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The Art of Corporate Flowers: Office Feng Shui and Workplace Productivity

Monday, September 4th, 2017

Feng shui through flowers is a way for you to harness boosted energy, gain inner peace, and reap the benefits of greater productivity whether you do your work from home or go into the office. As Erin Conrad, Consultant at TelcoSolutions, explains, "increasing productivity in the workplace is essential for ensuring your business doesn't lose revenue. However, it's also important in terms of your employees' mental health. After all, productive and motivated employees are happier ones."

Matt Riley, Managing Director of Tonic Design, says: "I believe humans have an innate desire to be connected to nature and good office design should include a physical connection to nature as one of its primary goals. Studies have found that plants may provide improved air quality to work spaces and may assist with creating positive psychological effects for occupants."

Additionally, Lyly Greca from Miei Fiori explains that "office flowers provide benefits such as clean and fresh air, joy and happiness, life and movement as well as enhance and highlight interiors. It is important to base office flower desicions on a blend of interior design and horticulture."

Pick from these feng shui flowers and decorating tips to liven up your corporate space, beautify your lobby or office, and boost employee morale.


Feng Shui Corporate Flowers For Elevating a Sense of Camaraderie

Flower arrangements that follow the time-old principles of feng shui act as a source of renewal, imbuing rooms and surfaces with visual grace and beauty, even sensuality, and encourage us all to cultivate a general sense of gratitude. Cherry blossoms, for example (sounds like cheery, doesn’t it?) are one method for brightening up lobbies, the corners of your office, and helping to encourage coworkers’ collaboration.

Only once we appreciate our surroundings, feel comfortable and calm in our workspace, can we focus on the work that lies in front of us and simultaneously raise awareness and give our attention to others around us who may need our help.

When picking a theme it is important to remember the type of environmewnt you want the office to be. Anthony Ashworth, a Consultant Designer and Shaman explains that "from a Feng Shui perspective an office space is not a home & needs to have a more vibrant upbeat energy, the energy needs to be more masculine in its nature and is called Yang energy. If the office is to feminine by it’s nature it’s called Yin energy, in which case staff & management may be lethargic, lack creativity and forward thinking."

Lotus Flowers in the Lunchroom, in Meeting Rooms and Home Offices

One of the clean, clear and essential components of fung shui is simplicity. And there are few flowers with the simple purity and perfection, the beauty and peace promoting properties like the lotus flower.

Lotus flower arrangements can be displayed in your own office, the cafeteria, or meeting tables. Lotus flowers clear the mind, bringing about an inner harmony with one’s thoughts (how you see your own behaviours or performance at work, for example) and allow you to let go of the past, not dwell too much on the future, and instead shift into a lucid and focused space in the present.

Bamboo Plants and Zen Gardens for a Sense of Well-Being

Sometimes, in order to cultivate mindfulness and tap into our more creative selves, and especially our capacities for solving the more difficult problems we can face at work, we need to take an active break from the issue at hand.

Bamboo plants and Zen garden flower arrangements are perfect for active contemplation. The simplicity of green office plants and beauty of nature is a way to increase the harmony of one’s surroundings, tapping into the power of feng shui décor while not overwhelming any one area with too much colour or “busier” and more complex flower arrangements.

Office Layout and Feng Shui Flower Placement

It is important not to overlook the way you arrange the flowers and furniture in your office. From the vantage point of feng shui, anything that disrupts the flow of your space or physically interrupts your movement through the room will actually impede your creativity and ability to think coherently.

So, definitely keep your desk clear of papers, loose pens, and any office odds and ends like tacks or paper clips. Dust frequently. Also position your feng shui flowers or indoor plants in the corners of your office—according to the wisdom and principles of feng shui, this should prevent sluggishness and encourage a more active energy, with great mental acuity.

