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Fun, Festive and Merry: How to Make Floral Tapestries and Flower Earrings for the Holidays

Friday, December 22nd, 2017

Looking to tap into your creative side this season? Decorate for Christmas and the holidays? Flower petal earrings and floral tapestries are the answer. This holiday art project is totally kid friendly and lots of fun for adults as well. It combines home decor, floral fashion and festive, seasonal flowers to make for an enjoyable Christmas Day activity or something you can do together as a family. And here's how

Trendy Christmas Flower Displays

Below are the winter flowers and indoor plants we love, which will make beautiful additions when their leaves and petals are strung as earrings or transformed into a beautiful, twirling floral tapestry:

Poinsettia plants are classic, red and white roses play up traditional Christmas colour schemes, and of course mistletoe and holly berries are the flowers we are accustomed to seeing on Christmas. It is a sign of the season–rightly so!–as these indoor plants and holiday flowers bring many of us back to cherished family memories and the joyous celebrations of years past. Still, there is a modern, trendy and fashionable way for you and your friends to incorporate these familiar blossoms into new, bright displays.

Winter Flowers and Holiday Floral Arrangements

If you want to decorate with flowers on a budget or find cheap Christmas flowers gifts, consider ‘borrowing’ a few blossoms from a larger floral display you happen to already have (or see if a friend won't mind you taking a flower or two, then make a pair of flower earnings or tiny tapestry in return). Of course you can do the same thing if you decide to order flowers online.

How to Make Your Wintry Floral Tapestry and Flower Earrings for Christmas

The supplies you will need are flowers (of course!), the backs from a pair of earrings, headpins, hot glue, string, and a small wire cutter or jewellers pliers (the kid friendly part of this project, by the way, is the choosing and sorting of blossoms and flower petals).

Take your flower heads or individual petals and pierce them with the pin. Then cut the pin so there is about one centimetre sticking out. Clean this off with an alcohol wipe or dipped cotton ball. If you are making earrings, simply apply the earring backs to the exposed portion of the shortened pin, and you have yourself a pair of fresh flower earrings for Christmas!

If you want to make a tapestry, you can either thread your petals through, as with a needle and thread, or glue each one individually to the string. Make sure you measure out your string, think about the height and width you want for your tapestry, and plan where you will to hang it up for maximum effect.

Decorated Christmas Tree Earrings and Mini Wreaths

Want to add a little extra to your Christmas tapestry? Make your earrings that much more adorable, with a brash evergreen twist. Try adding a mini wreath or sprig of holly berries to your line of petals.

For New Brides in 2017: Best Autumn Floral Fashion Trends

Monday, July 3rd, 2017

If you are already thinking ahead to this autumn's floral fashions, then you have a lot in store. It is time to get excited for dark fabrics with bright contrasts, greenery galore, silken sheen and the most textured, warm hued autumn flowers. Looking forward to drops in temperature and leaves falling might seem odd to some people, but it makes total sense when you know it means the onset of the autumn wedding season. Keep reading for a bride's guide of trending autumn floral fashions you won't want to miss:


Select Seasonal Autumn Flowers

Dahlias, lilies, gerberas daisies and celosia. Alstromeria, chrysanthemums and yarrow flowers. Bridal bouquets and lavish centrepieces composed of these seasonal flowers are already trending and definitely growing in popularity. With a growing awareness of environmental impact and love for the local movement, each year more and more brides are choosing their flowers in-season and sourcing as many local blooms as possible. If you're interested in taking a similarly eco-friendly stance on the day that you exchange your vows, as a couple you can always talk with your wedding florist.

Simply Can't Deny That Dahlia Appeal

Dahlias are as popular as ever this season. You will probably even catch them popping up at weddings this summer, and extending all the way into autumn.

Which Dahlia Varieties?

Keep your eyes out for the much sought-after Cafe au Lait, with colours ranging from blush to peach to a creamy beige. Peaches and Cream dahlia varieties strikingly contrast colours light pink, red, yellow and white tipped petals. Meanwhile, Labyrinth presents a hot pink exclusive, with funky petals that resemble the curve and swerve of calla lilies.

