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Corsages and Buttonholes for Weddings London Couples Can’t Believe!

July 5th, 2018

Wedding buttonhole ideas for your dream wedding don’t have to be an ordeal! Nor do beautiful wedding flowers for buttonholes have to be hard to come by. Start with the basics, then build up from there. Follow these buttonhole and corsage tips, including pointers on wedding trends, corsage styles and wedding buttonhole designs. Bride and groom, and every member of your wedding party will be unforgettably dressed for your special day


If it’s buttonholes for weddings in London, then you’ve come to the right place. Todich Floral Design sets a high standard for every component of your wedding, from the bride’s flowers and the glamorous wedding centrepieces, down to the last stem and petal in your wedding decor.

Buttonholes for weddings in London and the UK can go according to wedding flowers by season, be matched up with your other wedding flowers, and you can always figure out ways to keep wedding buttonholes and corsages in line with your overall wedding budget.

Wedding buttonholes, also known as boutonnieres (from the French), are traditionally worn over the left breast lapel for the groom and groomsmen. Buttonhole flower ideas can really include include a wide range! Some of the more popular, fashionable blossoms at the moment are ivory roses, miniature pink roses, sweet pea flowers, and lilac flowers for accents.

Other ways to finish floral buttonholes and corsages can include Baby’s breath flowers (gypsophilia), rosemary for an aromatic flare, lots of natural style or rustic wedding flowers, and parchment paper or twine wrapping.

For brides’ wedding corsages, bridesmaids and even wedding corsages for mothers you will find an equally fabulous if not more stunning array of corsage flowers and finishing touches. There is always the option for something more elaborate or leaning toward the simpler side. It is really up to you, what your preferences are, and what other flowers you have chosen for your wedding.

If you want basic corsages ideas that cover essential flower styles and colour combinations, try dark pink roses, bi-coloured pink and white roses, peach and cream colour combos, or purple and lavender two tones. All of these are beautiful spring wedding flowers, or work equally well for early summer weddings. Round out or add a colour pop to your buttonholes and corsages ideas with lisianthus or astrantia floral accents, wax flowers, as well as tiny additions of greenery and foliage.   

There are also whole assortments of more exotic and somewhat wilder, more natural flowers that fit perfectly into wedding flowers buttonholes and wedding corsages worn for spring weddings and natural themed weddings. They also come out beautifully in photographs taken at outdoor receptions and rustic or countryside venues.

Calla lilies, wild grasses and mother of pearl (or shiny pins and buttons) blend into a floral buttonhole with an extravagantly fey appearance. Orchid corsages as well as pale pink or red rose wedding corsages can be paired up with loops of wild grasses, bunched profusions of foliage, and smaller wildflowers for a lush and cascading effect.

Colourful, Inspirational June Wedding Flowers Ideas And Designer Wedding Flowers London Couples Can’t Get Enough Of

June 28th, 2018

You might be feeling a little leftover sense of giddiness from the Royal wedding, or inspired to figure out the best wedding designs. But what are the trendiest June wedding flowers available? Wedding flowers in the UK aren’t always easy when there are so many wedding flowers ideas out there, not to mention London florists to choose from. Finding designer wedding flowers in London can be made simpler (and less expensive!) if you know what to look for. Here’s a step-by-step guide to truly meaningful wedding flowers in June and personalised wedding reception decor!

Flowers are all around us and sometimes we forget. But for your wedding flowers they can provide a rich source of inspiration and wedding flowers ideas. Where have you and your partner gone on holiday? Do you have a special restaurant or place in the city for date night? Is there a person in your family you wish to honor on your wedding day?

Consider going on a London flowers tour. Take a stroll through the city and visit some of the most stunning, historic and beautifully manicured parks in the world. Flower gardens, flower shows and flower markets can be a source of designer wedding flowers London florists use in your bridal bouquets, wedding centrepieces and wedding reception decor.

Since you’re bound to find a lot of bulbs and blossoms showing up in summer, think about wedding flowers by season as a way to plan your wedding flowers budget. June, July and August wedding flowers can fill your wedding reception designs with a warmth, a brightness, and a range of colours unique to the summer wedding season.

Your wedding flowers colours in the month of June can vary, but here are a few quick wedding tips to guide your picks for flowers and inspire your palette combinations.

