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Wedding Trends This Winter: Find Unusually Striking and Beautiful Winter Flowers

Thursday, November 30th, 2017

What are the most unusual wedding flowers you have come across? Now, you don’t want to get too crazy when it comes to winter wedding flowers. But as human beings we are naturally drawn to the exotic: the unfamiliar is interesting, intriguing, and strikes our curiosity in a particular way that can please the eye and leave us satisfied, or asking for more! Get your fill (for now) and find wedding flowers inspiration with these unusual and beautiful winter wedding flowers  


Hellebores Winter Wedding Bouquets

With nicknames like the ‘winter rose’ and ‘Christmas rose,’ it is surprising that this winter wedding flowers isn’t more popular in bridal bouquet designs and wedding decor (though it is, in fact, technically not related to the rose).

Five sturdy yet delicate-seeming petals on each hellebores stem blossom outward, curling up slightly like tiny cups or a hand upraised in joy, in a happy toast to bride and groom.

Foliage in Your Bouquet Design: Kumquats, Berries, and Ornamental Greenery

Don’t underestimate the beauty and celebratory power of natural, wild foliage and colourful to adorable berries. Decorative berries and tiny fruits are perfect if you want to tastefully adorn and add a bit of subtle flare to your bridal bouquet.

Kumquats, privet berries, blue berries, and holly berries around Christmas weddings and New Year’s weddings are natural ornamentation and suitable for the bright, festive atmosphere, especially in December and early January.

Some brides go all out, with even more rustic arrangements and natural wedding themes, opting for ornamental cabbages, kale and artichoke–even radishes!–in their bridal bouquets, buttonholes for the groom and groomsmen, and bridesmaid flowers and corsages. Pomegranates for winter weddings (and lemons in spring and summer) put a bold and vivid finish on the bouquet.

Tarantula Amaryllis Makes a Tantalising Floral Display

A flower that looks like a spider in your wedding bouquet? To be fair, this amaryllis doesn’t look like your average arachnid. Quite the contrary, actually. From the Victorian Language of Flowers, the amaryllis generally symbolises pride. Its petals flare outward in lily-like floral fashion, in a broad, gorgeous and sensual display.

Use Flowers to Create a Magical Experience

Freddy Grant of Bluethumb an Australian On-line Gallery celebrated getting married two weeks prior to legal proceedings on a beach in Darwin, where Frangipanis grow everywhere. Wanting to honour and remember this experience within the legal wedding, Frangipanis were incorporated into the official ceremony, in turn conjoining the ceremonies in one fantastic memory.

Cyclamen Can Be Oh So Neautiful this 2017 Wedding Season!

Cyclamen look like butterflies with their wings upraised, poised for flight or about to alight upon an outstretched blossom’s tender stem and sweet, perfumed and aromatic petals. So wait, would that make it a springtime flower? Well, not quite…

Cyclamen are a seasonal flower that can be grown in both spring and winter–so you can likely find your wedding flowers on a budget if the ever elegant cyclamen strike your fancy. Carmen red for Christmas bouquets and white flowers in monochromatic bouquet designs–paired with with peonies, roses or ranunculus–are beautiful combinations.

Two tone flowers are another, edgier possibility, if you want a more modern look and feel for your bouquet and contemporary wedding theme. White petals with a magenta or light pink spot near the stem are common; and deep red and purple with white fringed petals are another popular look among brides.

The perfect ways to decorate the office this Christmas

Tuesday, November 8th, 2016

As we count down to the most wonderful time of the year, it’s important to keep up work moral. The best way to do this is to introduce some festive cheer into the office. These are a few ideas of how to decorate the office this Christmas season.


The Christmas Tree

We’ll start with the big one, the Christmas tree. A Christmas tree is a Christmas essential, yet it doesn’t have to be the ginormous shrub that we all struggle to get the star on top of. The first thing to decide is real or faux. Real trees smell great and create a traditional festive atmosphere, but they can be messy. Faux can be used year in year out and won’t make a mess, however they sometimes lack that Christmas sparkle. Then it comes down to the size, type and design. Artificial trees can be experimented with. From the upside-down tree to the neon tree, and from mini electric light up trees to hand carved wooden tree sculptures, the choice is endless.


A Christmas desk plants

A great way to ensure everyone receives the festive feeling is to have a potted plant per desk. This can be a mini decorated Christmas tree or a lovely potted poinsettia plant. The poinsettia plant has glossy red and green leaves and is versatile enough to be potted and placed anywhere. Another option is the Christmas cactus. These can bloom into an array of red, pink, purple, orange and white blossoms. Although, be sure not to give the cactus too much water as it may result in newly formed buds falling off, other than this they are rather simple to maintain.