Throwback To Old Flower 'Favourites'

Brides and wedding florists alike used to wilt at the very thought of mums, carnations and zinnias sneaking their way into their flower arrangements. 'I won't! I won't! I won't!' could be heard all the way down and from the back of the aisle. Not exactly graceful, which is why we call the trend flower 'favourites' in quotations.

Astonishingly, these blooms are now blasting off, showing up all over brides' news feeds on Instagram and Pinterest. They are quickly becoming part of some of the most popular floral design, not just for brides but also at openings, receptions and events. Watch for them in centrepieces this autumn.

Dark and Heavy Colours

Don't look so down! The stormy, darker hues and 'muddy' tones are going to be especially big this autumn. The neutral and low hue contrasts will help to balance out autumn wedding bouquets that use a single colour or pale, subdued coloured blossoms like peach, melon, dulce de leche and pale or flame blue.  

Soft Pastels, Pinks and Grey Notes

Riding on the trail of the same reasoning that inspired 'dark and heavy colours,' we are seeing a lot of light to pale pinks, pastels, and grey hues in flower arrangements, particularly of roses and the ever adorable peonies. Expect complimentary greenery in these arrangements, like Dusty Miller, eucalyptus leaves, and lots of succulent varieties.

Nature-Inspired, Spring Wedding Flower Decorations

Sunday, April 9th, 2017

If you are looking for spring wedding flowers and decorations, there are many ways for you to take advantage of the upcoming season. You can draw inspiration from scenes in nature, depictions of new beginnings—such as young birds in flight, sapling trees, gardening, and rays of sunlight breaking over the horizon. And, of course, flowers flowers flowers! Read on to open your mind and heart to nature’s inspiration, and to make your wedding a spring delight:

Which Flowers Will You Choose For Your Wedding?

‘What kinds of flowers should I have at my wedding?’ you may ask. This can be a difficult decision as there are so many beautiful ones to choose from!

As Elise James from Easy Weddings explains: “According to a survey of more than 430 couples, the 10 most popular wedding flowers for spring are:

  • Roses
  • Peonies
  • Baby’s Breath
  • Greenery (foilage rather than flowers)
  • Proteas
  • Lisianthus
  • Orchids
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Hydrangeas
  • And synthetic flowers!

“We attribute the use of synthetic flowers in weddings to the popularity of these sorts of flowers that are not in season during spring, but are still widely popular (such as peonies).”

The following are just a few of the most popular springtime varieties of bridal flowers you can choose from:

Sweet peas. Darling little purple and lavender flowers, tiny and absolutely adorable, just as their name would suggest. Love these sweet peas!

Lilacs are light, lovely and oh-so-fragrant. Arrange these pink and fluttery flowers in a bridal bouquet or scatter them along the aisle.

Ranunculus are highly stylised, compact concentric whorls of petals that are beautiful in elaborate wedding bouquets as well as table centrepieces and flower arrangements.

Tulips. Evocative of spring, tulips are slim, slender and look beautiful in silver vases for modern weddings, or big and boisterous bunches for a wedding in the countryside.

Daisies, or gerberas daisies. Imbue your wedding event decorations with a rustic appeal using gerberas daises, or lend a rural sense of charm perfect for your countryside wedding or shabby chic theme.

Peonies. Yes, please! Round, feathery blossoms appear almost like scoops of ice cream. Peonies are just as sweet: best are soft pastels in light pink, canary yellow, and cream.

Hydrangeas. Like pom-poms with their big and beautiful blooms, hydrangeas will fill the room and make for quite a sight if you decide to use them in your wedding even decorations – try them as table runners or centrepieces.

Table centrepieces for spring weddings. Put some of those peonies or tulips to good use, too. Tie together a bunch of tulips or bundle several big and beautiful peonies, then arrange your flowers in a glass vase for guests to enjoy.

