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Don’t Miss These! 5 Fantastic Tips For Autumn Brides

Sunday, June 10th, 2018

It might be summer for the time being but autumn is practically upon us. Of course it is not here just yet, and it might be a strange thing to think about, but before you know it there will be cooler temperatures, warmer clothes, hot toddies, pumpkin ale, spiced wine and–yes, it’s true!–autumn weddings. We love all weddings and times of year. But there is no doubt that autumn is one of our favourite wedding seasons at Todich Floral Design- and we’re not the only ones who love it!

Sarah Tottle, a Corporate Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Writer, says: “Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere often signifies a new season. This feeling comes from the fact that from a very young age, Autumn is associated with new starts, new school years and new beginnings. This perfectly sums up a wedding. It’s the start of something new and brides embarking on this journey can reflect this new beginning in the choices they make for their big day. This can be reflected in what they choose to wear, setting the scene, and even the location. It’s not uncommon for brides to want to rock a new look; to glam up when they don’t usually, and to do things differently on their wedding day.

“I’d recommend brides choose a theme that is congruent with who they are, to not be afraid to do something bold so long as it sits well with them, and to even think about what the colours they choose represent too.”

Read on to find out why and see our 5 fantastic tips for planning your autumn wedding


Really Take Advantage Of The Autumn Outdoors

As long as you and your beloved dress appropriately, there is no reason not to take full advantage of a fine, beautiful autumn backdrop, as long as you remember to add a few layers of clothing and advise guests to dress warmly.

As long as you have that (and yourselves) covered, be sure to take lots of outdoor wedding photos in country settings, with bare trees and branches and blue skies, or have a photography session in and around London.

“Weather permitting, you might also consider an outdoor cocktail reception.” – I Heart NYC

Don’t Be Afraid To Embrace Autumn Colours

There is a lot more happening with autumn colour schemes than people typically think. In reality there is a expansive, sweeping array of hues and shades at your disposal. You are not stuck with orange and yellow, but can actually luxuriate in paler tints of beige, gold and silver and bronze, and champagne. All offer a vibrant alternative. And if you want something that really speaks to a more sensual sensibility, then go for burgundy, mauve, matte pink, blush and lavender colour palettes. They will pair especially well with lighter greens, dark green, and light red.

Katarina Matekalo, Event Stylist at Decorations by Jelena, adds: “One of my top tips for autumn brides is to allow your stylist to incorporate the natural textures and colours that are in abundance this time of year to create the most wow for your wedding. Also, the sunset tones in the florals can be accentuated by using complimentary neutral tones in the rest of the styling such as neutral table linens, and clean simple lines for ceremony furniture.”

Use These Seasonal Autumn Flowers In Bouquets

Autumn brides also have some breathtaking options when it comes to flowers used for centrepieces, bridal bouquets, and buttonholes for the groom and his groomsmen (don’t want the men to feel left out!), so there is no need to fret.

“Choose from purple and lavender flowers, such as asters and purple Peruvian lilies. Then there are dahlias,  orange and gold gerberas, chrysanthemums, Calla lilies, and more!” – Detail Central

Delve Into A World Of Autumnal Decorations

Autumnal accouterments and wedding adornments are abound. You’re not limited to bales of hay and using dry leaves to decorate the aisles, either. Crab apples, acorns, wheat and lit candles make festive, warm, luminous additions to centrepieces. You may also find a way to use gourds and small pumpkins around traditional vases.

When it comes to decorating your wedding venue,

Jacqueline Alliss, Founder of Appy Wedding, says it’s vital to keep everything consistent. She says: “Take some time to determine your overall wedding vision! Determining your vision will allow you to stay consistent throughout your theme. For example, your wedding table styling should be consistent with all other areas of your wedding, like your ceremony furniture, floral design and stationery suite.”

Feature Favourite Autumn Foods

“You don’t need to dig that deep into the larder to come up with some delicious seasonal autumn dishes and recipes to serve at your wedding.” –  Da Ricardo’s

Remember to ask your caterer about pumpkin soup, fruit and nut tarts that use plums, dates and figs, savoury pasta dishes, and roasted vegetables.

“Don’t forget to add a bright little touch to the menu, too, for colour and flavour, with some edible flowers.” – Joanna Wells, Taylor Wells

Another tip from Dorothy Polka from Polka Dot Bride has is to make the most of the season! She says: “Look for a venue that shelters both you and your guests from the cold. Serve up hot drinks (mulled wine, anyone?) and consider warming touches like reception venues with roaring fires to create a cosy atmosphere.”

