your home, too! If you want the latest flower trends and an inside peek at some of our prettiest petals, wreaths and season’s arrangements, keep on reading:


Classic Christmas Flowers Arrangements

Poinsettia plants, pine wreaths, holly, red roses and amaryllis

Do you love beautiful flowers for the holidays, as Christmas gifts or even the stunning décor you can use to fill your home or display at parties? There is no better way to deck the halls of your home or office than with gorgeous Christmas flowers and wreaths.

As a top London florist, Todich Floral Design brings a special flair, floral design savvy and merry touch to your Christmas flower arrangements, with classic details and holiday features like holly berries, poinsettia plants, pine wreaths, red Christmas roses and amaryllis bouquets.

Though that’s not all there is to be excited about this holiday season…

Christmas 2016 Featured Wreaths, Flowers and Plants

Ivy, dried berries, moss, holly and gold ribbon

Want a special look at the Christmas holiday season’s most trendy, beautiful wreaths? For the 2016 season, plenty of online holiday shoppers are selecting hand-tied and specially arranged modern spins or chic twists on classic Christmas wreaths as gifts or decorations around the home. Big this year, there are all natural wreaths, with bright, crisp and wintry arrays of dried berries, in colours beige, blush, gold and ochre palettes, as well as cream, mint green and off-white tones. Gold baubles and luxurious bows are the ideal flourish: a contemporary accent—though not too flashy—as a finish to your wreathe.

Overflowing Greenery, Red Ribbon, Burgundy and Berry Accents

Red berries, ivy, pine needles and red bows

If you are more of a traditionalist in your gift selection and Christmas tastes, yet at the same time want something that is a little exciting, perhaps not as ho-hum as the typical selection and what you see in holiday display windows, then this wreath is absolutely for you. Bright green pointed ivy leaves are arranged in layers and draped around a frame of pine needles and evergreen boughs to create a textured and rounded wreathe. A bright red profusion of tiny berries marks the center frame, accented with deep red tied bows and long hanging ribbon. Traditional red and green colour schemes are obviously a classic approach. Though with contrasting flows of ribbon and chic asymmetry of berries with the pine boughs, this wreathe becomes one the season’s most captivating!

Fragrant, Satiny Smooth Wreath For Christmas

Pinecones, dried fruits, cinnamon and cedar foliage

Fresh, invigorating and stimulating for all the senses, this bright and festive wreath is truly a seasonal treat. White baubles, satin ribbon, silver- and white-painted pinecones and frosty branches are keeping with winter wonderland vibes we are seeing so much of. Prickly pastel green foliage and contrasting dried orange slices lend an aromatic and textural feast for anyone lucky enough to get close to this Christmas wreathe—or better yet, receive it as a gift!


The 7 Loveliest Winter Wedding Bouquets

November 22nd, 2016

Aren’t these flowers lovely? That’s what your friends and family, all of your guests and loved ones in attendance will be saying on your own wedding day. Hand picked and arranged here for you by Todich Floral Design, these stunning winter wedding arrangements and floral designs are ones you will absolutely want at your ceremony and reception.


Red Winter Wedding Bouquets

The chilly months are an amazing time to showcase the passion that’s within. For December, January and February weddings you can display some of the 2017 winter wedding season’s most fiery blooms. Brighten up the frosty wintry landscape with arrangements made from amaryllis, red rose bouquets, and tight buds of ranunculus or the frilly, velvet petals of carnations. Consider lightening up your flower arrangements with green filler and foliage or peach- and pink-coloured contrasting blossoms!

Winter Wonderland Whites, Beige And Greens

Rustic simplicity rules here with just a few components in a wedding bouquet. It is largely made up of roses varying from white to light lavender to beige, arranged with wild berries that are purple or white and greenery clipped from cedar boughs: the overall effect is a balanced, natural flourish and fringe for lighter yet striking palette.

Regal Blossoms—Make Your Winter Wedding Elegant

Create a royal stir for your winter wedding by contrasting white with lavender and purple in your bridal bouquet and even your wedding decorations. Limonium and purple sea spray flowers are wavy, purple abundant buds that fill space between giant white rose heads, the profuse fan-like blossom patterns of fabled freesias, and stephanotis flowers.

