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A Mayfair Wedding of Art Deco Opulence

July 27th, 2016

For a glamorous wedding at the five star Westbury Hotel in Mayfair, cascades of roses in red, pinks and whites played a starring role. Shezre and David were married this March at the prestigious hotel with a wedding theme that celebrated the style and elegance of their art deco surroundings. Todich Floral Design created bouquets and displays that exuded rich opulence with romantic roses, carnations and hydrangeas. With rose petals scattered in the aisle and domes of roses on tables, the special day was a truly memorable one played in rich shades of red, pink and pastel orange.

Here we explore how Todich Floral Design created the designs for a memorable Mayfair wedding.


A Ceremony of Splendour

Shezre and David took their vows in the Mount Vernon room: a stylish, art deco space in the hotel. White chairs, soft lighting and red and white rose petals scattered along the aisle created an air of richness and romance. The candles glimmered in hurricane vases with red rose petals at their base: a delightful greeting for guests and magical display as the bride walked down the aisle. At the entrance guests were greeted by stunning designs of red roses and carnations displayed in tall vases and adorned with willow.

For the bridal bouquet: a round posy of red Naomi roses – prized for their velvety crimson shade, and white avalanche roses. Aromatic red skimmia and green eucalyptus leaves framed the beautiful arrangement. This elegant design is perfect for brides looking for a classic look featuring traditional shades for love, romance and purity.

The piece de resistance of the ceremonial decorations were tall vases overflowing with gorgeous pink and white blooms: roses, hydrangeas, gysophilia (also known as baby’s breath) and spray roses. Todich Floral Design created these breath-taking displays by building on different shapes and textures with pastel, complementary colours.




Rose Gallery

The reception for the magical wedding took place in the Westbury Gallery, a classic space befitting the tradition and style of the day. The oak panelled flooring and cream walls made the perfect backdrop for domes of red roses and willow on the poseur tables. These vibrant blooms were displayed in square glass vases for a modern twist that perfectly complemented the setting.

Warm hues featured in table settings for the wedding breakfast, lit by the soft glow of candle light. Orange and red roses nestled in green viburnum berries in cube vases to create subtle and elegant displays. They made a perfect final flourish to a day of classic glamour and style.




Shezre and David’s special day saw roses play a starring role in the celebration of their love. A flower prized for centuries for its beauty and romantic symbolism, it remains a favourite to feature in bouquets and displays at weddings. Speak to Todich Floral Design today about creating beautiful flower arrangements for weddings. Whatever the venue or theme, these experts will tailor designs to suit the preference of the couple for this very special day.


From Shades of Nude to Green Goddess Vibes: Top Trends for Bridal Bouquets 2016 from Todich Floral Design

July 19th, 2016

As the weather gets warmer, wedding season is round the corner and the top trends for wedding flowers in 2016 are in full bloom. Pastel shades for understated bouquets are in the spotlight, as well as a rustic of seasonal blooms look for the eco-conscious age with foliage taking centre stage. Bridal bouquets are taking on less traditional forms – with the big, overflowing look a favourite this year. We at Todich Floral Design love this  time of year when our florists can be truly creative!


Blushing Bride

The understated and elegant nude trend is well and truly on it’s way for 2016! Blush, peach and pink hues are the colours of choice for this year’s bridal wedding flowers. This perfect complement to wedding themes based on style and elegance, can be matched with many different decorations and themes. The nude trend doesn’t have to mean washed out wedding bouquets: soft shades of blooms can be paired with orange, coral and warmer hues to make for a bouquet of perfect harmony. Opt for full flowers like peonies, roses and lilies, and smaller blooms like freesias, ranunculus and anemones.

Naturally Beautiful

The rustic look will continue to feature in 2016 wedding flowers, with inspiration for bridal bouquets drawn from woodlands and gardens. It means a more un-done look to bouquets, with trailing foliage and flowers of all different shapes. Eco-conscious couples will choose seasonal flowers to create these natural looks, and can even grow wild flowers themselves to feature in spring and summer bouquets and wedding table decorations. We at Todich Floral Design prefer to incorporate ferns and foraged branches into a bouquet, alongside the flowers in season.

