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Chrysanthemum Tigers


Recently, the streets of Ho Chi Minh City, were given a bit more colour as they were decked with flowers. Millions of visitors showed up to admire the floral show.

This is the biggest floral show hosted in the city, and Nguyen Hue Boulevard is transformed into Flower Street for a week, gaining the admiration of many.

The inspiration for this year’s show was to capture the glow of sunset in the spring. This was meant to be a symbol of good wishes and luck in the new year. It was also a positive step into the Year of the Tiger, and precursor for the city developments to come.

Tigers made from various flower types decorated the city streets. Another important event is to take place this year, the nation’s capital, Thang Long  Ha Noi, is to celebrate its 1000th anniversary.

The Lunar New Year, falls on the same day as Valentine’s Day, so there were enormous hearts made of flowers, to celebrate this occasion.

As the weather in this city is quite a few degrees warmer than what we are experiencing in the Western hemisphere, flowers had to be replaced frequently. Nearly 100 florists were taking care of the flowers at any given time.

Flower Street is a great delight for both foreigners and locals, as is any event filled with blooms, flowers always manage to leave a great impression on their beholders, as well as provide an upbeat atmosphere.

Though you may not have plans for giant chrysanthemum tigers to decorate your upcoming event, Todich Floral Design, can help you make your event leave a similar impression on your guests.

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