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Exclusive, Traditional & Loving Family-focused Wedding with Gorgeous Bouquets and Wedding Flowers at the Queen Mary Undercroft

August 30th, 2018

A stunning bride, designer wedding flowers and wedding reception flower designs were exquisitely matched for this winter wedding in London at the Queen Mary Undercroft, by the Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich. The classically lavish and historical setting offered a delightful backdrop to the parents and proud family of the bride and groom. The bride’s vision and our London florists’ wedding flower ideas for winter were perfectly complemented by the majestic stone columns, a complete built-in bar, large dance floor and vaulted ceilings from which hung romantically lit crystal chandeliers. Here, in an atmosphere of elegance, their beautiful ceremony was followed by dancing, fine music and a catered reception.       

We probably have to take something of a breather after such a breathtaking and gorgeous display of wedding flowers! Not to mention the outpouring of love, family pride, display after display of flower arrangements for weddings…and oh, yes, all the fun! We witnessed a lot at this bride and groom’s wedding, and here it is–or at least as much as we were able to capture!–for you to appreciate and feel inspired.  

On the day of the wedding, the main hall at Queen Mary Undercroft, located at the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich, was decorated with crystal, crisp white tablecloth and parchment stationery, and of course fabulous wedding centrepieces. The flower arrangements at the reception for this wedding were made from Baby’s Breath (or gypsophila) flowers, arranged with eucalyptus, and displayed simply in wine bottles placed and centred at guests’ tables.

The bridal bouquet was a dreamy sight indeed composed of sweet avalanche roses, Duchesse Nemo white peonies, White irises, Baby’s Breath and eucalyptus. Every one of the wedding flowers ideas were carefully planned and discussed beforehand. Bride and groom were able to share their wedding arrangements ideas with expert designers and London wedding florists. And each aspect, every wedding flower, bridal bouquet types and colour were purposeful in detail, including the bride’s flowers, her bridesmaid bouquets and the wedding reception flower designs.


Top tip from an expert…

“Wedding flowers can consume a large part of your wedding day budget, so it is important to select flowers that reflect the theme or colour palette of your day. The use of flowers in your wedding day also can reflect the personality of the couple, purity and happiness.

Once you have selected your colour palette, you can then decide on wedding flowers within your budget. Roses and orchids are popular for brides-to-be and come in most colours but can be expensive and colour availability would depend on your florist.” – Natalie Churchill, Only Dream Dresses


Often, couples choose wedding flowers by wedding season, and by bringing their own ideas, history, special memories and personalities into the equation, wedding flower decorations are always unique. Something extra special and touching to behold about these wedding flowers and decorations was how the couple mingled special moments in with the wedding reception flowers.

Entering the reception hall after the ceremony, wine bottles were displayed on each table, each filled with delicate sprays and sweet clusters of Baby’s Breath wedding flowers, because the groom had proposed to the bride while they were on holiday at a vineyard in France. Also, in honour of the bride’s mum, White Irises were used in both the bridal bouquet and other floral designs for the wedding reception.  
If you love elegant simplicity, classic pastel wedding flowers decoration, traditional bridal bouquets and white wedding flower design, then ask us more about this London wedding at the Queen Mary Undercroft.

Summer Wedding Spectacular and Wedding Flowers Galore at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel

August 20th, 2018

Our ecstatic and lovely bride and groom Tara and Simon were overjoyed to celebrate their summer wedding with a glamorous reception at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel at Harrington Gardens, Kensington in London. We adored every piece of their June wedding decor. For this couple’s wedding reception design there were a range of lushly textured white blossoms with green foliage and blue accents. It was perfect, from the flowers for bridal bouquets, the bride and groom’s table and wedding centrepieces, to the dashing silhouette cut-outs on their cake. MR. & MRS. in exquisite calligraphy, while a figure of the groom swept up his bride, lifting her into the air for a kiss.



The wedding flowers design reception was held in the conservatory, a gorgeous setting that received plenty of natural light, crisp and bright and full of the latest floral fashion, with modern accents and this summer’s best wedding decor. Props like martini vases, large clear urn style vases and clear plinths meshed a contemporary aesthetic with some of our favourite classical elements. It left an open view of a blue sky and surrounding architecture.  