Alternatively, you can incorporate those same flowers into other components of your table decorations. Tuck fresh flowers into napkin arrangements at each place setting, or greet your friends and family with individual blossoms that instruct them on where to sit. You can easily tag each stem (a piece of heavy paper and twine). Different colours for the paper will correspond to a different table.

Spring Flower Arrangements at Every Turn

Spring offers so much in its flowers, in the energy and goodwill of the season, in its symbols, and sense and celebration for new beginnings. One such symbol of spring is the cherry blossom. Setting up an arrangement of cherry blossoms is a way to delight your guests as they arrive to celebrate your wedding. In tall vases, in doorways and entrances, and in your wedding venue’s reception area, use branches decorated sprouting bright green flower buds and cherry blossoms. They are like spring’s own confetti, to celebrate the day you have been dreaming of.

The Symbolism & Meaning Behind Spring Bouquets and Wedding Flowers

Monday, April 3rd, 2017

If you are happily engaged or planning for a spring wedding, you can be sure that some of the most gorgeous bridal bouquets and floral centrepieces will be available. Of course you don’t just want your wedding flowers to look good, you also want them to say something—something beautiful, something true and utterly exquisite to mark your special day.


So, say something beautiful and celebrate your wedding day. Appreciate and learn the symbolism behind these fabulous spring bridal bouquets:   

Light & Lofty Wedding Bouquets: Peonies & Hydrangeas

True love and a sense of levity, with riches beyond your wildest dreams—when you think about it, what else do you really need in life?

Well, that’s exactly what these wedding flowers deliver when arranged together as a spring bouquet floral masterpiece. While peonies are symbolic of strong romance and good fortune to come, hydrangeas flowers signify grace and gratitude. The word ‘hydrangea’ itself comes from Greek, and it means water (‘hydro’) + jar or jug (‘angos’).

Taken together, peonies and hydrangeas are a container for your joy, wealth, and love—as a couple, and as you grow together.

Spring Bouquet Perfection and Passion: Ranunculus, Roses & Vines

Ranunculus have their own charming mystique, rooted in mythology and a wild, pristine allure behind those ruffled, flashy petals. With a primal draw and edgy exterior that belies a ‘cute’ sensibility, ranunculus speak to the ups and down of all relationships, the highs and the lows. Combined with the passionate connotation of red roses and dark green foliage, such as natural ivy or vines, you have yourself a fiery yet balanced bouquet.     

Lustrous and Bold: Orchids-only Wedding Flowers

Little can truly rival the elegance or the bold, sweeping draw and heightened sensuality of the magnificent orchid. Orchids symbolise fertility. They are a spring flower that walks a fine line between refinement and ostentation, making it the perfect choice if you want to use only one type of blossom in your bridal bouquet. White, pink or fuchsia, or a combination of all three—you can’t go wrong.

There’s Nothing Lovelier Than Lilacs and Asters…

Purple lilacs represent the very beginnings of pure, true love; and white connotes the energy and innocence of youth. Asters, on the other hand, symbolise patience. So enhance a boisterous bouquet of white garden roses or peonies with purple or white lilacs (or both!) and add a finishing touch with asters. The collective meaning is one of tender, compassionate love and understanding that endures for a long, prosperous marriage.

Darling Freesias, Sweetly Scented Sweet Peas

Fragrance and fashion come together in this wedding bouquet. Create additional yellow accents and fragrance by adding chamomile blossoms and jasmine. Sweet peas primarily mean the most exquisite pleasure. Though they also have a secondary meaning of departures…so, in a sense, as you begin your lives together, embarking on a new path, you are in fact making the most joyous of departures.
Freesias, of course, symbolise friendship—and what better friend, if not your best friend, would you want to accompany you on this wondrous journey?

Latest Floral Design And 2017 Spring Flowers Trends

Tuesday, March 21st, 2017

Planning an event? Maybe you’re getting married? Then again perhaps you just want to spruce up your home décor in time for spring…whatever your reason is, you totally want to be up on floral design trends for the 2017. Todich Floral Design takes a deep dive and provides a sneak peak at upcoming spring flowers, 2017 floral designs, and flower fashions for the year ahead.


