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A Winter Tale: Traditional Christmas Flowers and Plants

Monday, November 9th, 2015

As the nights get colder and we swap autumn T-shirts for thick winter wears, the countdown begins for one of the most popular festive seasons, Christmas. Christmas, is a time of intimate Traditionals, celebrations in the home and time spent with loved ones. Sending flowers at Christmas is a beautiful gesture, a great way to celebrate the season and Christmas flowers and plants go a long way in enhancing this experience. At Todich Floral Design we just loved experimenting with new materials and styles, offering a twist on traditional floral fashion as well as bringing you a wide range of traditional Christmas flowers and plants to choose from.

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Christmas, a blissful season reminiscent of cosy nights in by the fire, and the suspense of waiting to open presents under the tree, comes with a number of age old traditions and tales related to traditional Christmas  flowers and plants. Christmas provides the perfect opportunity to get creative, whether it’s decorating the home or installing corporate flowers to bring plenty of cheer to the office.

Holly. This season’s traditional colours of green and red stem from the native Christmas Holly plant. A symbol of a man, Holly was actually used to decorate the home, and surprisingly, traditionally created long before the Christianity. Holly makes spectacular Christmas decorations along and go a long way into completing Christmas flower arrangements.

Mistletoe. Another of many Christmas flowers, mistletoe, a parasitic green and white plant, is an integral part of a fun pre-Christmas tradition. Often placed in a high place, usually above a door, two people are encouraged to kiss, if stood under it at the same time. Other than playing an interesting role, mistletoe also makes fantastic Christmas plants to decorate the home with and shine within Christmas flower arrangements.

Ivy. A symbol of women, Ivy is strongly linked to Christmas and creates a magnificent centrepiece when combined with holly. Tradition has it, Ivy is said to bring great luck and happiness to relationships. In addition, Ivy represents a number of things, symbolising true love, undying affection and eternity, making it a fitting flower for a loved one.

The Christmas Rose. A truly English flower, and universal symbol of love, the Christmas rose is traditionally red. Christmas roses are associated with the story of the shepherds who saw three wise men taking their gifts to baby Jesus. The shepherds had no gift to offer until an angel appeared and pushed aside some snow to reveal an exquisite red rose. Roses make striking centrepieces, decorates the home beautifully or as gifts for loved ones.

Poinsettia. Renowned for bursting into flower at Christmas, Poinsettia is beautiful traditional Christmas flowering plant, grown for vibrant coloured bracts. It’s cheery foliage in hues of red and green and distinct shape make it fitting flowers to decorate the home with at Christmas or make spectacular window displays for an office or restaurant.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your home this Christmas, take a look at corporate florist Todich Floral Design’s, a range of exquisite Christmas centrepieces, Christmas flower arrangements and beautiful seasonal plants and flowers sure to brighten your home.

Floral Table Arrangements for Summer Events

Sunday, June 14th, 2015

Summer is the season of warm evenings, golden light and an abundance of colourful blooms to choose for wedding flower decorations and to adorn private events. As well as weddings, there are garden parties, birthdays, baby showers and many other reasons to celebrate. Maybe even to just celebrate the sunny summer days! London florists have wonderful options for table displays this time of year – whether the occasion calls for a more natural, low-key look or glamorous arrangements. From garden flowers like delphiniums and cornflowers, to classic peonies and roses, there is an abundance of choice for floral table arrangements this time of year.


Rustic Garden Looks

Sweet Williams are delightful little flowers available in early summer. In colours of pink, purple, red and white, their frilled, velvety petals and green fronds make them perfect for creating rustic, garden looks for private events. These aren’t showy flowers, so rather than table centrepieces small bouquets could be dotted down a table in mismatched jars and bottles to act as adornments or place settings. These fragrant flowers also make lovely bridal wedding bouquets, so Sweet William table decorations for wedding flowers could be the perfect complement to the bride’s posy choice.