Using Natural Elements to Ensure Feng Shui in Your Office

Morgan Lovell also adds that incorporating wood into your office's decor is also an important part of improving employee well-being and productivity through Feng Shui. They offer the following advice: "Similar to the way indoor plants can help ease stress, indoor wood surfaces can also improve physiological health. It was revealed that 82% of workers who were exposed to eight or more wooden surfaces in their office were either ‘satisfied or very satisfied’ with their work, compared with only 53% of workers with no wooden surfaces present in their workplace.

"The natural warmth and calm that wood evokes can have a profound impact on physical wellbeing, from lowering your blood pressure and heart rate, to alleviating stress. These health benefits resonate through all levels of an organisation; helping to encourage positive social interactions and increased productivity, to reducing stress-related absenteeism.  After all, a healthy employee is a happy one!"

Jade Pearlhouse, a Content Marketer and Professional Ghostwriter, adds: "H. Jackson Brown Jr. famously said, "Always have something beautiful in sight, even if it's just a daisy in a jelly glass." Therefore, if there are some flowers in the office, they can boost our mood. We can add actual flowers and plants to our offices, but we also benefit from seeing pictures of flowers and plants on the wall (or just the computer's background wallpaper) because the human brain automatically associates these images with positive feelings, thereby improving our productivity at work."

As Tony Rahman from Fiji Resorts and Magnetic Phone Holder concludes: "A new study found that an office enriched with plants doesn't just make employees happier but it actually boosts productivity by 20%. This is the first study to look at the long term effects that plant can have on the quality of professional life. But it`s timely, considering a lot of companies are now starting to adopt the idea of 'Lean Office Management' where they strip the office of any extraneous decorations, to reduce distractions and they can accommodate more people as needed.

"Researchers looked at employees from two large commercial offices in the UK and Holland and monitored their activity levels over a 2 month period, during which time plants were intoduced in their workplace. Employees were also surveyed on their concerntration levels, workplace satisfaction and perceptions of air quality within their office. Turns out employees from previously 'lean' office environments became more satisfied with their workplace, reported increased concerntration levels, and perceived the air quality in their offices to be better once plants were introduced.

"Adorning your office with plants helps employees be more physically, mentally and emotionally involved in their work. And the reason for that , is that it communicates to workers that their employer cares about them and their welfare."

Keep Your Cool In The Office This Summer With These Corporate Plants And Office Flowers 

Wednesday, July 19th, 2017

It's hot, probably so muggy so that you don't even want to know what the humidity is at, and on top of all that you have a pile of paperwork or assignments and projects that have built up. Which means just one thing: stress. This can have a detrimental effect on your work, as well as your general mental well-being. As Paul Solicari from SweepSmart explains: "The more stressed you get, the harder you'll find it to focus on your various tasks, and the more work that pile up as a result. Unfortunately, this is an on-going cycle that will just make you more stressed in the long run."

As Kerry Clewer, Marketing Manager at inspiresport warns, stress can have a number of negative effects on the body. She says: "headaches, insomnia, heartburn a weakened immune system and high blood pressure are just some of the unpleasant (and sometimes serious) symptoms you can experience as a result of stress, whether this is from your school, work or homelife."

Don't sweat too much, though. According to Ben Marrin, Director of Wow Event Hire, "there are many steps you can take to reduce your stress levels at work, from practicing mindfulness to talking to someone that can help. Investing in office plants, however, has also been proven to boost happiness and concentration, helping to lower stress."

If you are feeling the pressure or especially stressed out at work, and want to relax and keep your cool in the office, then these top corporate flowers and office plants should be of service:

Jade Plants. The smooth, water droplet shapes of the jade plant’s leaves will have you smooth sailing, serene and calm, feeling fluid and flexible and free—just like water. 

And, fortunately for you, the jade plant is a succulent, which means it requires infrequent watering and won't demand much maintenance around your office or attention in general (other than an affectionate gaze every once in a while).