Unpacking Floral Trends and Wedding Flower Design

Trends and styles in floral design are everchanging, shifting like the seasons of the year. Floral design trends can also be a little tricky to predict as they’re tied to and influenced by world events. Needless to say, it’s difficult—practically a full-time endeavor!—to keep current with the latest and freshest, the flashiest bunches of blossoms or the more alluring bouquets, the sweet and seductive floral designs for the year, no matter what your plans or purpose.

A Shift in Floral Fashions and Most Popular Flower Colours

A momentous, unexpected year in global politics and advent of spring is rapidly shaping and shifting the floral landscape, especially when it comes to the hues, shades, and colour palettes of blossoms for the 2017 spring flower season. What’s trending, exactly? A lot of fervent and fiery petals that vie for the eye and grab your gaze have been supplanted by relatively subdued hues—apricots, creams, beige, bicolored roses, verdant whites, peach, pale pinks—and underlying shades of white or grey.

Why is this the case? The lighter colours provide an emotional balance and equilibrium in bouquets and event flower arrangements that balance out our psyches and mental states, as it’s easy to get caught up in the news and the year’s more tumultuous events.

Spring Flowers and 2017 Wedding Flower Trends

Falling in line with the general colour shift, wedding flower styles are shifting to assuage generalized concern and unease, and instead focus on tender, more feminine bouquet compositions and nuanced colourations. No bold, brash and I-speak-louder-than-thou palatial floral displays here—or, if there are, then floral design aesthetics at least balance the piece as a whole.

For example, we are seeing lots of rustic style wedding bouquets coming back in fashion, bucolic and evocative of countryside innocence, splendor and times that were more carefree. Even at a joyous occasion such as a wedding, where we look forward to a bright future full of love, a sense of nostalgia and looking to the past can find its way into flower designs. Sprawling, winding bouquets that drape across tables or hang luxuriantly within the brides grasp are made from vines, greenery, tiny buds and white hued to cream-coloured blooms with slender, feathery blossoms.

A natural sense of romance is key in this spring’s wedding designs and styles, a sense of wildness and the raw potential and allure of nature, without the chaotic or unnerving connotations of urban living and modernity. This spring you can expect lots of fresh flower varieties with profuse petals, including English roses, hydrangeas, marigolds, ranunculus and gerberas daisies, balanced by wildflower frills and ruffles of garden greenery.

Shades Of White: How To Choose Your Winter Wedding Bouquet

Sunday, January 15th, 2017

Brides in wintertime have all the more reason to be excited, not only because they are about to tie the knot and embark upon a beautiful journey—but also for all the options they have when it comes to seasonal flowers and colour options. There’s not just white to select from! For winter brides and bridesmaids, Todich Floral Design has arranged this winter wedding guide to help you choose:



Cream-colored Bouquets and Ivory Arrangements

White roses, ranunculus, peonies, lilacs, orchids and narcissi paper whites

Cream and ivory hued flowers create subtle nuances in colour that complement and expand the palette of your winter wedding bouquet. But don’t rule out the classic white-on-white option, either. Arrays of roses, ranunculus and peonies in particular, in dense dome-like bouquets or table arrangements, will have a curious draw and surely delight your guests. All-white wedding flower arrangements, especially profusions of a single type of blossom, can have a singularly powerful and entrancing effect.

Blush Coloured Blossoms And Pale Hues

Waxflower, limonium, poppies, peonies and roses

Liven up your bridal bouquet with a few expertly placed, light colourful accents. Blush roses or peonies, red poppies, and purple hued limonium and waxflowers are some of the most gorgeous!

Red Velvet Accents For Your Wedding’s Floral Arrangement

Red roses, ranunculus, red berries, lilies and peonies

Imagine that perfect red rose found in a fairy tale forest, somehow preserved in the midst of a snowdrift and raised up, poised and waiting to be plucked. That’s what this wedding colour scheme is like as you plan your special day.

