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Season’s Best Hotel and Private Event Floral Design

Private event floral design and event flower design is a year round endeavor. Every event florist knows that each season is unique, with flowers specific to festivals and holiday celebrations, or birthday flowers attached to certain months. Corporate florists and specialists in hotel flowers or hotel plants also use their flower arrangements and floral art to mirror moods created by weather and landscape, themes unique to special occasions (like new or lasting love at a wedding or anniversary), and embody the spirit of a particular season.

Autumn floral arrangements - Restaurant flowers and hotel flowers london UK by top event florist and corporate florist in London Todich Floral Design LTDWhen people think of event flowers or private events—including expert florists and floral designers—they are often searching for a design that is bold yet elegant, or subdued and perhaps slightly provocative to the eye. This can be achieved through balance of colour and texture; different petal shapes, method of arrangement, foliage, and complimentary colours (magenta and pinks, yellow and white, red roses in a brown wicker basket, or with seasonal and green foliage). Event florists in London seek to evoke or inspire a particular mood without the event flowers starkly standing out, or becoming garish, even, and ultimately detract from the overall effect of the private event. It takes skill, experience and true dedication to floral art as well as event floral design to excel and stir up excitement for any type of customer or occasion—be it a private event, a business interested in corporate displays or office flowers, or clients in the hospitality industry, interested in flowers for restaurants or hotels.

Hotel flowers and flowers for restaurants. Autumn flower arrangements by top event florist and corporate florist in London, UK. Season’s Best Hotel and Private Event Floral DesignAt Todich Floral Design we like to be bold and inventive, enhancing the overall mood with corporate arrangementsprivate events flowers, as well as with hotel flowers and bar flowers and plants. Whether you come to us as a restaurant florist, corporate florist, or event florist, every single surface is an opportunity. Table centrepieces, table runners, chairs, bridal bouquets, buttonholes and corsages are all ways to incorporate flower colours and unique patterns into your event, to beautify and commemorate the occasion for everyone who is present.Todich Floral Design is an event florist in London that specializes in a variety of different events, ranging from private events to corporate displays. Corporate plants and office flowers, wedding flowers, party event flowers, Christmas decorations and cultural flower arrangements are just some of the different varieties of flower design we specialize in. No matter type of event or type of flower arrangement you choose, however, they guarantee to brighten up the room in which they are displayed, add joy to a given occasion or enliven the space and experience for whomever is passing by.

There are some common conceptions—and possible misconceptions—when it comes to event flower design. Because the spring and summer months are so much brighter, warmer and a little more buoyant when it comes to the effect they have on our mood, people often gravitate toward summer and spring seasonal flowers, or exotic arrangements and themes in event floral design. Think of tulip, calla lilies and hydrangea flower arrangements, found in spring bouquets, or gerberas daisies and sunflowers in the summertime. These are beautiful and special aesthetically, to be sure, but the discerning, creative eye of event florists can find what’s pleasing, and ways to accentuate the shades and shapes of different flowers, in any type of seasonal arrangement.

Autumn flower design. Restauran and bar flowers. Event flowers and corporate flower arrangements. Hotel flowers and hotel plants by Todich Floral Design LTDThe truth is that autumn—and soon to be winter—have seasonal themes and floral designs which are just as wonderful as those belonging to the brighter and warmer months. And, perhaps surprisingly for some, much of the familiar floral art and same types of blossoms from summer or spring can be seen in autumn and winter flower arrangements. Colours, textures and the mood evoked by a bouquet, centrepiece or corporate display, can be repurposed within each season. The most innovative florists behind event flower design have a way of incorporating colour and theme into fresh, new pieces that match every event, setting or special occasion.

Autumn is full of warm colours—orange, reds and yellows—and earthy tones, especially in late September and early October. Bi-color roses blend the different elements of a warm palette. Red or yellow chrysanthemums in full bloom provide a distinct, ruffled texture for any corporate display, bouquet, or a striking first greeting for patrons (when it comes to restaurant plants and hotel flowers). Sunflowers and gerberas daisies combine the best of both worlds. Sunflowers, with their large, feathered yellow petals and, by contrast, a dark, solid centre, balance the colours and the textures of autumn. The earthier colours of autumn, mostly browns and dark greens, can be emphasized in wicker basket arrangements and dried flower arrangements—which mimic the crisp, idyllic look and leaves that have fallen from trees. They also use autumn foliage such as ivy and green buds. Some autumn flower arrangements even use golden wheat, multicoloured maize husks (yellow and black, or maroon and brown), or birds’ feathers to simultaneously accentuate the earth tones and brighten the overall effect of the arrangement.

Autumn arrangementsAnother seasonally appropriate and popular way to bring out autumnal themes in flower arrangements is to trade out the traditional vase or flower bouquet for something that is more rustic in style. Woven baskets, hollowed out pumpkins or gourds, and cornucopia styled holders can achieve this effect and make great centrepieces or table decoration. These pieces evoke the ideas and motifs of a warm hearth, joyfulness and abundance, and the harvest season. Wide tallow candles, pumpkin scented candles, and in-season fruits, such as brown pears or apples, also work well in autumn arrangements, and offer a more stimulating experience, beyond the visual, through the opportunity to taste and smell.

At Todich Floral Design, we take advantage of the wide-ranging autumn colours and unique foliage for the season, coming up with the best floral design for any event, be it private, personal or professional, and in all types of flower displays and designs. Our event flowers are a gorgeous enhancement and addition for any occasion!

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