Peace Lily. This simple, elegant office plant proffers good vibes, clean air and serenity like it's its business. It will also help you and your business, too, because you'll find that with fresh air and nature comes greater powers of concentration and peace of mind. So, you get to be less stressed and feel more productive while you work.

English Ivy. A clinging, creeping green vine that can crawl its way up brick facades and the outer walls and sides of buildings, all just as well as it can hang luxuriantly from your office bookshelf or drape across and dangle from a windowsill. 

English ivy is particular adept at filtering pollution from the air, too, especially in closed environments and poorly ventilated spaces (like office buildings)…incredibly, studies have shown that this miraculous plant picks fecal-matter particulate and formaldehyde (found in cleaning products) from the air. 

As unsavoury as this may sound, we can be thankful for this particular plant that's saving our airways. 

Gerberas. Gerberas daisies come in many varieties, colouration and sizes. Did you know that the head of the flower, while appearing like a single blossom, is in fact many—actually, hundreds—of tiny little flowers? Ponder that for a while to take your mind off whatever ails you. 

Snake Plants. What's that sneaking off into the corner of your office? Why, it's a potted snake plant! Also known as Sansevieria, the elongated spiked leaves grow straight and tall, shaped like snakes or small swords. Its deep green leaves are outlined in yellow. And it's a pretty corporate plant for contemplation, one that can definitely assist you in easing your mind and relinquishing your troubles if you need a mental break.

Dracaena. Not nearly as draconian as their name would suggest, dracaena plants are in fact benign and friendly office plants, not bossy at all, that can grow up to two meters (indoors). They also do a good job of filtering the air at the office. And, if you're stressed by the presence of your boss or colleagues peering over at you from their own desks, just set up a row of potted dracaena for some cover!

Five alternative floral designs for Christmas wreaths

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

It seems like all of a sudden Christmas is upon us and our workshop is filled with the lovely scent of pine, festive branches, decorations and leaves. But Christmas wreaths don’t have to just be pine, baubles, bows and cinnamon sticks. If you fancy a break with the norm there are many different types you can try or buy. At London florist Todich Floral Design we love experimenting with new materials and styles and are always on the look out for unusual twists on traditional floral fashion and designs. And Christmas provides the perfect excuse to get creative as we start installing corporate flowers and decorations at London offices,

Christmas wreaths by Corporate and event florist  in Londonrestaurantshotels and for media events. Although red, green and gold is the classic colour palette for Christmas, there are many other combinations you can use to give your Christmas flowers and arrangements a fresh and contemporary colour scheme. Deep purples and blues bring a luxurious feel to designs; cool whites, silvers, icey blues and lilacs help set a winter wonderland mood; pinks worked in with reds provide a softer, romantic vibe; and for a really modern look, a simple monochromatic colour scheme can look striking and chic. In terms of materials, twigs, nuts, mistletoe, berries, rose hips, ferns, herbs and of course flowers are additional natural items you can use, plus things like feathers, lace, pearls, crystal drops and of course various baubles and bows.

So without further ado, here are some of our ideas for alternative Christmas wreath designs:

Wild twig wreath with berries or rose hips: it’s possible to buy ready-made wild twig wreaths now which you can then decorate yourself, but if you want to do it yourself, you can create one using chicken wire and moss. Then make some individual bunches of twigs, before wiring these on in a spiral shape. Adorned simply with some ilex or holly berries, or alternatively plump rosehips and a red bow, this provides a really wintery-feeling, rustic display.

Natural bark & baubles: Less is sometimes more and when we want to create a natural look, our florists often use pieces of bark. These are easy to find at the flower market or in many shops and can quite simply be wired on to a mossed base. Do this first and then simply wire on a selection of different silver baubles too; a mix of matt, glossy and sparkly and then a simple silver bow at the top is just enough to finish of this design.

black and white monochrome wreath by Todich Floral Design

Purple power: Symbolising power, wealth and nobility, purple brings a luxurious feel to flower arrangements and the bountiful hydrangea, available in a range of colours from light lilac to deeper hues provides the perfect base for a wreath. Add in some roses and black-centred anemones and you really need little more in order to create quite a spectacular, eye-catching design.