Our designs created for the bridal bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets, floral buttonholes and corsages and the flower girl’s pomander–she was adorable!–all captivated guests’ attention. The bountifully bright wedding flowers bouquet designs and flowers on plinths behind the top table brought an ethereal lightness and regal sensibility to the celebration. Roses, Baby’s Breath and orchids found their way into top table design even after the ceremony, for divine wedding reception flowers. It carried over the joy and love of our bride and groom who were all too happy at their table looking out at friends and family and appreciating their wedding decor. Then, it was wonderful to see them share that romantic first dance!
The wedding flowers used were part of a largely monochromatic palette—white like pure sunshine, clouds spread thin like stretched cotton, sprawled across a blue summer sky. Table design flower arrangements and wedding centrepieces incorporated white oriental lilies, white avalanche roses, Baby’s Breath (or gypsophila), spray roses, purple and blue tone dendrobium orchids and mixed green foliage. With bride and groom at the top table, sitting in appreciation and high style and clear adoration of each others’ company, there was simply nothing better. It was all we could have wished for in the perfect summer wedding.

Abundance of Wedding Flowers, Sunshine & Joy for a Perfect Spring Wedding at The Century Club, Shaftesbury Avenue, Soho, London

August 8th, 2018

A beautiful spring afternoon and an abundance of wedding flowers greeted the overjoyed couple for their Century Club wedding, Shaftesbury Ave, in Soho. Early spring is always a wonderful time for wedding flowers by season but this was a particularly beautiful, joyous and picturesque wedding venue with cerulean blue skies, visible buds, new blooms and greenery complementing the grounds. Wedding reception decorations matched perfectly with the blend of traditional and modern, as the venue is situated adjacent to St. Anne’s Church. Pure bright light poured in through windows, illuminating wedding flowers and the absolutely stunning bride alike, for a ceremony that left guests, close friends and family touched and rapt as she strode down the aisle.


Wedding bouquet designs and fresh bride bridal bouquets are no easy task, but at Todich Floral Design we rise to occasion for every one of couples. Every blossom in place and petal and piece of foliage is worth it. For these Century Club wedding flowers we worked closely with the bride to design a beautifully arranged bridal bouquet. Flowers for bridal bouquets here were David Austin Patience roses, white lisianthus, wavy and vibrantly clustered Veronica flowers and olive foliage. After the bridal florist put together this stunning floral arrangement, the bride herself borrowed a precious family heirloom–a beautiful brooch–that was added to the ribbon.

Complementing the bridal flowers to perfection on this sunny spring afternoon, the bridesmaid bouquets were just as they should be. Top designer wedding flowers in London were part of the process and discussion with the bride leading up to her wedding day. She and the florist selected from several favourite bridesmaid designs, and in the end chose large head white avalanche roses with olive foliage.

Because of the delightful weather, the wedding party and guests were able to enjoy the outdoors. Members of the wedding party were exquisitely dressed, with wedding flowers buttonholes and wedding corsages to match the bride’s flower choices and other wedding reception decorations. Snippets of conversation, laughter, compliments to bride and groom and guests wishing them well could be heard before the wedding ceremony.

Soon it was time for the ceremony to begin. The wedding flowers ideas were a combination of crisp, classic spring bouquets, accouterments, candle light and modern wedding arrangements, popularly seen in church decorations for weddings in London.

As the bride walked the aisle there was a stunning backdrop of wedding flower decorations. These were created from a mixture of vintage bottles and jars hanging from the high ceiling, which had been filled with rose heads and candles. A magic, romantic glow to light her way! More wedding flowers lanterns decorated the aisle, along with candles and freshly scattered rose petals. The bride was smiling and so were we as she approached the altar to be greeted by her groom.
What more could you ask of wedding flowers? And a ceremony designed to perfection.

