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Winter Wedding Trends For 2018: Winter Flowers Galore and Snow Crystals at Your Wedding!

Wednesday, February 7th, 2018

Inspirational winter wedding centrepiece flowers and snow crystal floral arrangements for weddings are a beautiful way to realise the winter wedding of your dreams, while dazzling all your family and friends, too! For January and February weddings you, try white flowers, warm lights, frosted greenery and more. Here are some exciting wedding decor ideas and winter themes to get you started

Shine All Afternoon and Into the Evening at Your Wedding Reception, With the Lights of Winter

Use the lights of winter to give your wedding decor a magical glow. Whether you have an afternoon wedding reception or a more formal evening affair for your wedding, the soft warmth of lights to complement your flower arrangements creates the ideal wintry atmosphere.

Tea lights set alongside table runners, old fashioned lamps, glitter that is sprinkled across white tablecloth–these are small yet delightful touches to bring your decor to life. Also popular among brides are flickering candles and antique candelabra arranged on guests’ tables, and festive lights strung through the reception.

Such bright, joyful lights glow and enhance the warmth of your celebration, playing out as the perfect complements to your snow crystal wedding decor.

Winter Wedding Flowers for a Snowy, Dreamy and Mesmerising effect

White votive roses pair wonderfully with candle light and other candle-lit flower arrangements. The golden light shed onto the soft white petals offers a buttery hue and richly felt display that you can use for the ceremony itself and the reception after.

Red roses introduce the element of passion. Romantic love can be both pure and fiery, so if you want to give a nod to both aspects of your future lives together–then, by all means, talk with your wedding florist about a mixed red and white rose bouquet!

What other winter wedding flower ideas are out there? Queen Anne's lace, paper whites (narcissus), ranunculus, peonies in white and peach and lavender, and pink wedding flowers. These are beautiful church flowers for a wedding as well as easily incorporated into floral designs for wedding receptions.

"Greenery and foliage such as dusty miller plant, eucalyptus leaves, lavender and tied bundles of aromatic sage, even succulents, can create the impression and allure of that first frost of winter." – WOW Event Hire

Winter Wedding Flowers Themes and Colour Schemes

More festive and elegant winter wedding themes play up gold, majestic purple shades and metallics, with dark purple and burnt orange wedding flowers. In the meanwhile, contemporary classic styles of wedding palettes fall in line with crisp whites, ash and grey hues, as well as light crystalline shades of aqua blue wedding flowers and green to mimic ice.

The winter wonderland wedding theme uses snow crystal effects in a number of ways. Frosty branches in glass or crystal bases can be turned into gorgeous centrepieces. Pussy willow branches, pine cones spray painted gold, silver or bronze, and glitter scattered across the boughs of pine boughs can fill the air with that special winter ambiance you have always dreamt of.

Going To Winter Wonderland: Transform Your Wedding Or Event!  

Monday, January 30th, 2017

There is a magical winter wonderland out there, waiting to be discovered. You just need to bundle up, go out and seek it for yourself. Or maybe you want to bring the best parts of nature and the wintry outdoors inside, instead: for you and your guests, your family and friends or coworkers to enjoy!

Be it a private event, party, or even a wedding, Todich Floral Design has some fabulous tips for creating your own winter wonderland and winter themed flower arrangements:


Winter Branches and Wild Flowers

Silver brunia, tallow-berry branches, olive branches, cotton sprigs

For a natural forest and snow-kissed vibe, introduce tallow-berry branches, cotton sprigs and olive branches to any number of flower arrangements. Add brunia berries for an especially frosty effect. These adorable little berries are like tiny pearls or Christmas ornaments, round and silvery grey.

Fresh Greenery For A Naturally Rustic and Fey Feel

Maindenhair fern, camellia leaves, smilax and jasmine vines

Part of the magic and splendor of winter are the flashes of color we see against a white snowy landscape, or the yellow lamplight and brilliant stars that sparkle for us as they stand out against an early dusk, and so illuminating the night.

Add a splash of green and white to your winter bouquets. Wavy leaflets of maidenhair fern, glossy green and almond-shaped camellia leaves, smilax with their clusters of burnished bright red berries, and jasmine vines sporting white flowers and exotic fragrance. Creating a magical ambiance, based in nature, akin to fairyland, that is playful and alluring, requires a careful balance.

Also consider a blue bouquet approach, adding blue, light purple and green flowers to your arrangements.


Moonlight Moments_resize wedding bouquet wedding florist london bridal flowers

Winter Fruits And Berries Filling Your Flower Arrangements

Ornamental blackberries, pepperberries, holly berries, kumquats and persimmons

Seasonal fruits and berries, some edible and some not, are a fun way to bring something unique to your flower arrangements, especially if you are striving to create the backdrop and ambiance of your very own winter wonderland. Whether it is a bouquet you want to send as a gift to someone special, or a part of your own wedding flowers and decorations, you can deliver a sprinkling of truly delightful winter magic.

