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Winter wedding suggestions

purple_wedding.jpgWinter is a very romantic season – just think of snow covered streets, the fireplace, a little champagne, and your loved one cuddled up next to you. Winter is also a great season for having a wedding. We have been getting a lot of inquiries about decorating weddings this winter, so here are just a few ideas of how you can make your winter wedding unforgettable.


White colour imposes itself upon the event not only as the colour of winter, but also as a symbol of elegance. It reminds of freshness and futurism, but also of esteem and purity.

Secondary colours you may want to consider this season are purple and violet, in various tones. They are strong and represent a great contrast with the overall white presence of winter, and also give of a feeling of freshness and vitality.


Decorative elements for a winter wedding are sparkling, glamourous, crystalline, glossy. If roses are used, they should be more open, and seem foamy or sugar sprayed and have the visual effect of natural ice gloss.

Buttonholes made from (fake) fur in pastels are very trendy, and really go well with the winter season.

Bags and muffs are simple, without too much detail, but can be with small bouquets for those who like the natural look.

Tables are decorated with glass like bowls with high stems or with square shaped or cylindrical jars, which are very decorative, filled with gel and coloured pebbles.

Use candles to give the whole event a touch of glamour. Not too many, just enough to bring a little extravagance to the festivity.


Bridal bouquets are made from a single flower – a rose, calla lily or amaryllis. If the bridal bouquet is made as a hanging floral arrangement, then it is very long, maybe even a few yards, touching the floor, with attached dendrobium or stephanotis flowers.

Decorative flowers at the venue should closely follow the colour theme you chose for the bridal bouquet. In this case, purple and violet, maybe a bit lighter tones, just enough to help emphasize the bridal bouquet and the bride and groom as the centre of this festive occasion.

The whole decorative design and service must be well executed to convey an image of perfect balance and harmony on your wedding day this winter. We understand this all to well, and always go the extra mile to ensure nothing is left to chance.

This is just an example of what your winter wedding could be, and we hope we have at least helped you a little bit. Depending on your inspiration, you may come up with a very different vision. Whatever you choose to do, we at Todich Floral Design always work with you to provide the design and service that is coherent with your vision of a perfect wedding.

Getting married this winter? Get in touch with us and find out how we can make your dream wedding come true.

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