Christmas Flowers Arrangements For Winter Weddings

Why not get festive for the season? A Christmas themed wedding bouquet can imbue the happiest day of your life with a jolly sentiment you will share from the ceremony, back down the aisle, and all the way through the reception. Revel in the radiant wintry splendor of red tulips, roses and ranunculus, blush or light pink peonies, and evergreen holly leaves.

Dive Deep Into Textured Red Bouquets

Imagine carrying this gorgeous flash of colour and texture down the aisle. Fiery dahlias, ranunculus, scabiosa—which is a type of honeysuckle—and carnations will have your friends and family clamoring over your beautiful bouquet!

All Roses, Baby! Luxuriant Bouquets Entirely of Roses

You can’t go wrong with an expertly designed wedding bouquet, arranged with roses belonging to an assortment of lighter palettes. Ethereal blossoms and a variety of green foliage will deliver an effect of exuberance and lush profusion.  


White Wedding Flowers: Chic Style Arrangements

An angelic and aromatic bouquet can make the wedding of your dreams come true. These  wedding flowers, herbs and leaves are arranged for a balance of the chic, modern and divine, incorporating fresh ranunculus, sprigs of rosemary, eucalyptus and cedar boughs, with just the right placement of holly leaves.

8 Ways To Make Your Wedding Ceremony Amazing With Flowers

November 2nd, 2016

As important as it is to plan out your flower arrangements and beautifully decorate your wedding venue, there are lots of ways for you to create an elegant, classy and beautiful ambiance at the ceremony itself. See these 11 ways from London wedding florist Todich Floral Design for you to create an absolutely gorgeous wedding ceremony this winter.


1. Dome Flowers

Carnations, Roses, Ranunculus and Peonies

A classic flower dome made from carnations, red or white big-bloom roses, peonies or ranunculus in a silver vase on a pedestal is a striking, elegant way to decorate at your wedding ceremony.

2. Christmas Weddings Bring Added Joy and Cheer to the Season

Douglas Fir, White Pine, Norway Spruce, Angels and Ornaments

If you’re planning a Christmas wedding, allow yourself to be inspired by the season. Fir, pine and spruce—all evergreen Christmas trees can be set off to either side of the alter. Angel ornaments, golden stars, silver and bright red orbs are a lovely addition to your ceremony.

3. Entranceway and Archway Flowers

Blush Roses, Hydrangeas, Babies Breath, Queen Anne’s Lace

Wedding guests are always so excited by beautifully arranged flowers. So what better way to greet them at entranceways, by decorating arches and church steps, and with sign decorations? Vintage milk jug vases filled with daises, hydrangeas and blush roses, or pedestal flower arrangements, are warm ways to welcome family and friends for winter weddings. Consider a chalk-drawn ceremony sign with simple, angelic garlands made up of babies breath flowers or Queen Anne’s lace.

4. Candelabra Floral Displays

Pedestal Flowers, Candelabra and Windowsill Floral Displays

Add a lovely candelabrum decorated with flowers on your wedding day. Place candelabra near the alter, on windowsills (with the candles unlit), and on pedestals throughout your venue.

5. Church Wedding Pew Decorations

Church Pew Flowers, Roses, Green Ivy and White Ribbon

Decorating church pews and the pew ends with flowers is an enduring tradition, whether you have an English countryside wedding, a vintage style wedding, or something that’s a little more chic, with plenty of glitz and glam.

There’s lots of room for creativity, too, no matter what your wedding theme. A rosebud, tied with twine and bright green ivy is one option. Simple greenery and foliage with white satin ribbons is another. For church pew flowers, simplicity is really the key!

6. Decorate the Alter With Candlelight

Altar Flowers, Vintage Wedding Flowers

Warm the atmosphere of your wedding ceremony even more with softly glowing candles. Candles can find their way into all sorts of wedding decorations. You can light them at the alter, as well as in vintage chandeliers, or by highlighting the aisle.

7. Aisle Flowers

Pink, Blush and Bi-colored Rose Petals

Aisle flowers at your ceremony, including blush or light pink or bi-colored rose petals scattered down the aisle, are a way to have fun and rejoice in love’s abundance!

