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Choosing the Best Seasonal Bouquet for your Autumn Wedding


To ensure your wedding bouquet looks its best all day, always choose flowers in the peak of their season and autumn is the perfect time for bright, vibrant colours and soft creamy whites!

Choosing for colour

Autumn probably conjures images of rich reds and golds but the autumn floral harvest goes well beyond that.

Arum Lillies
Babys breath
White rose varieties

Bold Colours:

Sunflowers (yellow)
Rosehip berries (red)
Snap dragons (multi)
Tulips (multi)
Roses (multi)
Zantadeschia (multi)
Narcissus (multi)

Choosing for shape

Most brides stop at the beautiful teardrop of the rose bud or the classic sunny shape of a carnation but choosing a more unusually shaped flower can create an original and unique bouquet. Try a few arum lilies or orchids to create a something delicate and sophisticated. A bunch of yellow narcissus makes for a wonderfully delicate and pretty posy and a bold bunch of hydrangea gives a full celebratory shape.

Choosing for theme

Autumn flowers are perfect for traditional and “romantic” weddings. All the favourites are available. The detail and beauty of the snap dragon can make an unusually pretty bouquet and of course, rose lovers are spoiled this time of year.

For a simpler wedding, Autumn is the perfect time to create a naturally beautiful wild flower themed bouquet using flowers like scabious or consider a loosely tied bunch of spectacular sunflowers for a simple but striking look.

Try a few blood red zantedeschia for a dramatic and eye catching bouquet  for black and white themed weddings (which are so fashionable these days) the zantedeschia or even red tulip or rudbeckias bouquet is every photographers dream!

Flowers 24 Hours Top Tip:

The most exciting way to make a beautiful bouquet fragrant and romantic is to add a few herbs. Many herbs not only smell and taste enticing but also sport delicate soft leaves or even a bold silver hue. Sage is readily available in autumn and has both beautiful delicate purple flowers and green and silver foliage. The aroma will add a touch of romance on your big day and forever trigger wonderful memories.


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