Cornflowers are also ideal for creating a rustic, pretty event flower look. Add them to a glass vase for a simple centrepiece at summer party, or decorate tables with small vases of these blue flowers. Dahlias, daisies and herbs like lavender can be used in similar ways. Cornflowers are also wonderful paired with long-stemmed larkspurs and delphiniums which can be used together to create harmonious displays of pinks, blues, purples and white – an ideal rustic event flower design centrepiece. Use a glass vase or a jug or even a watering can for a quirky look.

Don’t be afraid to create a party or wedding flower centrepiece that spills over the table to create a truly bountiful look. Add full, fragrant blooms like hydrangeas, geraniums and delphiniums to a pitcher or tureen at the centre of guests’ tables and dot smaller vases around the centrepiece for a full and colourful display. These flowers are available in many shades – from dark purples and pinks to pale greens, peach and white – so any look for the occasion can be created.

Glamour and Abundance

Summer is the time of year when wedding florists are called upon to create glamorous floral displays for the ceremony venue and wedding reception, including table flower arrangements. Rich, bright colours are the order of the day – with beautiful light in this warm season able to really showcase event floral design for guests to enjoy.

A silver tureen filled with candy-coloured flowers including roses, hyacinths and hydrangeas makes for a decadent floral centrepiece. Hydrangeas are a great choice for summer table decorations and add texture and fullness to bouquets. A bouquet of single coloured hydrangeas – say just white or pure pink – can create a truly elegant look for tables at events. Alternatively, incorporate other textures and colours by using flowers like roses, baby’s breath and peonies. Silvery eucalyptus leaves also work well in hydrangea arrangements, as do longer branches and twigs to create a textural feel.

Roses are perfect for weddings and any other special occasion. With their wide range of colours and shapes, these classic flowers can be used to create many different looks – whether incorporated into bouquets with other flowers or displayed on their own. Single roses in mini glass vases make great wedding flower decorations for guests’ tables and can be used as place settings. Choose colours that match the wedding party bouquets. For a soft, romantic look, choose paler shades of roses for wedding flower arrangements – like peach, mauve, white and dusty pink. When delicate foliage is added, these displays will add beauty and glamour to the proceedings in a subtle way.

Peonies are another flower available at this time of year and with their full shape and vibrant colours, another perfect choice for the glamorous look. Like roses, they range in colour from soft pinks to deep reds and can be used to create so many floral designs – from romantic, to high-end and casual. They work very well with roses and green embellishments. They can be added to table budvases too – and London florists can create these using many different flowers including orchids, roses and dahlias. These are perfect for restaurants but also work well at weddings and other private events where little details are very important.

Green Goddess

Summertime is of course a season of colour and flowers – but there are also plenty of green options to make beautiful table centrepieces. Bring the woodland to the table and use natural elements like fern, moss, branches and leaves to create centrepieces and decorations. Ornamental kale is also a great option for a quirky and on-trend look. Looking much like a flower and available in shades of green, purple and white, this is often a favourite for wedding flower bouquets and can also be incorporated into table displays at weddings and other private events. White kale flowers are paired with bright pink roses and greenery in a delightful basket arrangement that is perfect for garden parties on indoor dos with a rustic feel.

Incorporate natural elements like moss, bark, twigs and pebbles into table displays – especially for laid-back dos like garden parties or a woodland wedding. Ivy can be trailed down the centre of tables and even miniature trees can be displayed on tables for decoration. For a more exotic look, consider palm leaves either on their own or paired with blooms like orchids and bird-of-paradise flowers. Ever-popular succulents make lovely place settings and can also double as favours – whether in mini vases or as potted plants with name tags attached. With their soft shades of green, succulents also work well in floral displays using pastel shades of pink, purple and white. Take a look at more table centre flowers to be inspired for summer parties.