There are plenty of ways for you to incorporate red flowers with a generally white colour scheme. Red roses, ranunculus, burgundy calla lilies and peonies can be carefully placed to accent any arrangement. For a lighter touch, try holly leaves (with red berries) and pepperberries.

Splashes Of Gold And Silver Lend A Glamorous Airs

Gold and satin ribbon, sequins, silver leaves

Colours that connote opulence, elegance and glamor—you can imbue your wedding reception, its decoration and bouquets with the magic of gold and silver. Think satin ribbons to tie fresh cut flowers, glittering sequins on tables, and gilt leaves. This wedding colour theme is also a nod to New Year’s just around the corner!

Icy Blue, Blue-grey And Cerulean

Calla lilies, delphiniums and hydrangea

Different hues of blue are integral to many colour palettes and winter-themed weddings, with whites and light purples and lavender as base colours in the floral arrangement. Blue is evocative of winter—a cloudless, cerulean sky, the blue-grey we see before first snow, icy blues and sapphire blue—and all can be incorporated into your wedding’s décor if you should be so inspired.

Creating Textured White Bouquets

Pussy willows, pinecones, satin ribbon, white feathers and cedar boughs

For brides and bridesmaids alike, holding a bouquet of flowers can be both an ethereal and full body experience. Make the textures of your bouquets come alive with frilly blossoms and petals, bristly pinecones, silky smooth ribbon, and the soft, delicate touch of a feather.

Perfect Winter Filler Flowers For Weddings, At Home, And Everywhere Else

Thursday, December 15th, 2016

Want to jazz up your bouquet? A little contrast or complementary blossoms, some extra body or rounding out the bouquet’s shape—these are often the finishing touches a professional florist puts on a masterful piece of floral art. Check out some of Todich Floral Design’s favorite filler flowers for the winter and holiday season:

Seasonal Winter Plants

Gypsophila, Hypericum, Limonium, Queen Anne’s Lace and Solidago

Plants that act as filler for winter bouquets can be found growing in the wild. But just in case you live in a big city, or maybe find yourself a little too busy for a trip to the countryside, you are probably okay to pay a visit to your local florist. They are great for special events, parties and as wedding flowers, and grow both year round and in-season.

Queen Anne’s Lace and gypsophila are plants with many tiny white flowers, playing with lighter hues and angelic, clean composition in their fragrance to grace and round out your bouquet.

Long stem limoniums and asters add their purple and lavender spark to any flower arrangement, while solidago and hypericum brandish yellow, orange and gold hues, hinting (and hoping for) the springtime season to come.   

Frosty And Fun Winter Filler

Seeded Eucalyptus, Lamb’s Ear, Dusty Miller Plant

How do some florists give their bouquets that perfect wintry touch? It’s a sort of frosty, icebound effect which absolutely evokes the season. By creating contrast, you can enhance the bright whites in your bouquet and bring out the colours in other blossoms.

Seeded eucalyptus, Lamb’s ear and dusty miller plant are fabulous filler flowers that have a natural silvery grey and pale green cast to them to help you pull off this effect.

Give A Christmas Feel To Your Flower Arrangements

Holly, Pinecones, Evergreens, Poinsettias with Roses, Tulips and Lilies

Don’t forget about time-old favorites! Shiny green holly leaves (with their red berries), pinecones and evergreens are classic and easy ways to decorate for the holiday season, as are potted poinsettia plants. These plants aren’t just for Christmas wreathes, but also go well in arrangements with flowers like roses, tulips and lilies in traditional colours of red and white.

Aromatic Herbs, Spices And Plants For Your Arrangement

Flat Cedar, Cedar Boughs, Rosemary, Cinnamon and Clove

Since flowers offer such a grandiose visual feast, sometimes it is easy to forget that they can also offer us a full array of stimulation. Smell, of course, is the second sense (or even the first sometimes) that comes to mind when we think of flowers.