Dahlias, in all their vibrant hues, especially orange and red, are a wedding flower that comes to prominence in early summer and sticks around until autumn.

Carnations are fun—with a festive air, frilly texture and so many bi-coloured varieties that let you play and get creative with your wedding flowers decorations. They’re also great if you’re seeking wedding flowers on a budget.
Camellias. Something sensual, lovely, and full of allure in these wedding flowers. Find them in red, cream and pink varieties. Try pairing camellias in your wedding bouquets with roses or calla lilies.

Don’t Miss These! 5 Fantastic Tips For Autumn Brides

June 10th, 2018

It might be summer for the time being but autumn is practically upon us. Of course it is not here just yet, and it might be a strange thing to think about, but before you know it there will be cooler temperatures, warmer clothes, hot toddies, pumpkin ale, spiced wine and–yes, it’s true!–autumn weddings. We love all weddings and times of year. But there is no doubt that autumn is one of our favourite wedding seasons at Todich Floral Design. Read on to find out why and see our 5 fantastic tips for planning your autumn wedding


Really Take Advantage Of The Autumn Outdoors

As long as you and your beloved dress appropriately, there is no reason not to take full advantage of a fine, beautiful autumn backdrop, as long as you remember to add a few layers of clothing and advise guests to dress warmly.

As long as you have that (and yourselves) covered, be sure to take lots of outdoor wedding photos in country settings, with bare trees and branches and blue skies, or have a photography session in and around London. Weather permitting, you might also consider an outdoor cocktail reception.  

Don't Be Afraid To Embrace Autumn Colours

There is a lot more happening with autumn colour schemes than people typically think. In reality there is a expansive, sweeping array of hues and shades at your disposal. You are not stuck with orange and yellow, but can actually luxuriate in paler tints of beige, gold and silver and bronze, and champagne. All offer a vibrant alternative. And if you want something that really speaks to a more sensual sensibility, then go for burgundy, mauve, matte pink, blush and lavender colour palettes. They will pair especially well with lighter greens, dark green, and light red.

Use These Seasonal Autumn Flowers In Bouquets

Autumn brides also have some breathtaking options when it comes to flowers used for centrepieces, bridal bouquets, and buttonholes for the groom and his groomsmen (don't want the men to feel left out!), so there is no need to fret.

Choose from purple and lavender flowers, such as asters and purple Peruvian lilies. Then there are dahlias,  orange and gold gerberas, chrysanthemums, Calla lilies, and more!

Delve Into A World Of Autumnal Decorations

Autumnal accouterments and wedding adornments are abound. You're not limited to bales of hay and using dry leaves to decorate the aisles, either. Crab apples, acorns, wheat and lit candles make festive, warm, luminous additions to centrepieces. You may also find a way to use gourds and small pumpkins around traditional vases.

Feature Favourite Autumn Foods

You don't need to dig that deep into the larder to come up with some delicious seasonal autumn dishes and recipes to serve at your wedding. Remember to ask your caterer about pumpkin soup, fruit and nut tarts that use plums, dates and figs, savoury pasta dishes, and roasted vegetables.

Don't forget to add a bright little touch to the menu, too, for colour and flavour, with some edible flowers.

Intimate, Elegant and Unforgettable: Wedding Reception Design at the London Mayfair Hotel

June 9th, 2018

At Todich Floral Design, multiple award-winning London florist, we have 20+ years of expert wedding flowers design experience and offer stunning wedding centrepieces, decor, bridal bouquets and wedding flowers London couples use to create the wedding of their dreams. This May, for a fabulously stunning spring wedding, our team of wedding florists helped plan, design and deliver designer wedding decor at the Dartmouth House in London’s Mayfair hotel. Wedding reception design at this London venue were beyond special. Exclusive. Intimate. Unforgettable. Now you can see them for yourself.    




The overjoyed couple and their guests were met by wedding flowers everywhere, throughout the beautiful rooms and matching perfectly the noble splendour of a classic London mansion. Extravagant, luxurious and full of elegance, the Dartmouth House at the Mayfair hotel in London was the best setting for this gorgeous spring wedding.

