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Todich Floral Design Spring Flowers

With Winter finally breaking, we’ve lots of lovely flowers to look forward to in the upcoming weeks: beautiful Snowdrops – so perfect for buttonholes – and hyacinths – available in this gorgeous fuchsia, alongside a dazzling array of other colours (all beautifully scented)   – that will bloom with the Spring equinox; Muscari – also known as grape hyacinth – will be flowering at the same time as well, which is lovely in bouquets and buttonholes due to its light perfume; then there are pansies, which will brighten up bouquets, vases, and gardens alike with their jewel-like hues – they’re in the same family as violas and violets, which although very similar, have a few marked differences; violets, for example, have smaller heads, whereas violas have fewer petals.

Parrot tulips are a favourite of mine, with their fluffy edges and flamboyantly multi-coloured petals – they’re also like sunflowers in that their heads will seek out the sun.
Double Late Tulips – sometimes known as Peony tulips, named as such due to their aesthetic similarity to peonies – are also incredibly beautiful;  they are available slightly earlier in the season; alongside their cousins, Double Early tulips, which are available slightly. Tulips’ petals and colours change dramatically over the season, so they are really worth looking into – the Single Late tulip, for example, is the tulip that’s available the latest (around Late May) and they come in the widest array of colours and on the longest stems, making them worthy candidates for eye-catching displays.

Dainty primrose have a lovely childlike appeal to them – perfect for a flower girl’s nosegay  – and iris, with their intricately detailed petals and outrageous colour combinations, can really add some pizzazz to designs for brides who really want to make a statement! And, of course daffodils, ready just in time for Easter – with ‘Paperwhite’ narcissi being available now! There are so many flowers and varieties out there, so please feel free to get in contact with us to find out more!

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