Flat cedar, cedar boughs, pine branches and clippings from other types of evergreens can bring out a deliciously woody aroma and piney scent to complement your Christmas bouquet or holiday flower arrangement.
Rosemary, a symbol of the Christmas tree itself, is another way to deepen the experience of your flower bouquets. This slightly sweet herb may also be enjoyed as a holiday decoration, arranged with pinecones over your mantelpiece or simply by laying it out along the windowsill.

You’ll Want To Spread The Word About These Amazing Christmas Wreaths

Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

Top London Florist Todich Floral Design provides a fresh look at this year’s flower and Christmas wreath trends for the holidays, with fashionable and festive Christmas flowers spotted in London’s hotels and lobbies, boutiques, storefronts and holiday parties—and perhaps your home, too! If you want the latest flower trends and an inside peek at some of our prettiest petals, wreaths and season’s arrangements, keep on reading:

"Christmas decorations can be a great way to brighten up your office for the holiday season. It's remarkable how much something as simple as a Christmas tree can boost staff moral." – David Pagotto – Founder and Managing Director of SIXGUN


Classic Christmas Flowers Arrangements

Poinsettia plants, pine wreaths, holly, red roses and amaryllis

Do you love beautiful flowers for the holidays, as Christmas gifts or even the stunning décor you can use to fill your home or display at parties? There is no better way to deck the halls of your home or office than with gorgeous Christmas flowers and wreaths.

As a top London florist, Todich Floral Design brings a special flair, floral design savvy and merry touch to your Christmas flower arrangements, with classic details and holiday features like holly berries, poinsettia plants, pine wreaths, red Christmas roses and amaryllis bouquets.

Though that’s not all there is to be excited about this holiday season…

Christmas 2016 Featured Wreaths, Flowers and Plants

Ivy, dried berries, moss, holly and gold ribbon

Want a special look at the Christmas holiday season’s most trendy, beautiful wreaths? For the 2016 season, plenty of online holiday shoppers are selecting hand-tied and specially arranged modern spins or chic twists on classic Christmas wreaths as gifts or decorations around the home. Big this year, there are all natural wreaths, with bright, crisp and wintry arrays of dried berries, in colours beige, blush, gold and ochre palettes, as well as cream, mint green and off-white tones. Gold baubles and luxurious bows are the ideal flourish: a contemporary accent—though not too flashy—as a finish to your wreathe.

Overflowing Greenery, Red Ribbon, Burgundy and Berry Accents

Red berries, ivy, pine needles and red bows

If you are more of a traditionalist in your gift selection and Christmas tastes, yet at the same time want something that is a little exciting, perhaps not as ho-hum as the typical selection and what you see in holiday display windows, then this wreath is absolutely for you. Bright green pointed ivy leaves are arranged in layers and draped around a frame of pine needles and evergreen boughs to create a textured and rounded wreathe. A bright red profusion of tiny berries marks the center frame, accented with deep red tied bows and long hanging ribbon. Traditional red and green colour schemes are obviously a classic approach. Though with contrasting flows of ribbon and chic asymmetry of berries with the pine boughs, this wreathe becomes one the season’s most captivating!

Fragrant, Satiny Smooth Wreath For Christmas

Pinecones, dried fruits, cinnamon and cedar foliage

Fresh, invigorating and stimulating for all the senses, this bright and festive wreath is truly a seasonal treat. White baubles, satin ribbon, silver- and white-painted pinecones and frosty branches are keeping with winter wonderland vibes we are seeing so much of. Prickly pastel green foliage and contrasting dried orange slices lend an aromatic and textural feast for anyone lucky enough to get close to this Christmas wreathe—or better yet, receive it as a gift!


