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Don’t Miss These! 5 Fantastic Tips For Autumn Brides

Sunday, June 10th, 2018

It might be summer for the time being but autumn is practically upon us. Of course it is not here just yet, and it might be a strange thing to think about, but before you know it there will be cooler temperatures, warmer clothes, hot toddies, pumpkin ale, spiced wine and–yes, it’s true!–autumn weddings. We love all weddings and times of year. But there is no doubt that autumn is one of our favourite wedding seasons at Todich Floral Design- and we’re not the only ones who love it!

Sarah Tottle, a Corporate Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Writer, says: “Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere often signifies a new season. This feeling comes from the fact that from a very young age, Autumn is associated with new starts, new school years and new beginnings. This perfectly sums up a wedding. It’s the start of something new and brides embarking on this journey can reflect this new beginning in the choices they make for their big day. This can be reflected in what they choose to wear, setting the scene, and even the location. It’s not uncommon for brides to want to rock a new look; to glam up when they don’t usually, and to do things differently on their wedding day.

“I’d recommend brides choose a theme that is congruent with who they are, to not be afraid to do something bold so long as it sits well with them, and to even think about what the colours they choose represent too.”

Read on to find out why and see our 5 fantastic tips for planning your autumn wedding


Really Take Advantage Of The Autumn Outdoors

As long as you and your beloved dress appropriately, there is no reason not to take full advantage of a fine, beautiful autumn backdrop, as long as you remember to add a few layers of clothing and advise guests to dress warmly.

As long as you have that (and yourselves) covered, be sure to take lots of outdoor wedding photos in country settings, with bare trees and branches and blue skies, or have a photography session in and around London.

“Weather permitting, you might also consider an outdoor cocktail reception.” – I Heart NYC

Don’t Be Afraid To Embrace Autumn Colours

There is a lot more happening with autumn colour schemes than people typically think. In reality there is a expansive, sweeping array of hues and shades at your disposal. You are not stuck with orange and yellow, but can actually luxuriate in paler tints of beige, gold and silver and bronze, and champagne. All offer a vibrant alternative. And if you want something that really speaks to a more sensual sensibility, then go for burgundy, mauve, matte pink, blush and lavender colour palettes. They will pair especially well with lighter greens, dark green, and light red.

Katarina Matekalo, Event Stylist at Decorations by Jelena, adds: “One of my top tips for autumn brides is to allow your stylist to incorporate the natural textures and colours that are in abundance this time of year to create the most wow for your wedding. Also, the sunset tones in the florals can be accentuated by using complimentary neutral tones in the rest of the styling such as neutral table linens, and clean simple lines for ceremony furniture.”

Use These Seasonal Autumn Flowers In Bouquets

Autumn brides also have some breathtaking options when it comes to flowers used for centrepieces, bridal bouquets, and buttonholes for the groom and his groomsmen (don’t want the men to feel left out!), so there is no need to fret.

“Choose from purple and lavender flowers, such as asters and purple Peruvian lilies. Then there are dahlias,  orange and gold gerberas, chrysanthemums, Calla lilies, and more!” – Detail Central

Delve Into A World Of Autumnal Decorations

Autumnal accouterments and wedding adornments are abound. You’re not limited to bales of hay and using dry leaves to decorate the aisles, either. Crab apples, acorns, wheat and lit candles make festive, warm, luminous additions to centrepieces. You may also find a way to use gourds and small pumpkins around traditional vases.

When it comes to decorating your wedding venue,

Jacqueline Alliss, Founder of Appy Wedding, says it’s vital to keep everything consistent. She says: “Take some time to determine your overall wedding vision! Determining your vision will allow you to stay consistent throughout your theme. For example, your wedding table styling should be consistent with all other areas of your wedding, like your ceremony furniture, floral design and stationery suite.”

Feature Favourite Autumn Foods

“You don’t need to dig that deep into the larder to come up with some delicious seasonal autumn dishes and recipes to serve at your wedding.” –  Da Ricardo’s

Remember to ask your caterer about pumpkin soup, fruit and nut tarts that use plums, dates and figs, savoury pasta dishes, and roasted vegetables.

“Don’t forget to add a bright little touch to the menu, too, for colour and flavour, with some edible flowers.” – Joanna Wells, Taylor Wells

Another tip from Dorothy Polka from Polka Dot Bride has is to make the most of the season! She says: “Look for a venue that shelters both you and your guests from the cold. Serve up hot drinks (mulled wine, anyone?) and consider warming touches like reception venues with roaring fires to create a cosy atmosphere.”

Intimate, Elegant and Unforgettable: Wedding Reception Design at the London Mayfair Hotel

Saturday, June 9th, 2018

At Todich Floral Design, multiple award-winning London florist, we have 20+ years of expert wedding flowers design experience and offer stunning wedding centrepieces, decor, bridal bouquets and wedding flowers London couples use to create the wedding of their dreams. This May, for a fabulously stunning spring wedding, our team of wedding florists helped plan, design and deliver designer wedding decor at the Dartmouth House in London’s Mayfair hotel. Wedding reception design at this London venue were beyond special. Exclusive. Intimate. Unforgettable. Now you can see them for yourself.    