The team of flower design specialists drew from an array of design options to produce table wedding decoration with flowers, wedding centrepieces of tall and slender crystal vases, wedding bouquets supported by stone pedestals, silver, and broadly flowing wedding flowers arrangements, all prominently placed and carefully displayed by wedding designers at Todich Floral Design.      

Exquisite & Elegant Wedding Reception Design

In the style of a French Chateau, the Dartmouth House made the ideal venue for wedding reception flowers. Bride and groom were more than pleased after working with a wedding florist who presented choices and guidance in flower colours, floral trends, wedding flower bouquets style and design. Sometimes, it can get overwhelming! But we were able to go through several great options and wedding flowers ideas to help the happy couple decide which would be best for their wedding.

Floral designs for wedding receptions should both complement the chosen venue and bring to life the bride and groom’s vision for their special day. At the Dartmouth House, the mansion boasts a grand marble staircases, chandeliers, a private courtyard and beautiful grand hall. Other wedding reception decor was simple, modern and yet tastefully matched to the Old World grace and elegance like ornate fixtures, furnishings and crystal surrounds of the Mayfair Hotel.   

Lush Spring and Summer Wedding Centrepieces

With abundant experience, dedication and commitment to clients our team has become London’s wedding flowers design reception experts. The beautiful wedding flowers ideas came to life as bouquets of roses–pink roses, cream and white roses, and more, all surrounded by lush greenery to complement the warm wood tones, classic beige, green and cream pastels of Dartmouth House interior.

Some clients are understandably concerned about wedding flowers cost. To help keep these bouquets within our couples’ wedding flowers budget we were able to provide fresh variations. This added nuance to the different types of wedding bouquets and wedding reception designs displayed throughout the venue, whether it was a colourfully packed globe of flowers for a wedding centrepiece, table decor, or a more natural and cascading wedding flowers bouquet. Bride and groom especially loved the large, striking wedding flowers arrangement greeting guests when they arrived. And of course we were happy to hear it!

Harness the Summer Season for Your Business: Office Displays and Corporate Flowers Arrangements

May 30th, 2018

We’re all excited about summer. It is a season I love for its energy, the bright colours, and the summer-specific creative designs we incorporate into our floral displays. For corporate clients it is a wonderful opportunity to showcase their products and services, market to new customers, and harness a portion of the seasonal excitement–not to mention take advantage of the incredible array of in-season flowers and arrangements we have to offer   

Attention Grabbing Outdoor Floral Designs 

Outdoor fresh flowers displays, doorway flowers and even restaurant and store window displays, are even more important in the summertime. Shoppers commuters and passerby are drawn in by striking fresh flowers arrangements. But what makes the biggest impression? I think simplicity is important. Complementary colours, one or two blossoms, foliage in a heavy vase or urn can go a very long way.

Large Table Arrangements and Bright Flower Bouquets

Large table arrangements are often part of a customer or clients first impression, whether he or she is walking into your lobby, waiting area, or the front of your restaurant. For summer, I love branches. I love blossoms. I think this season you can see classic arrangements, such as roses and ranunculus with filler flowers, as well as minimalist arrangements that make perfect use of just a few tall, enticing tropical flowers.

English Garden Corporate Flowers Theme with Miniature Trellis, Ivy, White and Yellow English Roses 

Did you know it was possible to dress up your cubicle? The miniature trellis is perfect to hang English ivy, fresh cut flowers, or silk flowers if you want something you can leave up as permanent decoration, for summer and year round.

Hydrangeas and Cascading Green Foliage 

Hydrangeas are extravagant. They are exuberant. They are some of my favourite flowering shrubs to use in summer arrangements. Their clustered blossoms are versatile and easy to arrange. Combining them with cascading green foliage is perfect for one end of a front desk or a large table reception in a reception area.

Professional and Welcoming Reception with Indoor Plants and Modern Stylish Vases 

What’s an easy way to make clients, guests, and colleagues feel at home? Or maintain a comfortable environment for customers? Ivy, flowering shrubs, succulents, potted plants and bonsai trees are my top picks for indoor plants. And Indoor plants provide a host of other benefits, from cleaner air and less stress to more moderate air temperatures. All of which make a big difference during the summer.