8. Christmas Wreaths for Winter Weddings

Christmas Roses, Rosemary, Jasmine, Mistletoe

At your ceremony it’s time to go classic—add a traditional Christmas wreath to rustic doors, at the entrances and doorways, and throughout your ceremony venue. Christmas roses, rosemary and jasmine, and mistletoe are other fine seasonal touches.

Tis the season after all, right? Embrace each other, celebrate your future together and add to the joy and good tidings of your wedding day by including Christmas wreaths in your wedding decoration.

Trick or Treat? Pick Your Favorite Halloween Flower Decorations!

October 29th, 2016

Halloween is coming up fast. So how are you going to celebrate this spooky and sweet time of year? Whether you are planning a Halloween party, handing out treats or brainstorming your best Halloween costume ideas, you can get into the holiday spirit with beautiful autumn themed flower arrangements. Try these 5 DIY flower gifts and autumn floral arrangements.

Feel the Warmth of Autumn

Nothing beats a warm, brightly coloured Halloween “boo-kay” at home: orange, yellow, burgundy, lighter reds and blush blossoms, russet-hued foliage and greenery. They will create a festive environment, mimicking the palette of crisp fallen leaves. With such a floral display, you can pull your family and guests into the spirit of the holiday!

Halloween flower arrangements for the entire month of October are not only a way to treat yourself, but they also lighten your home and create a cozy atmosphere as the weather cools and the days grow shorter. Whether or not you decide to dress up, host a Halloween party or give out treats, you still get to celebrate. These Halloween bouquets and autumn flower arrangement ideas from Todich Floral Design are as good as ghoul-d!

1. A Single Bi-colored Orange Rose

A festively sweet and holiday appropriate way to tell your special someone ‘I love you,’ orange bi-colored roses embody the Halloween season. These roses are a rich orange tinged with yellow or red along the petals and outer portion of the blossom.

They are reminiscent of pumpkins, fallen leaves and windows by night filled with glowing candles. You can also share this simple yet fun flowery treat with a close friend or family member.

2. Potted Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums or potted mums are perfect for decorating your home in time for Halloween. Positive, cheery little blooms can be placed in a glass or ceramic vase, kept in full view from the countertop or breakfast nook, or table surfaces throughout the house.

If you’re feeling particularly crafty or just want to plan a kid-friendly project, try carving out a Jack-o-lantern. Use your pumpkin as a special container for the chrysanthemum arrangement. Pink, yellow or orange petals always make a great impression on your guests.

3. Irresistible Autumn Lilies

Lilies, with their flared-out petals and blooms like tiny sunbursts or starlight, make a striking and darling flower arrangement—perfect to brighten your home for autumn or give to friends as a gift.

4. Candy Carnations and Roses

A full, frilly and textured Halloween flower arrangement combining the colours of autumn —it’s the same wide assortment you’re likely to find in the candy bags of trick-or-treaters. Bi-color roses, orange and red carnations, stems of yellow goldenrod, and dark yellow or light orange pom daisies create a lively Halloween flower centrepiece for your home or party.

5. Cherry-red Asters and Burnished Apple Bouquet

A lush and boisterous bouquet that evoke the reds, oranges and russet colours of the season. Asiatic lilies, asters, tulips, mums, and golden oak leaves make this autumn arrangement stand out, as it puts you in mind of shiny red apples, sweet cherries and the warmth that emanates from a glowing hearth. We hope you love it as much as we do at Todich Floral Design!

Dashing to Dazzling Office Decorations For Christmas and the Holidays

October 23rd, 2016

Is that a chill in the air? The twinkle of Christmas lights and Santa merrily chuckling? It’s not long now until the jolliest time of year will be upon us. Keep your holiday spirits up and energy high at work with some good cheer and stylish, office christmas decorating ideas!


1. Miniature Office Christmas Decorations: Christmas Wreath

Just like the wreath you hang at home, this one is just cuter and easier to manage. Let it hang from your door or in the window. Christmas wreathes made from fresh flowers, pine branches, holly, fruits and berries are a marvelous way to bring a little Christmas joy and brevity into the workplace.

2. Potted Poinsettia Plant

Lovely to gaze upon, the poinsettia’s bright red and glossy green leaves make it a Christmas classic. This Christmas plant is so versatile in its pot that you can place it anywhere.

