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Something Blue in Your Bridal Bouquet


So you have been looking around for the perfect bridal bouquet, trying to decide on the right flowers and the perfect colour combination. Maybe you have all the details of your wedding set, but have been looking for that bit of something blue?

Well, if you have do not have the colour combinations picked out, give cooler colours a try. You might feel that they are a bit down toned, and lack some festivity. But if you combine your colours and flowers right blue, white and purple tones can be just as exciting as flaming red and orange.

Hydrangeas are the best flowers to go for if you are looking for something blue, there are various shades of this flower available, just for blue. Because this colour combination is so held-back, you can go all out with the size of your flowers, and hydrangeas are just that. They are large and abundant and they draw the eye with even the simplest of colours.

I find that white roses or lilies complement this flower quite well. They are simple and act as a frame for the frilly hydrangea. I prefer white as it has its own kind of brightness, which makes up for the lack of intense colour.

The blue hydrangeas and white flowers will do quite well on their own. However, if your wedding is simple and chiq, you can add more detail to the floral decorations. Wisps of purple freesia will not only make the décor and the bouquet more intricate, it will add some wonderful scent to the ceremony.

The foliage in your bouquets and decorations also deserves some special attention, as it will be creating the contrast needed to make those flowers pop! Deep green is the best choice when working with cool and simple colours. Your whites will shine against a dark green backdrop.

If you are still unsure of what you want for your bridal bouquet and floral décor, feel free to turn to our team of experts for the advice you need.

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