The Bigger the Better

Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean having a large version of the traditional bridal bouquet styles (such as round, oval or pageant wedding bouquet style). This trend fits in with the natural trend that celebrates a wild, bountiful look for wedding flowers: think armfuls of blooms gathered from the garden. It’s all about bouquets overflowing with flowers and curling foliage that don’t fit together into a formal shape.


Falling for Foliage

Green bouquets have been a trend for a few years now, with wedding bouquets being made purely of plants like succulents or focusing and green flowers complementing foliage in a bouquet, rather than the other way round. Current bridal bouquet trends have even seen vegetables like kale and artichokes playing a starring role in bridal wedding flowers.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Todich Floral Design for a bridal consult, at no cost; DISCUSS WITH OUR BRIDAL FLORIST about making foliage the starring role in your bridal bouquet. We would love nothing more than to help you plan your wedding, elegant and perfect, down to the last detail.


Wedding Flower Centrepieces for a Summer Wedding

July 8th, 2016

Summer is classic wedding season because of the lovely weather and abundance of beautiful flowers fit for decoration. Whether it’s an upmarket affair, has a bohemian festival feel or fits a unique theme, wedding table decorations really bring this special event to life. The wedding flowers adorning tables at a wedding reception will reflect the whole theme and beauty of the wedding, so it’s an important decision to make. Here are some ideas from London wedding florists to spark the imagination – from bird cage adornments to garden looks and flowers on a budget.




Wedding Centrepiece - Floral Design by Todich Floral Design London

Charming Wedding Centrepieces

Vintage bird-cages make wonderful floral centrepieces for spring and summer weddings: a little bit quirky with a real wow-factor – just imagine beautiful flowers billowing out onto the table. You can choose traditional romantic shades of roses like cream, white and pink or go for a multi-coloured, multi-textured look of your favourite flowers. Wedding flowers could even be arranged in a nest for an Easter surprise, or one could incorporate natural elements like leaves, twigs and bark for a woodland feel.

Spring and summer wedding floral decoration is all about lightness and brightness: think yellows, blues and whites for spring and a multitude of different colours for summer. Choosing a single shade – like yellow – for floral centrepieces will create a really joyful look to the room, while adding blue or purple flowers will really make the yellow pop and add a sense of fun to wedding decorations.

Boho Wedding Decorations

Wedding flowers like daffodils, tulips, hyacinths and lily-of-the-valley are all perfect for a rustic wedding. These delightful, colourful blooms don’t need to be dressed up to make beautiful wedding flower decorations. Potted flowers can be used as place settings and make lovely floral wedding favours for the guests to take away with them. And don’t forget blossom when choosing flowers and decorations – clouds of pink and white delicate flowers will make stunning wedding floral centrepieces and can also be displayed around the venue.

As summer approaches, there’s the choice of beautiful garden flowers like stocks, sweet peas and roses – brimming with colour and charm. These blooms come in shades of purple and pink and are perfect for a romantic but rustic feel. Or more voluptuous blooms like peonies and anemones will create a richly coloured look – either as a full bouquet for wedding flower centrepieces or single blooms dotted about in mini mason jars.

Of course, for a boho wedding there’s no need for extravagant vessels to display your flowers – a vintage jug, soup tureen or mismatched glasses and bottles can make the perfect fun and pretty vases for rustic wedding flower arrangements.

Wedding Flowers on a Budget

If you’re worried about your wedding flowers cost, there’s no need to be. There are plenty of beautiful arrangements that will look beautiful without breaking the bank! Baby’s breath is a very popular and affordable choice – gathered into glass vases or jars, perhaps tied with twine or ribbon – these delicate white flowers make delightful wedding table decorations. Many wedding flowers like daffodils and tulips are also very inexpensive; choose a bountiful bouquet of single-coloured blooms as a centrepiece, or mix it up and make it multi-coloured.

