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Christmas wreaths

The mainstay of Christmas wreaths and flower decorations is European Holly, or ilex aquifolium in Latin, with its evergreen spiky leaves, spreading branches and shiny red berries. Holly are flowering shrubs and trees from 2 to 25 meters tall, widespread in Europe, Asia and the Americas. There are 400 species of flowering plants in the Ilex family.

The seasonal practice of decorating with holly is not an idea developed in modern times. Going back to the ancient Celtic religion , the druids believed that the true meaning of holly was that the red berries stand for female vital powers, while the white berries of the mistletoe plant symbolise the male force. Both species played an important role at midwinter celebrations as the mystical parents who would bring new life at springtime. The druids worshipped holly, as a holy tree, thus the word “holly”.

Even the old Romans thought that holly brought health and joy. A popular belief was that holly could banish evil powers. This is the root of the custom of placing holly on the chimney breast during Christmas time – to prevent evil ghosts entering the house through the chimney. Door wreaths guarded the entrances.

What better way is there to keep a serene and happy family party than by protecting your house from evil influences with Christmas holly wreaths?

Have a Happy Christmas and a Joyful New Year!

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