For New Brides in 2017: Best Autumn Floral Fashion Trends

Monday, July 3rd, 2017

If you are already thinking ahead to this autumn's floral fashions, then you have a lot in store. It is time to get excited for dark fabrics with bright contrasts, greenery galore, silken sheen and the most textured, warm hued autumn flowers. Looking forward to drops in temperature and leaves falling might seem odd to some people, but it makes total sense when you know it means the onset of the autumn wedding season. Keep reading for a bride's guide of trending autumn floral fashions you won't want to miss:


Select Seasonal Autumn Flowers

Dahlias, lilies, gerberas daisies and celosia. Alstromeria, chrysanthemums and yarrow flowers. Bridal bouquets and lavish centrepieces composed of these seasonal flowers are already trending and definitely growing in popularity. With a growing awareness of environmental impact and love for the local movement, each year more and more brides are choosing their flowers in-season and sourcing as many local blooms as possible. If you're interested in taking a similarly eco-friendly stance on the day that you exchange your vows, as a couple you can always talk with your wedding florist.

Simply Can't Deny That Dahlia Appeal

Dahlias are as popular as ever this season. You will probably even catch them popping up at weddings this summer, and extending all the way into autumn.

Which Dahlia Varieties?

Keep your eyes out for the much sought-after Cafe au Lait, with colours ranging from blush to peach to a creamy beige. Peaches and Cream dahlia varieties strikingly contrast colours light pink, red, yellow and white tipped petals. Meanwhile, Labyrinth presents a hot pink exclusive, with funky petals that resemble the curve and swerve of calla lilies.

Throwback To Old Flower 'Favourites'

Brides and wedding florists alike used to wilt at the very thought of mums, carnations and zinnias sneaking their way into their flower arrangements. 'I won't! I won't! I won't!' could be heard all the way down and from the back of the aisle. Not exactly graceful, which is why we call the trend flower 'favourites' in quotations.

Astonishingly, these blooms are now blasting off, showing up all over brides' news feeds on Instagram and Pinterest. They are quickly becoming part of some of the most popular floral design, not just for brides but also at openings, receptions and events. Watch for them in centrepieces this autumn.

Dark and Heavy Colours

Don't look so down! The stormy, darker hues and 'muddy' tones are going to be especially big this autumn. The neutral and low hue contrasts will help to balance out autumn wedding bouquets that use a single colour or pale, subdued coloured blossoms like peach, melon, dulce de leche and pale or flame blue.  

Soft Pastels, Pinks and Grey Notes

Riding on the trail of the same reasoning that inspired 'dark and heavy colours,' we are seeing a lot of light to pale pinks, pastels, and grey hues in flower arrangements, particularly of roses and the ever adorable peonies. Expect complimentary greenery in these arrangements, like Dusty Miller, eucalyptus leaves, and lots of succulent varieties.

Bridal Flower Fashion 2016: 4 Bridal Bouquet Styles You’ll Love This Autumn

Sunday, October 16th, 2016

After a stunning peak (and in some cases revealing) look at Bridal Fashion Week, we are just overwhelmed and excited by what gorgeous gowns and bridal bouquet styles are out this 2016 wedding season. At events florist and wedding flowers experts Todich Floral Design, we love speculating on bridal flower fashion and providing you with insights (and tips!) for the upcoming autumn 2016



1. Natural, Wild and “Reaching” Bridal Bouquet Styles

Natural, wild and “reaching” bridal bouquet styles are popping up this year in a prelude to the autumn season. These wedding bouquets cannot be contained, but are absolutely beautiful, lush and widespread, loose arrangements of blossoms, bright petals and foliage, with a freshly picked and in-the-wild appearance that any bride will delight in as she walks down the aisle.

2. Look Out for Bridal Bouquet Styles Incorporating Lighter, Elevated Earth Tones

Look out for bridal bouquet styles incorporating lighter, elevated earth tones tempered by garden roses, spray roses and dahlias, or making careful use of foraged greenery and woodland branches. This is somewhat of a departure from previous years’ more antiquated and rustic style bridal bouquets. Not to say that vintage is totally out of fashion, but there is a brighter, chic spin being placed on this year’s arrangements. You can expect more crystals, satin ribbons, rosebuds and succulents in bouquets as well as floral accessories, such as brooches, rings, earrings and necklaces—all of which say elegance and luxury.

3. Foodie Inspired Autumn Wedding Flowers 

A trend we are seeing across wedding event flowers, lots of bridal bouquet styles are going for organic, garden-fresh arrangements that is wonderful to breath in as is visually entrancing (technically edible, too!). Take in arrangements that are made up of artichoke blossoms, raspberries, edible herbs, sweet peas with calla lilies, and even fruits.

4. Wheat is So Versatile

Wheat is so versatile it lets you place your own unique stamp and creative spin on your special day. Don’t consider yourself a ‘creative’ type? Well, fortunately, there is a wonderful selection of wheat sheaves and design ideas from Todich Floral Design available for you to see in person at their upcoming exhibition, which is almost here!

Inspiring Flower Decorations for October and November Weddings

Wednesday, November 11th, 2015

The months of September, October and November are a truly beautiful time in Britain and offer plenty of inspiration for autumn bridal flowers and fall wedding ideas. The light is truly beautiful this time of year so makes for wonderful photos in the afternoon. And even though it gets darker earlier, an autumn wedding is the perfect opportunity to get creative with lighting – fairy lights and candles on tables – and create a magical day and evening for everyone. Leaves in all their shapes and colours are also natural elements that can be additions to autumn wedding bouquets as well as featuring as table decorations or inspiring invitation, thank you-notes and confetti design.