If you're using this wedding as inspiration for your own. Allana Frisken, Wedding Planner for Darling Don't Panic advises  "You do not need to have flowers absolutely everywhere at your wedding to make the space look great. Strategically placed lower arrangements are a great way to add flowers to tables without overwhelming the space. You could also add other styling elements such as candles, table runners or even copies of your favourite books to get a fantastic look. Speak with your florist or stylist about how to achieve your desired look while still keeping within your budget."

"Having beautfiul, fresh flowers at a wedding can have more than just a visual effect, they have the ability to lighten mood and improve happiness." – Aodhan MacCathmhaoil,

Please get in touch if you would like to ask questions about this wedding at The Century Club, designer London wedding flowers, or wedding flowers prices from Todich Floral Design.

Fantastic Ceremony, Wedding Flowers, A Stunning London Bride & Surreal Historic Landscape at Syon House

August 4th, 2018

Over 400 years of history and art, designer wedding decor and grandeur awaited bride and groom. The stunningly elegant and historic estate at Syon House offered the bucolic escape and romance of a country home, the perfect backdrop for their early spring wedding flowers, and an ideal environment for guests to stroll, dance, celebrate and appreciate the rich and venerable grounds that have been host to Kings and Queens, Grand Dukes and Duchesses, and many other distinguished party-goers throughout the centuries. What better way to honour your love and celebrate your wedding day?


The couple picked Syon House as their wedding venue because of its classic interiors, surrounding park, exquisite gardens, and distinguished space for their wedding ceremony space. They requested designer wedding flowers London flower markets could provide and locally sourced.

As the ceremony commenced, the sun had already begun to dip in the sky, though the bride and grooms’ smiles were easy to see. The bride’s dress was an immaculate white, the bouquet for the bride and bridesmaid flowers stood out brightly, full of colour, and the wedding party stood fashionably dressed, in wedding corsages and floral buttonholes, to either side. They watched on as the bride made her way up the aisle.

After the ceremony, it was then just a short walk to the lavish, wedding flower bedecked halls for what turned out to be a stunningly majestic reception. (It is also worth noting that Syon, with its elegant country feel, is not at all far from the London’s centre.)

The bride and groom chose several classic wedding props for the ceremony and complements to their wedding reception decorations. Mirrored plinths glinted, catching the last rays of sunlight that passed through white gallery framed windows. Classic statues and busts added to the regal atmosphere. Large clear vases contained candles mixed with rose petals, and clear cylindrical vases with lit candles were displayed along the aisle, trailing cascades of foliage, scattered flower petals and blossoms.  

For her bridal bouquet and bridesmaid flowers, the bride chose among Sarah Bernhard pink peonies, Red Naomi roses, Jasmine, White Ranunculus, Pale Pink Duchess roses, White Sweet Williams, White Avalanche roses and an assortment of foliage. What a treat indeed. Wedding centrepieces took inspiration and borrowed from this same flower selection, always a good idea if you have a specific wedding flowers budget, as most couples do (our London florists and wedding flowers budget planner worked closely to match palettes and complementary blossoms).

Wedding centrepieces incorporated pink wedding flowers, as well as vibrant coral wedding flowers–popular in spring–and they trailed soft ruscus, viburnum, parvifolia and hedera. These blended beautifully with the ambiance and wedding flowers designs at the dinner reception, where our London wedding florists had created and positioned the low cylindrical vases, containing candles, so that they appeared to float and glow within.

From the outset we knew it would be a wonderful, special wedding at a special venue. Still, the fine weather, unparallelled scenery, a gorgeous bride and effortless grace–as she danced across the room with her new husband–was no less delightful.

Corsages and Buttonholes for Weddings London Couples Can’t Believe!

July 5th, 2018

Wedding buttonhole ideas for your dream wedding don’t have to be an ordeal! Nor do beautiful wedding flowers for buttonholes have to be hard to come by. Start with the basics, then build up from there. Follow these buttonhole and corsage tips, including pointers on wedding trends, corsage styles and wedding buttonhole designs. Bride and groom, and every member of your wedding party will be unforgettably dressed for your special day


If it’s buttonholes for weddings in London, then you’ve come to the right place. Todich Floral Design sets a high standard for every component of your wedding, from the bride’s flowers and the glamorous wedding centrepieces, down to the last stem and petal in your wedding decor.