A Mayfair Wedding of Art Deco Opulence

Wednesday, July 27th, 2016

For a glamorous wedding at the five star Westbury Hotel in Mayfair, cascades of roses in red, pinks and whites played a starring role. Shezre and David were married this March at the prestigious hotel with a wedding theme that celebrated the style and elegance of their art deco surroundings. Todich Floral Design created bouquets and displays that exuded rich opulence with romantic roses, carnations and hydrangeas. With rose petals scattered in the aisle and domes of roses on tables, the special day was a truly memorable one played in rich shades of red, pink and pastel orange.

Here we explore how Todich Floral Design created the designs for a memorable Mayfair wedding.


A Ceremony of Splendour

Shezre and David took their vows in the Mount Vernon room: a stylish, art deco space in the hotel. White chairs, soft lighting and red and white rose petals scattered along the aisle created an air of richness and romance. The candles glimmered in hurricane vases with red rose petals at their base: a delightful greeting for guests and magical display as the bride walked down the aisle. At the entrance guests were greeted by stunning designs of red roses and carnations displayed in tall vases and adorned with willow.

For the bridal bouquet: a round posy of red Naomi roses – prized for their velvety crimson shade, and white avalanche roses. Aromatic red skimmia and green eucalyptus leaves framed the beautiful arrangement. This elegant design is perfect for brides looking for a classic look featuring traditional shades for love, romance and purity.

The piece de resistance of the ceremonial decorations were tall vases overflowing with gorgeous pink and white blooms: roses, hydrangeas, gysophilia (also known as baby’s breath) and spray roses. Todich Floral Design created these breath-taking displays by building on different shapes and textures with pastel, complementary colours.




Rose Gallery

The reception for the magical wedding took place in the Westbury Gallery, a classic space befitting the tradition and style of the day. The oak panelled flooring and cream walls made the perfect backdrop for domes of red roses and willow on the poseur tables. These vibrant blooms were displayed in square glass vases for a modern twist that perfectly complemented the setting.

Warm hues featured in table settings for the wedding breakfast, lit by the soft glow of candle light. Orange and red roses nestled in green viburnum berries in cube vases to create subtle and elegant displays. They made a perfect final flourish to a day of classic glamour and style.




Shezre and David’s special day saw roses play a starring role in the celebration of their love. A flower prized for centuries for its beauty and romantic symbolism, it remains a favourite to feature in bouquets and displays at weddings. Speak to Todich Floral Design today about creating beautiful flower arrangements for weddings. Whatever the venue or theme, these experts will tailor designs to suit the preference of the couple for this very special day.


Hotel Chic – Pastels vs. Bolds

Sunday, February 21st, 2016

Hotel décor, pastel havens and bold blooms, we take a peek at hotel floral arrangements likely to course a stir this summer.

Go for big statements; welcome your hotel guests with cheery summertime favourites with our latest hotel décor trends for 2016. With summer making its presence known, it showers us with an array of bold blooms. Inspired by bringing sunny summer shades and delicate flowers, our latest summer line-up show, vibrant bountiful blooms continue to reign supreme at Todich Floral Design.

Flowers go a long way in setting the mood, tone of your hotel, whether you’re after a pastel haven or bold statements, bring the outdoors in and add a touch of the summer to your hotel, with these beautiful blooms, our latest hotel décor trends. The new collection consists of a collection of pastel and bold seasonal designs and styles perfectly blended to create striking centrepieces, delightful corporate flowers perfectly suited for transforming indoor spaces.

Table Arrangements


Sweet peas. If you’re looking to bring the outdoors, gracelly that is, look no further than these stu- nning scented floral arrangements of sweet pea. For show stopping hotel centre pieces, reach for vibrant shades of violet, purple and pink.

Peony. The delicate red hues of the Peony flower represent joy and optimism, are great for up-lighting corporate spaces and perfect for making lasting statements. Place these spectacular centre pieces at hotel receptions, lounges and entrances. Available in an array of bright colours, its vibrant shades increase positive energy and instantly add new dimensions to bland spaces.