Orchid Wedding Flowers: Create a Magical Wedding with Orchids

June 6th, 2016

Orchids are an endlessly fascinating flower that have captured the hearts and minds of the world for thousands of years. There are over 28,000 varieties of this flower which are found all over the world and they come in every shape and colour imaginable. For the ancient Greeks the exotic orchid represented fertility, but they also came to represent luxury for the Victorians who voraciously collected them. Today these graceful flowers are the perfect bloom to feature in wedding bouquets and decorations. Orchids are very versatile and can suit any wedding theme – whether the theme is classic or modern. Here we explore some ideas for how to create a magical wedding with this fascinating flower.

orchid-wedding-flowers-orchid-wedding-bouquet-orchid-bridal-bouquet-orchid-flower-arrangements-orchid-bouquet-wedding-white-orchid-bouquet-orchid-flower-wedding-arrangement-orchid-wedding-theme-orchid- bridesmaid-bouquet-bridal-orchid-bouquets-artificial-orchid-bouquet-orchid-flower-design-white-orchid-bridal-bouquet-orchid-wedding-bouquet-cost-white-orchid-and-rose-wedding-bouquets-bridal-orchid-bouquets-orchid-prices-for-wedding-orchid-bridesmaid-bouquet-white-orchid-florist-wedding-orchid-bouquets-orchid-arrangements-for-weddings-orchid-bouquets-for-brides-orchid-bouquet-for-wedding

Orchid Wedding Bouquets

The curious curling shapes of the orchid lends themselves to cascade, teardrop and pageant wedding bouquet shapes. Blush pink phalaenopsis dance beautifully around pink roses in a cascade bouquet for a bride looking for a feminine and romantic style.

Create a classic bouquet exuding glamour from white orchids cascading with green foliage. Fluttering flowers in shades of pastel shades of peach and yellow can brighten a waterfall bouquet, while glittering gems make a design of pure opulence.

Although often used for formal arrangements, the stunning colours of these flowers lends themselves to more relaxed and celebratory spray bouquets. Juxtapose contrasting shades of orchids like lemon yellow paired with pink, or chaste white and raunchy crimson. This is the perfect choice for modern weddings going for a more modern or alternative feel.

orchid-wedding-bouquets- wedding-white-orchid-bouquet-orchid-flower-wedding-arrangement-orchid-wedding-theme-orchid- bridesmaid-bouquet-bridal-orchid-bouquets-artificial-orchid-bouquet-orchid-flower-design-orchid-prices-for-wedding-orchid-bridesmaid-bouquet-white-orchid-florist-wedding-orchid-bouquets-orchid-arrangements-for-weddings-orchid-bouquets-for-brides- white-orchid-bridal-bouquet-orchid-wedding-bouquet-cost-white-orchid-and-rose-wedding-bouquets-bridal-orchid-bouquets-orchid-bouquet-for-wedding-orchid-wedding-bouquet-orchid-bridal-bouquet-orchid-flower-arrangements-orchid-bouquet

bridesmaid-bouquet-bridal-white-orchid-bridal-bouquet-orchid-wedding-bouquet-cost-white-orchid-and-rose-wedding-bouquets-bridal-orchid-bouquets -orchid-bouquet-orchid-wedding-bouquets- wedding-white-orchid-bouquet-orchid-bouquet-for-wedding-orchid-wedding-bouquet-orchid-bridal-bouquet-orchid-flower-arrangements-orchid-flower-wedding-arrangement-orchid-wedding-theme-orchid- orchid-bouquets-artificial-orchid-bouquet-orchid-flower-design-orchid-prices-for-wedding-orchid-bridesmaid-bouquet-white-orchid-florist-wedding-orchid-bouquets-orchid-arrangements-for-weddings-orchid-bouquets-for-brides

Orchid Corsages And Buttonholes

The sturdy shape and striking appearance of orchids makes them perfect for the bridesmaid’s wrist corsages and buttonholes for groomsmen. Take one or two of the flowers featured in the bride’s bouquet to create a harmonious look for the wedding party. Pure white orchids work well for a traditional look, while a bolder flavour to wedding lends itself to bright coloured blooms in pink, purple or yellow. For an added element of luxury jewellery, pearls and feathers can be used to embellish corsages.

Wedding Centrepieces to Steal Hearts

With their thousands of varieties and colours, orchids are a versatile choice for wedding flowers. Whatever the theme of the wedding and taste of the couple, there are orchid arrangements to fit the bill. Ever surprising, these blooms don’t always have to be showstoppers: they also lend themselves to more subtle displays created from white and soft greens. Emerald striped lady’s slipper orchids make peaceful partners for white flowers such as sweetpeas and roses, while green dendrobium orchids can be added to green bouquets of ferns and succulents.