Buttonholes for weddings in London and the UK can go according to wedding flowers by season, be matched up with your other wedding flowers, and you can always figure out ways to keep wedding buttonholes and corsages in line with your overall wedding budget.

Wedding buttonholes, also known as boutonnieres (from the French), are traditionally worn over the left breast lapel for the groom and groomsmen. Buttonhole flower ideas can really include include a wide range! Some of the more popular, fashionable blossoms at the moment are ivory roses, miniature pink roses, sweet pea flowers, and lilac flowers for accents.

Other ways to finish floral buttonholes and corsages can include Baby’s breath flowers (gypsophilia), rosemary for an aromatic flare, lots of natural style or rustic wedding flowers, and parchment paper or twine wrapping.

For brides’ wedding corsages, bridesmaids and even wedding corsages for mothers you will find an equally fabulous if not more stunning array of corsage flowers and finishing touches. There is always the option for something more elaborate or leaning toward the simpler side. It is really up to you, what your preferences are, and what other flowers you have chosen for your wedding.

If you want basic corsages ideas that cover essential flower styles and colour combinations, try dark pink roses, bi-coloured pink and white roses, peach and cream colour combos, or purple and lavender two tones. All of these are beautiful spring wedding flowers, or work equally well for early summer weddings. Round out or add a colour pop to your buttonholes and corsages ideas with lisianthus or astrantia floral accents, wax flowers, as well as tiny additions of greenery and foliage.

There are also whole assortments of more exotic and somewhat wilder, more natural flowers that fit perfectly into wedding flowers buttonholes and wedding corsages worn for spring weddings and natural themed weddings. They also come out beautifully in photographs taken at outdoor receptions and rustic or countryside venues.

Calla lilies, wild grasses and mother of pearl (or shiny pins and buttons) blend into a floral buttonhole with an extravagantly fey appearance. Orchid corsages as well as pale pink or red rose wedding corsages can be paired up with loops of wild grasses, bunched profusions of foliage, and smaller wildflowers for a lush and cascading effect.

Colourful, Inspirational June Wedding Flowers Ideas And Designer Wedding Flowers London Couples Can’t Get Enough Of

June 28th, 2018

You might be feeling a little leftover sense of giddiness from the Royal wedding, or inspired to figure out the best wedding designs. But what are the trendiest June wedding flowers available? Wedding flowers in the UK aren’t always easy when there are so many wedding flowers ideas out there, not to mention London florists to choose from. Finding designer wedding flowers in London can be made simpler (and less expensive!) if you know what to look for. Here’s a step-by-step guide to truly meaningful wedding flowers in June and personalised wedding reception decor!

Flowers are all around us and sometimes we forget. But for your wedding flowers they can provide a rich source of inspiration and wedding flowers ideas. Where have you and your partner gone on holiday? Do you have a special restaurant or place in the city for date night? Is there a person in your family you wish to honor on your wedding day?

Consider going on a London flowers tour. Take a stroll through the city and visit some of the most stunning, historic and beautifully manicured parks in the world. Flower gardens, flower shows and flower markets can be a source of designer wedding flowers London florists use in your bridal bouquets, wedding centrepieces and wedding reception decor.

Since you’re bound to find a lot of bulbs and blossoms showing up in summer, think about wedding flowers by season as a way to plan your wedding flowers budget. June, July and August wedding flowers can fill your wedding reception designs with a warmth, a brightness, and a range of colours unique to the summer wedding season.

Your wedding flowers colours in the month of June can vary, but here are a few quick wedding tips to guide your picks for flowers and inspire your palette combinations.

Dahlias, in all their vibrant hues, especially orange and red, are a wedding flower that comes to prominence in early summer and sticks around until autumn.

Carnations are fun—with a festive air, frilly texture and so many bi-coloured varieties that let you play and get creative with your wedding flowers decorations. They’re also great if you’re seeking wedding flowers on a budget.
Camellias. Something sensual, lovely, and full of allure in these wedding flowers. Find them in red, cream and pink varieties. Try pairing camellias in your wedding bouquets with roses or calla lilies.