A wreath full of baubles: OK, so baubles are pretty traditional, but an entire wreath made just from these gives a different twist. And the best thing about this one is the possibilities are endless! You can choose from thousands of different colours and styles, whether you want to create something shiny and bright or in more muted, understated tones.

Black and white: Nothing quite makes a statement like black and white and this design, created for one of our corporate clients, was made by glueing sprayed pine cones and baubles on to a dry oasis base. Finished off with a luxurious black satin ribbon wrapped several times around the top quarter and then trailed elegantly through and down the back, it certainly made an impact!

Todich Floral Design specialises in creating bespoke designs for corporate flowers, event flowers and flowers for hotels, restaurants and bars. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Haunting Halloween event flowers in top London hotel

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

Todich Floral Design turns Mayfair bar in to spooky old mansion house

This Halloween, London florist Todich Floral Design created spectacularly spooky Halloween flowers for an eerie night of fun in one of Mayfair’s top hotel bars. Every week, Todich Floral Design supplies elegant corporate flowers for the hotel and its restaurants, but for Halloween the team there naturally wanted something a bit more ghastly and dark to help set the scene for a scary night in their club.


Todich Floral Design is a specialist in event flowers for private clients, hotels and restaurants, and for these Halloween flowers was tasked to create a dark, moody ‘haunted house’ atmosphere that conjured images of witchcraft, monsters and spooks. Of course it also had to work well with the hotel’s décor, which consists of dark pannelled walls and gilt-edged chairs, chandeliers, columns, rich marble flooring and red carpet.

The team at Todich Floral Design consequently decided to use gothic style, silver standing candleabras and dark urns atop imposing stone columns, mixed with oak leaves, moss and battered old crates to give the impression of a mysterious old dilapidated and abandoned mansion house. These were topped and interspersed with creepily carved pumpkin faces and cobwebs which cast haunting shadows along the walls.

The props and natural materials worked perfectly with the hotel’s interior to create the desired effect, so for one night this luxury bar took on a much more sinister note!

Todich Floral Design can cater for a variety of different event flowers and budgets. To order Halloween flowers online or discuss your requirements for another event, click here to contact the team.

Private Event Flowers – for a London party in July

Thursday, August 8th, 2013

Event Floral Design

2Our florists at Todich Floral Design recently got the chance to design beautiful contemporary event flower arrangements for a private event that was being held in St John’s Wood, London.

The private party was located in a stylish roof-top apartment which had breath-taking views of London. The event included high-profile guests and the host wished for us to provide flower displays to decorate1 the entire venue.

The host has been a regular client of our flower shop in London for the last 10 years.  The client always requests the London florist to provide flower arrangements for all of her London events.

The main focal point at the venue was the buffet table; this required a stylish long and low flower arrangement that matched with the overall colour scheme and style of the 17room. Our florists created a beautiful event floral design in vibrant reds, magentas, and whites. The flower display was to be placed onto a red table 24cloth which was surrounded by red tea light candles.  The event flower arrangement sat at 120cm long and had four tall glass vases with submerged pink/purple Vanda orchids. White floating candles were placed at the top of the vases and were to be lit during the London event.  The vases were sat within a bed of red, pink, burgundy and cerise carnations. We made sure the vases had different heights so to create maximum impact.

We designed a mantelpiece arrangement which was placed next to the buffet table; the mantelpiece flower arrangement was similar but a smaller event flower design of the main flower display. It included vases with submerged Vanda orchids which were 23in a bed of red, pink, burgundy and cerise carnations; the flowers look beautiful against the floral wallpaper.

The host required a tall flower display for the entrance hall. We kept the colours and the flowers consistent throughout.  The arrangement was a front facing design including red and orange dahlias, peach roses and alchemilla.