Sprays of orchids arranged in tall glasses will set a tone of timeless elegance for any wedding. White flowers can be enhanced with branches and full hydrangeas, while deep purple and bright pink orchids are talking points all by themselves. The flowers can even be dropped into glasses to float like exquisite spirits, and the addition of candles will complete the starry look.

Summer Wedding Flowers: Create the Natural Look for Your Summer Event

May 15th, 2016

The natural, woodland look is perfect for summer wedding flowers. Even if the big day isn’t held outdoors, the sunlight and blue skies inspire the desire to bring the outside indoors and have decorations featuring greenery and rustic touches. Wedding bouquets are ‘undone’, centrepieces evoke the magical florist and everywhere are touches of nature to bring charm and beauty to the proceedings. Be inspired by the natural look and speak to your London wedding florist about how to tailor it to your style.


Natural Look for Your Summer Wedding Flowers London UK. Wedding Florist Blog Florist Tips and Advice For London Brides Wedding Inspiration Bridal Look

Natural Wedding Bouquets

Summer wedding bouquets for natural theme need to have the undone look, with different shapes and textures arranged together in a relaxed style. Bouquets should feel abundant and overflowing with flowers and foliage: pair full blooms like peonies and roses with tall stocks, dainty daisies and trailing foliage. Fasten with natural elements like twine or hessian. You can use a similar style for wedding buttonholes, bridal posies and floral place settings. Instead of wedding flowers, go eco-friendly and modern and choose a green wedding bouquet where foliage is the main feature. Incorporate kale flowers, berries, succulents or herbs for an unusual and charming look.

Alternative weding flowers ideas London


Magical Wedding Centrepieces

A glass terrarium filled with pebbles, succulents and air plants will make for an unusual floral table decoration and will be a talking point for guests. Incorporate natural elements like moss, twigs and woodland flowers to create stunning wedding centrepieces inspired by the forest. Wildflowers are low-key but beautiful options for wedding table arrangements: think chamomile daisies, cornflowers, bluebells and foxgloves. Summer wedding flowers gathered from the garden like sweet peas or English roses can be arranged in vintage vessels or simple glass vases for an elegant and natural look.

Charming Chair Decorations

Green, luscious foliage can be attached to the backs of chairs for the ceremony and reception with floral wire. Adorn with ribbons and flowers or just stay with the green and create a beautiful woodland vibe for the big day. Tie lavender to the backs of chairs to create a scented and delightful look, or tie posies of summer wedding flowers to the edge of each chair. These extra touches will really wow your guests and make the day magical and memorable for all.


252_PLEASECREDITwherepossible-eddie-judd-photography-LucyMinaWEDDING-WEBfiles (1)


Au Naturel Place Settings

Mini succulents make great on-trend place settings and also double as favours – they’re great, low maintenance plants that will brighten the bathroom or office. Napkins can be decorated with herbs like lavender or rosemary, or wildflowers and elements of the bride’s bouquet. Or instead of summer wedding flowers as place settings, write guests’ names onto natural found items like pebbles and shells. This means they’ll have a souvenir to keep to remind them of the special day.

Summer Wedding Flowers – Let There be Light!

A rustic summer wedding is best held outdoors – although this can be difficult with the unpredictable English weather! If you are lucky enough to have a warm and sunny day, create a magical look with paper lanterns, candles and fairy lights strung through trees and trailing over the chairs and tables. Candles can also be incorporated into floral wedding centrepieces and place settings.

5 Stunning Wedding Colour Trends for 2016

April 30th, 2016

It can be tricky to come up with the perfect wedding theme for your special day, but a great place to start is with the colour scheme. Once you have this, you’ll have inspiration for your wedding flowers, decorations and bridesmaids dresses. This year, both pale and bold colours are in: think soft pinks and deep purples; mint green and bright blue. We provide six stunning wedding colour trends for 2016 to help your choose your wedding reception flowers and wedding bouquets.

Rose Blush Coloured Wedding Flowers

This pale pink shade is perfect for weddings with a romantic, fairytale theme. It’s classy and understated and means creating a harmonious palette of pale pinks and peaches complemented by white. With such a classic look, the bride will wear traditional white while the bridesmaids can showcase blush and nude dresses. Wedding bouquets featuring this shade can be created with roses – either on their own or paired with green foliage or white flowers like baby’s breath or lilies. Blush coloured flowers can decorate the wedding cake and appear in decorations on chairs, wedding centrepieces and place settings.