3. Christmas Cactus

The magical Christmas cactus is fairly innocuous for most of the year…but during Christmas it can bloom into a beautiful plant with blossoms that range from red and pink, purple, orange and white. If you plan to purchase your Christmas cactus ahead of time, make sure you follow instructions to make it bloom on time.

Horticulturists recommend “dark treatments” of about 12 hours begin sometime in mid-October. If you put your plant in a darkened closet each night, you should notice buds opening up in about six weeks to two months.

4. Baubles for Your Bookshelf

There’s no better way to accentuate and enliven the atmosphere at work than with a shiny, shimmering bauble. Go for variations of bright gold, bronze and pale blue.

5. Desktop Christmas Stockings

Any ledged surface in your office or front lobby can function just like your mantel at home. Hang Christmas stockings and fill them with tiny gifts, work supplies—extra staples? Fancy pens?—although, sweets and keepsakes are probably what visitors and employees will appreciate the most.

6. Christmas Flower Arrangements

Keep it simple: red or white roses, Asiatic lilies, or carnations. In a glass vase or wicker basket with a red bow, this is a warm, feel-good Christmas flower arrangement. It’s also a festive treat that functions well as a gift to send to friends and family.

7. Decorative Pinecones, Pine Needles and Berries

Nothing overly lavish here, just a sprinkling of nature and greenery that can fill your space with some seasonal good tidings. Leave these little goodies out on your desk or a small table and arrange them however you like.

8. DIY Cutout Snowflakes

Why not get the kids involved if you can? They’ll love to help out and know that they’re assisting mum or dad with decorating for the holidays at work. Look up some simple snowflake stencils or variations online.

9. Give the Gift of Sweetness

Guests in the office? Coworkers, clients and bosses alike will appreciate a little treat (and permission to indulge!) during the Christmas and holiday season. Candy canes and peppermint patties are the classic choice, of course. Also try filling up a glass bowl or jar with wrapped toffees and chocolates, then add Christmas ornaments of various sizes and colours to create a bright, decorative and delicious display.

Bridal Flower Fashion 2016: 4 Bridal Bouquet Styles You’ll Love This Autumn

October 16th, 2016

After a stunning peak (and in some cases revealing) look at Bridal Fashion Week, we are just overwhelmed and excited by what gorgeous gowns and bridal bouquet styles are out this 2016 wedding season. At events florist and wedding flowers experts Todich Floral Design, we love speculating on bridal flower fashion and providing you with insights (and tips!) for the upcoming autumn 2016



1. Natural, Wild and “Reaching” Bridal Bouquet Styles

Natural, wild and “reaching” bridal bouquet styles are popping up this year in a prelude to the autumn season. These wedding bouquets cannot be contained, but are absolutely beautiful, lush and widespread, loose arrangements of blossoms, bright petals and foliage, with a freshly picked and in-the-wild appearance that any bride will delight in as she walks down the aisle.

2. Look Out for Bridal Bouquet Styles Incorporating Lighter, Elevated Earth Tones

Look out for bridal bouquet styles incorporating lighter, elevated earth tones tempered by garden roses, spray roses and dahlias, or making careful use of foraged greenery and woodland branches. This is somewhat of a departure from previous years’ more antiquated and rustic style bridal bouquets. Not to say that vintage is totally out of fashion, but there is a brighter, chic spin being placed on this year’s arrangements. You can expect more crystals, satin ribbons, rosebuds and succulents in bouquets as well as floral accessories, such as brooches, rings, earrings and necklaces—all of which say elegance and luxury.

3. Foodie Inspired Autumn Wedding Flowers 

A trend we are seeing across wedding event flowers, lots of bridal bouquet styles are going for organic, garden-fresh arrangements that is wonderful to breath in as is visually entrancing (technically edible, too!). Take in arrangements that are made up of artichoke blossoms, raspberries, edible herbs, sweet peas with calla lilies, and even fruits.

4. Wheat is So Versatile

Wheat is so versatile it lets you place your own unique stamp and creative spin on your special day. Don’t consider yourself a ‘creative’ type? Well, fortunately, there is a wonderful selection of wheat sheaves and design ideas from Todich Floral Design available for you to see in person at their upcoming exhibition, which is almost here!

