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Wedding Bouquet Styles: What is Your Bridal Personality?

Wednesday, April 20th, 2016

Your wedding day will possibly be the biggest event of your life, so it’s important your wedding flowers reflect your personality and style. The wedding bouquet is in many ways the piece-de- resistance of the big day and will feature in photos and treasured memories for decades to come. Whether you’re a traditional bride or a free spirit, your wedding florist can help you create the perfect arrangement to reflect your uniqueness.

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Traditional Wedding Bouquet Styles

For many people, timeless wedding flowers are key for their big day. You might want to recreate the wedding bouquet styles of your mother or grandmother’s wedding, or just want to have a classic look that emulates style and will always look good in the photos. A round posy is the perfect shape for this choice, or for more dramatic styles ask your wedding florist for cascading or pageant shaped bouquets. Traditional blooms for wedding bridal bouquets include roses, lilies, hydrangeas and tulips. White should be the understated shade of choice, but pastel pinks and purples are also perfect for classic posies.

Eco-Friendly Wedding Flowers

For those looking for a green wedding, choose wedding flowers that are in season and can be locally sourced to reduce your carbon footprint. You could even ask family and friends to grow the flowers in time for the wedding. These can then be incorporated into the bridal bouquet and wedding reception flowers. To keep with the green theme, choose flowers and foliage in this verdant shade: think trendy succulents, kale flowers and greenery like ivy and ferns. Flowers like daisies, sweet peas and peonies in abundant, undone arrangements are perfect for this look.

Modern Wedding Bouquet Styles

In this day and age, your wedding can be anything you make it. If you want to do something new and different and make a break with tradition there are lots of choices for wedding bouquets that fit with the times. Rather than pastel colours and traditional flowers like roses, choose bold and bright shades and go for exotic blooms like orchids. Ask your bridal florist for an interesting shape to your bouquet – more graphic designs are favourites for this wedding bouquet style. Go for show-stopping colours like red or bright pink, and think about using flowers that create a more casual look like anemones or sweet peas. The key is to create the style that suits you, and marks your wedding as unique to your personality and tastes.

The Great Outdoors

If you love nothing better than walks in the forest and dream of having your own small holding someday, then you’ll want a wedding bouquet to reflect your love of the outdoor life. Incorporate natural elements like wheat grass, herbs and heathers into your bouquet and add these to buttonholes and place settings to complete the look. Different textures and shapes can be used to create a naturally style bouquet, and rather than ribbon twine and string can secure it. Choose natural hues for the flowers and foliage like oranges, yellows and greens.



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