Serene Blue Shade

Inspired by the skies of summer, this wedding colour shade is perfect for calm and spiritual summer weddings – especially if held outdoors. Wedding reception flowers and wedding bouquets can feature blue hydrangeas, cornflowers, pale blue anemones and forget-me-nots. The look is laid back and pretty, and blue flowers will look beautiful with soft peach and white flowers like roses, daisies and freesias. This colour will also work well with beach or sea-themed weddings, where shells and nautical touches feature in floral arrangements and decorations.

Mint Green Wedding Bouquets

This uber-fashionable shade will make your wedding edgy and modern without compromising on prettiness and style. It’s a gorgeous shade for bridesmaid dresses, wedding invitations and even the (literally!) icing on the cake. It pairs beautiful with pink and wedding bouquets featuring flowers in green and pink will really pop against the bride’s dress. Think roses, daisies, dahlias and trailing foliage like ferns and ivy to create an ethereal look alongside this striking green/blue shade.

Burning Orange

Another hip shade for bold brides wanting to make a real statement with their wedding. It’s a great choice for an autumn do, but can work beautifully for summer weddings too. It also juxtaposes strikingly with mint green and can feature on cakes and decorations and alternating bridesmaids dresses. To create wedding flower arrangements with this look, go for chrysanthemums, gerberas and lilies. To create balance, ask your wedding florist to add silvery foliage and paler blooms to the displays and wedding bouquets.

Purple Haze

This regal colour can be interpreted as paler shades like mauve, or dark berry shades – meaning it can be either pretty and understated or striking and sumptuous. Pastel purple flowers to feature in wedding reception flowers and wedding bouquets include hydrangeas, freesias, roses and irises. Heather and lavender can be incorporated into rustic arrangements with herbs like rosemary and woodland foliage. For the darker purple, berries can be added to floral displays alongside sweet peas, hyacinths, peonies or anemones.

Wedding Bouquet Styles: What is Your Bridal Personality?

April 20th, 2016

Your wedding day will possibly be the biggest event of your life, so it’s important your wedding flowers reflect your personality and style. The wedding bouquet is in many ways the piece-de- resistance of the big day and will feature in photos and treasured memories for decades to come. Whether you’re a traditional bride or a free spirit, your wedding florist can help you create the perfect arrangement to reflect your uniqueness.

 purple spring summer wedding bouquet styles spring wedding bouquets spring wedding bridal bouquets summer wedding flowers

Traditional Wedding Bouquet Styles

For many people, timeless wedding flowers are key for their big day. You might want to recreate the wedding bouquet styles of your mother or grandmother’s wedding, or just want to have a classic look that emulates style and will always look good in the photos. A round posy is the perfect shape for this choice, or for more dramatic styles ask your wedding florist for cascading or pageant shaped bouquets. Traditional blooms for wedding bridal bouquets include roses, lilies, hydrangeas and tulips. White should be the understated shade of choice, but pastel pinks and purples are also perfect for classic posies.

Eco-Friendly Wedding Flowers

For those looking for a green wedding, choose wedding flowers that are in season and can be locally sourced to reduce your carbon footprint. You could even ask family and friends to grow the flowers in time for the wedding. These can then be incorporated into the bridal bouquet and wedding reception flowers. To keep with the green theme, choose flowers and foliage in this verdant shade: think trendy succulents, kale flowers and greenery like ivy and ferns. Flowers like daisies, sweet peas and peonies in abundant, undone arrangements are perfect for this look.

Modern Wedding Bouquet Styles

In this day and age, your wedding can be anything you make it. If you want to do something new and different and make a break with tradition there are lots of choices for wedding bouquets that fit with the times. Rather than pastel colours and traditional flowers like roses, choose bold and bright shades and go for exotic blooms like orchids. Ask your bridal florist for an interesting shape to your bouquet – more graphic designs are favourites for this wedding bouquet style. Go for show-stopping colours like red or bright pink, and think about using flowers that create a more casual look like anemones or sweet peas. The key is to create the style that suits you, and marks your wedding as unique to your personality and tastes.