Don’t Miss These! 5 Fantastic Tips For Autumn Brides

June 10th, 2018

It might be summer for the time being but autumn is practically upon us. Of course it is not here just yet, and it might be a strange thing to think about, but before you know it there will be cooler temperatures, warmer clothes, hot toddies, pumpkin ale, spiced wine and–yes, it’s true!–autumn weddings. We love all weddings and times of year. But there is no doubt that autumn is one of our favourite wedding seasons at Todich Floral Design- and we’re not the only ones who love it!

Sarah Tottle, a Corporate Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Writer, says: “Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere often signifies a new season. This feeling comes from the fact that from a very young age, Autumn is associated with new starts, new school years and new beginnings. This perfectly sums up a wedding. It’s the start of something new and brides embarking on this journey can reflect this new beginning in the choices they make for their big day. This can be reflected in what they choose to wear, setting the scene, and even the location. It’s not uncommon for brides to want to rock a new look; to glam up when they don’t usually, and to do things differently on their wedding day.

“I’d recommend brides choose a theme that is congruent with who they are, to not be afraid to do something bold so long as it sits well with them, and to even think about what the colours they choose represent too.”

Read on to find out why and see our 5 fantastic tips for planning your autumn wedding


Really Take Advantage Of The Autumn Outdoors

As long as you and your beloved dress appropriately, there is no reason not to take full advantage of a fine, beautiful autumn backdrop, as long as you remember to add a few layers of clothing and advise guests to dress warmly.

As long as you have that (and yourselves) covered, be sure to take lots of outdoor wedding photos in country settings, with bare trees and branches and blue skies, or have a photography session in and around London.

“Weather permitting, you might also consider an outdoor cocktail reception.” – I Heart NYC

Don’t Be Afraid To Embrace Autumn Colours

There is a lot more happening with autumn colour schemes than people typically think. In reality there is a expansive, sweeping array of hues and shades at your disposal. You are not stuck with orange and yellow, but can actually luxuriate in paler tints of beige, gold and silver and bronze, and champagne. All offer a vibrant alternative. And if you want something that really speaks to a more sensual sensibility, then go for burgundy, mauve, matte pink, blush and lavender colour palettes. They will pair especially well with lighter greens, dark green, and light red.

Katarina Matekalo, Event Stylist at Decorations by Jelena, adds: “One of my top tips for autumn brides is to allow your stylist to incorporate the natural textures and colours that are in abundance this time of year to create the most wow for your wedding. Also, the sunset tones in the florals can be accentuated by using complimentary neutral tones in the rest of the styling such as neutral table linens, and clean simple lines for ceremony furniture.”

Use These Seasonal Autumn Flowers In Bouquets

Autumn brides also have some breathtaking options when it comes to flowers used for centrepieces, bridal bouquets, and buttonholes for the groom and his groomsmen (don’t want the men to feel left out!), so there is no need to fret.

“Choose from purple and lavender flowers, such as asters and purple Peruvian lilies. Then there are dahlias,  orange and gold gerberas, chrysanthemums, Calla lilies, and more!” – Detail Central

Delve Into A World Of Autumnal Decorations

Autumnal accouterments and wedding adornments are abound. You’re not limited to bales of hay and using dry leaves to decorate the aisles, either. Crab apples, acorns, wheat and lit candles make festive, warm, luminous additions to centrepieces. You may also find a way to use gourds and small pumpkins around traditional vases.

When it comes to decorating your wedding venue,

Jacqueline Alliss, Founder of Appy Wedding, says it’s vital to keep everything consistent. She says: “Take some time to determine your overall wedding vision! Determining your vision will allow you to stay consistent throughout your theme. For example, your wedding table styling should be consistent with all other areas of your wedding, like your ceremony furniture, floral design and stationery suite.”