Wide Corridor Areas with Large Potted Shrubs, Bushes and Miniature Trees 

Bring some part of summer inside by turning your office space into greener space. Miniature rose bushes, azaleas, philodendron, ficus, giant snake plants–any one of these large potted indoor plants won’t require too much effort to maintain.  

Classic Fishbowl Arrangements and Ceramic to China Vases 

Fish bowl arrangements, flowers in simple vases–these are the small touches that can make a big impression on the people who come in contact with your business, before you even exchange words. Wild bright green grasses wrapped around the circumference of the bowl add colour and texture. You can float whole rose blossoms, or just the petals. Lotus flowers are a classic choice. Calla lilies swirled around the bowl are another popular selection.

Hotel Lobby Centre Floral Table Display 

How will you handle a first impression on guests and VIPs? Summer flowers are naturally bold, bright, ecstatic. They help you make a statement, naturally. Hydrangeas, delphiniums, striking orchids, or large arrays of roses, dahlias and monochrome peony arrangements are some of my flower displays for hotels and lobbies.

Lift, Lobby, Hallway and Hotel Foyer Arrangements: Succulents and Orchids 

These are two somewhat opposite approaches. Succulents are subtle, varied, soothing and can tend to blend into the background, complementing your existing decor and atmosphere without competing for attention. Meanwhile, orchids are elegant, alluring, and depending on which colour you choose–pink, fuchsia, magenta or purple, even a classic bright white–they can really stand out. What you pick depends on the look and feel of your business.

Still, succulents and orchids arrangements can function as the perfect accent, like a bridge between the lobby and guests’ rooms, in hallways, by lifts and waiting areas.

Spring Flowers For Your Dream Wedding and Bridal Bouquet

April 10th, 2018

Picking flowers for your wedding bouquet can sometimes feel like you are having a Goldilocks and the Three Bears moment, sorting through bowl after bowl of porridge and beds that aren’t quite right. Similarly, wedding flowers might be too bright, or not quite the right colour or floral design and style that you had in mind. To help you find the blossoms and bouquet that will be just right, here’s a list and description of popular wedding flowers for inspiration:


Sweet peas. A gorgeous climbing flower that comes in fuchsia, pinks, purples and lavender. A wonderful textural addition for natural and cascading spring wedding bouquets.




Roses. Classic, fiery and elegant, and enduring, roses speak to all aspects of your love. Put them in bridal bouquets, bridesmaid arrangements, table centrepieces and other wedding decor.

Peonies. Feathery and pillow-like softness with a creamy smooth palette, peonies are hard to beat in a popularity contest. Brides just love them in all varieties: white, pink, rose and red.

Ranunculus. Edgy and adorable all at once, a combination that’s made these popular wedding flowers year after year. Multiple layers of petals also create nuance and add complexity to arrangements.

Colours are wide-ranging. Pick from hot hues like yellow, orange and red, cooler shades of purple and light pink, or neutral white and cream tones.

Hydrangeas. Don’t forget about this majestic bunch–exquisite profusions of petals that are fun, beautiful as wedding centrepieces, table decor, and perfect as wedding flowers on a budget. Hydrangeas are definitely a wedding flower favourite.

4 Super Helpful Yet Simple Tips to Perfect Your Spring Wedding

March 10th, 2018

Now that spring has arrived, it is probably a good time to review what’s essential for your wedding when it comes to flowers, venue, and table decorations. See what spring wedding trends and exquisite florals Todich Floral Design has to offer


Get the MostFrom Colours and Flowers of Spring

Everything is in bloom. Bright, beautiful blossoms are showing up in all sorts of floral displays and you want to put them all in your wedding. Of course you have lots of choices. Go white-on-white with magnolias or hydrangeas. Try shades of pink tulips, lilacs, or ranunculus. Or creamy, pastel peonies.

Take Advantage of the Weather

Weather is always a factor, particularly if your heart is set on an outdoor wedding. But even for winter and fall weddings, you need to account for extra layers and guests who might be travelling from afar or between ceremony and celebration venue.

Fortunately, with warmer temperatures, you can have a wedding at midday or evening, indoors or outside.

Have Fun with Table Decorations

Be sure to bring up wedding themes and floral styles with your wedding florist. Incorporate garden party themes, succulents as wedding decor, creative vases, and much more.