The Great Outdoors

If you love nothing better than walks in the forest and dream of having your own small holding someday, then you’ll want a wedding bouquet to reflect your love of the outdoor life. Incorporate natural elements like wheat grass, herbs and heathers into your bouquet and add these to buttonholes and place settings to complete the look. Different textures and shapes can be used to create a naturally style bouquet, and rather than ribbon twine and string can secure it. Choose natural hues for the flowers and foliage like oranges, yellows and greens.



Image 34

purple wedding bouquet styles


Paint with Flowers. Restaurant Flower Decor

March 1st, 2016

Don’t you just love flowers for adding a punch of colour to interiors? Flowers rich shades and captivating forms smell divine and the simplest way to brighten up restaurant interiors. London is filled with endless choice, countless secret gems and exquisite eateries, but the finest restaurants in England have long since fused culinary arts and interior design with the art of floral design to, deliver a dining experience worthy of the customers hard earned cash.

We at Todich Floral Design, just love to beautify new spaces with flowers and our team of award winning designers and talented florists have proudly assisted some of London’s finest restaurants and hotspots, including Café Royal, Mandarin Oriental Hotel and the National Gallery, to deliver memorable dining and breathtaking experiences.

Fresh flowers work wonders for restaurant interiors. The power of fresh flowers chosen to compliment the restaurant decor and colour schemes, is its ability to uplift any space and install a warm, welcoming environment. Fresh flower's breath new life into tired interiors, go rich, vibrant shades or soft sumptuous flower designs adorn restaurant entrances, receptions or lounges. Vibrant exquisite flower arrangements make big statements, lighting moods and welcoming guests instantly. Opt for small hearty arrangements, preferably bouquets that will bloom, such as hydrangeas as if watered well will last up to two weeks.

600 Table Arrangements 1023

 Table Arrangements

To match blooms with interiors, reach for simple flower arrangements which harmony’s and work overall decor. Enhance great flower arrangements with complimentary vases. Choosing suitable vases that match your restaurants colour schemes and floral design, works well to accent interiors. The arrangements don’t always have to be extravagant, less can also me more, a single rose, orchid or daisy in a an array of colours goes a long way to compliment and brighten the decor.

Making the blooms last- a little maintenance will ensure you get the most out of flower arrangements and see they last longer. As the flowers begin to bloom, remove wilting or discoloured flowers. Water flowers daily to ensure a frequent amount of nutrients.

How about these three themes for some floral inspiration, a range of fresh sping and summer arrangements, sure to breathe new life into restaurant interiors…

The Minimalist: Traditional Whites with a Splash of Colour

Orchids, Tulips, Calla Lilies, Roses, Anthurims, Peonies, Hydrangeas.

Flowers don’t always have to be colourful. The regale and sophisticated business owner looking to recreate live in luxury, should reach for flowers with refined, subtle tones, lead by shades of green, blue or white. A simple green or blue is so fresh and upholds a minimalist look. Or reach for pale blues, glossy whites, and sumptuous creams. Green is so natural and so close to nature, and will accent white, grey and cream decor beautifully. Match with contemporary large glass vessels. Todich Floral Design suggests a variety of; white calla lilies, roses, orchids and peonies, paired with green or blue hydrangea, for a quaint, minimal and luxurious affair.

Spring and summer never disappoint when it comes to offering an array of rich colours and what’s beautiful, and Todich Floral Design makes perfect use of spring/summer' colour palette, which offer a range of striking colour combinations, sure to make a sunny office statement. The London Florist offers the freshest flowers, at the highest quality, using on-trend floral styles to suit you.

Colour Festival: Vibrant Centrepieces

Roses, Daisies, Ranunculus, Dahlias

The expressive, free spirited  owner should opt for a colour party, a burst of bold shades and striking contrasts. Reach for single shades in vivid shades, soft pastels or go bold with a spectrum of colours, fiery red, bright orange and yellows or, vivid violets, to shocking pinks and vibrant blues. Vibrant flower arrangements, make stunning focal points and will be a point of much discussion with your guests. Flowers to use include luscious blooms of tulips, roses, hydrangea, lavender, peonies and wildflowers. Or how about arrangements made up of two variants of a single shade for depth and visual stimuli. Pair with  vintage or rustic vases or flowerpots to compliment and highlight your delicate flowers.


