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Secret Rose Garden in London’s West End

Monday, August 19th, 2013

  The garden theme continued for the August window installation at our client’s French restaurant in London, the florist team created a beautiful secret rose garden As you know we get very excited about designing the window and deciding on the different props; the head floral designer Laura Fisher has been out sourcing props and found an old antique garden IMG_7107bench which would be the centre piece of the flower design. We wanted to create an overgrown effect and also an old fashioned element to the garden, so we chose antique style roses of different heights in soft pinks and apricots; white heather plants which added texture and interest; a selection of climbing plants which were entwined throughout the old bench to create an overgrown feel.  We wanted the garden to have a magical feel and of course, remain small and wonderful. The window was again lined with moss and this time we also incorporated stones to create a path throughout the flower design, we also used old bark throughout the display to create interest. The chef and his team always take a great interest in the window installation and they have even donated props to be added to the window display!  Our floral design team in London feel it is fantastic to work with such an enthusiastic and creative client We are already working on September and it’s exciting so watch this space! If you are interested in corporate flowers by a London florist, then contact Todich Floral Design’s styling team on 02077371166 or email From all the team at Todich Floral Design  

Cottage Kitchen Garden at the French Brasserie

Monday, July 8th, 2013

1So for our next installation at the French Brasserie we, as usual! had so many ideas and we really wanted this one to shout ‘summer’! We wanted to create a fresh and relaxing feel – and what with the hot weather and busy location of Mayfair, we thought that what the Brasserie really needed was some tranquillity.

The team discussed lots of interesting and diverse ideas, which always starts with a brainstorm and looking at lots of lovely images; we eventually decided to install a Cottage Kitchen Garden in the window!

Gardens can incorporate such a variety of flowers, fruit, and vegetables that we really needed to research which would work best in the window so as to narrow our selection down and give the desired effect.   

3For the vegetables we chose beautiful vine tomatoes, capsicum peppers, and red chilli plants.  The team had been out collecting lots of quirky items to display the plants in which resulted in the chillies being planted in large logs which had been carved out – the effect was stunning with the vibrant colours of the chillies really popping against the dark wood -, and the tomatoes and peppers in French wooden crates – which are a great idea for your own gardens; if you are short on space have a go!

The central focus of the window display were wild strawberries, which we grew up garden canes in the preceding weeks, and again planted in a shallow crate; and another interesting prop that we found was a very old children’s wheelbarrow which we filled with2 stunning foxgloves – which are perfect for a pretty summery vibe with their striking white heads decorated with little spots of purple – and herbs; we wanted to create the effect of them just having been thrown into the basket! An old French chair was placed at one end of the design with a sunhat placed jauntily atop , and a wooden trug filled with gardening gloves and pots at the other –  carrying on the idea that the garden was very much in use!

Our final idea was to create the effect of a real lawn in the window, so we mossed the entire window sill, which was the finishing touch to our beautiful Cottage Kitchen Garden!


Ooh La la – Summer Colours at the French Brassiere

Friday, June 7th, 2013

The designers who work on the London French brassiere have been very focused on using lush greens which have included lots of seasonal herbs and other lovely plants for the last three designs.  The design team felt this time they needed ‘colour’, to fit with the lovely warm weather that England is having at the moment.  Finger’s crossed it lasts!

We looked at different options and we always like to include some height in the window so you get both impact from inside and create interest from outside of the restaurant.  There were many options and different designs discussed within the team but we finally decided to look for an old ladder which would fit with the rustic theme.  We have a wide range of props which we hire out for wedding and events and we feel it is really important, to use interesting items alongside the flower designs.

The team worked on a range of ideas and finally decided on ‘Ladders and Baskets’.  To create an impact we decided to use seasonal hydrangeas of all different colours placed in different sized baskets.  We felt this would give ‘wow’ factor as soon as guests entered the restaurant. The ladder was also styled with natural looking containers filled with seasonal plants that finished off the design; we also included jasmine which hanged down from the top of the ladder.

We installed the design at the beginning of June and will continue to change the theme; we will keep you updated for the next month.  We are already planning July and have some amazing ideas!!

Labour Day in France

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

At the beginning of May the team installed the third design in the window at a French Brasserie restaurant in west London.  The restaurant was going from strength to strength, with fantastic reviews and the team were excited about the new design.

The floral design team have continued to source beautiful old rustic furnishings from various secret locations, all the staff been amazed with what has been found over the last couple of weeks.

This month the team at Todich Floral Design wanted to use vintage crates to use for the restaurants window display, we felt the rustic crates would really work in the space and would create the country feel that works so well in restaurant space.  The idea was to plant within the crates which were placed at different heights to creative interest, both inside and out.