Feature Favourite Autumn Foods

“You don’t need to dig that deep into the larder to come up with some delicious seasonal autumn dishes and recipes to serve at your wedding.” –  Da Ricardo’s

Remember to ask your caterer about pumpkin soup, fruit and nut tarts that use plums, dates and figs, savoury pasta dishes, and roasted vegetables.

“Don’t forget to add a bright little touch to the menu, too, for colour and flavour, with some edible flowers.” – Joanna Wells, Taylor Wells

Another tip from Dorothy Polka from Polka Dot Bride has is to make the most of the season! She says: “Look for a venue that shelters both you and your guests from the cold. Serve up hot drinks (mulled wine, anyone?) and consider warming touches like reception venues with roaring fires to create a cosy atmosphere.”

Intimate, Elegant and Unforgettable: Wedding Reception Design at the London Mayfair Hotel

June 9th, 2018

At Todich Floral Design, multiple award-winning London florist, we have 20+ years of expert wedding flowers design experience and offer stunning wedding centrepieces, decor, bridal bouquets and wedding flowers London couples use to create the wedding of their dreams. This May, for a fabulously stunning spring wedding, our team of wedding florists helped plan, design and deliver designer wedding decor at the Dartmouth House in London’s Mayfair hotel. Wedding reception design at this London venue were beyond special. Exclusive. Intimate. Unforgettable. Now you can see them for yourself.    




The overjoyed couple and their guests were met by wedding flowers everywhere, throughout the beautiful rooms and matching perfectly the noble splendour of a classic London mansion. Extravagant, luxurious and full of elegance, the Dartmouth House at the Mayfair hotel in London was the best setting for this gorgeous spring wedding.

The team of flower design specialists drew from an array of design options to produce table wedding decoration with flowers, wedding centrepieces of tall and slender crystal vases, wedding bouquets supported by stone pedestals, silver, and broadly flowing wedding flowers arrangements, all prominently placed and carefully displayed by wedding designers at Todich Floral Design.      

Exquisite & Elegant Wedding Reception Design

In the style of a French Chateau, the Dartmouth House made the ideal venue for wedding reception flowers. Bride and groom were more than pleased after working with a wedding florist who presented choices and guidance in flower colours, floral trends, wedding flower bouquets style and design. Sometimes, it can get overwhelming! But we were able to go through several great options and wedding flowers ideas to help the happy couple decide which would be best for their wedding.

Floral designs for wedding receptions should both complement the chosen venue and bring to life the bride and groom’s vision for their special day. At the Dartmouth House, the mansion boasts a grand marble staircases, chandeliers, a private courtyard and beautiful grand hall. Other wedding reception decor was simple, modern and yet tastefully matched to the Old World grace and elegance like ornate fixtures, furnishings and crystal surrounds of the Mayfair Hotel.   

Lush Spring and Summer Wedding Centrepieces

With abundant experience, dedication and commitment to clients our team has become London’s wedding flowers design reception experts. The beautiful wedding flowers ideas came to life as bouquets of roses–pink roses, cream and white roses, and more, all surrounded by lush greenery to complement the warm wood tones, classic beige, green and cream pastels of Dartmouth House interior.

Some clients are understandably concerned about wedding flowers cost. To help keep these bouquets within our couples’ wedding flowers budget we were able to provide fresh variations. This added nuance to the different types of wedding bouquets and wedding reception designs displayed throughout the venue, whether it was a colourfully packed globe of flowers for a wedding centrepiece, table decor, or a more natural and cascading wedding flowers bouquet. Bride and groom especially loved the large, striking wedding flowers arrangement greeting guests when they arrived. And of course we were happy to hear it!

Harness the Summer Season for Your Business: Office Displays and Corporate Flowers Arrangements

May 30th, 2018

We’re all excited about summer. It is a season I love for its energy, the bright colours, and the summer-specific creative designs we incorporate into our floral displays. For corporate clients it is a wonderful opportunity to showcase their products and services, market to new customers, and harness a portion of the seasonal excitement–not to mention take advantage of the incredible array of in-season flowers and arrangements we have to offer.