Top Tips From Florists For Wedding Flowers

October 1st, 2016

Choosing the perfect wedding flowers can be the most exciting part of planning a wedding – but also the most difficult! There are so many to choose from it can be a bewildering experience at first. But wedding florists like Todich Floral Design are on hand to help: they are experts in the field and know exactly how to create the perfect wedding floral displays to suit all tastes, styles and budgets. Read on for some top tips from florists to avoid mistakes when planning wedding flowers.

Wedding Florist Tips

Come Along With Ideas for the Wedding Florist 

Every wedding florist wants to create the perfect floral look for the happy couple, so its useful to bring clear ideas to help guide them. Some couples have favourite flowers, or flowers that have a special meaning. Think about colours, too, and be sure to tell florists what colour the bride’s gown and bridesmaid’s dresses will be. Mood boards are also a great way to get the creative juices flowing and give the wedding florist a clear idea of the desired look and theme.

Budget is Key 

Flowers are an important element to most weddings and can make a beautiful occasion truly memorable. They typically cost about 10% of every wedding budget, but some brides make the mistake of forgetting to factor this in until the last minute. It’s important to discuss budget with the wedding florist as early as possible so they can tailor the types and flowers and designs to meet the cost. If flowers are particularly important, be sure to be realistic about the cost and the type of flowers that can be bought within the budget.

Let the Venue Lead the Way

For outdoor weddings and those framed by parks or gardens, flowers could be kept to a minimum. If a garden has particular flowers, these could be reflected in the centrepieces and place settings on tables – think wildflowers for informal venues like a park or field, and roses or orchids in more formal settings. The shape of the tables will also inform the style and shape of table arrangements and other floral decorations.

Think About What’s in Season 

Flowers bloom at different times of year, so it’s important to consider what’s in season at the time of the big day. Seasonal wedding flowers will be cheaper and easier to source, and can also be a more environmentally friendly option. If a particular bloom is proving a challenge to track down, consider using a look-a-like flower. For example, ranunculus can serve as an alternative to peonies or roses while hydrangeas can be used as substitutes for sweet peas.

Leave Plenty of Time to Order 

Flowers are likely to be flown in from around the world – as far as South Africa and South America. This means that it’s important to give the wedding florist plenty of time to put in order to ensure they are at the best price and avoiding any disappointment.

Gorgeous Ideas for Summer Wedding Flower Bouquets

September 10th, 2016

A summer wedding is the perfect opportunity to include beautiful seasonal flowers in wedding bouquets for the bride and bridesmaids. The gorgeous blooms available and the many joyful colours to choose from are great inspiration for wedding flowers – there’s everything from elegant roses and peonies to rustic garden flowers like daffodils and cornflowers. Summer bouquets can be anything from cheerful and rustic to elegant and upmarket. This time of year is all about new life – so what a perfect time to celebrate the new life you’ll have with your partner after your beautiful ceremony! Take a look at these wedding flower ideas to create the perfect summer wedding.

Seasonal Shades

Although any look can be created for bridal bouquet designs, for creating a real summer theme the colour palette of the season is a great one to choose. Summer shades are all about freshness and joy, and are perfect for a wedding.

Yellow is an obvious choice for summer – a beautiful colour expressing the pure happiness of a wedding day, that will look stunning held alongside a white wedding dress. Daffodils are of course the epitome of summertime: a bountiful bouquet of these will look delightful, with smaller posies for the bridesmaids, or you could pair them with white flowers like roses or white daffodil varieties. Other yellow flowers to choose from are roses, gerberas, irises or freesias. Create a multi-flower bouquet of the same shade or pair your yellow blooms with white, blue or purple flowers to make the yellow really pop.

Indeed, blue, white and yellow are traditional summer shades reflecting the beautiful flowers decorating our gardens and woodland this time of year. It also conjures up images of summertime favourites like yellow chicks, white eggs and blue skies – all symbolic of the new life that summer, and your summer wedding, brings. There are so many different varieties of summer flowers to choose from for this look: here are some ideas.

