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The Symbolism & Meaning Behind Spring Bouquets and Wedding Flowers

If you are happily engaged or planning for a spring wedding, you can be sure that some of the most gorgeous bridal bouquets and floral centrepieces will be available. Of course you don’t just want your wedding flowers to look good, you also want them to say something—something beautiful, something true and utterly exquisite to mark your special day.


So, say something beautiful and celebrate your wedding day. Appreciate and learn the symbolism behind these fabulous spring bridal bouquets:   

Light & Lofty Wedding Bouquets: Peonies & Hydrangeas

True love and a sense of levity, with riches beyond your wildest dreams—when you think about it, what else do you really need in life?

Well, that’s exactly what these wedding flowers deliver when arranged together as a spring bouquet floral masterpiece. While peonies are symbolic of strong romance and good fortune to come, hydrangeas flowers signify grace and gratitude. The word ‘hydrangea’ itself comes from Greek, and it means water (‘hydro’) + jar or jug (‘angos’).

Taken together, peonies and hydrangeas are a container for your joy, wealth, and love—as a couple, and as you grow together.

Spring Bouquet Perfection and Passion: Ranunculus, Roses & Vines

Ranunculus have their own charming mystique, rooted in mythology and a wild, pristine allure behind those ruffled, flashy petals. With a primal draw and edgy exterior that belies a ‘cute’ sensibility, ranunculus speak to the ups and down of all relationships, the highs and the lows. Combined with the passionate connotation of red roses and dark green foliage, such as natural ivy or vines, you have yourself a fiery yet balanced bouquet.     

Lustrous and Bold: Orchids-only Wedding Flowers

Little can truly rival the elegance or the bold, sweeping draw and heightened sensuality of the magnificent orchid. Orchids symbolise fertility. They are a spring flower that walks a fine line between refinement and ostentation, making it the perfect choice if you want to use only one type of blossom in your bridal bouquet. White, pink or fuchsia, or a combination of all three—you can’t go wrong.

There’s Nothing Lovelier Than Lilacs and Asters…

Purple lilacs represent the very beginnings of pure, true love; and white connotes the energy and innocence of youth. Asters, on the other hand, symbolise patience. So enhance a boisterous bouquet of white garden roses or peonies with purple or white lilacs (or both!) and add a finishing touch with asters. The collective meaning is one of tender, compassionate love and understanding that endures for a long, prosperous marriage.

Darling Freesias, Sweetly Scented Sweet Peas

Fragrance and fashion come together in this wedding bouquet. Create additional yellow accents and fragrance by adding chamomile blossoms and jasmine. Sweet peas primarily mean the most exquisite pleasure. Though they also have a secondary meaning of departures…so, in a sense, as you begin your lives together, embarking on a new path, you are in fact making the most joyous of departures.
Freesias, of course, symbolise friendship—and what better friend, if not your best friend, would you want to accompany you on this wondrous journey?

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