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Spring Flowers For Your Dream Wedding and Bridal Bouquet

Picking flowers for your wedding bouquet can sometimes feel like you are having a Goldilocks and the Three Bears moment, sorting through bowl after bowl of porridge and beds that aren’t quite right. Similarly, wedding flowers might be too bright, or not quite the right colour or floral design and style that you had in mind. To help you find the blossoms and bouquet that will be just right, here’s a list and description of popular wedding flowers for inspiration:


Sweet peas. A gorgeous climbing flower that comes in fuchsia, pinks, purples and lavender. A wonderful textural addition for natural and cascading spring wedding bouquets.




Roses. Classic, fiery and elegant, and enduring, roses speak to all aspects of your love. Put them in bridal bouquets, bridesmaid arrangements, table centrepieces and other wedding decor.

Peonies. Feathery and pillow-like softness with a creamy smooth palette, peonies are hard to beat in a popularity contest. Brides just love them in all varieties: white, pink, rose and red.

Ranunculus. Edgy and adorable all at once, a combination that’s made these popular wedding flowers year after year. Multiple layers of petals also create nuance and add complexity to arrangements.

Colours are wide-ranging. Pick from hot hues like yellow, orange and red, cooler shades of purple and light pink, or neutral white and cream tones.

Hydrangeas. Don’t forget about this majestic bunch–exquisite profusions of petals that are fun, beautiful as wedding centrepieces, table decor, and perfect as wedding flowers on a budget. Hydrangeas are definitely a wedding flower favourite.

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