We also designed an orchid plant arrangement which was framed by seasonal flowers. We placed the orchid into a glass vase and arranged red and orange dahlias as well as peach roses around some seasonal foliage.

The upstairs room had a small bar and coffee table which required small flower arrangements. We stylistically arranged pink Vanda orchids, orange dahlias, yellow dahlias and green alchemillas into fishbowl vases.  The 6exotic private event flowers were styled into a contemporary design and looked absolutely stunning!  We are also thrilled our client loved the flower designs too.

Todich Floral Design specialises in providing private event flowers for London corporate parties. The award winning florist offers bespoke event flower designs which are created by the talented floral team.

If you would like to talk to our consultants about any event flowers for any upcoming events, or even contract flowers for London then please give our friendly team a call on 02077371166 or email

Todich Floral Design regularly updates their Facebook page, to take a look at the latest arrangements click on the following link London Florist Facebook Page

7Todich Floral Design are already preparing for Christmas. The florist company are ready to design beautiful Christmas flower arrangements with Christmas trees. The London florist love to mix Christmas flowers with Christmas decorations. Take a look at our Christmas portfolio of designs.

The team at Todich Floral Design love learning something new. The consultants get many requests for cultural event flowers. The team work closely with the client to make sure the flowers are perfect for their specific needs. Take a look at our other London cultural flower arrangements.

From all the team at

Todich Floral Design

Ooh La la – Summer Colours at the French Brassiere

Friday, June 7th, 2013

The designers who work on the London French brassiere have been very focused on using lush greens which have included lots of seasonal herbs and other lovely plants for the last three designs.  The design team felt this time they needed ‘colour’, to fit with the lovely warm weather that England is having at the moment.  Finger’s crossed it lasts!

We looked at different options and we always like to include some height in the window so you get both impact from inside and create interest from outside of the restaurant.  There were many options and different designs discussed within the team but we finally decided to look for an old ladder which would fit with the rustic theme.  We have a wide range of props which we hire out for wedding and events and we feel it is really important, to use interesting items alongside the flower designs.

The team worked on a range of ideas and finally decided on ‘Ladders and Baskets’.  To create an impact we decided to use seasonal hydrangeas of all different colours placed in different sized baskets.  We felt this would give ‘wow’ factor as soon as guests entered the restaurant. The ladder was also styled with natural looking containers filled with seasonal plants that finished off the design; we also included jasmine which hanged down from the top of the ladder.

We installed the design at the beginning of June and will continue to change the theme; we will keep you updated for the next month.  We are already planning July and have some amazing ideas!!

Get well flowers

Saturday, August 13th, 2011

Nothing brightens up a room like a beautifully arranged bouquet of flowers. When people feel under the weather the scent and sight of elegant blooms can have a reviving effect. Such a gift also tells the invalid that you are thinking of them and reminds them of better times. It can bring a little of the outside world into their room.

However it is important to know that some authorities will not allow flowers in any part of their hospital as the potential for germs breeding in water in unchanged vases is a concern – and also that it all makes extra work for the nurses who could be better used caring for patients.

So before sending get well flowers to someone who is ill in hospital, check the local rules. At Flowers24Hours we have other gifts that may be as suitable, if not more so. We recently sent fruit to a man recovering from heart surgery with full approval where a bouquet would have been banned. A preserved rose arrangement may be acceptable, but do ask first. Or send them a teddy bear with a balloon and also some chocolates – for the nurses, of course!

2011 Lambeth Business Awards

Friday, March 25th, 2011

Last night at the awards dinner Lambeth Council chose us as South London’s Best Business for Customer Service.

Lambeth Business Awards 2010

Lambeth Business Awards 2011

Faith No More’s Faith Revived with Todich Floral Design!

Monday, June 15th, 2009

Watch the gig and their buttonholes from here!

