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Five alternative floral designs for Christmas wreaths

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

It seems like all of a sudden Christmas is upon us and our workshop is filled with the lovely scent of pine, festive branches, decorations and leaves. But Christmas wreaths don’t have to just be pine, baubles, bows and cinnamon sticks. If you fancy a break with the norm there are many different types you can try or buy. At London florist Todich Floral Design we love experimenting with new materials and styles and are always on the look out for unusual twists on traditional floral fashion and designs. And Christmas provides the perfect excuse to get creative as we start installing corporate flowers and decorations at London offices,

Christmas wreaths by Corporate and event florist  in Londonrestaurantshotels and for media events. Although red, green and gold is the classic colour palette for Christmas, there are many other combinations you can use to give your Christmas flowers and arrangements a fresh and contemporary colour scheme. Deep purples and blues bring a luxurious feel to designs; cool whites, silvers, icey blues and lilacs help set a winter wonderland mood; pinks worked in with reds provide a softer, romantic vibe; and for a really modern look, a simple monochromatic colour scheme can look striking and chic. In terms of materials, twigs, nuts, mistletoe, berries, rose hips, ferns, herbs and of course flowers are additional natural items you can use, plus things like feathers, lace, pearls, crystal drops and of course various baubles and bows.

So without further ado, here are some of our ideas for alternative Christmas wreath designs:

Wild twig wreath with berries or rose hips: it’s possible to buy ready-made wild twig wreaths now which you can then decorate yourself, but if you want to do it yourself, you can create one using chicken wire and moss. Then make some individual bunches of twigs, before wiring these on in a spiral shape. Adorned simply with some ilex or holly berries, or alternatively plump rosehips and a red bow, this provides a really wintery-feeling, rustic display.

Natural bark & baubles: Less is sometimes more and when we want to create a natural look, our florists often use pieces of bark. These are easy to find at the flower market or in many shops and can quite simply be wired on to a mossed base. Do this first and then simply wire on a selection of different silver baubles too; a mix of matt, glossy and sparkly and then a simple silver bow at the top is just enough to finish of this design.

black and white monochrome wreath by Todich Floral Design

Purple power: Symbolising power, wealth and nobility, purple brings a luxurious feel to flower arrangements and the bountiful hydrangea, available in a range of colours from light lilac to deeper hues provides the perfect base for a wreath. Add in some roses and black-centred anemones and you really need little more in order to create quite a spectacular, eye-catching design.

A wreath full of baubles: OK, so baubles are pretty traditional, but an entire wreath made just from these gives a different twist. And the best thing about this one is the possibilities are endless! You can choose from thousands of different colours and styles, whether you want to create something shiny and bright or in more muted, understated tones.

Black and white: Nothing quite makes a statement like black and white and this design, created for one of our corporate clients, was made by glueing sprayed pine cones and baubles on to a dry oasis base. Finished off with a luxurious black satin ribbon wrapped several times around the top quarter and then trailed elegantly through and down the back, it certainly made an impact!

Todich Floral Design specialises in creating bespoke designs for corporate flowers, event flowers and flowers for hotels, restaurants and bars. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Serbian Wedding Flowers & Traditions

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

The summer is slowly passing in Serbia, and it has been one full of weddings—just like any other summer. The season of autumn weddings is now on the go. Weddings in Serbia are a big deal (like anywhere else). In the past these events would be no less than a three day affair.

Wedding Bouquets 246In the northern area of Serbia, we are host to a multitude of nationalities and a greater number of wedding traditions. They vary from town to town, culture to culture, but one thing never changes, these affairs always end up being the best parties.

To give you a slight idea of what goes down at the simplest of weddings, the bride gets kidnapped, the groom drinks from his mother-in-laws shoes and guests stuff into the pockets of the musicians – to name a few.

Of course, there is order to this chaos, everything is arranged in a timely manner and even the youngest of couples stick to tradition and add their modern, youthful and personal touch through the décor. Even the menu follows tradition, you will never go to a wedding here and find exotic foods, it’s all wonderful home-cooked meals on a bigger scale. Chicken soup is a standard, and it is brought out to guests singing the national anthem.

2_resizeBut this does not mean that young brides are showing up in their mother’s dress, and that the reception is decorated with dusty old artificial wedding flowers. The décor is where the bride still has some leeway. Romance is always the first and foremost at weddings here.

