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Todich Floral Design in Wateraid’s Sanitation Campaign

Many Londoners were caught by surprise when passing by Trafalgar Square yesterday the 8th of September with a  installation raising their awareness for the fact that there is children dying from the lack of sanitation. Campaigners from Wateraid placed 167 spades in the square as a symbol of the number of children dying of diarrhoea every hour. Wateraid’s Head of Campaigns Kate Norgrove explains why they prepared this initiative in the following video:

The subject is not very pleasant and heavy language and phraseology is obviously involved. Words, in the form of floral letters was the contribution from Todich Floral Design to this campaign, the company was asked to prepare the flower letters that composed the phrase “Dig Toilets not Graves” that was used in Trafalgar Square.


To be a part of this and make a contribution you can text “dig” to 88008, call 0800 088 7088 or visit to find out how Wateraid can help.

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