There are many reasons to add greenery to your office. As Andy Baxter, MD and Green Design Expert at Internet Gardener explains: “The future of office design is green. Bringing the outside in is growing in popularity every year with businesses realising the vast benefits nature and plants can have on productivity and wellbeing as well as showing off their eco-friendly side to potential clients, employees and guests.

“Studies every year prove that having plants and greenery in a work setting, whether full office or home desk, improves productivity in people whatever they’re working on. Businesses are now often turning to biophilic design, often incorporating living walls. These often take form in wall sections covered in plants, artificial or genuine, or vines, with pockets of grass and moss that grow into the wall. Brightly coloured plants poke out of holes and grow to change the wall’s design over time.

“Plants have also been proven to produce a calming atmosphere which can be integral to many high-pressured offices.”

Felicity from Advanced Commercial Interiors says: “When it comes to creating a beautiful office space, it can be easy to overdo it with the floral arrangements. Getting the right ratio of space and flowers can be a very personal thing, but from experience, we’ve found the old adage; ‘less is more’ really is true. While designing an office space we’ll sometimes add small details like flowers just to give the client an idea of what the space could look like. In doing this, we’ll usually opt for a large focal piece that creates a somewhat natural feel that contrasts a modern, contemporary workspace. This contrast often evokes a personable feel an inspires clients to follow suit.

“Looking for summer office flowers is something that might take longer than you think. But looking for something that follows your company colour scheme can be a starting point. Lilies are versatile, they’ll stand both by themselves or as part of an arrangement which means they’re a great choice.”

Raeleen Kaesehagen from Mud Putty also adds: “Floral arrangements soften the office, making it feel more welcoming, fresh and visually appealing.  My advice would be to choose easy to manage plants that look great, such as succulents.”

Attention Grabbing Outdoor Floral Designs

“Outdoor fresh flowers displays, doorway flowers and even restaurant and store window displays, are even more important in the summertime. Shoppers commuters and passerby are drawn in by striking fresh flowers arrangements. But what makes the biggest impression? I think simplicity is important. Complementary colours, one or two blossoms, foliage in a heavy vase or urn can go a very long way.” – Joe Adler, Yoghurt Digital

Large Table Arrangements and Bright Flower Bouquets

Large table arrangements are often part of a customer or clients first impression, whether he or she is walking into your lobby, waiting area, or the front of your restaurant. For summer, I love branches. I love blossoms. I think this season you can see classic arrangements, such as roses and ranunculus with filler flowers, as well as minimalist arrangements that make perfect use of just a few tall, enticing tropical flowers.

Unique interior planting ideas

Add some interest to your office by thinking of alternative planters for your interior planting displays. Parveen Dhaliwal from Inspiring Landscape Solutions says: “Ladders make lovely plant stands which can be filled up and are especially good for tight spots. Some other ideas for appropriate and interesting decor include hanging planters and textural and uniquely shaped pots and pot stands. You can also incorporate room dividers using systems like the Schiavello wall or install a living vertical garden.”

“If you have pillars or posts in your office that are in desperate need of some decoration, consider adding some life to the room with some greenery by wrapping the pillars with a vine plant, such as the bright and leafy Pothos (“Epipremnum aureum”). They’re hardy and also help purify the air, keeping your office fresh.” – Georgia Budden,

English Garden Corporate Flowers Theme with Miniature Trellis, Ivy, White and Yellow English Roses

Did you know it was possible to dress up your cubicle? The miniature trellis is perfect to hang English ivy, fresh cut flowers, or silk flowers if you want something you can leave up as permanent decoration, for summer and year round.

Hydrangeas and Cascading Green Foliage

Hydrangeas are extravagant. They are exuberant. They are some of my favourite flowering shrubs to use in summer arrangements. Their clustered blossoms are versatile and easy to arrange. Combining them with cascading green foliage is perfect for one end of a front desk or a large table reception in a reception area.

Professional and Welcoming Reception with Indoor Plants and Modern Stylish Vases

What’s an easy way to make clients, guests, and colleagues feel at home? Or maintain a comfortable environment for customers? Ivy, flowering shrubs, succulents, potted plants and bonsai trees are my top picks for indoor plants. And Indoor plants provide a host of other benefits, from cleaner air and less stress to more moderate air temperatures. All of which make a big difference during the summer.

