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How to do Summer Wedding Flowers on a Budget

Just because the budget is tight, it doesn’t mean wedding flowers have to break the bank. There are plenty of options for couples looking to be cost-effective while still creating a beautiful, special day. There are many options to cut the wedding flower cost in the summer – with the opportunity to be married outdoors in a garden that may well have an abundance of flowers to brighten the day. In-season flowers are more affordable when looking for budget wedding flowers, or the wedding party could grow their own, opt for foliage arrangements or choose an alternative to flowers altogether. There’s no chance that wedding flowers on a budget can’t be as lovely and special as any others.


Go for green. As an alternative to a floral bridal bouquet, consider having a beautiful bouquet of foliage. This fresh look is subtle and elegant, a wonderful complement to a white dress and importantly is a more affordable option than traditional wedding flowers. Succulents are very fashionable and come in a range of textures, colours and shapes – many looking much like flowers themselves. They can make beautiful bride and bridesmaids flowers on their own or can be featured with other greenery or flowers. Ivy is ideal for winter weddings, while thistles and heather are perfect for Scottish occasions. Silvery eucalyptus or delicate, fringed ferns are another unique choice for a foliage focused arrangement.

Vegetables like artichokes and kale flowers are beautiful alternatives to flowers, very on-trend and perfect for summer wedding bouquets. Consider traditional fragrant herbs (thought to keep bad spirits away) like rosemary, sage and thyme for a simple bouquet – and these can be grown in anyone’s garden before the big day: another great way to save some pennies.

Instead of wedding flower decorations for the tables, consider creating rustic looks with moss, bark, pebbles and other findings from the forest. This is particularly good for an outdoor wedding. Of course, if the venue is a garden, field or woodland, nature provides the flowers and greenery itself! Herbs can be used again for table settings and tied to napkins and winding centrepieces can be made out of leaves and other foliage to drape across the centre of the table. Fern leaves can be displayed in mismatched glass vases to add interesting shapes and freshness to the design. Succulents are great additions to wedding flower table designs, or use potted ones as a wedding favour and place setting.

Grow your own. An alternative to buying flowers from wedding florists is to grow your own wedding flowers. As long as you get the timings right you can grow foliage and herbs for your bouquets and table displays, as well as flowers. English garden flowers like cornflowers, daisies, roses and foxgloves all bloom in summer and are perfect for creating rustic looks. It’s charming to know that the flowers have been grown by the wedding party, and adds a very personal touch to the proceedings! Some may wish to grow wedding flowers as their wedding gift. Pick flowers two days before the wedding, strip off any greenery below water level and place in water in a cool dark place to keep them fresh before the ceremony.

Flower alternatives. Instead of wedding flower bouquets, there are lots of floral alternatives that are more affordable, more unique and give the chance for the happy couple’s personalities to really shine. Large paper flowers are a striking choice – and the bridesmaids can all have different colours. Bridal wedding bouquets can be made of many different beautiful items including feathers (such as peacock or ostrich), gems and jewels, even something sweet like candy canes can be used (perfect for a fairground themed wedding!). Silk wedding flowers are another choice to go for – and these will last forever, creating wonderful memories of the special day.

Similarly, the ceremony and reception doesn’t have to be decorated with flowers. Fairy lights and bunting will look beautiful for both, and candles on tables can be a great alternative to flowers. These could be tea lights for a more rustic occasion, floating candles or elegant church candles displayed in lanterns. Branches decorated with jewels and lights are a great wedding flower alternative or go natural with natural made of wood, bark and moss. Alternatively, a sea theme could use gathered shells, pebbles and sand to create lovely decorations.

Choose cheaper flowers. Instead of expensive blooms like roses and peonies, go for none the less lovely wedding flowers like carnations, chyrsanthemums and gerbera daisies. Both of these flowers are available in a range of colours and can be made into delightful bouquets and table decorations on their own or with additional foliage. Baby’s breath is very affordable and very popular at the moment for brides flowers and wedding table displays. It’s romantic and a lovely neutral colour to suit all decors and themes. Growing your own flowers is another way to ensure summer flowers are in season, and also doesn’t cost the earth. It’s also important to ensure flowers are in season to create cheaper bouquets and arrangements that don’t have to be imported. Investigate which flowers are in season in the month of the wedding and ask your florist to create arrangements made of these.

Keep it simple. Single bloom bouquets and arrangements will always be more affordable than more complicate and elaborate looks. Many flowers look stunning on their own, and in single colours, such as roses, lilies and tulips. A bouquets of daises is perfect for a rustic, laid-back wedding (especially an outdoor do) while sunflowers are readily available in summertime and create glorious, colourful but inexpensive wedding bouquets and centrepieces. Even if the bride’s bouquet is more show-stopping, bridesmaids posies could be made up of just one of the flowers to create smaller, delicate designs. For a Scottish wedding, a spray of heather is traditional and charming while a bouquet of lavender is a lovely look for any wedding that looks to keep things simple, affordable and classic.

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