DIY cut out decorations

As the image of Buddy the elf running around Santa’s workshop making paper cut outs pops into your mind, don’t panic, the office doesn’t need to be a winter wonderland. This idea will depend on the dynamic of your office, but what makes DIY great is that you can make it as extravagant or as subtle as you wish. You can get the kids involved and they can help mum or dad get decorations ready for the office. Simple snowflakes or Christmas bunting look great and there are endless templates and tutorials online for more intricate ambitions.


Pick a style

This is an important one, both for making your office look great and for sticking with your office values. You will want to pick a type of theme or style for your decorations that matches your office and its atmosphere. If you have a modern office, it will look great to have modern Christmas decorations such as this year’s highly talked about rainbow Christmas tree or the upside down tree. If your office is traditional the Christmas décor should match, try using traditional round baubles in traditional reds, golds and greens.


Desktop Christmas Stockings

Stockings are superb because they are as much a decoration as they are a functioning gift holder. Stockings can be hung on each desk and filled with small but useful office gifts such as pens, memory sticks, staples and pads. If you want to really spread the cheer, sweets and small keepsakes are what employees value most.

Ryan Jones from ACI adds "One of the main things we find that really energises our staff during the Christmas period is livening the desks up with tinsel. While this may seem really simple, it really helps your staff get into the Christmas spirit!"


It is the jolliest time of the year and this means it’s okay to indulge. There is nothing we love more than being able to eat that little bit extra during the festive period. Having nibbles in the office is a great way to pick everyone spirits up for that final push before the Christmas break. The classic tin (or plastic tub nowadays), candy canes and nuts are a super choice. Filling bowls with nibbles brings that little bit of home into the office and will provide bursts of energy to your employees throughout the day.


Decorate your Home with Evergreens and Christmas Trees this Winter

Wednesday, December 9th, 2015

Traditionally associated with Christmas trees, evergreens such as firs and conifers don’t have to only be present in the tree in your home. Lovely scented fir branches (whether bright green or more silvery varieties) can be displayed on mantle pieces or make beautiful table decorations. They can also be made into wreaths to decorate the home or on your front door – and don’t forget miniature Christmas trees which are a versatile decoration that can be placed anywhere in the house. Evergreen branches and sprigs can be bought from florists, garden centres and many high street shops – and lots of places that sell Christmas trees will also have winter foliage to purchase.


Mini Christmas Tree

A full-sized, real or artificial Christmas tree is a must for most households – creating a wonderful welcome for guests in the hall, or a magical decorative treat in the living room. But mini Christmas trees are also a great decoration for the season, and if you have a small flat these can be ideal alternatives to a traditional tree. Choose small potted evergreens in festive pots (such as metallic gold or seasonal red), or go for an alternative such as rosemary trees or orange trees for a different colour and delightful scent. There are plenty of artificial mini trees to choose from too – often fully decorated to make life easier. Display on the kitchen table, use as a centrepiece, add to a windowsill or perch on a coffee table for instant festive cheer!

Deck out Your Christmas Table

Arrange your evergreen branches down the centre of Christmas table for a colourful decoration. You could also add other foliage like olive leaves, eucalyptus or winter branches. Add fruits like clementines and lemons for colour and fragrances and natural elements berries and pine cones. And for the table lighting add white candles or wind fairy lights through your display. A sprig of fir, or of a herb such as rosemary of thyme, can also be tied to a napkin for a delightful place setting. Winter greenery can also be added to Christmas flower arrangements, or added to bowls of pine cones and baubles to make a simple but striking table decoration.

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Wreaths of Joy. Christmas Wreaths Ideas to Make

A Christmas wreath is a wonderful way to decorate your front door or indeed any door in your home. They can also be arranged above the mantelpiece or in the kitchen. Go for simple elegance with a circle of evergreens adorned with a bow, or choose and embellished wreath – adorned with baubles, metallic leaves, rustic berries and pine cones or fragrant cinnamon sticks and dried lemon and oranges. Head to the shops or florists to pick your perfect wreath, or get creative and make your own to ensure it’s exactly to your taste. Mini wreaths of evergreen can also be displayed in windows tied with lengths of ribbon for a more eclectic look, or used as table centrepieces.


Flowers to Bring the Magic to Christmas Events

Thursday, November 12th, 2015

The days may be getting colder but what brings a warm glow to our hearts is knowing that the Christmas season isn’t too far away. The months of November, December and January are filled with social events like work parties, family gatherings and festive events with friends – and the likelihood is you’ll be  organising one yourself. Decorations are key – and Christmas flowers are the perfect way to bring colour and vibrancy to a Christmas event. You can always turn to a trusted, creative florist for help creating beautiful Christmas flower arrangements for your event this winter. But it’s also helpful to have ideas in mind for how you want the event to look and the kind of floral displays you’re looking for.


