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Tips for organising a corporate event

Event organisation is pretty tricky if you don’t take into consideration some key things. Neglecting to plan in advance is a sure way to create problems. Here are a couple of tips for organising an event that may help you at least a little bit.


Which type of corporate event are you organising?

There are basically two major types of corporate events – internal (for new employees, retirement parties, recognition for employees’ achievements, seminars, etc.) and external (events for clients and the general public). Depending on the type of event, you may want to consider different approaches in planning them, in order to keep expenses and time investment at an optimal level (ex. external events will most probably require a greater commitment of resources that internal events).

Choosing the venue

The intended size and audience are most likely to influence the choice of venue for the event. Company space may be enough, although choosing an outside venue at an attractive location will probably bring a bit of glamour and excitement to everyone attending. A venue large enough to host a bit more than the intended number of people is always better than to end up in a cramped up space.

Food and beverage

Food and beverage are always important when organising an event. After all, all social networking, chatting, discussions, toasts, introductions, usually revolve around a nice glass of champagne (or other drinks), and good choice of food will always contribute to the overall success of a corporate event. Make sure all the major beverage categories are available, with options if possible. If alcohol is going to be served, try to cover everyone’s transportation needs by having designated drivers available, or simply rent professional transport services (limos, vans, taxis, buses). Food should probably be a bit on the extravagant side, to give the occasion a special touch, although moderately (not everyone enjoys every kind of food).

Music and entertainment

Probably the best kind of entertainment is a band of professional musicians whose opus will include classical music and jazz (always a great choice). Naturally, if the event is of a more informal type, a more engaging music choice will work as well. It shouldn’t prevent people from mingling and communicating, but should be loud enough to spread some good vibes around the venue.

Publicity and marketing

Is your corporate event something that should be available to the media? Publicity is always good, and corporate events are great opportunities to deliver a message to the public through the media. Marketing a corporate event is something that’s necessary in order to attract media attention and general public interest, and should be tended to accordingly. Usually, if a corporate event revolved around an official announcement or figure, designating or hiring a speaker would be a great idea. Good event speakers will help capture everyone’s attention and invoke a positive attitude from everyone attending the event.

Evaluate your corporate event

This is a necessary step – make some markers upon which to evaluate a corporate event. How can you tell an event was successful? Well, by defining what you, as the organiser, wanted to achieve. By evaluating your corporate event, you not only get a picture of how close you came to accomplishing your goal, but also get a clearer picture about mistakes that need to be corrected for the next corporate event.

Event decoration

Probably the most important part of organisation is event decoration. Believe it or not, this is one of the things that attendees will remember the most long after the event has passed. Having appropriate decorations can really help the overall success of a corporate event by bringing an aesthetic dimension to be the background of everything else that will be going on. Flower and plant decorations are usually the best choice as they bring life to the event, and create an atmosphere of serenity. Depending on the topic of the event, the choice of flowers and colours will have a big impact. Even though you will probably have a pretty good idea of what you think your event’s decorations ought to look like, sometimes it’s not a bad idea to consult a professional, at least to get an idea of all the possible options that might work.

We hope these tips will help at least a little bit to organise your next successful corporate event. Oh, and by the way, if you need corporate event decorations, please get in touch with us. We’ve got lots of experience and are always looking forward to a new challenge. Join our list of satisfied clients!

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