Blackberries, pepperberries and sprigs of holly introduce a dash of colour and festive spirit to your bouquet. Kumquats and persimmons in your holiday flower gifts provide them with a tad-bit of sweetness!

calla lilies white wedding flowers white wedding bouquets winter wedding flowers calla lily roses white wedding flowers white wedding bouquets winter wedding flowers

Stimulate The Full Array of Senses

Rosemary, Lavender, Mint, Pine and Cedar…and Feathers, too

No wonderland experience is complete without a full array of sensory stimulation. Now that you have taken care of sight and taste, combine spices, herbs and other accouterments to cover smell and touch.

Let feathers tickle the senses! And rosemary, lavender and mint leaves each lend their own unique, sharp and naturally distinct smells to bouquets and flower decorations. Pine needles and cedar bark carry a fresh, clean woodsy odor that will carry and fill your event, venue or reception hall—all throughout the evening.

 Snow Queen FIN Flower Bouquet Winter Wedding

Start Planning your Winter Wonderland Wedding

Monday, January 12th, 2015

Winter is a truly magical time of year to get married. Although the trees are bare, they glisten with silvery frost, snow may be on the ground and the atmosphere of the season is of joy and festivities. A winter wonderland wedding theme conjures up thoughts of Narnia and Lapland, of sparkling snowflakes and the tinkle of bells. While many opt for summer weddings, a winter wedding offers so many opportunities to express your creativity and create an event of true beauty and wonder. We’re here to help you in planning a winter wedding theme reception – from bridal bouquets and decorative wedding flowers, to table centrepieces and venues. Find inspiration in these winter wonderland wedding ideas from London Todich Floral Design.

wedding flowers online by top london wedding florist uk

White Wedding Flowers 

White is the word for a winter wedding – so look to the beautiful snowy blooms you could choose to create the perfect bridal bouquets. Full white blooms like roses, ranunculus and peonies are will make the perfect addition to your bouquet – creating a fullness and sumptuousness that you can embellish with other blooms and foliage. With its silvery tones, eucalyptus makes an elegant addition, or you could go for more unusual choices like purple kale flowers or star-shaped succulents. Hydrangeas and anemones are also beautiful choices for your white wedding flowers. For embellishments to winter bridal bouquets think of miniature pine cones, sparkly baubles and glass jewels.

Of course, your bridal flowers could add a dash of colour to the décor and have a natural look- you could have a bouquet of spruce and red berries tied with twine and hessian, or a bouquet incorporating pine cones, winter greenery, berries and roses. Or choose red and white roses with berries and a hint of greenery, tied with black velvet ribbon, for rich, deep coloured bridal bouquets. You could also paint the edges of your blooms with sparkle- gold for red and silver for white – to add that extra special shimmer to your winter wedding flowers.


Moonlight Moments_resize wedding bouquet wedding florist london bridal flowers

Wedding Dresses

You could say that every white wedding dress fits the bill for winter wonderland wedding dresses, and whatever you choose will look stunning on the day. But if you want to wrap up from the chill, you could incorporate a faux fur stole or cape to create a period-drama look for your dress, and choose bridesmaids stoles to match their dresses. Sparkly nails for the bride and bridesmaids will also jazz up the bridal bouquets and will look lovely in photos.

Lace and sparkle certainly fit the bill for the dress of a winter bride, and these can be incorporated into the hairstyles too. And a while a white wedding flowers will create a harmonious look, a contrast of deep purple (such as calla lilies or irises) or green foliage and red berries for bridal bouquets will create a striking look. You could choose to dress your bridesmaids in shimmer and sparkle (whether gold, silver or off-white) but dark colours such as purple, black and dark red will also work beautifully for a winter wedding.

calla lilies white wedding flowers white wedding bouquets winter wedding flowers calla lily roses white wedding flowers white wedding bouquets winter wedding flowers

Wedding Floral Decorations

There are so many possibilities for decorations for your winter wonderland wedding theme. Whether your reception is in a hotel, a country house set in beautiful grounds, a castle or a garden, winter wonderland wedding venues offer plenty of inspiration for creating a magical setting for your marriage. Start creating the magic at the ceremony, and dot the aisle with lanterns or candles. You could add a scattering of snow, silver baubles, and even line the aisle with sparkly winter trees or wind fairy lights around trees or branches. This is also a wonderful idea for the outside of the venue – add glittery lights to the trees as guests arrive to set the scene.

Wedding flowers for a winter wedding are traditionally white, and you may choose for the centrepieces and floral decorations at the reception to match the brides and bridal bouquets. Roses, lilies and ranunculus are all beautiful choices and can be made into elaborate displays or displayed in glass vases for a simpler but nonetheless elegant look. Display your flowers in silver or sparkling vessels, or fill vases with baubles. You can even add a silvery finish to your blooms, or add gold or silver painted foliage to floral displays.

