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Colourful, Inspirational June Wedding Flowers Ideas And Designer Wedding Flowers London Couples Can’t Get Enough Of

Thursday, June 28th, 2018

You might be feeling a little leftover sense of giddiness from the Royal wedding, or inspired to figure out the best wedding designs. But what are the trendiest June wedding flowers available? Wedding flowers in the UK aren’t always easy when there are so many wedding flowers ideas out there, not to mention London florists to choose from. Finding designer wedding flowers in London can be made simpler (and less expensive!) if you know what to look for. Here’s a step-by-step guide to truly meaningful wedding flowers in June and personalised wedding reception decor!

Flowers are all around us and sometimes we forget. But for your wedding flowers they can provide a rich source of inspiration and wedding flowers ideas. Where have you and your partner gone on holiday? Do you have a special restaurant or place in the city for date night? Is there a person in your family you wish to honor on your wedding day?

Consider going on a London flowers tour. Take a stroll through the city and visit some of the most stunning, historic and beautifully manicured parks in the world. Flower gardens, flower shows and flower markets can be a source of designer wedding flowers London florists use in your bridal bouquets, wedding centrepieces and wedding reception decor.

Since you’re bound to find a lot of bulbs and blossoms showing up in summer, think about wedding flowers by season as a way to plan your wedding flowers budget. June, July and August wedding flowers can fill your wedding reception designs with a warmth, a brightness, and a range of colours unique to the summer wedding season.

Your wedding flowers colours in the month of June can vary, but here are a few quick wedding tips to guide your picks for flowers and inspire your palette combinations.

Dahlias, in all their vibrant hues, especially orange and red, are a wedding flower that comes to prominence in early summer and sticks around until autumn.

Carnations are fun—with a festive air, frilly texture and so many bi-coloured varieties that let you play and get creative with your wedding flowers decorations. They’re also great if you’re seeking wedding flowers on a budget.
Camellias. Something sensual, lovely, and full of allure in these wedding flowers. Find them in red, cream and pink varieties. Try pairing camellias in your wedding bouquets with roses or calla lilies.

Latest Floral Design And 2017 Spring Flowers Trends

Tuesday, March 21st, 2017

Planning an event? Maybe you’re getting married? Then again perhaps you just want to spruce up your home décor in time for spring…whatever your reason is, you totally want to be up on floral design trends for the 2017. Todich Floral Design takes a deep dive and provides a sneak peak at upcoming spring flowers, 2017 floral designs, and flower fashions for the year ahead.


Unpacking Floral Trends and Wedding Flower Design

Trends and styles in floral design are everchanging, shifting like the seasons of the year. Floral design trends can also be a little tricky to predict as they’re tied to and influenced by world events. Needless to say, it’s difficult—practically a full-time endeavor!—to keep current with the latest and freshest, the flashiest bunches of blossoms or the more alluring bouquets, the sweet and seductive floral designs for the year, no matter what your plans or purpose.

A Shift in Floral Fashions and Most Popular Flower Colours

A momentous, unexpected year in global politics and advent of spring is rapidly shaping and shifting the floral landscape, especially when it comes to the hues, shades, and colour palettes of blossoms for the 2017 spring flower season. What’s trending, exactly? A lot of fervent and fiery petals that vie for the eye and grab your gaze have been supplanted by relatively subdued hues—apricots, creams, beige, bicolored roses, verdant whites, peach, pale pinks—and underlying shades of white or grey.

Why is this the case? The lighter colours provide an emotional balance and equilibrium in bouquets and event flower arrangements that balance out our psyches and mental states, as it’s easy to get caught up in the news and the year’s more tumultuous events.

Spring Flowers and 2017 Wedding Flower Trends

Falling in line with the general colour shift, wedding flower styles are shifting to assuage generalized concern and unease, and instead focus on tender, more feminine bouquet compositions and nuanced colourations. No bold, brash and I-speak-louder-than-thou palatial floral displays here—or, if there are, then floral design aesthetics at least balance the piece as a whole.

For example, we are seeing lots of rustic style wedding bouquets coming back in fashion, bucolic and evocative of countryside innocence, splendor and times that were more carefree. Even at a joyous occasion such as a wedding, where we look forward to a bright future full of love, a sense of nostalgia and looking to the past can find its way into flower designs. Sprawling, winding bouquets that drape across tables or hang luxuriantly within the brides grasp are made from vines, greenery, tiny buds and white hued to cream-coloured blooms with slender, feathery blossoms.