Five alternative floral designs for Christmas wreaths

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

It seems like all of a sudden Christmas is upon us and our workshop is filled with the lovely scent of pine, festive branches, decorations and leaves. But Christmas wreaths don’t have to just be pine, baubles, bows and cinnamon sticks. If you fancy a break with the norm there are many different types you can try or buy. At London florist Todich Floral Design we love experimenting with new materials and styles and are always on the look out for unusual twists on traditional floral fashion and designs. And Christmas provides the perfect excuse to get creative as we start installing corporate flowers and decorations at London offices,

Christmas wreaths by Corporate and event florist  in Londonrestaurantshotels and for media events. Although red, green and gold is the classic colour palette for Christmas, there are many other combinations you can use to give your Christmas flowers and arrangements a fresh and contemporary colour scheme. Deep purples and blues bring a luxurious feel to designs; cool whites, silvers, icey blues and lilacs help set a winter wonderland mood; pinks worked in with reds provide a softer, romantic vibe; and for a really modern look, a simple monochromatic colour scheme can look striking and chic. In terms of materials, twigs, nuts, mistletoe, berries, rose hips, ferns, herbs and of course flowers are additional natural items you can use, plus things like feathers, lace, pearls, crystal drops and of course various baubles and bows.

So without further ado, here are some of our ideas for alternative Christmas wreath designs:

Wild twig wreath with berries or rose hips: it’s possible to buy ready-made wild twig wreaths now which you can then decorate yourself, but if you want to do it yourself, you can create one using chicken wire and moss. Then make some individual bunches of twigs, before wiring these on in a spiral shape. Adorned simply with some ilex or holly berries, or alternatively plump rosehips and a red bow, this provides a really wintery-feeling, rustic display.

Natural bark & baubles: Less is sometimes more and when we want to create a natural look, our florists often use pieces of bark. These are easy to find at the flower market or in many shops and can quite simply be wired on to a mossed base. Do this first and then simply wire on a selection of different silver baubles too; a mix of matt, glossy and sparkly and then a simple silver bow at the top is just enough to finish of this design.

black and white monochrome wreath by Todich Floral Design

Purple power: Symbolising power, wealth and nobility, purple brings a luxurious feel to flower arrangements and the bountiful hydrangea, available in a range of colours from light lilac to deeper hues provides the perfect base for a wreath. Add in some roses and black-centred anemones and you really need little more in order to create quite a spectacular, eye-catching design.

A wreath full of baubles: OK, so baubles are pretty traditional, but an entire wreath made just from these gives a different twist. And the best thing about this one is the possibilities are endless! You can choose from thousands of different colours and styles, whether you want to create something shiny and bright or in more muted, understated tones.

Black and white: Nothing quite makes a statement like black and white and this design, created for one of our corporate clients, was made by glueing sprayed pine cones and baubles on to a dry oasis base. Finished off with a luxurious black satin ribbon wrapped several times around the top quarter and then trailed elegantly through and down the back, it certainly made an impact!

Todich Floral Design specialises in creating bespoke designs for corporate flowers, event flowers and flowers for hotels, restaurants and bars. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Haunting Halloween event flowers in top London hotel

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

Todich Floral Design turns Mayfair bar in to spooky old mansion house

This Halloween, London florist Todich Floral Design created spectacularly spooky Halloween flowers for an eerie night of fun in one of Mayfair’s top hotel bars. Every week, Todich Floral Design supplies elegant corporate flowers for the hotel and its restaurants, but for Halloween the team there naturally wanted something a bit more ghastly and dark to help set the scene for a scary night in their club.


Todich Floral Design is a specialist in event flowers for private clients, hotels and restaurants, and for these Halloween flowers was tasked to create a dark, moody ‘haunted house’ atmosphere that conjured images of witchcraft, monsters and spooks. Of course it also had to work well with the hotel’s décor, which consists of dark pannelled walls and gilt-edged chairs, chandeliers, columns, rich marble flooring and red carpet.

The team at Todich Floral Design consequently decided to use gothic style, silver standing candleabras and dark urns atop imposing stone columns, mixed with oak leaves, moss and battered old crates to give the impression of a mysterious old dilapidated and abandoned mansion house. These were topped and interspersed with creepily carved pumpkin faces and cobwebs which cast haunting shadows along the walls.

The props and natural materials worked perfectly with the hotel’s interior to create the desired effect, so for one night this luxury bar took on a much more sinister note!

Todich Floral Design can cater for a variety of different event flowers and budgets. To order Halloween flowers online or discuss your requirements for another event, click here to contact the team.