Blue: hyacinth, hydrangea, muscari, irises, cornflowers
White: roses, gerberas, paperwhite daffodils, baby’s breath, peonies
Yellow: daffodils, roses, tulips, irises, freesias, gerberas, sunflowers

Pastel shades are also very popular for summertime bridal wedding bouquets: think peach, cream and mauve and pale shades of orange and yellow. Roses are perfect blooms to choose from as you’ll find these flowers in almost every colour, while flowers like hydrangeas and ranunculus are also available in subtle shades. Add soft green foliage, and even succulents, to create a truly harmonious look.

You can create the look that’s right for you with ease. Just ask a trusted wedding florist like Todich Floral Design to put together the perfect summer flower look for you in the colours of the season.

Summer Garden Bouquets

Since the gardens are blooming this time of year, it makes sense to incorporate these seasonal summer flowers into a bouquet – especially for more rustic, boho look. The key to this look is for something beautiful but a little unwound and rough round the edges: as if you’ve just gathered your posy from the flowers in your garden. Roses, sweet peas, tulips and daisies are all perfect for this style. Either go for a multi-coloured style or more harmonious shades. To complete the summer garden look, tie your bride’s bouquet with twine, thick ribbon or hessian.

Wildflowers have become particularly popular for wedding flower table decorations – often displayed in mismatched jam jars, glasses and vases for a sweet and quirky feel. Mini-posies can also make delightful place settings – either tied with twine or ribbon to the napkins or arranged in mini glass jars.

Rainbow Wedding Flowers

In this season of joy and abundance, what better excuse to choose a festival or colours for wedding flower designs? Summer flowers are available in so many shades that a truly colourful, sumptuous bouquet can be created with ease.

Peonies and freesias are available in so many vibrant colours the bride can have a bouquet of her favourite colours from rich magenta and crimson to bright yellow and purple. While this look can be made either elegant and sophisticated or more rustic, a true boho rainbow flower arrangement can be created from summer wild flowers. Daffodils, miniature roses, cornflowers and daises can all make up a colourful but easy-going floral design. Add garden and woodland foliage like ferns, herbs or tree leaves to complete the look.

You could even choose a different coloured posy of tulips for your bridesmaids bouquet designs to create a rainbow look, and incorporate all the colours into your bridal bouquet! This can be tried with lots of other blooms – like gerberas or roses – giving each bridesmaid a different colour. Or choose the favourite colour from the bridal bouquet and make this into matching bridesmaid posies.

Romantic Summer Wedding Bouquets

Wedding florists are experts at creating beautiful, romantic bridal wedding flowers. This look is perfect for this season, when a fresh look and subtle shades will create the perfect feel for your summer wedding.

For romance, choose pastel shades and white flowers paired with subtle greenery such as eucalyptus and succulents if you like. The shapes are both decadent and fairy-tale and there are plenty of flowers like this to choose from for a summer bouquet.

Roses are always a great choice for wedding flowers, as they have long symbolise love and romance. Blushing peach and pale pink roses and peonies can be arranged to make a sumptuous bouquet. Freesias – ideal choices as they have a delightful fragrance – are also available in subtle shades of creamy yellow and mauve, and so pair beautifully with roses and the delicate flowers of hydrangeas.

In addition to the full and sumptuous flowers you choose, add texture and delight with clouds of baby’s breath and sprigs of greenery. Embellishments like ribbons, bows, pearls and gemstones will also add a touch of glamour and decadence to romantic arrangements and the look can be mirrored in table arrangements and bridesmaids bouquets to complete the them of your summer wedding flowers.

Timeless Flowers for Summer Weddings

August 20th, 2016

In these modern times of flux and change, couples planning the big day often express a desire to hark back to the past. For many people a wedding embodies traditional values, timeless truths and endless love. On such occasions, the consideration of flowers is key to creating a traditional day. Such blooms not only need to look beautiful, but also to carry a sense of history and significance. In this article we explore traditional flower choices for summer weddings – including their meaning, their varieties and other flowers that make their perfect partners.



Roses are steeped in history and have long been loved around the world. The ancient Greeks associated roses with love and passion and for the Victorians they were an integral feature of their complex language of flowers. These blooms are by far the most popular to feature in wedding bouquets and decorations and it’s not hard to see why. All roses signify love, joy and beauty but different colours and numbers also have their own special meanings. While red symbolise passion and pink romance, white and ivory are ideal for traditional weddings as they represent innocence and fidelity.

