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Plan your wedding flowers on time

Getting married this year? Don’t wait until the last minute to plan flower decorations for the happy event. As is the case in other industries, the good stuff is hard to come by at a moment’s notice. Many top florists, including us, are quite busy and booked in advance, sometimes months ahead. It’s important to have this in mind and plan things ahead.

We know planning your wedding can be a very daunting task – and flower decorations are only a part of it. Here are a few pointers as far as flowers are concerned which may help you organise a little:

  • florists are usually booked in advance, so don’t wait too long before contacting us
  • many types of flowers are seasonal, so get informed about flower availability before making any major choices
  • venue choice is quite important, as decoration and floral design implementation depend on the space available and accomodation configuration (seating arrangements, dance podium space, windows and lighting, entrance); floral designs are custome tailored to these conditions, so knowing them in advance will help
  • if you are not completely sure about what kind of flowers and arrangements you’d like, consult with your florist early to allow enough time for ideas to crystalise (we offer free consultation)
  • be honest about your wishes, however extravagant they may seem; the more information you give, the closer your vision will come to a stunning reality; we always try to create a custom tailored solution that will amaze you and your guests, but in the end, it’s your vision – we’ll simply help you to bring it to life.
  • budget – concentrate your financial efforts on the most important things, those that will be visible to everyone, especially to you; again, a free wedding consultation with us will help you prioritise and save money

Let me emphasise the time factor again – don’t wait until the last minute to address flowers and floral decorations for your wedding. Start things well ahead and save both time and your nerves. 😉 In case you are already behind, get in touch with us anyway. We have been known to help our customers get out of tight schedules, without compromising quality of service or products.

BTW, we are preparing a surprise for all our soon-to-be-married friends – I can’t divulge too much at the moment, but a tool is coming that will allow you to be in charge of your wedding flower expenses (well, almost in charge anyway). Stay tuned, we’ll make an official announcement when the time comes.

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