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Corsages and Buttonholes to Suit all Wedding Styles

Whether a single flower or a mini bouquet, corsages make gorgeous addition to wedding outfits. They can harmonise with a dress in paler shades of pink, cream and peach, or can really pop against a wedding dress in dramatic shades of red, purple or yellow. The flowers of the corsage can be mirrored in the more-subtle buttonholes of the groom and groomsmen, and of course in the bride and bridesmaid bouquets and table decorations. It’s a lovely extravagance to have at such an important, romantic event! Wedding corsages can be created to suit any themes and styles.


Rustic. Simple, delicate blooms are ideal for a rustic wedding, invoking ideas of gardens and a care-free spirit. Sprigs of baby’s breath or wildflowers can be used to create corsages and buttonholes, and can play the starring role in wedding bouquets and table decorations. Herbs like rosemary and lavender can make delightful corsages and button holes, adding subtle shades and an aromatic fragrance. Materials like hessian, twine and black ribbon can add to a boho look. Fashionable succulents can even be added to a wedding corsage to create a beautiful, quirky look.

Woodland. There are so many beautiful choices of greenery for wedding flowers that they can be the starring role in your corsages and button holes. Ivy and ferns can be styled into beautiful miniature arrangements, or form the base for floral corsages made up of a flower such as roses. More unusual foliage like thistles can be added (especially appropriate for a Scottish wedding!), and forest features like tiny pine cones, moss and woodland flowers can also be incorporated to create the perfect designs.

Classic. For many planning their wedding, it has to be roses! These versatile, timeless blooms have long been associated with romance. Available in myriad shades, shapes and sizes, it’s easy to create any look for wedding corsages and buttonholes with roses. Pale yellow roses will perfectly harmonise with a white or ivory wedding dress, and a single bloom will make an elegant addition to a dark suit. Ribbon, tulle and delicate embellishments of fine foliage and flowers can add to an classic rose corsage. Calla lilies also make stylish, classic choices for corsages and buttonholes, their white or yellow blooms perfectly fitting with any wedding colour-scheme.

Orchids. These mysterious and exotic blooms make perfect wedding flowers. Their elegant shapes make them fitting for a starring role on a corsage or button hole, and will certainly create a wow-factor. A single orchid can be the perfect choice – and of course there are so many colours to choose from. From classic white or pale yellow, to romantic reds and pinks or unusual purple or green, orchids corsages are available in any bride’s favourite colour. For a more extravagant look, an arrangement of deep pink orchids and intricate greenery will look truly stunning on any bride, adding a dash of colour and drama to her look. A single bloom of these will make a perfect, complimentary buttonhole.

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