Leaf love for autumn weddings. Leaves are the real stars of autumn, looking beautiful in the afternoon light, and provide great inspiration for autumn wedding design. Use them to make up table centrepieces and add to jars filled with tea lights to create beautiful additions to guest’s tables. Crunchy autumn leaves can also be used to fill large vases to make unique table autumn wedding decorations.

Leaves can be an alternative to September and November wedding flowers – this time of year they turn an array of beautiful colours and shades of red, orange and gold. Oak leaves are perfect for a classic English wedding and can be arranged in vases or used to make up autumnal bridal bouquets. Large red leaves added to baby’s breath or leaves added to dark colour bouquets will make unique fall designs. And you could spray them with gold or glitter to add extra glamour. Gold leaves can also be used as place settings – just write the name of each guest in calligraphy on them.

Instead of traditional confetti, use leaf-shaped confetti for guests to throw. Or do away with confetti altogether and get your guests to wave sparkler – they’ll make for stunning photos! Tie autumn leaves together with sprigs of lavender or rosemary and add acorns or cinnamon to make heart-warming table place settings for guests. Autumn leaves can even be scattered up the aisle to create a beautiful outdoor feel for the bride,  groom and guests during the ceremony.

Lighting the way. One of the truly special things about autumn is the golden afternoon light illuminating the parks and woodland and streets scattered with leaves. Capture some of this magic with delicate lighting with your autumn wedding decorations. Strings of fairy lights will create a beautiful atmosphere for an indoor or outdoor wedding and can be used at the ceremony and reception. Fairy lights strung round trees will make a stunning entrance to the reception area for your guests, so no one will mind the fact that the night draws in sooner on these autumn days!

Lanterns and glasses filled with tea lights also creates a magical feel, and you can get creative with the autumn wedding theme by using the produce of the season to hold candles. Pumpkins, squashes and hollowed out apples will all make perfect candle holders creating colourful additions to tables.

Top Tips for Autumn Weddings from Todich Floral Design

Monday, November 9th, 2015

Often more affordable and arguably more romantic than a traditional summer affair, autumn weddings offer the opportunity to really celebrate the colours and atmosphere of the season. The mists, afternoon light, vibrant flowers and trees are all wonderful inspiration for an autumn wedding theme. Incorporate natural elements like oak leaves into autumn wedding bouquets and use fairy lights, candles and sparklers to create a unique atmosphere. But remember the weather – the cold and potential rain means you have to be prepared to ensure it doesn’t ruin your special day.



Autumn floral arrangements - Restaurant flowers and hotel flowers london UK by top event florist and corporate florist in London Todich Floral Design LTD

Celebrate the outdoors. Although it can be chilly in the UK in October and November, and outdoor wedding in the beauty of nature can make an autumn wedding a truly memorable experience. Scatter autumn leaves down the aisle, and create an arch made of branches, berries and hydrangeas. Instead of confetti, get guests to throw vibrant autumn leaves or hold sparklers to make for fantastic photos ideal for autumn wedding design.

Think about using natural elements for autumn wedding decorations like branches, bark, moss, berries and pebbles. If the big day is outdoors then this will create a seamless look from the outdoor surroundigs to the décor of the day.

But remember the weather… Although it’s a beautiful time of year, it can get chilly so don’t forget to have pashminas on hand for the bride and bridesmaids, especially when photos are taking place. Lots of wedding event companies will provide this service for you – as well as umbrellas when needed! – which takes the stress out of the organisation. You might even need wellies on hand if the weather turns and a field, woodland or garden is the setting. Or, for a more stylish option for fall wedding ideas – cowboy boots are a fun alterantive to delicate shoes that may not withstand the autumn rain!

Outdoor heaters can also be a good bet to keep guests warm if the ceremony takes place outdoors. And fairylights and candles are not only perfect to create lighting as the day grows darker, but also make beautiful autumn wedding decorations.

Go with the season for your autumn floral design. There are lots of beautiful flowers and foliage this time of year to choose from for autumnal bridal bouquets and table decorations. There are some many rich colours to inspire floral design for an autumn wedding design – think deep red berries, orange leaves, golden sunlight and verdant evergreens.  An autumnal headdress could be the perfect addition to the occasion – just ask your wedding florist to find out what will work for you.

Table Arrangement


Don’t be afraid to add produce like pumpkins and berries to bouquets and centrepieces. And continuing the harvest theme – think sheaves of wheat, thistles, herbs like lavender and heather to add to bouquets and floral arrangements. Colourful autumn leaves can also be incorporated into autumnal bridal flowers to create unusual looks. The tone is rustic and very in keeping with the season. Your florist will be able to create the perfect autumnal bridal bouquets for your special day.