A natural sense of romance is key in this spring’s wedding designs and styles, a sense of wildness and the raw potential and allure of nature, without the chaotic or unnerving connotations of urban living and modernity. This spring you can expect lots of fresh flower varieties with profuse petals, including English roses, hydrangeas, marigolds, ranunculus and gerberas daisies, balanced by wildflower frills and ruffles of garden greenery.

Wedding Flower Ideas in Eight Different Colours

Friday, February 24th, 2017

There are so many different colour choices for wedding flower designs and the choice can be for single colour shades, multi-coloured celebrations or colours to suit the season. Spring floral colours generally tend to reflect the blooms available this time of year in yellows, blues and white while summer presents the option for more colours including pinks and purples. Wedding florists will have plenty of ideas for designs and flower choices to suit any taste and style – from classic and elegant to quirky and modern. Here’s some inspiration for flowers in popular colours for a spring or summer wedding.


White. White is often a prominent colour at weddings – symbolising purity and beauty, especially in the bridal gown. Although particularly popular for winter wedding decorations, white flowers are also beautiful choices for weddings in spring and summer. They can be stand-alone bouquets and decorations, or incorporated into bridal bouquets and other wedding flower arrangements to complement and enhance brighter colours like red and purple. White flowers like roses and lilies make wonderful showpiece blooms, while more delicate flowers like baby’s breath and lily-of-they-valley are perfect complements to harmonious bouquets and arrangements. A teardrop bouquet of calla lilies is an elegant, understated choice while white roses can complement pinks and greens in a romantic rose bouquet.

Red. The colour of passion and love, red is a bold and striking choice for wedding flowers. Although particularly popular in winter, as in this crimson rose and berry bouquet red can be suitable for any season. Spring and summer red blooms to choose from are daisy-shaped gerberas, tulips, carnations, anemones and roses. Red blooms harmonised with pink flowers makes for a particularly romantic look, while a rich, dark red bridal bouquet for red roses will looking sumptuous and striking against a white wedding dress. In the winter, red perfectly suits a Christmas- themed wedding and flowers can incorporate winter greenery like holly and ivy.

Yellow. Yellow flowers for bridal bouquets and floral wedding decorations are perfect for spring and summer weddings. Symbolising happiness and joy, these cheerful blooms will add colour and brightness to décor and make perfect complements to bride and bridesmaid’s dresses. Roses, lilies and gerberas are all available in bold shades, while more pastel shades of daffodils and hydrangeas are also an option. Yellow blooms look beautiful pared with white flowers and juxtaposed with sprigs of greenery to really make the colours pop. Yellow tulips make for show-stopping wedding centrepieces and white and yellow roses with ivy make for beautiful brides flowers.

Blue. While rarer finds, blue flowers make unique additions to wedding flower designs – symbolising inspiration, creativity and hope. They also account for the traditional ‘something blue’ for good luck! Aqua blue wedding flowers complement white blooms in arrangements, while deep blue flowers will complement white and yellow shades and are harmonious with greenery. For deep blues consider anemones, roses and cornflowers, and for pastel spring shades there’s the choice of hydrangeas, hyacinths, forget-me-nots and irises.

Purple. Purple has long been associated with richness and royalty, so it’s no surprise this regal shade is popularly requested from bridal florists for wedding flowers in bouquets, reception arrangements and centrepieces. Purple flowers to choose from are anemones, sweet peas, delphiniums, stocks, calla lilies and rose. Shades vary from very pale to deep shades, to suit all tastes and styles. Purple blooms can be anything from dramatic to pretty, traditional to rustic. Purple orchids and pink roses make an exciting bouquet, while pastel mauve roses are adorned with white freesias for true romance in a more subtle arrangement. Add to white floral bouquets or juxtapose with orange or yellow blooms for something more striking.

Pink. Pink wedding flowers are particularly popular in spring and summer and create the perfect feminine, romantic look. Pink blooms are very versatile and can be made prominent in white arrangements or complement red floral bouquets and wedding centrepieces. Pastel pink shades are harmonious with mauves, whites and blues in a romantic floral centrepiece incorporating roses, hyacinths and hydrangeas. There’s plenty of choice of style and texture when choosing pink flowers for weddings: from classic roses to exotic orchids and cheerful gerberas. More rustic choices are sweet peas, stocks and delphiniums which to be incorporated into wedding flower designs and bouquets. Coral wedding flowers such as roses and ranunculus are lovely, understated shades that work well in bouquets of white and cream flowers.

