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A September to Remember! Our Autumn Wedding Flowers

We are proud to announce that our Autumn wedding bookings are going through the roof this year! We have recently noticed a growing trend towards Autumn weddings and we are pleased to announce that we have created a new range of floral designs ready for the new season.
Traditionally we have found that brides used to go for summer sunshine on their special day; but now we are finding that there has recently been a move towards the ‘cheaper-to-book slots’ later on in the year.
We believe that as a result of the busy London events and continuous rain that many couples have started to “think outside the box” and are now planning to marry in September, October or even
November, extending
the thriving wedding season well into the
autumn months. Head Wedding Consultant Laura Fisher says that ‘Opting to have a wedding in the autumn season gives a whole new choice of variety for bridals bouquets and venue decorations, the new seasons means that new flowers and colours are readily available’. Our florists have put together a special selection of autumn designs which includes a colour palette of warmer tones and suits many different styles.

Our floral buyers have also noticed that Orchids have become much cheaper and are more readily available at this time of year; our autumn portfolio includes cymbidium orchids, amaryllis and other flowering bulbs which are all now available to order on their online catalogue on our sister site


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