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Abundance of Wedding Flowers, Sunshine & Joy for a Perfect Spring Wedding at The Century Club, Shaftesbury Avenue, Soho, London

A beautiful spring afternoon and an abundance of wedding flowers greeted the overjoyed couple for their Century Club wedding, Shaftesbury Ave, in Soho. Early spring is always a wonderful time for wedding flowers by season but this was a particularly beautiful, joyous and picturesque wedding venue with cerulean blue skies, visible buds, new blooms and greenery complementing the grounds. Wedding reception decorations matched perfectly with the blend of traditional and modern, as the venue is situated adjacent to St. Anne’s Church. Pure bright light poured in through windows, illuminating wedding flowers and the absolutely stunning bride alike, for a ceremony that left guests, close friends and family touched and rapt as she strode down the aisle.


Wedding bouquet designs and fresh bride bridal bouquets are no easy task, but at Todich Floral Design we rise to occasion for every one of couples. Every blossom in place and petal and piece of foliage is worth it. For these Century Club wedding flowers we worked closely with the bride to design a beautifully arranged bridal bouquet. Flowers for bridal bouquets here were David Austin Patience roses, white lisianthus, wavy and vibrantly clustered Veronica flowers and olive foliage. After the bridal florist put together this stunning floral arrangement, the bride herself borrowed a precious family heirloom–a beautiful brooch–that was added to the ribbon.

Complementing the bridal flowers to perfection on this sunny spring afternoon, the bridesmaid bouquets were just as they should be. Top designer wedding flowers in London were part of the process and discussion with the bride leading up to her wedding day. She and the florist selected from several favourite bridesmaid designs, and in the end chose large head white avalanche roses with olive foliage.

Because of the delightful weather, the wedding party and guests were able to enjoy the outdoors. Members of the wedding party were exquisitely dressed, with wedding flowers buttonholes and wedding corsages to match the bride’s flower choices and other wedding reception decorations. Snippets of conversation, laughter, compliments to bride and groom and guests wishing them well could be heard before the wedding ceremony.

Soon it was time for the ceremony to begin. The wedding flowers ideas were a combination of crisp, classic spring bouquets, accouterments, candle light and modern wedding arrangements, popularly seen in church decorations for weddings in London.

As the bride walked the aisle there was a stunning backdrop of wedding flower decorations. These were created from a mixture of vintage bottles and jars hanging from the high ceiling, which had been filled with rose heads and candles. A magic, romantic glow to light her way! More wedding flowers lanterns decorated the aisle, along with candles and freshly scattered rose petals. The bride was smiling and so were we as she approached the altar to be greeted by her groom.
What more could you ask of wedding flowers? And a ceremony designed to perfection.

If you're using this wedding as inspiration for your own. Allana Frisken, Wedding Planner for Darling Don't Panic advises  "You do not need to have flowers absolutely everywhere at your wedding to make the space look great. Strategically placed lower arrangements are a great way to add flowers to tables without overwhelming the space. You could also add other styling elements such as candles, table runners or even copies of your favourite books to get a fantastic look. Speak with your florist or stylist about how to achieve your desired look while still keeping within your budget."

"Having beautfiul, fresh flowers at a wedding can have more than just a visual effect, they have the ability to lighten mood and improve happiness." – Aodhan MacCathmhaoil,

Please get in touch if you would like to ask questions about this wedding at The Century Club, designer London wedding flowers, or wedding flowers prices from Todich Floral Design.

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