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It’s Fiery Flower Design News For Home Decor, This July And August

Thursday, June 15th, 2017

Check out some of the latest floral design news in fashion and home decoration, arranged for you by Todich Floral Design. See what's trending, sexy and exciting this summer for when you decide to do a little bit of redecorating…

Floral Fashion: Bohemian Summer

Boho-chic, the best of both worlds, is making a small but mighty 2017 summer comeback. Bohemian and floral fashion trends combine and culminate in flowers and fringes. Think colourful floral print patterns or relaxed nature scenes in wall hangings and sofa covering. You get a look that's a little flirty, bright and vibrant, but none too neat or overly tidy and pristine like some other contemporary floral fashions.

Green Plants Rule

Introduce greenery of all varieties into your cooking and eating space, in the bedroom on your bedside table, the home office, and anywhere you may want to relax, lounge, or open a good book. This kind of monochromatic and simple floral fashion makes a 'back to nature' statement. Exotic indoor plants, varieties of succulents, and azalea shrubs or mini rose bushes are ways to bring a clean energy and greater mindfulness into your home through just a few small decorative touches. It really adds up.

Cabana Style Flow–With Woody Tones and Whites

Wouldn't we all like to snap our fingers and be by the pool with a drink in hand? Lying in a wooden cabana or gazebo? Or imagine suddenly arriving at the beach, pristine white sand, with the sea washing up on the shore and the hot, clean sun shining high overhead.

These are the summer images and colour palettes acting as inspiration for this particular floral design style. Lots of white and ethereal flower bouquets around the home and for events–hydrangeas, calla lilies, daisies and chrysanthemums. Add branches, pussy willows and other woodsy foliage. Look for blue, teal and sea green colours to use in contemporary glass vases and single candle holders.  

Floral Anatomy and Botany

Before you're put off  by any technical sounding jargon or the distant memory of weighty tomes and driest of dry text books, know that this floral trend is versatile, good for summer as well as early in the autumn season. It just depends on whether you're in the mood for a summer cabin in the woods or a hidden autumn getaway.

This floral fashion and style is more masculine, full of deep greens, beige, off-white hues like bone, and light green touches. You'll find simple straight lines in flower arrangements at home using tulips and white roses beneath contemporary light fixtures, and actual old botany prints, sepia or black and white photographs, and charcoal floral sketches.

Nordic Breeze, Whites & Blues

A cool wind and design sense in from the upper reaches is the perfect way to cool off and decorate all at the same time. It's easier if you already have some classical elements or furniture in your home, but don't despair. Instill your living space with tranquillity and quietude, with light and pale beech and pine woods or new paint on the walls. This style favours fishbowl flower arrangements, lotus flowers, orchids, lilies and the well-placed array of white rose petals.