The overjoyed couple and their guests were met by wedding flowers everywhere, throughout the beautiful rooms and matching perfectly the noble splendour of a classic London mansion. Extravagant, luxurious and full of elegance, the Dartmouth House at the Mayfair hotel in London was the best setting for this gorgeous spring wedding.

The team of flower design specialists drew from an array of design options to produce table wedding decoration with flowers, wedding centrepieces of tall and slender crystal vases, wedding bouquets supported by stone pedestals, silver, and broadly flowing wedding flowers arrangements, all prominently placed and carefully displayed by wedding designers at Todich Floral Design.      

Exquisite & Elegant Wedding Reception Design

In the style of a French Chateau, the Dartmouth House made the ideal venue for wedding reception flowers. Bride and groom were more than pleased after working with a wedding florist who presented choices and guidance in flower colours, floral trends, wedding flower bouquets style and design. Sometimes, it can get overwhelming! But we were able to go through several great options and wedding flowers ideas to help the happy couple decide which would be best for their wedding.

Floral designs for wedding receptions should both complement the chosen venue and bring to life the bride and groom’s vision for their special day. At the Dartmouth House, the mansion boasts a grand marble staircases, chandeliers, a private courtyard and beautiful grand hall. Other wedding reception decor was simple, modern and yet tastefully matched to the Old World grace and elegance like ornate fixtures, furnishings and crystal surrounds of the Mayfair Hotel.   

Lush Spring and Summer Wedding Centrepieces

With abundant experience, dedication and commitment to clients our team has become London’s wedding flowers design reception experts. The beautiful wedding flowers ideas came to life as bouquets of roses–pink roses, cream and white roses, and more, all surrounded by lush greenery to complement the warm wood tones, classic beige, green and cream pastels of Dartmouth House interior.

Some clients are understandably concerned about wedding flowers cost. To help keep these bouquets within our couples’ wedding flowers budget we were able to provide fresh variations. This added nuance to the different types of wedding bouquets and wedding reception designs displayed throughout the venue, whether it was a colourfully packed globe of flowers for a wedding centrepiece, table decor, or a more natural and cascading wedding flowers bouquet. Bride and groom especially loved the large, striking wedding flowers arrangement greeting guests when they arrived. And of course we were happy to hear it!

Shades Of White: How To Choose Your Winter Wedding Bouquet

Sunday, January 15th, 2017

Brides in wintertime have all the more reason to be excited, not only because they are about to tie the knot and embark upon a beautiful journey—but also for all the options they have when it comes to seasonal flowers and colour options. There’s not just white to select from! For winter brides and bridesmaids, Todich Floral Design has arranged this winter wedding guide to help you choose:



Cream-colored Bouquets and Ivory Arrangements

White roses, ranunculus, peonies, lilacs, orchids and narcissi paper whites

Cream and ivory hued flowers create subtle nuances in colour that complement and expand the palette of your winter wedding bouquet. But don’t rule out the classic white-on-white option, either. Arrays of roses, ranunculus and peonies in particular, in dense dome-like bouquets or table arrangements, will have a curious draw and surely delight your guests. All-white wedding flower arrangements, especially profusions of a single type of blossom, can have a singularly powerful and entrancing effect.

Blush Coloured Blossoms And Pale Hues

Waxflower, limonium, poppies, peonies and roses

Liven up your bridal bouquet with a few expertly placed, light colourful accents. Blush roses or peonies, red poppies, and purple hued limonium and waxflowers are some of the most gorgeous!

Red Velvet Accents For Your Wedding’s Floral Arrangement

Red roses, ranunculus, red berries, lilies and peonies

Imagine that perfect red rose found in a fairy tale forest, somehow preserved in the midst of a snowdrift and raised up, poised and waiting to be plucked. That’s what this wedding colour scheme is like as you plan your special day.

There are plenty of ways for you to incorporate red flowers with a generally white colour scheme. Red roses, ranunculus, burgundy calla lilies and peonies can be carefully placed to accent any arrangement. For a lighter touch, try holly leaves (with red berries) and pepperberries.

Splashes Of Gold And Silver Lend A Glamorous Airs

Gold and satin ribbon, sequins, silver leaves

Colours that connote opulence, elegance and glamor—you can imbue your wedding reception, its decoration and bouquets with the magic of gold and silver. Think satin ribbons to tie fresh cut flowers, glittering sequins on tables, and gilt leaves. This wedding colour theme is also a nod to New Year’s just around the corner!

Icy Blue, Blue-grey And Cerulean

Calla lilies, delphiniums and hydrangea

Different hues of blue are integral to many colour palettes and winter-themed weddings, with whites and light purples and lavender as base colours in the floral arrangement. Blue is evocative of winter—a cloudless, cerulean sky, the blue-grey we see before first snow, icy blues and sapphire blue—and all can be incorporated into your wedding’s décor if you should be so inspired.

Creating Textured White Bouquets

Pussy willows, pinecones, satin ribbon, white feathers and cedar boughs

For brides and bridesmaids alike, holding a bouquet of flowers can be both an ethereal and full body experience. Make the textures of your bouquets come alive with frilly blossoms and petals, bristly pinecones, silky smooth ribbon, and the soft, delicate touch of a feather.