Spooky Floral Designs for Halloween!

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

With Halloween fast approaching, we know there’ll be plenty of ghostly parties taking place at the end of this month! So, why not add a bit more panache to your spooky event, by including some attention-grabbing spooky-themed Halloween flowers?

London florist Todich Floral Designs are one of the few specialist events and party florists operating in the Greater London area. Parties and special events for occasions like Halloween are where our skills as floral innovators can really come alive!

Pumpkin Posy_resize_resize

Black tulips, pineapple leaves, Grevillea, Bacarra roses and twisted willows can all create eerie-looking floral displays; perfect for adding a more sinister feel to your venue! But, if that all sounds a little too dark for your liking, why not opt for a mixture of bright orange and yellow flowers, skilfully arranged inside a large hollow pumpkin? Your guests will love them – not only will they look gorgeous – they’ll also fill the room with sumptuous aromas!

We can offer a FREE consultation at a location of your choice where advice will be given on Halloween flower decorations, style and designs that will suit you and your event. We also provide a London/ UK delivery, delivery on weekends as well as a free professional installation service. We have provided stunning displays at some of London’s top venues, including: Café Royal, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, National Portrait Gallery and many more.

Pumpkin Samba_resize_resizeSo, whether you need beautiful Halloween flowers and gifts for a sit-down meal or creepy-looking floral designs to really wow your guests – we are here to help you! And, what’s more, our prices aren’t terrifying either! Our bespoken design and excellent service is competitive and honestly priced.

For more information on our the best Halloween flowers, Halloween flower delivery or Halloweeen wedding bouquets call 020 7737 1166 and speak with one of our friendly members of staff.

Todich Floral Design

If you are looking for haloween flowers for an event in London then Todich Floral Design may be the perfect florist for you, the specilist company design Halloween flower arrangements, Halloween wedding centerpieces and Halloween bouquets. Using an assortment of sundries, fruit and cut flowers, the company make Halloween flowers and gifts for the special event on a yearly basis.

Private Event Flowers – for a London party in July

Thursday, August 8th, 2013

Event Floral Design

2Our florists at Todich Floral Design recently got the chance to design beautiful contemporary event flower arrangements for a private event that was being held in St John’s Wood, London.

The private party was located in a stylish roof-top apartment which had breath-taking views of London. The event included high-profile guests and the host wished for us to provide flower displays to decorate1 the entire venue.

The host has been a regular client of our flower shop in London for the last 10 years.  The client always requests the London florist to provide flower arrangements for all of her London events.

The main focal point at the venue was the buffet table; this required a stylish long and low flower arrangement that matched with the overall colour scheme and style of the 17room. Our florists created a beautiful event floral design in vibrant reds, magentas, and whites. The flower display was to be placed onto a red table 24cloth which was surrounded by red tea light candles.  The event flower arrangement sat at 120cm long and had four tall glass vases with submerged pink/purple Vanda orchids. White floating candles were placed at the top of the vases and were to be lit during the London event.  The vases were sat within a bed of red, pink, burgundy and cerise carnations. We made sure the vases had different heights so to create maximum impact.

We designed a mantelpiece arrangement which was placed next to the buffet table; the mantelpiece flower arrangement was similar but a smaller event flower design of the main flower display. It included vases with submerged Vanda orchids which were 23in a bed of red, pink, burgundy and cerise carnations; the flowers look beautiful against the floral wallpaper.

The host required a tall flower display for the entrance hall. We kept the colours and the flowers consistent throughout.  The arrangement was a front facing design including red and orange dahlias, peach roses and alchemilla.

We also designed an orchid plant arrangement which was framed by seasonal flowers. We placed the orchid into a glass vase and arranged red and orange dahlias as well as peach roses around some seasonal foliage.

The upstairs room had a small bar and coffee table which required small flower arrangements. We stylistically arranged pink Vanda orchids, orange dahlias, yellow dahlias and green alchemillas into fishbowl vases.  The 6exotic private event flowers were styled into a contemporary design and looked absolutely stunning!  We are also thrilled our client loved the flower designs too.