Roses are perfectly suited to round shaped bouquets, and can feature in neat and symmetrical or cascading arrangements. Embellishments such as feathers or pearls enhance the delicate beauty of these flowers, and they are also ideally featured with full blooms like peonies and hydrangeas. For a harmonious wedding flower look, roses work wonderfully as corsages and buttonholes. These can reflect the bride’s bouquet in colour and additional foliage.


The lily is a beautiful, voluptuous flower that represents purity and femininity. The white lily is also a symbol for motherhood according to ancient Greek myth due to its association with the goddess Hera, so could be considered an auspicious sign to feature at a wedding. White lilies are classic blooms to play a part in wedding bouquets and decorations and work well with pastel shades of flowers like peonies and roses. Bright pink or yellow varieties take on the meaning of the colours of joy, happiness and love while orange or red varieties add a contemporary twist.

Calla lilies provide a more modern option but have nonetheless long been popular at weddings. These tropical blooms are native to South Africa and are in fact not true lilies but are members of the Araceae family, just like caladiums and philodendrons. The calla lily’s name comes from the Greek word for beauty, but it’s aptness for a wedding flower goes beyond this. The flower has been associated with faith, purity and marital bliss since Victorian times – it is also the traditional flower for the sixth wedding anniversary.

These wedding flowers are lightly fragranced and available in spring and summer. They’re available in many shades including bright yellow, deep red, peach, pale pink and of course white. Calla lilies make elegant wedding bouquets on their own and are also beautiful paired with roses or orchids in contrasting colours.


With a name sprung from ancient Greek that means ‘water bearer’, these bountiful flowers epitomise grace and beauty. The blue variety, fitting considering their name, are the most popular, but these flowers bloom in many different shades. Bright pinks and purples symbolise love and riches, pale greens are serene and make beautiful companions to pastel flowers in bouquets, while white and pale pink flowers are ideal for a more classic look.

With their full shape, hydrangeas are ideal for wedding table decorations as well as bouquets. Featured on their own, they create a fairy tale display that evokes tradition and beauty. They are also ideal as part of more complex arrangements. Create a timeless summer look with green hydrangeas and peach flowers like roses, or a bolder vision with purple and blue varieties.


Long a popular flower in wedding arrangements, the versatile carnation is having a comeback and can often be seen playing the starring role in wedding bouquets and displays. This frilled and delicate bloom is native to the Mediterranean and carries a subtle fragrance. Originally only a pink flower, it’s now been developed in shades of white, yellow, red, purple and green. Different colours carry different meaning: red carnations represent love and devotion, while white varieties symbolise pure love and luck.

This timeless flower can be reimagined in the modern age and really comes into it’s own with its versatility. Long strands of ivory carnations make the perfect backdrop to vows, while hot pink flowers can decorated wedding cakes or feature in full wedding bouquets featuring bright hued ranunculus and hydrangeas. A posy of white carnations embodies elegance just as well as more expensive favourites like roses or lilies, and yet still carries that timeless beauty that brides desire.

Lavender and Herbs

Surprising as it may seem, the original wedding flowers dating back as far as Roman times were fragrant herbs. Their scent was said to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck and fortune to the newlyweds. Lavender is a favourite flower for wedding bouquets – especially those with a Scottish theme and tradition to express – and their beautiful colour and mellow scent make them affordable and classic choices. They are valued for their association with calmness, serenity and grace and are ideal for outdoor summer weddings. Sprigs of lavender work well for buttonholes and place settings when tied with twine or ribbons to napkins.
A herb bouquet is ideal for the couple yearning for pastimes of folklore and nature; a perfect accompaniment to weddings with a rustic setting and theme. Foliage, heather, succulents and even vegetables like artichokes and kale can raise a herb arrangement to something truly sensational while still fulfilling the timeless style. Flowers can be added for texture and beauty: such as a white rose and rosemary arrangement, peonies with sage or wildflowers featuring chamomile daisies. Spices like cinnamon sticks and cloves will create an even fuller scent sensation.