Wide Corridor Areas with Large Potted Shrubs, Bushes and Miniature Trees

Bring some part of summer inside by turning your office space into greener space. Miniature rose bushes, azaleas, philodendron, ficus, giant snake plants–any one of these large potted indoor plants won’t require too much effort to maintain.

Classic Fishbowl Arrangements and Ceramic to China Vases

Fish bowl arrangements, flowers in simple vases–these are the small touches that can make a big impression on the people who come in contact with your business, before you even exchange words. Wild bright green grasses wrapped around the circumference of the bowl add colour and texture. You can float whole rose blossoms, or just the petals. Lotus flowers are a classic choice. Calla lilies swirled around the bowl are another popular selection.

Hotel Lobby Centre Floral Table Display

How will you handle a first impression on guests and VIPs? Summer flowers are naturally bold, bright, ecstatic. They help you make a statement, naturally. Hydrangeas, delphiniums, striking orchids, or large arrays of roses, dahlias and monochrome peony arrangements are some of my flower displays for hotels and lobbies.

Lift, Lobby, Hallway and Hotel Foyer Arrangements: Succulents and Orchids

These are two somewhat opposite approaches. Succulents are subtle, varied, soothing and can tend to blend into the background, complementing your existing decor and atmosphere without competing for attention. Meanwhile, orchids are elegant, alluring, and depending on which colour you choose–pink, fuchsia, magenta or purple, even a classic bright white–they can really stand out. What you pick depends on the look and feel of your business.

Still, succulents and orchids arrangements can function as the perfect accent, like a bridge between the lobby and guests’ rooms, in hallways, by lifts and waiting areas.

Real or artificial plants?

JM from RFP Magazine says: “People are very keen to put flowers in offices nowadays, but they still need to be aware of factors such as who is responsible for the plants, where will they go, how many you will have, and whether they can they block views if you put them in windows.

“On the positive side, flowers add a pleasing visual aspect to a dull and dreary offices and there are health benefits associated with plants. They clean the air by removing dust, toxins and other bad things from the air.

“Artificial plants have also become more popular, and they come without the babysitting elements of real plants, so can get them imported for really lazy offices!”

Spring Flowers For Your Dream Wedding and Bridal Bouquet

April 10th, 2018

Picking flowers for your wedding bouquet can sometimes feel like you are having a Goldilocks and the Three Bears moment, sorting through bowl after bowl of porridge and beds that aren’t quite right. Similarly, wedding flowers might be too bright, or not quite the right colour or floral design and style that you had in mind. When choosing your perfect wedding bouquet, Kali Brumpton, Head Wedding Planner at Gabbinbar Homestead, also advises: Choose colours that compliment your skin tone and wedding gown. Also, you will have to carry your bouquet down the aisle and for photos for a couple of hours so make sure it’s not going to be too heavy!”

To help you find the blossoms and bouquet that will be just right, here’s a list and description of popular wedding flowers for inspiration:


Sweet peas. A gorgeous climbing flower that comes in fuchsia, pinks, purples and lavender. A wonderful textural addition for natural and cascading spring wedding bouquets.




Roses. Classic, fiery and elegant, and enduring, roses speak to all aspects of your love. Put them in bridal bouquets, bridesmaid arrangements, table centrepieces and other wedding decor.

Peonies. Feathery and pillow-like softness with a creamy smooth palette, peonies are hard to beat in a popularity contest. Brides just love them in all varieties: white, pink, rose and red.

Ranunculus. Edgy and adorable all at once, a combination that’s made these popular wedding flowers year after year. Multiple layers of petals also create nuance and add complexity to arrangements.

Colours are wide-ranging. Pick from hot hues like yellow, orange and red, cooler shades of purple and light pink, or neutral white and cream tones.

Hydrangeas. Don’t forget about this majestic bunch–exquisite profusions of petals that are fun, beautiful as wedding centrepieces, table decor, and perfect as wedding flowers on a budget. Hydrangeas are definitely a wedding flower favourite.