Todich Floral Design specialises in providing private event flowers for London corporate parties. The award winning florist offers bespoke event flower designs which are created by the talented floral team.

If you would like to talk to our consultants about any event flowers for any upcoming events, or even contract flowers for London then please give our friendly team a call on 02077371166 or email

Todich Floral Design regularly updates their Facebook page, to take a look at the latest arrangements click on the following link London Florist Facebook Page

7Todich Floral Design are already preparing for Christmas. The florist company are ready to design beautiful Christmas flower arrangements with Christmas trees. The London florist love to mix Christmas flowers with Christmas decorations. Take a look at our Christmas portfolio of designs.

The team at Todich Floral Design love learning something new. The consultants get many requests for cultural event flowers. The team work closely with the client to make sure the flowers are perfect for their specific needs. Take a look at our other London cultural flower arrangements.

From all the team at

Todich Floral Design

Todich Floral Design Creates Beautiful Rustic Window Displays

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

Create Rustic French Designs: That was the brief from a client for a new restaurant opening in Mayfair, to bring ‘green’ into the restaurant.   The Chef heading up the French Brassiere, originated from France and his whole ethos from the cuisine to the interior design of the restaurant, had to reflect this.

The restaurant had just installed beautiful rustic planters which framed the outside of the restaurant.  This was filled with established olive trees and lush green herbs and created huge impact.  It was clear from the outset that a seasonal flower design would not work and would not give the required effect.   After much discussion and site visits, the Head Designer, Laura Fisher discussed with the client how we could use old galvanised containers and fill then with beautiful seasonal herbs and flowers.  This would bring the ‘outside in’ to the restaurant and continue the rustic theme throughout the Brassiere; it was a way of bringing the green, from the outside planters into the restaurant to create a fresh and rustic feel.

The team love searching for old pieces to work with and after much searching the team found some beautiful containers which included a vintage bath and watering can.  We felt it was very important to use vintage items to give the installation an ‘aged worn effect’.  At Todich design we have a range of props which we are happy to hire to our clients to work with their floral designs.

The design team then worked with the Head Florist to ensure we created the correct look; we decided on seasonal herbs and plants which would be potted in the various aged items.  We used beautiful Hellabores for the old bath and finished the design with moss, the contrast of the white flowers up against the grey galvanised pot made the simple design striking and effective

The rustic ‘Tea Tree’ plants were planted in a selection of smaller containers and these were chosen because they have a very delicate white flower with thick foliage.

The design was installed in the window of the restaurant and this worked so well with the green from the outside planters.  From the top of the restaurant you can sit and look through and see the beautiful greens of the installation and the planters creating a feeling of ‘rustic’ France.  The theme was continued, by placing a number of smaller containers on high shelves which sit in the centre of the restaurant.


The design team will continue to work with the client, to ensure the installation is changed to fit with the seasons and events held within the restaurant.  The client was very happy with the installation and the designs fitted perfectly with the rustic ‘French’ style.

If you would like us to provide flowers for yourself for an upcoming event then please do not hesitate to get in touch, we would be happy to book a free consultation with you and talk you through any ideas that you have in mind.

UCL Event Flowers

Monday, November 5th, 2012

Last Monday we had a request come in from a lady who was hosting an event at UCL that coming Friday, and she needed some design ideas ASAP!  I started with designs that included chilli peppers, roses, and ivy – something a little different and fun! – In addition to a suggestion of something more traditional that replaced the chilli peppers with orange freesia.  She really liked the freesia, so I sent her some images of all the flowers that come in that lovely burnt orange.  I settled on ‘Cherry Brandy’ roses, ‘Tom Pearce’ Chrysanthemums, ‘Prinses Irene’ tulips, and red oak foliage, designed in glass fish bowls; I thought that the vases looked great, and luckily our client agreed!


Yellow Rose


Autumn Flowers



Our Spooky Halloween Events

Friday, October 26th, 2012

With Halloween just around the corner, we have been getting some pretty spooky requests in!