Sunflowers. Bountiful, radiant and perfect cherry, sunflowers are the ultimate summer time flower, instantly brighten up new surroundings and inject much needed colour. Or why not mix and match? These bright sunny flowers look beautiful nestled alongside orange roses, hot pink, vivid purple and classic white roses are summer arrangement, sure to create a wow factor in any hotel spaces.

Parrot Tulips. If you’re after something different, that’s got a whole lot of edge, reach for arrangements of parrot tulips. Its textured, vibrant petals add a splash of colour whilst its contrasting green shoots form striking centre pieces perfect for uplifting hotel spaces.

Asters. Asters are magnificent plants full of colour and texture. These seasonal flowers come in various bold colours, adding an edge to summer arrangements. Single shades of Asters look great within hotel spaces, and just as spectacular when paired with other vibrant shades and create, show-stopping centre pieces within hotel receptions, lounges and entrances.

Ranunculus. These delightful summertime treats burst in an array of vibrant colours, showcasing bright sunny yellows to deep violets, energetic oranges to hot pinks. Not short on edge or colour, Ranunculus full bloom and multi-layered petal character and inject fun into lower arrangements and breathe new life into hotel spaces.

Hydrangeas. The hydrangeas’ lush, layered structure is reminiscent of all things lavish and plush. Its sumptuous rich, multilayered structure is perfectly plush and screams pure luxury. Hydrangeas make spectacular centre pieces, available in pale pinks, soft blues s. Hydrangeas add a sense of grandeur and enchantment to indoor spaces and is an inexpensive way to add extravagance to hotel décor. For more daring shades, reach for and vibrant orange, yellows and deep violets add a touch of sophistication and joy to hotel décor.

Carnations. Carnations have earned its place as one of summer’s most delightful flowers, due to its spectrum of colours and endearing meanings.  Carnations symbolise admiration and pure love amongst and come in a range of irresistible colours;  from lush greens to deep grey-blues, violets and vibrant purples.  Reach for large flowered carnations for bountiful blooms to add a wow factor to hotel interiors.

Dahlias. Dahlias have long been considered one of the most spectacular garden flowers, the queen of garden flowers, if you will. So bring the outdoors in and turn heads with these show stopping blooms. Available in a variety of tempting flowering patterns, sizes, and with some bearing resemblance to other flowers; its magnificent larger than life blooms, is sure to have your guests in awe. The summer beauty’s are available in a range of tempting colours, from scrumptious rich pastel shades to vivid bold brights. For decorative show stopping dahlias for your hotel, reach for single or double orchid dahlias, pompon dahlias, cactus or ball dahlias. All of which make ideal centrepieces that will instantly transform hotel spaces.

Tulips. Tulips, the ultimate summer time favourites are both regal and alluring. These elegant seasonal flowers usher in the joys of summer and available in an array of varying shades. Other than being breathtakingly beautiful, tulips represent underlying love and passion. Red Tulips signify a declaration of love, variegated tulips symbolise beautiful eyes, or to compliment a friend or loved one. Other than their endearing meanings, Tulips add elegance and simplistic beauty to hotel bouquets, and look just as great alone. What’s more, tulips come in a range of bold and pastel shades, vibrant reds, sunny yellows, oranges and bold pinks, but also scrumptious soft shades of blue, pale pinks and coral. So whether you’re looking to wow guests with bold designs or create mystic and enchantment with pastel arrangements, tulips are sure to turn heads and create a sophisticated and welcome feel in any hotel space.

Our delightful range of summertime flowers, come in various designs and styles; tailored to your floral needs. Our bouquets of roses, tulips, carnations, hydrangeas and beyond all add joy and well being. These magnificent summer flowers bring a positive feel and breathe life, into drab looking hotel environments. Our London based flower boutique brings the outdoors in, with spectacular flower displays perfectly suited to hotels; beautiful blends of traditional pastel tones and contrasting shades, to add beauty and new dimension to hotel spaces.

If you’re after any of these bountiful blooms, we’ll be happy to assist you recreate these summertime bouquets. With same day London deliveries and next day deliveries in the UK, you can enjoy summers floral delights, in next to no time.