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Cargo bikes for cleaner and greener deliveries

lapetitereine.jpgIt goes without saying that everyone one of us should do whatever we can to reduce the negative effect our lifestyles and businesses have on the environment. In fact, we’ve done a lot over the past years to ecologically improve our business operations to ensure we have the lowest possible ecological impact. Needless to say, this is far from over. There is always something new and different we can do to make things cleaner and greener. We are always happy to salute an effort in that direction. This time we salute a small company from France, called La Petite Reine.

We’ve all gotten used to having things delivered to our addresses in the cities. Many of you probably use our flower delivery services. What if there was a way to do this in an absolutely clean and environmentally safe way? The guys from La Petite Reine seem to have found an answer – human powered vehicles or Cargocycles as they call them. These are basically tricycles with a cargo space attached on the rear axle. The cargo space allows for about 180 kg of weight, or about 1400 litres of volume, to be delivered to distances of up to 30 km. The vehicle itself weighs only about 80 kg. Best of all, they are completely silent and emit no pollutants whatsoever.

Deliveries are so far available in three major cities in France – Bordeaux, Rouen, and Dijon, but the company is looking for partners in order to expand its services to other countries as well.

The road to a clean and green business is a long one, sometimes very slow even, but we will get there eventually with persistent efforts and a will to improve.

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