Pastel Celebration

Roses, Tulips, Hydrangeas, Ranunculus, Hyacinth

Alternatively, reach for beautiful, sumptuous arrangements. Pastel shades are elegant, on-trend this season and add a touch of colour and sophistication to interiors. Soft pastel tones include; peach, blush, plums and creams. Pastels flower arrangements work a magnificent focal point against white, great, cream or pale blue decor. Great hearty arrangements will harmonies surrounding decor and breathe life into tired interiors. Celebrate pastel shades, opt for beautiful blooms which include arrangements of soft pastel tones; peach, blush, plums and creams and forest green and prairie shoots. Think roses, tulips, hydrangeas, ranunculus and hyacinth, for a rugged, unstructured and artistic feel, all which make magnificent centrepieces and bring a touch of the  modern garden indoors.


Contemporary Vintage Garden

Clematis, Roses, Lambs Eye Foliage

If its a vintage theme you’re after, reach for an authentic feel with vintage flowers. For a blend of modern and vintage, opt for bouquets which include, clematis, roses and lambs eye foliage. Arrangements which generally include roses, clematis, and lush forest green foliage, add texture, working as the perfect balance, for a rustic, elegant feel to restaurant interiors. Flowers help set the mood, tone of a space, and it’s the simplest way to brighten and warm up a room. Fresh flowers will completely transform and rejuvenate your restaurant interiors. Whether you’re after pastel arrangements or bold statements, add a touch of spring or summer to your corporate space with our beautiful blooms.


If you're looking to recreate any of the above, get in touch with our talented team of designers and florists, who’ll be happy to assist you create these beautiful arrangements, in a range of designs and styles suited to you.


Women Appreciation Days 2016: Say it With Flowers

February 29th, 2016

The 8th of March this year is a day of dual celebration; not only is it Mother’s day, often the only day of the year many mothers and grandmothers are given the true appreciation they deserve for their family sacrifice, it also happens to be International Women’s Day.

International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate the social, cultural, economic and political achievement of women across the globe. As well as acknowledging the power, strength and equality women everywhere have gained and in some places, are still striving for, its focus also marks a call to action for accelerating international gender parity.

For daughters in search of lovely Mother’s Day flowers, wine, balloons and gifts, as well as those that want flowers delivered to a special lady for International Women’s Day, one of the nicest ways to show appreciation is with a beautiful bouquet of spring flowers as the main centrepiece. Daffodils, forsythias, scillas, tulips and pussy willows are all wonderful spring-time choices to create whimsical flower arrangements for the season.

Ideas can range from captivating full bouquets bursting with lilacs, fuschias and golden yellows, or a more modern take on flower-arranging using less flowers but taller, thicker, unusual stems in narrow, slender vases to create an artsy, bohemian feel to breathe some fresh life into a room. Mother’s day flowers, especially orchids and lilies, work especially well for a bohemian arrangement. Add a sentimental picture in a stone frame for a vintage, personal touch.

A selection of March 8 women’s day flowers can be mixed and matched online for the perfectionist who wants to create a truly unique women’s appreciation day gift; for whatever celebratory day chosen.


Hotel Chic – Pastels vs. Bolds

February 21st, 2016

Hotel décor, pastel havens and bold blooms, we take a peek at hotel floral arrangements likely to course a stir this summer.

Go for big statements; welcome your hotel guests with cheery summertime favourites with our latest hotel décor trends for 2016. With summer making its presence known, it showers us with an array of bold blooms. Inspired by bringing sunny summer shades and delicate flowers, our latest summer line-up show, vibrant bountiful blooms continue to reign supreme at Todich Floral Design.

Flowers go a long way in setting the mood, tone of your hotel, whether you’re after a pastel haven or bold statements, bring the outdoors in and add a touch of the summer to your hotel, with these beautiful blooms, our latest hotel décor trends. The new collection consists of a collection of pastel and bold seasonal designs and styles perfectly blended to create striking centrepieces, delightful corporate flowers perfectly suited for transforming indoor spaces.

Table Arrangements


Sweet peas. If you’re looking to bring the outdoors, gracelly that is, look no further than these stu- nning scented floral arrangements of sweet pea. For show stopping hotel centre pieces, reach for vibrant shades of violet, purple and pink.

Peony. The delicate red hues of the Peony flower represent joy and optimism, are great for up-lighting corporate spaces and perfect for making lasting statements. Place these spectacular centre pieces at hotel receptions, lounges and entrances. Available in an array of bright colours, its vibrant shades increase positive energy and instantly add new dimensions to bland spaces.