Red and White Christmas Roses

Roses are a classic flower that nonetheless has a versatility that makes it suitable for floral arrangements for all seasons. They create a sense of opulence and richness – perfect for special events this Christmas season. Red roses are beautiful juxtaposed with winter greenery like pine, ivy and fragrant herbs. A full bouquet of red roses will make stunning centrepieces on tables for corporate or casual events, while a single rose dotted on tables makes for beautiful additions to the occasion. Red, white and green being traditional Christmas colours, white roses also present a great option for event flowers. Create winter wonderland displays with white roses and silver or gold adornments like painted branches, baubles and fairy lights.

Green, Red and White for a Christmas Theme

The Christmas tricolore is inspired by the colours of the season: red berries, Santa’s suit and Rudolph’s nose; white snow and doves; evergreen trees and holly. Incorporating these colours into Christmas flower displays will create beautiful, classic displays for guests at any event. Greet guests with a red and white amaryllis arrangement featuring silvery branches, or choose elegant lilies and berries with red baubles – a lovely table centrepiece or addition to restaurant and hotel receptions. A Christmas wreath of pine is a perfect addition to Christmas parties – decorated with gold and silver decorations, red berries and white flowers.

Try Tropical Flowers for a Festive Flair

During this sparse time of year, English flowers are far and few between so we take inspiration for warmer climes for flowers to bring colour and joy to Christmas events. Colourful anthuriums teamed with silvery branches make for perfect Christmas event flowers – whether as centrepieces or at the reception area. Tropical flowers like ginger flowers, birds of paradise and anthuriums are all available in the rich colours of the season – red, orange and gold – and make perfect, striking event flowers for your winter parties.

And never underestimate the addition of a Christmas tree to make an occasion really special. Displayed in the entrance hall or main room of your event – even if it’s an outdoor do – a sumptuously decorated Christmas tree brings instant feelings of warmth and joy. Your London florist can help create the perfect stylish tree to suit the occasion and make your Christmas event truly special.

A Winter Tale: Traditional Christmas Flowers and Plants

Monday, November 9th, 2015

As the nights get colder and we swap autumn T-shirts for thick winter wears, the countdown begins for one of the most popular festive seasons, Christmas. Christmas, is a time of intimate Traditionals, celebrations in the home and time spent with loved ones. Sending flowers at Christmas is a beautiful gesture, a great way to celebrate the season and Christmas flowers and plants go a long way in enhancing this experience. At Todich Floral Design we just loved experimenting with new materials and styles, offering a twist on traditional floral fashion as well as bringing you a wide range of traditional Christmas flowers and plants to choose from.

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Christmas, a blissful season reminiscent of cosy nights in by the fire, and the suspense of waiting to open presents under the tree, comes with a number of age old traditions and tales related to traditional Christmas  flowers and plants. Christmas provides the perfect opportunity to get creative, whether it’s decorating the home or installing corporate flowers to bring plenty of cheer to the office.

Holly. This season’s traditional colours of green and red stem from the native Christmas Holly plant. A symbol of a man, Holly was actually used to decorate the home, and surprisingly, traditionally created long before the Christianity. Holly makes spectacular Christmas decorations along and go a long way into completing Christmas flower arrangements.

Mistletoe. Another of many Christmas flowers, mistletoe, a parasitic green and white plant, is an integral part of a fun pre-Christmas tradition. Often placed in a high place, usually above a door, two people are encouraged to kiss, if stood under it at the same time. Other than playing an interesting role, mistletoe also makes fantastic Christmas plants to decorate the home with and shine within Christmas flower arrangements.

Ivy. A symbol of women, Ivy is strongly linked to Christmas and creates a magnificent centrepiece when combined with holly. Tradition has it, Ivy is said to bring great luck and happiness to relationships. In addition, Ivy represents a number of things, symbolising true love, undying affection and eternity, making it a fitting flower for a loved one.

The Christmas Rose. A truly English flower, and universal symbol of love, the Christmas rose is traditionally red. Christmas roses are associated with the story of the shepherds who saw three wise men taking their gifts to baby Jesus. The shepherds had no gift to offer until an angel appeared and pushed aside some snow to reveal an exquisite red rose. Roses make striking centrepieces, decorates the home beautifully or as gifts for loved ones.

Poinsettia. Renowned for bursting into flower at Christmas, Poinsettia is beautiful traditional Christmas flowering plant, grown for vibrant coloured bracts. It’s cheery foliage in hues of red and green and distinct shape make it fitting flowers to decorate the home with at Christmas or make spectacular window displays for an office or restaurant.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your home this Christmas, take a look at corporate florist Todich Floral Design’s, a range of exquisite Christmas centrepieces, Christmas flower arrangements and beautiful seasonal plants and flowers sure to brighten your home.