Brighter Days, Brighter Bouquets, and More Wedding Pptions in General

With longer and brighter days, it’s natural to let some of the season’s palette and hues find their way into your wedding bouquet and decor. Mix and match your in-season flowers. With the help of a wedding florist like Todich Floral Design, you can have your wedding on a budget by creatively using stems in bridal bouquets, bridesmaid flowers, table decorations and wedding centrepieces.

Winter Wedding Trends For 2018: Winter Flowers Galore and Snow Crystals at Your Wedding!

February 7th, 2018

Inspirational winter wedding centrepiece flowers and snow crystal floral arrangements for weddings are a beautiful way to realise the winter wedding of your dreams, while dazzling all your family and friends, too! For January and February weddings you, try white flowers, warm lights, frosted greenery and more. Here are some exciting wedding decor ideas and winter themes to get you started

Shine All Afternoon and Into the Evening at Your Wedding Reception, With the Lights of Winter

Use the lights of winter to give your wedding decor a magical glow. Whether you have an afternoon wedding reception or a more formal evening affair for your wedding, the soft warmth of lights to complement your flower arrangements creates the ideal wintry atmosphere.

Tea lights set alongside table runners, old fashioned lamps, glitter that is sprinkled across white tablecloth–these are small yet delightful touches to bring your decor to life. Also popular among brides are flickering candles and antique candelabra arranged on guests’ tables, and festive lights strung through the reception.

Such bright, joyful lights glow and enhance the warmth of your celebration, playing out as the perfect complements to your snow crystal wedding decor.

Winter Wedding Flowers for a Snowy, Dreamy and Mesmerising effect

White votive roses pair wonderfully with candle light and other candle-lit flower arrangements. The golden light shed onto the soft white petals offers a buttery hue and richly felt display that you can use for the ceremony itself and the reception after.

Red roses introduce the element of passion. Romantic love can be both pure and fiery, so if you want to give a nod to both aspects of your future lives together–then, by all means, talk with your wedding florist about a mixed red and white rose bouquet!

What other winter wedding flower ideas are out there? Queen Anne's lace, paper whites (narcissus), ranunculus, peonies in white and peach and lavender, and pink wedding flowers. These are beautiful church flowers for a wedding as well as easily incorporated into floral designs for wedding receptions.

Greenery and foliage such as dusty miller plant, eucalyptus leaves, lavender and tied bundles of aromatic sage, even succulents, can create the impression and allure of that first frost of winter.

Winter Wedding Flowers Themes and Colour Schemes

More festive and elegant winter wedding themes play up gold, majestic purple shades and metallics, with dark purple and burnt orange wedding flowers. In the meanwhile, contemporary classic styles of wedding palettes fall in line with crisp whites, ash and grey hues, as well as light crystalline shades of aqua blue wedding flowers and green to mimic ice.

The winter wonderland wedding theme uses snow crystal effects in a number of ways. Frosty branches in glass or crystal bases can be turned into gorgeous centrepieces. Pussy willow branches, pine cones spray painted gold, silver or bronze, and glitter scattered across the boughs of pine boughs can fill the air with that special winter ambiance you have always dreamt of.

Lovely English Wedding Flowers, London Holiday Floral Arrangements!

December 26th, 2017

Don’t you find it just lovely looking around London during the holidays? It’s so much fun, taking in all of the beautiful holiday flower displays, the Christmas flowers, the hotel lobby decorations and shops decorated with wreaths and poinsettia plants and lots of other winter flower arrangements. It is a beautiful time of the year, that’s for sure! As English Wedding Awards 2017 winner for Florist of the Year, we at Todich Floral Design want to share some of our favourite wedding flowers that are popping up all over this holiday season

Popular Bridal Bouquet Flowers and Blossoms Found in Holiday Displays

There is bound to be some overlap, right? Weddings, Christmas parties at home, events, holiday parties in the office–some people want their favourite flowers for every occasion. And we don’t blame them!

Roses, roses, roses. Who can resist? Roses feel right in all seasons, and for so many occasions. At your wedding, they symbolise and celebrate your love. And all winter long, on Christmas and around New Year’s, you can allow their warmth to linger.

