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How to Create the Perfect Boho Wedding

Boho (short for bohemian) weddings have become very popular over the last few years – with a focus on rustic, DIY aesthetics to create a charming but less formal event. Celebrities like Kate Moss have really popularised the trend which celebrates romantic but unfussy embellishments like flower crowns, flowing dresses, country fête style food and decorations and unstructured, colourful floral bouquets and displays. This style works especially well for spring and summer weddings where a celebration can be held outdoors – in a beautiful garden, festival-style in a field or even on the beach. Take a look at these ideas for the dress, bouquets, floral decorations and venue to make the perfect boho wedding.

cascading wedding bouquets summer wedding bouquets

Wedding Dress

A boho wedding dress doesn’t need acres of silk and taffeta, a full skirt or traditional necklines: the look is much more about unstructured beauty, a relaxed but beautiful design that doesn’t constrict movement but will still wow the guests.  Pretty details like lace works very well in boho wedding dress styles – whether a full-length overlay or as an embellishment on sleeves and necklines.

But really, anything goes. Don’t be afraid of spaghetti straps and shorter lengths, especially for a summer wedding. You could even be really daring and go for a split in the skirt, or choose a cropped top and high waisted A-line skirt. A great source of inspiration is 60s and 70s hippie style: think of bell sleeves and off-shoulder designs, floral print, ribbon and jewel details.

Veils come in many different styles and lengths – from 1940s bird cage veils to full length styles. For a boho look the lacy mantilla veil or romantic Juliet cap veils are perfect choices. These soft, delicate styles are unfussy but elegant, and pair perfectly with full-length wedding dresses in simple, steam-lined designs. Or a great boho alternative to a veil is a flower headdress added to a band or comb.

Bridal Bouquets

Spring and summer flowers like roses, daisies and sunflowers are perfect for boho wedding bouquets as they bring bursts of colour whilst looking pretty and relaxed. A cascading bouquet of full pink blooms and trailing greenery creates a romantic, sumptuous look while still being laid back and bohemian – as if just freshly gathered from the woods! Peonies are a very popular flower for rustic weddings as they add rich colours and full shapes, and pair well with with woodland inspired plants and greenery and traditional flowers like roses – for example, rich red peonies and pale yellow roses. For greenery, think outside the box: ivy, ferns, succulents and even wilder touches like thistles create interesting textures and fresh colours to a bouquet. Take a look at these bridal bouquet styles for more inspiration.

Adding flowers to your hair is also a gorgeous way to create a boho look. Create a flower crown from your favourite flowers (perhaps ranunculus or roses to create colour and romance), or wind flowers into your hair, whether in an unstructured up-do, a long braid, or hair could be worn loose and flowers wound into a head band. Smaller flowers, like individual hydrangea blooms, and wildflowers like forget-me-nots and daises, are perfect for this look. Ivy and peach rose clips are a beautiful way to add flowers to the bride and bridesmaids hair.

Wedding Floral Decorations

For a spring wedding, pink and white blossom is a perfect choice for floral decorations – whether as centrepieces or snipped down so they can be added to smaller vases for the tables. Baby’s breath, sweet peas, stocks and wildflowers all make perfect boho flowers – they’re delicate and unfussy, and come in a variety of pretty colours. Vessels, too, don’t have to be formal: search antique shops and flea markets to find different shapes and colours of bottles and jars, add blooms to vintage coffee containers or decorate jars with ribbons, twine and lace.

A boho centrepiece doesn’t have to be elaborate: a bouquet of bountiful blooms will make the perfect table decoration. Almost-black chrysanthemums, dots of ruby roses and multi-textured foliage make a perfect rustic floral centrepiece, or a bouquet of just one bloom could work very well. Hydrangeas, peonies, sunflowers, hyacinths and roses can all make brilliant boho wedding table decorations.

Flowers can be added to a wedding cake to create a truly pretty and unusual look. Whether pink roses scattered on a layered jam and cream sponge or a more traditional design of pastel roses garnishing a classic tiered cake, flowers can bring colour and beauty to any wedding traditions- think outside the box!

Wedding Venue Ideas

There’s no need for a formal or traditional venue for a boho wedding – the whole affair is rustic, fun and laid back. A barn can be the perfect setting as it can be decked out in the style that suits the bride and bridegroom. Fairy-lights, personalised decorations and wedding flowers will transform a space into a magical setting for a perfect wedding. For an urban alternative, a warehouse can be styled in much the same way and if friends and family are based in a city, this could be a great way to ensure everyone can make it.

Outdoor spaces are perfect for a boho wedding – if a little risky in the UK due to the weather! But if the sun is shining, a woodland clearing, the banks of a lake or a beach would be truly glorious. As well as the floral bouquets and decorations, there will be the beauty that nature has to offer to enjoy – truly capturing the romantic, free spirit of a boho wedding. Try a festival vibe: think tipis, fairy lights in the trees, outdoor music and barbeques.

When it comes to the catering, 

Adeline Lawrence, Director at One & Together Events, advises: "Look for buffet catering offers or a spit roast. The guests can have as much as they want to eat, so it is cheaper as well as delicious. Alternatively, build your own grazing table!"

The key to a boho wedding is capturing individual style and freedom; a laid-back atmosphere with beautiful touches to create a day of delight. There is so much inspiration out there, and with this trend every growing in popularity, wedding florists, designers and planners alike are all ready to offer ideas to create the perfect boho romantic event.

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