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Office Garden, Autumn Shades

As summer draws to an end and autumns cool, windy weather takes its place, its the perfect time o capture the very essence of autumn, and turn your office space into one that’s warm and cosy with our spectacular collection of autumn inspired flower arrangements. 

However, bringing flowers into the workplace isn’t just important for making your workplace feel welcoming and look great; it also boosts productivity. As Michael Gasperenas from Pure House Cleaning, explains: “Flowers and plants in the workplace can inject a sense of happiness amongst employees. It’s a simple investment that can improve the overall wellness within a business.

“In terms of decor, the aesthetic appeal will motivate staff to work more productively in the workplace. For functional plants, improved air quality can reduce illness and boost worker productivity for the business by 12.5%.”

Kayla Mossuto, Founder of social enterprise Crema Joe, adds: “There is plenty of evidence to suggest that plants boost productivity in employees, and we’ve certainly found that, in general, they have helped us to create a more relaxed environment in the workplace, which has allowed our team to engage in more creative thinking.”

Shaun Zen, Manager at My Sweet Yard, explains how plants help to purify the air to boost peoples’ health and happiness. He says: “Most offices are full of electronic equipment, such as computers and printers. These release formaldehyde and radiation, which are potentially bad for our health. Fortunately, plants are great at absorbing dust and formaldehyde from the air, as well as reducing noise and preventing radiation.”

There is a vast array of striking flowers that distinctively capture the beauty of the autumn season. Autumns flowers come in rich, vibrant shades of golden yellows, browns oranges and reds, vivid shades which add warmth and a cosy feel to indoor space. As the weather becomes colder and less forgiven, it’s the perfect time to invite the feelings of warmth and homeliness to your office space with vibrant corporate flowers and office plants.

Autumn arrangements

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A quintessential element, berries incorporates autumn, beautifully when arranged with autumn flowers, adding texture, colour and a unique element to floral corporate displays, and double up as great focal points. These beautiful berries add an earthy feel to corporate flower arrangements.

Leave nothing to waste, autumn leaves gradual change from green to golden browns, reds, orange and yellow are distinct reminders of the new season and symbolise autumn perfectly. Integrate these rich shades into your office flowers, to bring the warmth and joys of autumn indoors. Its variant shades add plenty of depth and surprise as no two leaves are the same colour.

If you’re not ready to let go of summer just yet, why not hang on to the joys of summer and ease yourself into the new season by incorporating late blooming summer flowers into your office flower displays, for a brighter arrangement that pops with office florists London.

There are a number of flowers and plants unique to autumn,  many which form bespoke floral displays that inject brightness and warmth into office spaces, take a look at some autumn flowers that make exquisite corporate flower displays .

Calla Lilies. Orange Calla lilies warm colours accent floral displays perfectly,  beautifully conjuring the spirit of autumn. Display alone or pair with other autumn flowers for a beautiful office arrangement.

Dahlias. Dahlias are striking flowers that have made a comeback and are set to increase in popularity this season. Whether you teach for deep reds, muted purples or plums, dahlias rich autumn shades and full figure make them fitting flowers in flower bouquets.

Double Perennial. Double perennial flowers are gorgeous looking plants that come in vibrant pink as well as other autumn shades and flower in the summer and autumn months. It’s rich shades work beautifully to add a splash of colour of office flower arrangements.

Roses. For the autumn season, garden roses in burnt orange and forest green foliage make stunning buttonholes for groomsmen to wear. However, if you’re looking to move away from autumns earthy tones and keep it bright, roses in bright orange, red or dark yellow work just as well. Match with berries for added texture.

Salvias. Are beautiful clustered flowers that come in purple. Saves vibrant shades looks striking on its own and work just as well to add texture, height and volume to autumn flower arrangements.

Aster. Country gardens are full of asters at this time of year, a striking autumn flower, asters comes in shades of pink, blue, purple and white and works well to add vibrancy to autumns earthy floral tones.

Sage. If you’re looking to add texture and contrast to autumn’s vibrant shades, Sage will help you do just that. A mass of airy blue flowers and silvery like foliage, sage is the perfect addition to add character and a sweet scent to office flower arrangements.

Tibouchina. Tibouchina are beautiful, delicate flowers available in radiant purple and grow in the summer and autumn months. These beautiful flowers add vibrancy to floral arrangements will work perfectly to brighten up office spaces.

Camellia. These striking purple flowers often announce the start of autumn, its full figure and vibrant shades make a gorgeous addition to autumn earthy coloured floral arrangements.

Chrysanthemum. These delightful plants are wonderful full figured autumn blooms that comes in an array of shades. Its unique form and vibrant shades adds bold splashes of colour to flower bouquets and decorate indoor spaces beautifully.

Sunflowers. For sunnier, more cheery shades, how about an arrangement of vibrant sunflowers, paired with wine, roses, red Gerberas and green chrysanthemums? Sunflowers allow you to hold onto summers bright shades and play around with autumns warm tones.

Hibiscus. Are wonderful delicate autumn looking flowers, with large petals that come in rich shades. These beautiful flowers make great office bouquets and inject plenty of colour to complimenting autumn flower arrangements beautifully

Hyssop. This striking flower bloom beautifully through the summer and autumn, have a gorgeous scent and come in a lavender hue amongst others. Add Hyssop to corporate flower arrangements for added height, texture and vibrancy.

Autumn flowers, warm shades, dispel the notion of gloomy autumn weather instantly and brighten dreary indoor spaces, cheering up all those around. Place displays in focal points like reception spaces, staff rooms and other shared open spaces. Alternatively reach for exotic flower arrangements to remind you of summers warmer climates.

Office flowers are great for adding cheer and new dimensions to corporate environments. What’s more office flowers add beauty to trap looking corporate environments and creates a welcoming atmosphere. London corporate florist, Todich Floral Designs are carefully created to fit your individual requirements and the flowers, autumn shades are sure to add warmth to your office space.

With a weekly supply of office flowers, seasonal vases to enhance flower arrangements and office spaces and a maintenance service amongst others, office florist Todich Floral Design takes care of all your autumn flower needs.

Autumn flowers hotel

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