Sunflowers. Bountiful, radiant and perfect cherry, sunflowers are the ultimate summer time flower, instantly brighten up new surroundings and inject much needed colour. Or why not mix and match? These bright sunny flowers look beautiful nestled alongside orange roses, hot pink, vivid purple and classic white roses are summer arrangement, sure to create a wow factor in any hotel spaces.

Parrot Tulips. If you’re after something different, that’s got a whole lot of edge, reach for arrangements of parrot tulips. Its textured, vibrant petals add a splash of colour whilst its contrasting green shoots form striking centre pieces perfect for uplifting hotel spaces.

Asters. Asters are magnificent plants full of colour and texture. These seasonal flowers come in various bold colours, adding an edge to summer arrangements. Single shades of Asters look great within hotel spaces, and just as spectacular when paired with other vibrant shades and create, show-stopping centre pieces within hotel receptions, lounges and entrances.

Ranunculus. These delightful summertime treats burst in an array of vibrant colours, showcasing bright sunny yellows to deep violets, energetic oranges to hot pinks. Not short on edge or colour, Ranunculus full bloom and multi-layered petal character and inject fun into lower arrangements and breathe new life into hotel spaces.

Hydrangeas. The hydrangeas’ lush, layered structure is reminiscent of all things lavish and plush. Its sumptuous rich, multilayered structure is perfectly plush and screams pure luxury. Hydrangeas make spectacular centre pieces, available in pale pinks, soft blues s. Hydrangeas add a sense of grandeur and enchantment to indoor spaces and is an inexpensive way to add extravagance to hotel décor. For more daring shades, reach for and vibrant orange, yellows and deep violets add a touch of sophistication and joy to hotel décor.

Carnations. Carnations have earned its place as one of summer’s most delightful flowers, due to its spectrum of colours and endearing meanings.  Carnations symbolise admiration and pure love amongst and come in a range of irresistible colours;  from lush greens to deep grey-blues, violets and vibrant purples.  Reach for large flowered carnations for bountiful blooms to add a wow factor to hotel interiors.

Dahlias. Dahlias have long been considered one of the most spectacular garden flowers, the queen of garden flowers, if you will. So bring the outdoors in and turn heads with these show stopping blooms. Available in a variety of tempting flowering patterns, sizes, and with some bearing resemblance to other flowers; its magnificent larger than life blooms, is sure to have your guests in awe. The summer beauty’s are available in a range of tempting colours, from scrumptious rich pastel shades to vivid bold brights. For decorative show stopping dahlias for your hotel, reach for single or double orchid dahlias, pompon dahlias, cactus or ball dahlias. All of which make ideal centrepieces that will instantly transform hotel spaces.

Tulips. Tulips, the ultimate summer time favourites are both regal and alluring. These elegant seasonal flowers usher in the joys of summer and available in an array of varying shades. Other than being breathtakingly beautiful, tulips represent underlying love and passion. Red Tulips signify a declaration of love, variegated tulips symbolise beautiful eyes, or to compliment a friend or loved one. Other than their endearing meanings, Tulips add elegance and simplistic beauty to hotel bouquets, and look just as great alone. What’s more, tulips come in a range of bold and pastel shades, vibrant reds, sunny yellows, oranges and bold pinks, but also scrumptious soft shades of blue, pale pinks and coral. So whether you’re looking to wow guests with bold designs or create mystic and enchantment with pastel arrangements, tulips are sure to turn heads and create a sophisticated and welcome feel in any hotel space.

Our delightful range of summertime flowers, come in various designs and styles; tailored to your floral needs. Our bouquets of roses, tulips, carnations, hydrangeas and beyond all add joy and well being. These magnificent summer flowers bring a positive feel and breathe life, into drab looking hotel environments. Our London based flower boutique brings the outdoors in, with spectacular flower displays perfectly suited to hotels; beautiful blends of traditional pastel tones and contrasting shades, to add beauty and new dimension to hotel spaces.

If you’re after any of these bountiful blooms, we’ll be happy to assist you recreate these summertime bouquets. With same day London deliveries and next day deliveries in the UK, you can enjoy summers floral delights, in next to no time.