Faith No More, the influential American band that broke up in 1998 are in Britain for their come back tour! The band that once featured the infamous Courtney Love as their star singer (until she was fired) have recruited Todich Floral Design’s services to accompany their gig tonight in the o2 Brixton Academy!

The platinum status band has asked us to create for them 5 special button holes to accompany their suits in tonight’s gig, which are being created by our head florist as we speak!

Their musical success in Faith No More stemmed their careers further into the musical business after their split in 1998- Mike Patton, lead singer, has been involved with the incredible vocals in one of my personal favourite bands, Lovage, as well as stepped in as lead vocalist for the Dillenger Escape Plan for recording of  ‘Irony is a Dead Scene’. His versatile singing voice has lead to critics calling him “one of the most talented singers in rock music.”

Billy Gould, bass player, has also been involved with many projects, including Fear and the Nervous System, which features Korn guitarist as well as the drummer from punk rock group Bad Religion.

Michael Bordin, the left handed drummer (who amazingly plays his ride cymbal on the left hand side with a right handed drum kit) has also been Ozzy Osbourne’s drummer, helping him re-record several albums. He also stepped in to substitute Korn’s beautiful David Silveria when he was injured.

Faith No More’s songs have lived on, despite their 11 year hiatus. Track “Midlife Crisis” is featured in both ‘Tony Hawk’s Underground’ and ‘Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’. “From Out of Nowhere” was featured in sporting games ‘Madden NFL 2005’ and ‘NFL 2005’ and ‘Epic’ is featured in the trailer for ‘Street Fighter IV’ as well as being the background song.

How to save money in the ongoing financial situation?

Friday, November 28th, 2008

Cut expenses, not flowers!

vasearr0329.jpgIn a crisis it’s always important to stay calm, and keep things under control. Your clients and employees alike, all depend on your company to be the pillar of support during hard times. When expenses become your primary concern, steps are taken to cut down on spending in order to provide financial safety for the upcoming gray days. Where do we start first? We eliminate expenses associated with things we see around us. This approach, although practiced by a lot of companies, can actually bring about a negative effect, even though at first it seems like the right thing to do. For example, when you take a quick glance around you, you’ll probably notice the lovely violets on the table, or a sego plant occupying that dull corner. If you eliminate flowers and plants from your offices in order to cut back on costs, you may save a few quid, but you lose the relaxing atmosphere that comes with having flowers and plants around. Ask yourself if you would like to spend 8 hours a day in a solid, static, dull, uninspiring space, and concentrate on working harder… We need flowers and plants around us, they are there for a good reason.

It’s the hidden, deeper expenses that need to be addressed. In fact, most companies discover flaws in their financial profile only when they dig deeper into their operations, forced to do so by an economic crisis. Eliminating the very things that help create a relaxed working atmosphere, therefore a more productive atmosphere, will not solve your problems in the long run, in fact, it will only make everyone work under even more pressure. Needless to say, productivity will go south as well.

Looking at things from a different angle, you are to a large extent marketing yourself both to your clients and your own employees. You want to pass on a positive message, even though job cuts are inevitable. Bringing on a gloomy dark atmosphere of dread will certainly not help anyone. Do you want your clients, those who choose to carry on and keep bringing you business, to come in and sense your lack of morale? Do you want your employees to spend hours in melancholy, instead of working hard to survive the hard times? Probably not.

You may think stopping the little visible things can significantly help the overall budget. It’s the easy option sure, but it’s those little things that help create that great atmosphere in your working place, that every one of your employees enjoys. Instead, there are far more effective ways to cut down on spending like phone bills, travel expenses, mailing, transportation  but they do require a little more work to optimise. Cutting down on spending in these areas is an internal change, invisible to people outside the company, therefore your hard earned reputation will stay intact. For example, cutting back on travel expenses will bring more employees back to the office, where they will get more things done in a relaxed working atmosphere created by a vase of bright confident flowers, cheering the world as you greet your next client at the reception desk.