Winter wonderland wedding colours take inspiration from the surroundings of the season: white, silver and sparkle to reflect the twinkling frost, or warmers shades of green and red like the evergreens and berries that adorn gardens and forests this time of year. Of course, you can mix them up for your winter wonderland wedding decorating: offset white and silver decorations, white chairs and tablecloths with vibrant green and red floral centrepieces.

Take a cue from the natural surroundings for your winter wonderland wedding decorations and stand your place settings in pine cones; add a sprig of pine, holly or a coil of rosemary to napkins; or write guests names on baubles – both a lovely surprise and a favour to take home! Candles on tables are a must to create the perfect atmosphere – and these can be small candles dotted over the tables or larger white ones that can be incorporated into centrepieces. Or your centrepieces could be miniature trees or displays of winter branches, embellished with jewels hanging like icicles or coiled with fairy lights.

If you’re looking for crimson-themed winter wonderland decorating ideas, consider using red flowers like roses, gerberas, amaryllis or tulips in your displays, or add red berries and holly to centrepieces. You could fill vases with red baubles, or add them to a bowl of water topped with floating candles for a beautiful embellishment on tables. Add candy canes to place settings for something fun, or use red napkins on tables and add red ribbons to the backs of guest’s chairs.

There’s no doubt that a winter wedding can be truly beautiful affair, with so many possibilities for creating a fairyland feel. Whether you choose to focus on white, silver and sparkle or add a touch of warmth with greens and reds to suit the season, there’s no doubt your winter wonderland wedding will be the romantic, special occasion you deserve.

 Snow Queen FIN Flower Bouquet Winter Wedding

Top Winter Decoration Design Ideas from Todich Floral Design

Friday, January 9th, 2015

How much have you been enjoying the winter season? Hopefully plenty! At Todich Floral Design, we’re enjoying the loveliest aspects of winter. We love it for the holiday season, Christmas and New Years, and the magical, snowy transformation of the outside world. Because if you’re not in hurry, who doesn’t love an evening snowbound, at home, wrapped in blankets, fire roaring, hot toddy in hand? Now, check out some ways to bring the winter theme indoors, using Todich Floral Designs winter wonderland decorating ideas, while still keeping the cold outside.

Make Winter Wonderland Decorating Fun by Creating Your own Snowy Silhouettes

This is especially kid-friendly but also great fun for adults who want to take a hands-on approach to the winter decorating theme. Seek out some winter wonderland templates and some heavy white paper—or for the more artistically inclined, try sketching shapes yourself in pencil—then cut the outlines out with a scissors and hang them up with string. Snowflakes, crystal shapes, wintery branches, reindeer, snowmen and evergreens are great designs to start with.

Winter Wonderland Themed Decorating

White on white flower arrangements — Small, simply and intimate flower arrangements are a wonderful way to bring the beauty and theme of winter inside your home.


Try out fresh white roses, peonies, orchids or tu- lips, in glass vases or flowerpot arrangements. Christmas bouquets and fresh flowers for flair can brighten up kitchens, di- ning room tables and living rooms. A potted poinsettia plant, lilies and berries flower arra- ngements, or daises on a windowsill are a pictu- resque view from the armchair as well as a wonderfully welcoming sight to visitors.

Evergreens and Indoor Houseplants

Don’t forget about the other aspect of the 2015 winter season— the holidays! Evergreens and houseplants are great holiday decorating ideas. Christmas winter wonderland decorating ideas like small poinsettia plants, miniature evergreens, even ferns, all add an enlivening contrast to the stark white palette that you’ll find outside. If you actually don’t have enough white and possess a do-it-yourself attitude, then try applying white paint to thin tree branches for indoor display. Just make sure you remember to leave them outside long enough to dry! Also consider traditional Christmas pine wreaths or, a fancier spin, baskets that combine pinecones, cinnamon sticks, ornaments and even fresh fruits. Don’t be surprised if you find these splashes of green leave you with an elevated mood and in the best of holiday spirits!

Put Your Winter Gear on Display. Having a Winter Wonderland Party? 

same day flower delivery seasonal flowers winter flower decoration ideas winter flower decorations London winter flower delivery same dayInstead of cleaning up all your mess, you might consider featuring it instead. Take a pair of laced ice skates, the red sled or old toboggan, and put them outside by the door or on the patio for a fine winter deco- rating theme display.

Lights, Lights, Lights!

No home speaks a welcome or has winter wonderland invitations like a brightly lit home. Crystal lights, candlelight, Christmas lights and a glowing fire are several ways to add warmth, seasonal appeal and a cozy vibe for you, your family and holiday guests.