This summer the weddings I attended all seemed to be following a natural wedding flowers look. Every single one seemed to have green flowers as one of the base colours of the décor. A friend of mine, who is energetic and chipper, matched her light-green flowers with bright /1/">pink flowers and /5/">yellow flowers; this really conveyed her personality well. My laid-back quiet cousin also had green fresh flowers as her base colour with /10/">peach coloured roses adding the romantic detail.

The dresses I saw this summer also a reflected a more natural look, long flowing dresses. In fact, I didn’t see one corseted, princess dress over the course of the summer. It seems to be all about romance and Mother Nature this summer. Not only were the dresses flowing but the bouquets as well, long trailing bouquets were a constant. Even my cousin with her peach roses, had trailing grass details.

White Bouquets 02This summer the table top flower decorations seemed to be more demur. There were small wedding flower arrangements in glass vases; the greenery used to decorate the venue was used to fill the space, while the flowers served as the centerpieces.

One tradition that I was not aware of that I found out about this summer. If you are unable to attend a wedding or spend only a short time at the reception, it is quite commen to place a bouquet of flowers on the reception table. The bouquet type and the wedding flowers you choose should be a reflection of how you see the young couple and a card with your best regards is also a great addition.

Even if you don’t want your wedding to last “three days and three nights,” I think there are some wonderful ideas for an upcoming wedding in our old and slightly crazy traditions!

Private Event Flowers – for a London party in July

Thursday, August 8th, 2013

Event Floral Design

2Our florists at Todich Floral Design recently got the chance to design beautiful contemporary event flower arrangements for a private event that was being held in St John’s Wood, London.

The private party was located in a stylish roof-top apartment which had breath-taking views of London. The event included high-profile guests and the host wished for us to provide flower displays to decorate1 the entire venue.

The host has been a regular client of our flower shop in London for the last 10 years.  The client always requests the London florist to provide flower arrangements for all of her London events.

The main focal point at the venue was the buffet table; this required a stylish long and low flower arrangement that matched with the overall colour scheme and style of the 17room. Our florists created a beautiful event floral design in vibrant reds, magentas, and whites. The flower display was to be placed onto a red table 24cloth which was surrounded by red tea light candles.  The event flower arrangement sat at 120cm long and had four tall glass vases with submerged pink/purple Vanda orchids. White floating candles were placed at the top of the vases and were to be lit during the London event.  The vases were sat within a bed of red, pink, burgundy and cerise carnations. We made sure the vases had different heights so to create maximum impact.

We designed a mantelpiece arrangement which was placed next to the buffet table; the mantelpiece flower arrangement was similar but a smaller event flower design of the main flower display. It included vases with submerged Vanda orchids which were 23in a bed of red, pink, burgundy and cerise carnations; the flowers look beautiful against the floral wallpaper.

The host required a tall flower display for the entrance hall. We kept the colours and the flowers consistent throughout.  The arrangement was a front facing design including red and orange dahlias, peach roses and alchemilla.

We also designed an orchid plant arrangement which was framed by seasonal flowers. We placed the orchid into a glass vase and arranged red and orange dahlias as well as peach roses around some seasonal foliage.

The upstairs room had a small bar and coffee table which required small flower arrangements. We stylistically arranged pink Vanda orchids, orange dahlias, yellow dahlias and green alchemillas into fishbowl vases.  The 6exotic private event flowers were styled into a contemporary design and looked absolutely stunning!  We are also thrilled our client loved the flower designs too.

Todich Floral Design specialises in providing private event flowers for London corporate parties. The award winning florist offers bespoke event flower designs which are created by the talented floral team.

If you would like to talk to our consultants about any event flowers for any upcoming events, or even contract flowers for London then please give our friendly team a call on 02077371166 or email

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7Todich Floral Design are already preparing for Christmas. The florist company are ready to design beautiful Christmas flower arrangements with Christmas trees. The London florist love to mix Christmas flowers with Christmas decorations. Take a look at our Christmas portfolio of designs.

The team at Todich Floral Design love learning something new. The consultants get many requests for cultural event flowers. The team work closely with the client to make sure the flowers are perfect for their specific needs. Take a look at our other London cultural flower arrangements.

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