Physalis alkekengi – Chinese Lanterns –, ‘Bacarra’ roses, black tulips, Pineapple leaves, Pandanus leaves, Grevillea, and twisted willow all create wonderfully sinister arrangements. This week, we are designing the weekly vases for our clients with miniature pumpkins on sticks being arranged with the flowers – sadly the flowers that are being used are orchids which, although beautiful, and are not very creepy!

We recently designed a wedding with a bridal bouquet that featured Chinese Lanterns, red Nerine, ‘Treasure’ calla lilies, and pin oak foliage, creating a lovely over-the-arm display. The bridesmaids’ posies also had Chinese Lanterns and Nerine but no calla lilies, which created a nice symmetry with the bride’s bouquets without matching the design exactly. The buttonholes were Nerines, and all the table displays were fishbowls filled with Chinese Lanterns, which looked fantastic in the wood-panelled room with a roaring fire in the corner.

Another wedding that we are designing, which is less eerie but very beautiful none-the-less, had a similar structure within the bride’s shower bouquet and the bridesmaids’ hand-tied bouquets: the bridal bouquet is going to use dark red freesia, red Nerine, red skimmia, red hypericum, and white Common Lilac with a shower to the front of the design made of burgundy Amaranthus and pin oak; the bridesmaids’ design are going to use white freesia, white Nerine, and red Skimmia – which I think are going to look lovely next to the bride’s bouquet.

The groom’s boutonniere is going to be a head of dark red freesia and a head of red Nerine, framed by pin oak to match his bride’s design, and the groomsmen’s buttonholes are just going to be a single white head of freesia – very simple, but very beautiful. And the father-of-the-bride and the mothers are going to have little designs made of small clusters of white freesia and white Nerine to pin to their outfits.
We had an event come in from a design company that requested that all the designs – domes of ‘Bacarra’ roses, domes of ‘Grand Prix’ roses, and domes of ‘Red Naomi’ roses be placed in skulls, eyeballs scattered throughout the designs and on the tables, and blood dripping down the leaves – all fake of course! Very scary!

Another request came in for a masked event that required all the Grevillea be sprayed black and hung as garlands and swags around the room to throw shadowy and ominous shapes across the walls; it created a spectacular atmosphere for a stunning event!

Please feel free to contact our design team to get involved in the action

The Venetian Masquerade Event

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

We all love a party, and our team are so passionate about what we do that we love to get involved in providing flowers for all kinds of occasions, from a beautiful weddings to spectacular events, we love the variety in them all, so when we were

asked to create unique floral displays for a Venetian Masquerade themed event we jumped at the chance.

Our florists at Todich floral design love a challenge; we excel at designing new arrangements and thinking up unique and often exquisite designs. Our requirement for this event was to match the colour tones of the two rooms at the venue. One room was decorated with deep rich colours of reds and purples, whilst the other was decorated with deep reds and whites. Our aim was to create flower displays that coordinated with the room’s décor and yet created a romantic sultry atmosphere.

Our consultants visited the hotel and researched into the Venetian masquerade theme, they created a mood board of colours which allowed us to establish ideas for the perfect style of flowers to complement a Venetian Masquerade Event.

We were asked to create designs for a total of 12 grand arrangements, this of which had to be divided into two colour themes to match with the two rooms of the venue.

The first room we designed magnificent displays of deep red Naomi roses, contrasting purple calla lilies and scented purple freesias, with these mixed tones of colours we fashioned the floral displays to scream vibrance and elegance and create a maximum impact throughout the whole venue.

In the second room we created impressive displays of vivid purple calla lilies, snow white roses and a hint of white carnations to balance the colour of the arrangements. All the flowers were arranged with burgundy cordyline leaves, green salal and scented eucalyptus leaves.

The mix of deep reds, purples and the balancing of snow white flowers looked stunning up against the backdrop the venue. The flower heads are all small but striking and packed a punch of colour at the event. The event was a success and we were very happy with the results.

If you would like us to provide flowers for yourself or an upcoming wedding then please do not hesitate to get in touch, we would be happy to book a consultation with you and talk you through any ideas that you have in mind.

Simply give us a call on 02077371166 and we would be happy to help.

Todich Floral Design