The installation was scheduled for the 1st May which is ‘Labour Day’ in France and it is tradition to give your workers, Lily of the Valley.  We felt it was important to incorporate this into the design and filled shallow old apple crates with Lily of Valley plants and covered them with moss.  It was really effective and this featured looked stunning for customers who entered the restaurant.

We also incorporated spring blossom which looked beautiful in an old tall galvanised container and the containers worked well with the citrus greens plants.   Large pots filled with herbs were placed on upturned crates which complimented the herbs in the outside containers. The installation mixed old with new and gave a fresh new look for the French window display.


A Rustic French Garden Display – London

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

The design team at Todich Floral Design have been very busy and there are lots of exciting things happening.  We continue to work with the new French restaurant; we have just delivered the latest installation.  We decided to use very white props this time to create a ‘rustic French garden’.    The design included rustic old wooden planters filled with beautiful herbs and hellebores & small terracotta pots with herbs with worked really well with the white.  The design was based around a very old rustic white table which was a real focal point of the design and could be seen from street level.  The chef loved the design and whilst installing the design, we received a lot of attention from passers-by!

We have just won a new client, an Italian brasserie styled restaurant and cocktail bar in Chelsea.  We are very excited about working with another new restaurant opening and look forward to creating interesting and quirky designs for them.  The style of the downstairs brasserie is very natural and has piles of logs dotted around the restaurant which gives a warm and inviting feeling.  Our designer, discussed with the client the different design ideas;  we decided to have a very natural and hedgerow effect for the downstairs vase design, which would include seasonal flowers and twisted willow, the design would be very loose and have a natural effect.  The upstairs cocktail bar has a more elegant and sophisticated feel, so we decided to have an elegant simple design which for example could just be elegant white calla lilies in a beautiful vase.

The team are now busy with lots of weddings and we are receiving fantastic feedback from our brides, which always makes us so happy!  See our latest wedding blog for more details x

From the design team @ Todich Floral Design

Salvaged flowers save the day!

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010


Flowers can be a very important element for just about any event. They can brighten up and add the finishing touches to just about any space you can imagine, even fields and pastures!

The World Equestrian Games, soon to take place at the Kentucky Horse Park. But the road to preparing the event was not all smooth sailing. Around mid-summer organizers of the event found that their floral budget had been cut.

Luckily with a helping hand and generous donation from the UK College of Agriculture, the games will not be short of flowers.

Volunteers involved in solving the problem also found themselves short on time to grow the flowers. So they had to approach the problem from a different angle. Flowers that hadn’t been sold, or were on their way to dying were tended and brought back to life.

The volunteers made their way through several greenhouses, salvaging whatever they could find. With a bit of fertilizer and some re-potting the flowers were ready for their trip across the ocean.

The flowers will be used to decorate the park and jumps for the games.

All it takes is a little innovation and creativity to really make an event memorable and enjoyable. This is why at Todich Floral Design we enjoy helping you decorate and organize your events. Our custom tailored floral decorations will bring the best out of your private, corporate, cultural or Christmas event.

Our floral designs will be suited to your needs through free design consultations, and will be carefully installed to ensure that your ideas are brought to life in perfection.


Plants help clean the air indoors

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

Another study that examines and confirms the positive effect of having plants indoors, whether it’s at the office or at home. Scientists at NASA have finalised a study that has been going on for two years in which they have studied the effect of several common indoor plants and their effect on reducing indoor air pollution. It has been found that living plants are so efficient at absorbing contaminants in the air that some of these plants will actually be launched into space to be part of biological life support systems aboard orbiting space stations in the future. Dr. Bill Wolverton, a scientist working on the project, said he hopes future results will show even more reasons to use plants for cleaning indoor air in homes and offices, creating a much healthier living and working environment.

Several plants were tested in a variety of conditions. For example, gerbera daisies and chrysanthemums were very good at eliminating benzene vapors from the environment, while other plants, like Dracaena Massangeana and Spathiphyllum, did just as well. Read into more detail about this study and the results here.

Needless to say, but I will say anyway :), Todich Floral Design has long ago understood the significance of having plants at the office. We have, over the years, successfully introduced this great way of creating a clean, relaxed and stimulative working environment to many businesses. In fact, we are happy to say that more businesses contact us every day with a clear idea about using plants to create a better working place. We offer a wide variety of services especially created to suite every working environment there is. Over the years, we have developed a special approach to handling even the most demanding tasks of enriching office space with plants. If you need to bring a little green into the office machine, get in touch with us, and let us show you how we can help you create a cleaner office atmosphere.