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Footwear made from leaves and flowers

Plants and flowers always seem to be in the root (no pun intended) of every fashion trend, as we’ve seen in the example of designer dresses inspired partly by exotic flowers. This time we’d like to direct your attention towards a remarkable collection of photographs of shoes and accessories designed exclusively from plants and flowers. We can”t wear any of these, but it would be great if we could. The collection is part of Michel Tcherevkoff’s portfolio of photos and is called “Shoe Fleur: A Footwear Fantasy”. It has been exhibited in New York in 2007, and is now available on display in Paris, June through August 2008.




The idea came about while working on on a shoot for a client, and was captivated by a prop and the way a leaf followed the contour of a shoe. He spent the next couple of hours of the evening contemplating on this and ended up playing with plant’s forms, its shapes, bending and twisting, to produce these wonderful creations.


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