Orange. Signifying happiness and joy, orange wedding flowers make lovely additions to summer and autumn decorations and bouquets. Whether pale, pastel shades or richer colours like burnt orange wedding flowers, this colour is surprisingly versatile and suits many looks and tastes. Dahlias, chrysanthemums, gerberas and roses are all flowers that come in shades of orange. They work very well with pale pinks, white, creams and greenery in bouquets. Orchids and calla lilies are alternative, more exotic choices that make great wedding buttonholes and corsages. Orange is ideal for autumn when the abundance of fruits, flowers and vegetables makes for a celebratory season perfect for weddings.

Green. There are pale green shades of hydrangeas and tulips (green hydrangeas can complement pink and cream roses) but a green bridal bouquet tends to be about white blooms complemented by green foliage or wedding floral displays made prominently of greenery: vines, leaves, ferns or more modern plants like succulents which can be used to create quirky and unique arrangements. The original wedding bouquets were made up of fragrant herbs to keep evil spirits away, so a green bouquet can be in keeping with an old tradition. Rosemary, sage and lavender are lovely choices and will perfectly complement full white bridal flowers such as roses and peonies. Succulents and mini potted plants make delightful place settings and wedding favours, while greenery such as branches and vines can be used to create a woodland wonderland look.

All the colours of the rainbow awaits when choosing floral designs for the perfect wedding, and there’s no end to where your inspiration could take you!

5 Stunning Wedding Colour Trends for 2016

Saturday, April 30th, 2016

It can be tricky to come up with the perfect wedding theme for your special day, but a great place to start is with the colour scheme. Once you have this, you’ll have inspiration for your wedding flowers, decorations and bridesmaids dresses. This year, both pale and bold colours are in: think soft pinks and deep purples; mint green and bright blue. We provide six stunning wedding colour trends for 2016 to help your choose your wedding reception flowers and wedding bouquets.

Rose Blush Coloured Wedding Flowers

This pale pink shade is perfect for weddings with a romantic, fairytale theme. It’s classy and understated and means creating a harmonious palette of pale pinks and peaches complemented by white. With such a classic look, the bride will wear traditional white while the bridesmaids can showcase blush and nude dresses. Wedding bouquets featuring this shade can be created with roses – either on their own or paired with green foliage or white flowers like baby’s breath or lilies. Blush coloured flowers can decorate the wedding cake and appear in decorations on chairs, wedding centrepieces and place settings.

Serene Blue Shade

Inspired by the skies of summer, this wedding colour shade is perfect for calm and spiritual summer weddings – especially if held outdoors. Wedding reception flowers and wedding bouquets can feature blue hydrangeas, cornflowers, pale blue anemones and forget-me-nots. The look is laid back and pretty, and blue flowers will look beautiful with soft peach and white flowers like roses, daisies and freesias. This colour will also work well with beach or sea-themed weddings, where shells and nautical touches feature in floral arrangements and decorations.

Mint Green Wedding Bouquets

This uber-fashionable shade will make your wedding edgy and modern without compromising on prettiness and style. It’s a gorgeous shade for bridesmaid dresses, wedding invitations and even the (literally!) icing on the cake. It pairs beautiful with pink and wedding bouquets featuring flowers in green and pink will really pop against the bride’s dress. Think roses, daisies, dahlias and trailing foliage like ferns and ivy to create an ethereal look alongside this striking green/blue shade.

Burning Orange

Another hip shade for bold brides wanting to make a real statement with their wedding. It’s a great choice for an autumn do, but can work beautifully for summer weddings too. It also juxtaposes strikingly with mint green and can feature on cakes and decorations and alternating bridesmaids dresses. To create wedding flower arrangements with this look, go for chrysanthemums, gerberas and lilies. To create balance, ask your wedding florist to add silvery foliage and paler blooms to the displays and wedding bouquets.

Purple Haze

This regal colour can be interpreted as paler shades like mauve, or dark berry shades – meaning it can be either pretty and understated or striking and sumptuous. Pastel purple flowers to feature in wedding reception flowers and wedding bouquets include hydrangeas, freesias, roses and irises. Heather and lavender can be incorporated into rustic arrangements with herbs like rosemary and woodland foliage. For the darker purple, berries can be added to floral displays alongside sweet peas, hyacinths, peonies or anemones.