Office Flowers and Plants

Office flower arrangements and green plant displays add a whole new dimension to your corporate enviroment. Find out how office flowers and plants for your workspace can have a positive effect on your business.

Office flowers and plants are useful for decorating indoor and outdoor spaces. But have you ever thought of the additional effects they might have? You might be wondering whether corporate flowers in your London office will enhance or impede your work process.

Recent studies have shown that stress in the office is anything but conducive to work, the more stressed you are the less productive you are. It’s a matter of quality versus quantity; someone doing a lot of work is not necessarily doing good work. So what’s the solution? To calm down, of course!

How can this be done? A lot of office flowers and plants! In fact, it has been shown that we have a biological need to have greenery in our surroundings.

The first benefit is that green itself is a calming colour, whether you have a few potted plants, office floral arrangements with green foliage or corporate displays, you will instantly have something soothing to look at when you are taking that stressful conference call.

The greenery in your office will make new employees feel more at ease, old employees feel calmer and new clients will feel more invited.

One great example of a potted corporate flower that you could introduce to your office this season is the peony. This flower is delicate with numerous small red buds that burst with positive energy and they are framed by lovely green foliage. This flower represents joy and optimism, a feeling you want everyone to have whether in or out of the office. According feng shui practices this flower draws in good relationships, which is never a drawback in the office.

The air in some office spaces can be quite stuffy and hard to bare; green office plants can change these difficulties in an instant. Office workers often complain of headaches and difficulty breathing. Placing a few plants around the office will ensure better air circulation. The moisture emitted by the office plants will ensure the London office air is not dry and stuffy and new customers will be entering into a fresh and inviting environment.

It is not only about what corporate plants and office flowers give out in the work place but also about what they absorb. Plants and flowers also draw in toxins found in the air; Making the office all the more pleasant to work in.

Sometimes, office spaces can be hard-edged and rather bland. Most companies do not want to give off a cold air. Corporate flowers and plants can really work well in softening up the hard metals and glass found in an office space.

Office Florist in London Todich Floral Design

If you are looking to bring more green into the office, Todich Floral Design is a corporate florist in London with a team of experts that can help you get your space decorated exactly the way you desire, with the highest degree of efficiency and professionalism. Through our services you can have your business space decorated weekly, with fresh and innovative office flower arrangements.

Sometimes the office can become a second home so why not make it more comfortable and calming with a little bit of green corporate flower arrangements?