Dhalia’s, darling, they’re marvellous! Precious, regal and captivating, dhalias are delightful and daring all at once, with petals that point and flare outward. White, blush, pastels, peach and pink, and creamy yellow shades from your bouquet design can also decorate your home around the holidays.

Paper whites, the prettiest little crowd-pleasers. These are tiny little petals you just won’t want to look away from–paper whites, also known as narcissus, are dainty and delicate as a snowfall.

Best Wedding Flowers Used as Christmas Centrepieces

Bouquet design is always a hot topic for discussion (one that you will want to have early on with your wedding florist), especially since year-round and seasonal wedding flowers can be ordered in groups or bundles that complement your other flower arrangements. Getting an accurate stem count and a sense for the number of blossoms in a centrepiece, your bridal bouquet, your bridesmaids bouquets and other wedding decor for your big day, will all help you keep within your budget.

If you have a favourite, flashy wedding centrepiece design, why not use some of them at home for Christmas centrepieces? Fancy to simple wedding decor ideas you have already covered with your wedding florist are a wonderful way to bring some excitement back home, and allow yourself the joy of decorating for the holidays without the added stresses of prolonged brainstorming and losing hours (days!) sifting through your best friends’ Instagrams and Pinterest walls…

If you consider yourself traditional, or just really need something that says ‘Christmas!’ then try a red roses bouquet, a classic wreath, or a Christmas flower arrangement in a woven wicker basket. Pine cones, white candles, decorative angels, ribbon, baubles and your own favourite gold, silver or emerald ornaments are the crowning touches.

Events Flowers: Wedding Florals Doubling as Decorations for Your New Year’s Celebration

Similarly, you may use some of those same wedding decor ideas and centrepiece flowers at New Year’s. What better way to celebrate your first, new year together?

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Fun, Festive and Merry: How to Make Floral Tapestries and Flower Earrings for the Holidays

December 22nd, 2017

Looking to tap into your creative side this season? Decorate for Christmas and the holidays? Flower petal earrings and floral tapestries are the answer. This holiday art project is totally kid friendly and lots of fun for adults as well. It combines home decor, floral fashion and festive, seasonal flowers to make for an enjoyable Christmas Day activity or something you can do together as a family. And here's how

Trendy Christmas Flower Displays

Below are the winter flowers and indoor plants we love, which will make beautiful additions when their leaves and petals are strung as earrings or transformed into a beautiful, twirling floral tapestry:

Poinsettia plants are classic, red and white roses play up traditional Christmas colour schemes, and of course mistletoe and holly berries are the flowers we are accustomed to seeing on Christmas. It is a sign of the season–rightly so!–as these indoor plants and holiday flowers bring many of us back to cherished family memories and the joyous celebrations of years past. Still, there is a modern, trendy and fashionable way for you and your friends to incorporate these familiar blossoms into new, bright displays.

Winter Flowers and Holiday Floral Arrangements

If you want to decorate with flowers on a budget or find cheap Christmas flowers gifts, consider ‘borrowing’ a few blossoms from a larger floral display you happen to already have (or see if a friend won't mind you taking a flower or two, then make a pair of flower earnings or tiny tapestry in return). Of course you can do the same thing if you decide to order flowers online.

How to Make Your Wintry Floral Tapestry and Flower Earrings for Christmas

The supplies you will need are flowers (of course!), the backs from a pair of earrings, headpins, hot glue, string, and a small wire cutter or jewellers pliers (the kid friendly part of this project, by the way, is the choosing and sorting of blossoms and flower petals).

Take your flower heads or individual petals and pierce them with the pin. Then cut the pin so there is about one centimetre sticking out. Clean this off with an alcohol wipe or dipped cotton ball. If you are making earrings, simply apply the earring backs to the exposed portion of the shortened pin, and you have yourself a pair of fresh flower earrings for Christmas!

If you want to make a tapestry, you can either thread your petals through, as with a needle and thread, or glue each one individually to the string. Make sure you measure out your string, think about the height and width you want for your tapestry, and plan where you will to hang it up for maximum effect.

Decorated Christmas Tree Earrings and Mini Wreaths

Want to add a little extra to your Christmas tapestry? Make your earrings that much more adorable, with a brash evergreen twist. Try adding a mini wreath or sprig of holly berries to your line of petals.